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Fic:It's a broken Halleujah chapter 2

Title:It's a broken halleujah chapter 2
Summary for this chapter: Gabriel remembers meeting Ryan, and her life changed. And she and Castiel meet
Disclaimer:I do not own Supernatural or CSI:Miami. I do own Gabriel.

I am Gabriel, Archangel of the Heaven's and guardian of the prophet Ryan Wolfe.

Or Ariel as Ryan has taken to calling me. I can not help that my host is a firey twenty-something female. But only Ryan, and Ryan alone may call me that. If you even think of uttering that name, I will rip out your tounge.

So I care a little too much about my charge. I can not help it. I have guarded Ryan since he first was choosen. Even if I had not been the one to protect him, I would have still cared for him. There is something about Ryan that draws you to care for him. And I am the only one who knows why.

Ryan is my youngest prophet ever. A child choosen, to be the messanger of my father, I could not believe it. No child has ever been granted that gift. I will admit I was not happy about this assignment. No matter what my brothers say I did not throw a fit.

But all displeasing feelings I may have had disappeared the moment I met Ryan. Those beautiful eyes so filled with pain and overwleming sadness drew me in. They called to me to protect him. And from that day I have.

No one get's away with hurting my Ryan. Well, almost no one.

The Miami crime lab, only by Ryan making me swear upon my honnor as a warrior has spared them of my wrath. Oh how I would love just a few moments alone with them.

Do not get me wrong, I have not always carried a strong dislike of these people. In fact I even have a list of people I can stand. They are Alexx, Valera, and Frank. Natalia is slowly begin to move into that list. But the rest oh I wish they could be fair gain.

Okay, truthful I wish that Ryan would allow me one moment alone with Eric Delko.

Eric, I never got what Ryan saw in that man. I watched as Eric destroyed Ryan a little each time they spoke. It only made me dislike him more. And then came the accident.

A nail, a nail to the eye. My Ryan had been hurt doing a job that Eric was suppose to do. I will admit I falied in my duty to protect Ryan. I carry that guilt still.

That could be why I allowed Ryan to talk me into leaving Eric alone. And that is something I have come to regret.

After that I watched as Ryan fell more deeply in love with Eric. And watched as Eric so foolishly broke Ryan heart. Each of Eric little flings, and relationships with Natalia and now Calliegh, shattered Ryan heart a little more each time.

What had been Ryan dream job, was quickly becoming what was killing him slowly. That is why I can no longer let Ryan stay here.

A war is coming, on the human race is not ready for. One that not even Heaven might be ready for. I must be ready. And with me been needed in Heaven more now than ever I do can not watch over Ryan, as much as I would like.

Which is why I am here in the this church. I have away to keep Ryan safe and that inculdes my brother Castiel and his charge Dean Winchester.

I see him, long before he sense me. I will admit his human host is very easy on the eyes. Those soulful brown eyes, that drew you to him. Oh yes he will do nicely.Do not worry I carry no human feelings for my brother. "Castiel." I called out.

He turned to face me, his head bowing a little. "Gabriel, it is good to see you."

I nodded to him." You are wondering why I summond you here." I asked walking down to join him.

His curious brown eyes locked with mind. 'I did cross my mind. It is not everyday an Archangel ask you to meet with them." He answered truthfully.

I looked at him seriously. "The demons are breaking seals faster than we thought. Lucifer is growing closer to been free and walking the earth, once again. I must be ready for battle, as all my fellow Archangels. Which means i have less time to protect my prophet. Which is why, I want Ryan to travel with the Winchesters. He is not safe in Miami, something dark lurks there." I declared.

Whatever Castiel had been expecting that was not it. "Why them?" He asked.

"Because Dean is our best chance at stopping all this. Ryan see's the seals that are to be broken. He knows what lies ahead. Dean will need him.Sam is going down a dark path, Dean will need a reminder of what he is fighting for. Dean needs for someone to show him that he is the hero we need. Castiel, they are our only hopes." I pleaded with him.

"I can not decide for Dean. If you wish for Ryan to travel with him, than it is Dean who must chose so. Will you meet with him?" Castiel made the offer. I know my brother is right, I can not force someone like Dean to do as I say. That would wreck all my plans. "Very well, I would like to meet this Dean."

With that the two of us disappeard as if we were never there.

Chapter 3 here:
Tags: fandom:csi:miami/supernatural, fic:it's a broken halleujah, pairing:dean/ryan/castiel
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