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Fic: In the Darkness Chapter 2

Title: In the Darkness
Fandoms: Torchwood/Supernatural
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Dean/Sam/Castiel, Andy/Tosh, mentions of past Dean/Ianto/Sam and pre Balthazar/?
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is prowling the streets of Cardiff but is it alien or something else?
Author’s Notes: This does contain Wincest because it is practically canon and I ship it. Also established threesome; Gwen being put in her place not bashed. Another post-‘Meat’ fic. Also a massive thanks to royalladyemma for betaing this for me.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Supernatural, Jack belongs to Ianto and Dean, Sam and Castiel belong to one another.

Chapter 2


Ianto couldn’t help but blink before a knowing look entered his eyes. “I figured this might be one of your cases.” He greeted two of the three men.


Sam couldn’t help but smile as he pulled Ianto into a hug. “You figured right. It’s good to see you Ianto!” The affection he had for Ianto couldn’t be kept out of his voice.


A genuine smile reached Ianto’s eyes as he returned Sam’s hug. “It’s good to see both of you again.” Ianto was truly happy to see his old friends again. He glanced over Sam shoulder at the man standing protectively behind the brothers. “And this must be Castiel.”


If Dean and Sam were shocked that Ianto knew of Castiel they hid it well.


Dean hated to break up the reunion but the question he was dying to ask couldn’t wait any longer. “Not that I’m not glad to see you again, but what are you doing here? I thought you didn’t hunt any more?”


Jack, who had been silent during the touchy-feely reunion, was growing steadily angrier and more jealous as the taller of the men hugged his Ianto. It bothered Jack that Ianto was so pleased to see them.


‘What the hell does he mean by hunting?’ Jack didn’t like the idea that these two strangers just might know more about his lover than he did. ‘And why the hell is he still hugging Ianto? Enough already!’


Nope, he didn’t like it at all. Not at all.


Releasing Sam, Ianto turned to Dean. “Actually, I don’t, but my new job keeps my hunting skills in pretty good shape.” Ianto answered Dean’s question, well kind of.


Jack had had enough, and he couldn’t help but growl, which finally got him noticed by the three new men. “Ianto, just what the hell is going on!” The immortal demanded, with what was clear to everyone was pure jealousy. “How do you know these two?” Jack pulled himself up as straight as he could, and glared down his nose at the newcomers.


Unimpressed with the immortal’s posturing, Dean looked Jack up and down. “Just who the hell are you to demand anything from us?” He growled back in a protective tone.


Ianto sighed, not really in the mood to deal with Jack’s attitude today. “Jack is my boss. Dean and Sam are old friends of mine, but before I say anything more I think we should take this conversation to a more private place.” He suggested wishing he could ward of the headache he knew Dean and Jack would give him.


Jack narrowed his eyes having a pretty good idea of just where Ianto thought this talk could talk place. “Do you trust them?”


Ianto met Jack eyes for the first time in days, “With my life.”  


Something ugly stirred deep within Jack at the unwavering trust Ianto had in these two strangers. ‘I’m the only one who should have that trust from Ianto. Me.’


Dean and Sam shared a look, all too familiar with a lover’s tiff. It was clear that Jack was much more than a boss to Ianto and from Jack’s jealousy he just might have similar feelings for their old friend.


Jack wasn’t ready to let these three anywhere near the Hub. “Civilians are not allowed in the Hub.” He reminded Ianto in his Captain’s tone.


The moment he saw a brief flash of pain and anger flashed through Ianto’s beautiful eyes Jack knew he said the wrong thing, but it was too late to take it back. “Really, sir? Then what about Rhys? Not only did he get to see the Hub but he also remembers his visit. How is it that one member of the team is above the rules?” Ianto questioned in a low tone.


Jack winced as he was reminded of just why Ianto was so angry with him.


Ianto met Jack’s eyes with his mask in place. “If I am right about this then we are going to need their help. I trust them Jack; why can’t you trust me?” For a moment Ianto let his mask fall and Jack saw how hurt the young man was that Jack didn’t trust him.


