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Fic: In the pain there is healing Chapter 19/25

Title: In the pain there is healing
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Donna, Andy/Kathy, John/Tosh, Doctor/Isabella, James/Jenny, Tom/Martha and Mickey/Jake and mentions of John/Ianto
Summary: How long can one person takes being the second choice before they break? And have Ianto and Rhys reached that point?
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gwen bashing
Spoilers: Torchwood S2 ‘Meat’ and ‘Something Borrowed’
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, I am willing to take ownership of Ianto and Jack since RTD can not take care of them. I do own James and Isabella and all other original characters.
Author Note: Unbeta so please forgive any mistakes

Chapter 19


Jack was tense the entire way home something that Ianto noticed but chose not to comment on.


Ianto knew Jack would tell him what is wrong in his own time and Ianto will never push Jack to tell him until he is ready to.


And that is one of the things Jack loves about Ianto, unlike some other people Jack can think of Ianto never focus him to share more than he wants to. Ianto waits until Jack comes to him.


But once they reached their flat well Jack’s whole attitude changed.


Ianto barely had a chance to blink before he found himself pinned to the closed door and Jack mouth eagerly sought out his.


Panting Jack broke the kiss. “I love you Ianto Jones and vow to prove it to you for the rest of your life.” Jack vowed.


Resting his forehead against Jack’s, Ianto returned the vow, “I love you Jack Harkness and I know now I have no reason to doubt your love for me.”


Beaming at Ianto, Jack swooped in for another scorching kiss.


Letting out a moan Ianto gave into the passion that is Jack Harkness.


For the first round they never made it to their bed.




John was not use to been part of a group, no he was use to being on his own. So it was understandable to the Torchwood team why John kept sharp eyes on everything.


“Oooh,” John drawled out as his eyes landed on a good looking poodle and it owner wasn’t half bad either, ‘I Wonder if their up for a threesome?’ John thought to himself.


Before John could even make a move a voice hissed in his ear, “Don’t even think about it.” Tosh growled in warning.


John couldn’t help but shiver in delight at the fire in those dark eyes; oh he can’t wait until he gets her into his bed.


Tosh’s eyes narrowed as John leered at her; having worked with Jack for so long she learned to recognize certain looks. “Listen up good and well, I will never beg to be in your bed, it will be you begging to be in mine.” She purred in a sex kitten tone.


Owen choked on nothing, wondering where sweet and shy Tosh went.


John quirked an eyebrow, liking this new side to Tosh he was seeing. “Oh trust me sweetheart, I will gladly show you how well I can beg.” It should have been illegal how John could have made one word sound so dirty.


“Oi, if you two are going to start acting like tea-boy and Jack, get a room and spare me the show.” Owen grumbling cut through sexual tension that was developing between John and Tosh.


He has enough with having to watch Jack and Ianto; he doesn’t need any more, thank you very much.


James shuddered, agreeing with Owen, he sees enough of this in his own time; he does not need to watch a younger version of Tosh and John flirt.


Realizing what she was doing Tosh’s cheeks heated up with a delicious blush that had John wondering just how far it went down and how soon he can find out.


Blissful unaware of anything but the Doctor, Bell blinked when she noticed that it was only her, the Doctor, Rhys and Donna. Coming to a halt and forcing the Doctor to stop too seeing as she refused to release her grip on the Doctor’s arm.


Looking back Bell quirked an eyebrow very similar to her tad, at the sight of James and Owen looking sick, Tosh blushing and John looking like he was about to drag Tosh around the corner for a quickie. “Will you guys hurry up?” Bell demanded.


Recognizing the tone of his sister voice James sighed, he really didn’t want to watch his twin flirt with the Doctor but he also didn’t want to watch John and Tosh work their way towards one another.  


‘Damn it, I wish Jenny was here.’ James felt a pang of loneliness as he thought of his blond girlfriend.


Shaking of his sad thoughts James turned to face the others. “Come on we better catch up before Bell drags us by the ear,” James grumbled as he moved towards his sister.  


John gave Tosh a scorching look that clearly said ‘they were far from over’.


A shiver of delight coursed through Tosh body at the idea of someone as sexy as John Hart was interested in her. ‘I guess it is my turn to get my knight in dented armour.’  A wicked grin spread across Tosh face oh she is going to have fun there is no way she is going to make this easy on Captain John Hart, he has a lot of work ahead of him.


John grinned accepting Tosh’s silent challenge.


Owen rolled his eyes, it was going to be just like Jack and Ianto all over again only now he can’t get drunk.


Which really, really sucked.


Unable to stand any more of the sexual tension between the couples Owen decide he needed a break from the torment of something he would never get. “I’m taking a walk. I’ll meet you all back at the hub.” Owen told them before he stalked off.


