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Musing of a Dreamer

Where True Love is Never Denied

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Fic: In the Darkness Chapter 1

Title: In the Darkness
Fandoms: Torchwood/Supernatural
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Dean/Sam/Castiel, Andy/Tosh, mentions of past Dean/Ianto/Sam and pre Balthazar/?
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is prowling the streets of Cardiff but is it alien or something else?
Author’s Notes: This does contain Wincest because it is practically canon and I ship it. Also established threesome; Gwen being put in her place not bashed. Another post-‘Meat’ fic. Also a massive thanks to royalladyemma for betaing this for me.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Supernatural, Jack belongs to Ianto and Dean, Sam and Castiel belong to one another.


Chapter 1




Sam sighed at his brother’s stubbornness. “Dean we need to go; there are no other hunters close enough to handle this. The signs are the same as the first set of dragons we met. It could give us a clue to finding Eve. You do remember her, the mother of all creatures?”


A scowl crossed Dean’s handsome face as he crossed his arms. “I ain’t getting on no plane, Sammy, and that is final. And don’t you dare laugh.” Dean ordered the moment he caught sight of Sam’s lips twitching into a smile.


“You mean to tell me even after all we have been through you are still afraid to fly?” The younger brother could no longer contain his laughter. “That’s really cute!”


“Damn it, Sammy, it’s not funny and I do not do cute.” Dean’s deepening scowl had no effect on Sam at all.


Sam had a thoughtful look swimming around with the laughter in his dark eyes. “But you were fine when we were put on that plane after freeing Lucifer from his prison.” He reminded his brother, leaving the question ‘Why?’ unspoken.


“Well I had something bigger to worry about than flying in that death trap. Oh like the fact we started the Apocalypse.” Dean snapped back.


Sam swallowed hard, remembering everything he had done in his darker moments. He truly wondered if he would ever be able to atone for all his mistakes.  


A set of strong arms pulled Sam into a comforting embrace. Sighing, Sam rested his head on Dean’s shoulder. He always felt so safe in his brother’s arms.


“Damn it Sammy, stop with all this self-torture. I forgave you the moment I saw you throw yourself into the pit,” Dean whispered into Sam’s ear. “That year I spent living without you I wasn’t really living.”


Sam said nothing, not wanting to lose this moment.


“If it’s really important then maybe Cas can pop us over there.” Dean would rather go ‘Air Angel’ any day than a get on one of those flying death traps that fools call airplanes.


“Take you where?” A new voice spoke up causing Dean and Sam to jump apart.


“Damn it Cas, stop doing that! We need to get you a freaking bell.” Dean growled glaring at the newly arrived and slightly confused angel.


“I heard my name and thought you needed me to take you somewhere.” Castiel would never understand humans. “Did you not say that something was important?”


It took all of Dean’s strength not to groan as those dark puppy dog eyes locked onto him. It wasn’t fair how often Castiel and Sam got to use those looks on him. He shook his head and silently groaned. ‘Admit it,’ he thought to himself. ‘You’re just too easy.’


“We need to get to Cardiff; we think the strange goings-on over there may be demon-related.” Sam spoke up informing Castiel.


“And you need me because Dean is still afraid of flying.” Castiel stated matter-of-factly. He remained puzzled by Dean’s reluctance to admit his fear.


Sam smiled and Dean growled in response.


“Very well.” Reaching out Castiel took a hold of Dean and Sam’s arms and before the brothers could blink, they were gone, leaving behind an empty hotel room.




Over the past few days a chill had slowly taken over the Hub, and Jack knew he was at least partly to blame, but he also knew that Gwen was as equally as guilty. His and Gwen’s actions over whether or not to Recton Rhys had put them on the outs with the rest of the team.


Tosh was still polite, but there was a sharpness and tinge of hurt in her words and in her eyes.


Owen was down right nasty to him and Gwen. Nasty was what he did best.


But it was Ianto’s reaction that caused Jack the most pain. His lover, the man he had wounded with his careless words, hadn’t spoken to Jack other than when having to deal with work. Ianto didn’t even spend his nights at the hub anymore. He left with Tosh and Owen for nights, out at the local, nights that he and Gwen were politely invited to as well, but it was made clear that they were not welcome.


Jack knew he had screwed up, big time, and his willingness to give into Gwen’s demands had hurt his team. Hell, his out-right favouritism towards Gwen had been a sore subject for Ianto and the others almost since she joined the team. He had given Gwen something he would have denied to the rest of them; a chance to let their loved ones know the truth about their jobs and the dangers they faced.


He needed to fix this; the only problem was he had no clue as to how. Jack refused to pay any attention to the tiny thought that maybe, this time, there was no way to put this right.




