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Fic:It's a broken halleujah chapter 1

Summary:Ryan is much more than anyone relizes. He is a prophet and his lastest visions drag him into the lives of the Winchester's
Disclaimer:Trust me I do not own CSI:Miami or Supernatural. I do however own Gabriel.
Warnings: Some spoilers for 'Wolfe in sheep's clothing' in this chapter, only with my spin on it.

Chapter 1
I was ten when the dreams started.

Horrible dreams, nightmares only these came true. They would torement me even when I was awake. I still have the piles of notebooks each filled with what I had seen. If nothing more than to prove to myself I was not insane.

Oh but how sometimes I wish that I was. It would be so much easier to bare than to deal with seeing things, horrible things I had no power to change.I hated this curse.

For so long, I wonder what did I do to desver this? Why was I cursed with the power to see what was to come and not be able to do anything? I had no answer until she appeared.

She is an angel. And no, that is no line. She is a true angel an Archangel really. My Archangel. She was sent to protect me. It was her who explained that I was not cursed but real blessed. Only a few chosen were gifted to be a prophet.

Yes, I said prophet. No one would ever believe, Ryan Wolfe the outcast of his lab a honset prophet of God. Sometimes I can't believe it and I live this life.

I was even begining to accept that I could not do anything to change what was to come. Until five months ago. When I saw what is to come. I see the fear Gabriel so hard trys to hide from me. I know what is to come and she has ever right to be afraid.

I see it clear as day, the seals of Lucifer's prison are breaking. I feel him growing closer to once again walking the earth. But there is hope. I have seen Heaven's best chance at stopping all this.

Dean Winchester.

His name so easily rolls off my tounge. Okay so I have a bit of a crush, but come on if you could see this man you would too. He is walking sex on legs.

But he is more than that, so much more. He is a hero. A true hero, even if he doesn't believe it himself. What I wouldn't give to show him how great of a man he is. But I doubt I will ever get the chance to meet him, let alone tell him.

Because if the world ending wasn't enough, I know have to deal with the stupid Russian mob.

Kidnapping me was their stuipest idea ever. Firstly because anyone knows that I am no were as important as Calleigh and Eric are to H. Unless that is their plan, they know there will be no big search party for me.

But secondly and most importantly the moment they took me they had a pissed off Archangel hunting them. I almost pitty them, Gabriel wrath is not something I would wish upon anyone who wasn't a demon.

I glared at them,my bindings stopping me from doing anything. I will not break under their torture. I did not let my visions destroy me, I will not let them break me. Beside's I know Gabriel is coming.

As if hearing my thoughts a powerful force slammed into the buliding. Nearly letting it crumble under the force. I watched as they clunged to something, anything to stop them from falling as another hit struck the buliden. I trust Gabriel, she will not let anything happen to me. Once more the buliden buckle under the force. Then all was slient. Clam before the storm, as the saying goes.

And then she was there. Icy blue eyes looking over me. I saw the rage fill them as she spotted the bruise appearing on my cheek.The glinsting blade appearing in her hands as she turned to face them. "Your first mistake was taking Ryan, you second was laying a hand on him. You are a threat to him, I can not allow you to live." Her voice cold, sending even shivers down my spine. And them she struck.

Graceful and deadly. Those words discribed her fighting style. It is beautiful as it was deadly. Each blow she struck was true to it's mark. It was over before it ever really began. An Archangel verse human mobsters. It was easy to see who would win.

The light catching the blade just right as she lifted it once again. Even coated in blood, it still shone as brightly. One swift spie and he was free. Helping him to his feet and then they were gone, no sign either had been there.

I blinked letting my eyes adjust to the sudden brightness. "Be careful Ryan. I might not always get there in time." Gabriel sweet voice warned me. I know what she is talking about. A war is coming one she must be ready for.

"Be careful of your co-workers, I sense something dark in that place." Was her parting advice and then she was gone. Leaving me to wonder just what did that mean.

I am Ryan Wolfe, CSI and prophet. And I had no idea what was to come.

Chapter 2 here:
Tags: fandom:csi:miami/supernatural, fic:it's a broken halleujah, pairing: dean/ryan/castiel
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