Tosh heart went out to her team-mate and the man she still loved, she hated to see him suffer. She moved to follow him but a firm grip on her arm stopped her, she met James’ gaze head on.


“Just give him space; it’s hard watching everyone get something he is denied first by losing Katie and than losing Diane.” James spoke softly to Tosh.


Yet Tosh could see something lingering in his eyes, it almost looked like hope. “You know something we don’t.” She stated.


James grinned cocky at Tosh. “Yep, but I’ll never tell.” He sang.


“James.” A warning growl from behind James had him gulping. Turning James came face to face with his less than pleased twin.


“I told them nothing.” James cried not wanting another rant on how not to give away future events.


Okay, so he let something slip once or twice, but it wasn’t his fault that U.N.I.T officer was a total hottie.


‘What was his name again? Oh yeah Ross. Too bad I’m a one man guy now, maybe Jenny would be up for a threesome?’ James thought with a leer.


“Jenny will never go for a threesome so stop thinking about it.” Bell hissed in her brother ear, rolling her eyes as he pouted.


“It would never hurt to ask.” James muttered under his breath as he sulked.


“I don’t care you are making me miss out on flirting with the Doctor time.” Bell snarled before latching onto his arm and dragging him with her.


“But I don’t want to watch you make dreamy eyes at the Doctor.” James protest had everyone laughing.




“Bastard,” Jack hissed out as Ianto slowed his thrust down.


Chuckling against Jack neck, Ianto nipped at the rapid pulse point of his lover. “I said nice and slow. I want you begging, pleading mess by the time I am ready.” Ianto growled in a low seductive tone, his eyes raking over the sight of Jack spread out on their bed a thin sheet of sweat covering his skin, his body aching for Ianto’s touch.


Jack didn’t even bother to try and hide his shudder of pleasure at Ianto’s tone; he loved it when Ianto was all in control.


A low purr of pleasure rumbled from deep in Ianto chest as he moved his head up and caught Jack mouth in a slow and sensual kiss, one that Jack was more than eager to return.


If anyone had been in the room with them, they would have been floored by the love flowing from both men.




When he left the group Owen had no plan on where he was going, but he really didn’t care he just need to be by himself.


It hurt watching them.


The smell of sea in the air had Owen blinking as he found himself on the pier. Sighing he rested against the rail and looked out onto the water.


A familiar scent hit Owen’s nose, a scent he knew oh so well, it belong to the only woman he had loved since Katie.


“Hey, got a light?” An oh so familiar female voice drawls from behind him and Owen knew if his heart still beat it would have stopped as he turned around and came face to face with the one person he fought so hard to see again.


Hell, he betrayed and shot his boss over trying to find her again.






Rhys couldn’t help but find himself in a little bit of awe, here he was a normal bloke having lunch with an alien hunter, a time agent, twins from the future, a time lord and said time lord beautiful Companion.


He thought his life couldn’t get anymore weirder or more wonderful, well Rhys was about to be proven wrong.


“There you are do you have a bloody idea how long we have been looking for you?” A brash London voice demanded.


A smile lit up the Doctor’s face. “Mickey the idiot, it’s good to see you.” The Doctor greeted.




Lifting himself up on his elbows, Ianto watched Jack sleep. It was a rare chance for Ianto as Jack rarely slept and he looked so much more peaceful when he did, the hardship of being leader of Torchwood and immortal was gone, leaving just Jack.


Ianto couldn’t help but stroke Jack stomach, someday Jack will carry their children, and it was a thought that filled Ianto with warmth.


Ianto was startled out of his thoughts as a bigger hand covered his, looking up he met Jack twinkling eyes.


“I can’t wait until the day we are blessed with our trouble making twins.” Ianto admitted to Jack.


Lifting his head upwards Jack caught Ianto mouth in a gentle kiss. “And I can’t wait till I carry them.” Jack admitted as they parted.


Before Ianto had a chance to blink he found himself under Jack’s body.


Jack leered down at Ianto. “I think it’s time we got started, don’t you?” He asked, nipping at Ianto’s neck.


Ianto swallowed as his body began to react to Jack’s. “Then what was before?” Ianto couldn’t help but ask.


Jack merely grinned and gave Ianto a single word, “practice.”


“Oh.” Ianto muttered with a blush.


Something that only turned Jack on more, he loves it when his Welshman blushes.


A yelp escaped Ianto lips as he was hungrily devoured by Jack.




Wrapped in the darkness Gwen rocked back and fourth lovingly stroking the alien tech in her hands. “Soon Jack you will be mine and Ianto will pay for coming between our love,” she vowed.



Tags: fic: in the pain there is healing, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: john/tosh, pairing: rhys/donna, twinverse
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