Ianto could feel Jack’s eyes, following him as the immortal watched Ianto from his office. He wanted to go up there and take Jack into his arms and tell him that everything was going to be okay.


But Ianto couldn’t, because truthfully, he didn’t know if things would ever be okay between the two of them again. Ianto’s shattered pride could only take being second best before the pain simply became to much to bear.


“Ianto are you all right?” The soft voice of his best friend broke him from his inner thoughts.


Plastering on a smile that was half-fake, and half-real, Ianto turned to face Tosh. “I’m getting there.” He admitted.


Moving towards Ianto, Tosh rested a comforting hand on his arm. “I know it doesn’t seem like it but Jack truly cares for you, more than I think he is willing to admit.” She offered up.


Ianto closed his eyes. “I know, but it just hurts to know that she will always be first in his heart. She’ll always come before me.” Ianto admitted to Tosh.


Tosh felt her heart break for Ianto, wishing there was something she could do to make him feel better but the only one that could do that was Jack.


‘You better smarten up soon Jack before you lose Ianto for good and push us away in favour of keeping Gwen happy.’  Tosh thought.


“Enough about my sad life. How was your date with Andy?” Ianto asked with a sly smile, loving the way Tosh blushed. In Ianto’s mind it was about time that Tosh got a chance at real love with a guy who would treat her like the queen she was.  ‘He better or else.’ Ianto thought with a growl; Andy better treat his ‘sister’ right or he would be answering to Ianto.


“Don’t you dare go all over-protective-‘big brother’ on Andy; I don’t want you scaring him off.” Tosh warned after recognized the look in Ianto’s blue eyes.


Sighing, Ianto wrapped his arm around Tosh. “Alright I promise to leave Andy alone, but when this gets serious he gets ‘the talk’. And don’t you dare think that it won’t; I’ve seen the way that he looks at you. It’s about time, too,” Ianto murmured into Tosh’s dark hair. “You deserve happiness.”


“So do you.” Tosh whispered back.




Jack felt something in his heart clench as he watched Ianto and Tosh hug. He wanted to be the one wrapped in those arms but it was his own thoughtless actions that had pushed Ianto away from him.




He wanted to curse as Gwen called to him softly; he really wasn’t up to dealing with her today.


“Can’t this wait Gwen?” Jack asked wearily, never tearing his eyes off of Ianto, not even when the Welshwoman made her way to his side.


“No, it can’t. Someone just saw three men appear out of thin air at the place of the recent ‘dragon’ sighting.” Gwen informed him, trying to keep the hurt from Jack’ cold dismissal out of her voice. Ever since she refused to Recton Rhys things had changed between her and Jack and she had no idea why. In fact, the entire team was giving her the cold shoulder, and she couldn’t figure out why.


“Really?” A plan began forming in Jack’s mind; a little recon mission with Ianto just might give him the chance to start making things right with his beautiful Welshman.


“I can be ready in few minutes.” Gwen’s hopeful voice broke Jack’s out of his planning stage.


Finally Jack tore his eyes from Ianto and turned to face Gwen. “Sorry Gwen, but I will be taking Ianto with me on this one.”


Gwen felt her heart fall; she had really hoped that she could talk to Jack alone to find out what she had done to make him and the others so snippy with her.


Jack could see the disappointment in Gwen’s eyes but he was not going to give into her, not this time. This was too important, to him and to his future with Ianto.


Snatching the paper out of her hands Jack bounced out of his office and headed towards the young Welshman that had such a hold on his heart.




Both Tosh and Ianto’s heads shot up as their leader bellowed across the Hub, wondering what he could want.


Jack bounded down the steps, a wide grin on his face as he came to a stop in front of his beautiful archivist and his wonderful tech genius. “Ianto, suit up; you and I are going dragon hunting!” Jack knew his first step in getting Ianto to forgive him was to get him alone. Then he just had to figure out how to make Ianto see and understand what he truly meant to Jack.


Ianto raised an eyebrow, otherwise his mask never changed. “Very well sir.”


Jack couldn’t contain his wince at the cool tone with which Ianto addressed him; ‘Yep I really need to make things right with Ianto.’ Out of the corner of his eye Jack caught sight of Tosh’s hurt face before she quickly masked it by turning and heading towards her desk. It was a stiff reminder that he had hurt more than just Ianto with his unthinking words.


“Tosh,” Jack called softly. Thankfully she stopped, but did not turn to face him. “I’m sorry.” He whispered.


“For what Jack?” Tosh asked just as softly, clenching her fists at her side. She was actually curious to see if Jack understood just what he should be sorry for.


