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Fic: Desperate

Pairing:Dean/Ryan, with mention one sided: Eric/Ryan
Summary: Dean and Ryan want someone, anyone to bring peace to their soul.
Author notes: I was listen to Desperate by David Archuleta and it hit me how well this would fit Dean and Ryan. This is the first in a series of Dean/Ryan.This takes place shortly after Ryan just joined, so he on the out with the lab.
Disclamier:I do not own Supernatural or CSI:Miami. Trust me if I did Dean/Ryan would so be a couple.

Dean noticed him the moment he enter the bar. Tucked away in the dark connor far away from everyone. Hiding form the world, just like he wanted to.

The pain and hurt radient off him spoke volumes. It remind Dean too much of him own damn self.

Grabing his beer, he head towards the man. Hoping the man didn't turn him away. Who better than to understand the crushing pain your feeling, than someone who feels the same.

Too damn tired to play it smooth Dean smiple and clamly asked. "Hey, mind if I join you?"

A pair of broken and lost hazel eyes met his own and Dean suddenly had flashes of a younger verison of himself. Lost and broken with no one to count on."Go ahead." Came the quiet answer.

Slipping into the chair across from his myster drinking buddy. Dean got a very good look at the broken man before him, he knows the look well he see's it everyday in his damn mirror. "Are you okay?" The concerned question broke him from his thoughts before the memories could take a hold of him.

Forcing a fake smile, on his companion saw right threw. "Yeah I'm fine."

"Liar." Was thrown back.

Dean couldn't help but admire the guys guts. "I'm Dean Winchester. And you are?" He asked, a strong need to get to know him.

"Ryan Wolfe. Nice to meet you Dean." He took a long swing of his drink.

"Drowning your troubles like that wont help." And damn it, if he sound a little too much like Sammy at that moment.

Dean took noticed of how his eyes darken, he couldn't help but wonder what they would look like in the heat of passion. "I don't care anything is better than mind numbing pain." Ryan words were whispered filled with such pain, that it tore into Dean heart. Damn it, it was like looking into a mirror.

Drowning in achole and countless, meanless one night stands was Dean life. Well that and hunting. But nothing he did cured the mind numbing lonelness that coursed threw out his body.

"So tell me Ryan, what brought you to this charming place?" Dean asked. This was a place filled with low down scum, a place a guy like Ryan did not belong.

"I need to get away. Somewhere that they wouldn't be. Somewhere I'm not remind that I do not belong." Ryan admitted taking another swing of his drink. Looking at his friend he returned the question. "And what brings you here?"

Dean chuckled a humorless one. "Samething as you, the need to hide from the pain." Dean followed Ryan and drowned almost half of his drink in one gulp.

The two sat in quiet silence, just enjoying the company of someone who understands.

Two hours later and severly drinks later Dean and Ryan could no longer deny their attraction to each other.

Leaning into the other man, Dean let his lips ghosty across Ryan ear. "Want to get out of here?" He asked letting his hands drifted across Ryan body. Alow moan and a whispered "yes." was Dean answer.

Dean flashed Ryan a sexy grin, before claiming Ryan lips in a teasing kiss. pulling away just enough to let his mouth hover over Ryan's. Climbing to his feet Dean offered Ryan his hand, with no hestiation Ryan took it.

Thery barely made to Dean car, before Dean pushed Ryan up against it and claimed his mouth in a hungry and deep kiss. Moaning into Dean mouth Ryan wrapped his arms around Dean returning the kiss. Both seeking to find someone to make them feel again.

The need for air was what finale pulled them apart. " We should really contuine this somewhere more private." Ryan whispered. Amazed that someone could make him completly forgot his feelings for Eric. He doesn't usual go for one night stands, but maybe just maybe Dean is the one that will help him move on from Eric.

Giving Ryan the lites of kiss Dean broken Ryan out of his thoughts of his co-worker. " My motel is not far." Dean purred nuzzling the tantlzing flesh of Ryan neck. Unable to help himself Ryan arched his body into Dean. "The what are we waiting for?" Ryan mange to get out. Stealing another quick kiss Dean finale released Ryan. Never before had any of his flings made Dean feel like this.

Somehow they mange to make it to Dean room, before they lost all control. Once the door shut behind them, they bbecame lost in a sea of lust, passion and desier.

Clothing was sheded everywhere and for once Ryan didn't care where they landed. All he could focus on was how good it was to feel Dean hands on his body, his lips and hands mapping ever inch of his body.

Neither know how they did it, but somehow they made it to the bed.

All Dean could see was Ryan. All he could feel was Ryan body against his. All he could hear was Ryan.

It is bliss, pure unmatched bliss. In this moment nothing but them existed. Two souls lost in to a world that did not see their pain, found the one who would heal the scars on their souls.

In this night of passion, two souls would now and forever be one. For better and worse they are connected.

And neither relizing just what this bond would lead them too.

Second in Series here: 

Tags: fandom:supernatural/csi miami, fic:desperate, pairing:dean/ryan
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