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help_japan, story updates and question about Magic Call

Like many I am offering a story for the help_japan auction here:

Next thing is when my computer had it's problems I had a virius in my documents that instead of saving everything new I wrote it deleted it. So I lost all the new chapters for my stories, my Long Live Ianto crack fic and my new story 'The Magic Bonds' the HP/TW which I lost completely  I am working on them all but it will take time and my HP/TW is been re-written because I came up with a new idea for it. But right now I am focusing on finishing up 'In the pain there is healing' and getting new chapters out for 'Magic Call'  and hopefully get the jantocam challenge done, it's Torchwood and Supernatrual my two favorite shows.

Now about 'Magic Call' I am working in characters from Merlin all of them reborn as Torchwood characters.
Characters already in it:
Merlin(Ianto), Arthur(Jack), Freya(Tosh), Will(Andy), Morgana, Morguse, Guinevere(Lisa), Lanceloe(?)

Characters to appear:
Gaius, Gwaine(I can't wait for this one), The Great Dragon/Kilgharrah, Hunith and Nimueh

Now my question is there anyone else you my readers would like to see appear like any other knights, bad guys or do I have everyone covered?
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