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Fic: Rising from the ashes Chapter 5

Title: Rising from the ashes
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Highlander/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Methos/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Kathy, Andy/Amanda, Owen/Gwen, Owen/Cassandra, Caitlin/Tosh/Duncan, the Doctor, Martha, the Master and Sean/Thalia
Summary: After Jack left them, the remaining members of torchwood three knew they either needed to start over or fall apart. This is their journey as they begin anew and face the changes that will define them all.
Spoilers: Doctor Who S3 ‘Last of the time lords’ and for the year that never was. Torchwood S1 ‘End of days’
Rating: R
Warnings: Some Gwen bashing, mentions of past abuse all forms, torture, and brutal deaths.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who they belong to he-who-shall-not-be-named. Nor do I own Highlander. I do own Caitlin, Sean and Thalia.
Author Note: Unbeta so please forgive any mistakes

Chapter 5


Joe could feel the beginning of a headache; he hated it when Amanda got the gleam in her eyes, the one that was pure mischief.


‘I could have stayed home an enjoyed a vacation away from all this madness.’ Joe thought to himself.


“I’m almost afraid to ask this, but just who do you want to play match maker for?” Joe asked almost dreading the answer.


Amanda grinned. “Why for Duncan and Ianto’s friend Tosh,” she happily told him.


“And what makes you think that they would be a good match, given that they have never even met before?” Joe asked, staring at the female immortal with a curious look.


Amanda pouted. “Oh ye of little faith don’t forget I was on the one who got Sean and Thalia together,” she reminded the watcher proudly.


All thoughts of success faded from her body as a deadly familiar voice hissed out, “oh really?”


Gulping Amanda turned around and came face to face with a shirtless, rumpled hair and dressed in a pair of pants that hung low on his hips was Methos, still unsurprising the man still looked completely deadly.


Still Amanda was not one to show her fear. “Don’t tell me that your reunion with Ianto is already over? I guess you really are getting old,” she teased Methos.


The glare that Amanda received in response had both her and Joe shivering in there shoes.


Methos glare disappeared and his posture took on a smug tone. “Oh my and Ianto reunion is far from over, I just came down to get a few supplies.” Methos purred out in a seductive tone before his glare returned. “So I have you to thank for getting my precious angel of a daughter with that delinquent?” Methos snarled at Amanda.


“It’s not my fault that you’re so blind to notice that your little girl had been waiting for the right moment to jump Sean bones, those two went at it like rabbits for days.” And in that moment Amanda knew she had signed her death warrant.


“I’d run if I were you.” Joe advised Amanda.


Amanda didn’t need to be told twice and she high tailed it out of den.


Joe raised an eyebrow as he turned to face Methos who hadn’t moved an inch. “Aren’t you going after her?” Not that Joe wanted to see Amanda dead, he was just curious to what Methos was up to.


A deep chuckle came from Methos. “Now, why would I waste time in chasing after Amanda and trying to take her head, when I have a naked Ifan waiting for me?” Methos questioned Joe.


Joe didn’t even bother to answer it was a no brainier after all.


Patting Joe on the shoulder as he passed the man, Methos made his way into the kitchen.


Joe didn’t even want to know what ‘supplies’ Methos had come to collect all he knows is no doubt he will never be able to look at it the same again.


In less than three minutes Methos was back and in his arms a jar of honey, chocolate sauce and a container of whip cream.


Joe took one look at those items and flatly told Methos, “I do not want to know.”


Methos smiled wickedly at Joe. “I won’t tell you. See you in a few days.” With that the oldest immortal disappeared out of the door.


“Well there go another three items I will never eat again, shame I really enjoyed all three.” Joe muttered.




Duncan was enjoying his time in getting to know Tosh, she was just like Ianto described her, brilliant, sweet and kind hearted once you get past her shyness.


In all honestly Tosh thought that Ianto was the last true gentleman left in the world, she was pleased to know she was wrong, Duncan was in Tosh mind a true white knight. She couldn’t help but wonder if anyone had a claim to his heart?


The comfortable conservation that the two were in was shattered by Amanda racing into the room and hiding behind Duncan taller form.


“Hide me; Adam is going to kill me.” Amanda cried clutching onto Duncan’s shoulders.


Duncan mouth twitched as he fought back a smile at Amanda overly-dramatic cry. “And why would Adam want you dead?” he asked crossing his arms, while giving Amanda a look that said he wouldn’t buy her I’m innocent act.


He’s fallen for it, one to many times.


Amanda pouted seeing that she wouldn’t be getting any help from the other immortal unless she can clean. “Fine, I may have let it slip that I was the one who helped get Sean and Thalia together.”


A groan escaped Duncan’s lips; he wasn’t surprised that Methos would want Amanda head.


Tosh tilted her head wondering who Thalia and Sean were, but she wouldn’t ask it isn’t her place to demand answer about Ianto’s past. She is not Gwen Cooper.


Tosh can only hope that Ianto will chose to tell her about him self some day.


Duncan turned back to face Tosh, he explained, “Thalia is Adam’s adopted daughter; he is a very overprotective father.”


Duncan knew that Tosh was the one Ianto trusts the most and he wanted to tell her their secret. So Duncan didn’t seem the harm in telling Tosh who Thalia was.


Of course he would leave the whole we’re immortal thing for Ianto to explain, as well as his and Methos relationship.




A shiver of absolutely pure delight racked Ianto’s body as Methos fingers and mouth stroked, licked, sucked and kissed every inch of his body.


No one knew Ianto’s body, better than Methos; he knew just what to do to bring Ianto the edge of bliss.


Methos darken eyes drank in every inch of his lover, it had been far too long since he and Ianto had been together.


For Ianto it had been so long since he felt such love in a caresses, well that is not completely true a few times he had thought Jack had touch him with an emotion close to love, but than again Jack might have been thinking about someone else, like his Doctor, the real Jack Harkness or even Gwen, when he touched Ianto with such feelings.


Ianto shut his eyes trying to block back the images of him and Jack. ‘No I will not think of Jack and what could have been, not when I have Methos, my heart and soul back with me.’ Ianto vowed he would get over Jack, in time.


Methos sensed the change in Ifan and knew who had entered his love’s thoughts and he wasn’t all too happy with the place Captain Jack Harkness had in his Ianto’s heart.


As he watched his beloved Methos gaze softened knowing that Ianto was masking the deep hurt he felt at Jack abandonment of him and the team and for the hurt Jack caused his lover Methos hated him. ‘You are a fool Jack Harkness; you lost you’re chance at Ianto. His heart is mine to protect and I will do everything in my power to protect Ianto from getting hurt by you again.’ Methos vowed.


Deciding to get Ianto mind back where it should be on him Methos reached for the chocolate sauce. He grinned down at Ianto once it was in hand. “Now what do you say we get a little creative?” He purred in a husky tone.


Ianto eyes flew open and a slow seductive grin spread across his face as he spotted the bottle in Methos hand. “Sounds like fun.” He purred back in a honey dipped tone, knowing full well the effect that tone has on Methos.


And Ianto was not disappointed as Methos pounced on him.


And sadly the chocolate sauce rolled to the side and than off the bed unopened as the two lovers lost themselves in one another.



Tags: crossover: highlander/torchwood, fic: rising from the ashes, pairing: duncan/tosh, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: methos/ianto
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