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Hello, an update and question.

Okay first off sorry for not responded to comments left, I will get around to replying soon, I promise. I was in a accident, I'm fine just some bruised ribs and sore arm, so I also didn't get a chance to catch up with my reading which I will do today or on monday.

Now my story  "In the pain there is healing" will be done soon and I have three news ones in the work, they just won't leave me alone, while I promise I will still be working on all my other stories soon which I hope to have some new chapters up sometime, I have chapters almost ready for "Rising from the ashes", "Magic Call", and "Loyalty"(yes even I am shocked about that one.)

Anyways onto my question I am under attack by plot bunnies and they refuse to do anything until I start a new story, so I am wondering if I post a part from each of the stories I am working on will you be willing to tell me which one you like the most to see started? My other stories mainly "Rising from the ashes" and "Magic Call" will still be my main stories I focus on.
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