Jack was taken back by the question and swallowed hard before answering. “For giving Gwen what she wanted by not Rectonning Rhys.”


A harsh laugh escaped Tosh’s lips as she turned to face Jack, tears unshed and angry glistening in her dark orbs. “We all knew that the moment Gwen threatened to leave, you would give in, just like you always do with her. When Gwen wants something you jump all over yourself to please her. You let Gwen get away with stuff that would get the rest of us Rectonned in an instant, but oh no, not your beloved Gwen!” Tosh had to fight to keep her voice down, even as her anger rose.


“Do you have any idea how much it hurts us, how much it hurts Ianto, to know that Gwen will always come first for you, that her happiness will always be the most important thing to you. I’m afraid, Jack, that sorry just isn’t enough, not anymore.” With that said Tosh turned away from her stunned boss and disappeared into the Autopsy bay.


Jack closed his eyes and cursed himself for not seeing how drastically his treatment of Gwen was hurting the others; if Tosh felt this way he dreaded to think how hurt Ianto was.


“Are you ready to go sir?” Ianto voice, cool and impersonal, spoke up from behind the immortal and Jack couldn’t help but wonder just how much of Tosh’s statement he had heard?


As he turned to face Ianto, Jack somehow managed to plaster a fake smile on his face, one that he knew Ianto saw right through. “More than ready! It’s been a long time since I have hunted a dragon!”


Ianto raised an eyebrow, “Indeed sir.” Despite his intentions to remain impervious to the Captain’s charm, Ianto found himself responding to the excited twinkle in Jack’s eyes. He had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from answering Jack’s strained smile with a real one of his own.


‘Don’t mess this up Harkness you need to make things right.’ Jack firmly told himself as Ianto who, despite how hurt the younger man was, still helped Jack into his coat, his hands smoothing the shoulders and settling the collar, just as he’d always done.




Glancing around the back alley that Castiel brought them to, Dean was less than impressed and was not afraid to say so. “Dude, seriously. Does it do anything but rain here?”


Sam sent Dean a look. “Come on Dean, its not all that bad, besides at least we’re not down in the sewers like last time.” Sam reminded his brother.


Castiel sent Dean a knowing look. “Sam is right; a little rain never hurts anyone and it is a great improvement over some of your other hunting grounds.”


The older Winchester glared at his brother and the angel. “I’m cold and I’m wet and I’m without my baby, so I am allowed to bitch.” Dean snapped at the other two.


With his brow creased Castiel sent Dean a confused look. “Then what is your excuse for the rest of the time?” the angel asked innocently.


Sam burst into laughter as Dean scowled at Castiel.




Inside the SUV, Ianto and Jack were silent; Jack kept opening his mouth to say something, anything, but the right words wouldn’t come.


For once in his life Jack Harkness was speechless.


Ianto made no attempt to talk to his lover; he had heard what Tosh said to Jack and he agreed with his best friend. Now, Ianto was tired of always making the first move; now, it was Jack’s turn.


Parking as close as they could get, Jack and Ianto climbed out in unison.


“This is where Andy said the latest sightings were.” Jack informed Ianto.


Ianto nodded without making eye contact with Jack as he checked his weapon.


“Right! Let’s go dragon hunting.” Jack joked as he took the lead. Ianto might be mad at him but there was no way that Jack was going to place Ianto in danger, not while he was around to keep the Welshman safe.


Together they headed down the dark alley in search of Torchwood’s very first dragon.




Castiel’s head shot up. “Something is coming this way.” He warned the brothers.


“Dragons?” Sam asked rising to his feet.


“I do not know, but one of them is very different.” Castiel told them.


“Good enough for me.” Dean said as he drew his gun, seeing Sam following suit.


Quietly the three of them waited, having the element of surprise as Castiel hid them from sight.


Two shadows moved across the wall, seemingly human but then again the monsters always had human hosts.


Sam breathed in Dean’s scent and, as always, Dean’s scent was comforting. As if sensing Sam’s thoughts Dean sent him a little wink.


Castiel couldn’t help but roll his eyes at his humans’ usual habit of flirting at the wrong times. But all flirting was put aside as a very familiar, well at least to Dean and Sam, Welsh voice spoke. Not even thinking twice Dean and Sam moved from out of the shadows cancelling Castiel’s illusion over them.


“Ianto?” Dean and Sam asked as one.



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This is my first encounter with Supernatural, and I have to say, I'm intrigued! How can you not be when these guys have their own personal angel? And there's Dragons to be had as well!! Now, I want to know just how these two guys know my Ianto????? It had better not be in a biblical sense either!!

I love Supernatural, and not everyone has their own personal angel. Oh I think you will like how Dean and Sam know Ianto, I know I do.

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