“Alright we’ll take them to the Hub, but I want answers as soon as we get there. I want to know just how you know them and what they mean by you used to hunt.” More than anything, Jack needed to know that they were not a threat to his and Ianto’s relationship. He knew he was acting like a jealous lover, but he couldn’t help himself. He wasn’t just going to simply roll over and play nice with these strange men, not when Ianto was involved.


A cocky smirk came over Dean’s face. “Are you sure you really want to know just how well we know Ianto? You won’t like the answer, I can guarantee that.”


Jack bristled at the tone in Dean’s voice, already not liking the other man. His fists clenched at his side, and he braced himself, ready to fight.


“Dean,” Sam warned softly, understanding his brother’s game. This man had hurt Ianto and Dean was very protective of those he cared about, but Sam also knew that this wasn’t the right time.


Dean’s eyes softened just a bit, like they always did, when he glanced at Sam. “Fine,” he muttered low enough that only Sam would hear. He would leave Jack alone, for now. He wasn’t making any promises about later.


Castiel’s eyes narrowed as he gazed at the young man in the suit. He knew who this young man was and he feared that if dragons were here, then Eve might now know about him too. This greatly worried the angel.


“We should get out of here, it is not safe.” Castiel spoke up.


Jack will forever deny that he jumped, he had forgotten all about the third man.


“Cas is right, who knows where those sons of bitches maybe hiding.” Dean agreed with their angel.


Jack could see their point, “Fine, but I still want answers.” The immortal captain ordered, speaking mainly to Ianto.


“Very well, sir.” Ianto agreed, before touched his comm. “Tosh we’re coming in with guests.” He informed his best friend.


“Are you okay Ianto?” Tosh asked softly. She could hear the tension in his voice.


Despite the fact that Tosh couldn’t seem him, Ianto couldn’t help but smile at her concern. “I’m fine, met up with some old friends.”


“Really and how did Jack react to that?” Tosh questioned.


“As typical Jack.” Ianto replied back, sparing a glance at his lover who was still glaring at his old friends.


“Are these friends hot?” Tosh asked in a teasing tone.


“Insanely so.” Ianto responded back.


Tosh’s light, girly giggle was a welcome sound to Ianto ears. “Well then, too bad for our dear captain.” Tosh thought it was about time that Jack got a taste of jealousy where Ianto was concerned. ‘It will do Jack some good to have his eyes opened; if he keeps pining over Gwen he is going to lose Ianto for good.’


As Jack watched Ianto talk to Tosh, he saw a happiness enter Ianto’s eyes that Jack was truly jealous of. Ianto might be his lover, but Tosh was without a doubt Ianto’s best friend; she was the one Ianto turned to when he needed someone to talk to.


‘And why wouldn’t Ianto turn to someone else to confide in? Huh? It’s not like you actually listen to him!  No, Gwen enters the room and she has all my focus; god I am the king of idiots. I need to make things right with Ianto, to prove to him that he can come to me about anything! I have to show him that he is the only one I want.’ Jack silently berated himself over his callous treatment towards the man he claimed to care about.


The moment Ianto was finished talking to Tosh, Dean pounced and flung an arm around Ianto’s shoulders. “So who is Tosh? And more importantly is she hot?” He asked while wiggling his eyebrows.


Ianto’s eyes narrowed as he glared at his old friend. “You will leave Tosh alone, she is off limits.” The Welshman growled out in a protective tone.


“Dean.” Both Sam and Castiel called out in an exasperated tone.


Dean through his hands up in the air in mock innocence, “Damn I was just asking, I would never hit on your girl.”


‘Tosh isn’t my/his girl.” Both Jack and Ianto declared at the same time.


A smug smile was on Dean face as he looked back and fourth between the outwardly calm Ianto and the scowling Jack. ‘Looks like I was right about the lovers tiff.’  “Sorry, my mistake.”  He apologized to Ianto and ignored Jack.


Sam could feel the beginning of a headache forming, Dean and Jack were like oil and oil; they were too alike to ever get along.


‘This is going to be a long car ride.’ Sam and Ianto both thought.




“Oi, what’s got you so happy?” Owen grumbled as he looked up from his paperwork, cursing Jack for taking away his caffeine bringer, to spot Tosh’s smiling face.


Tosh turned around in her chair, pointedly ignoring Gwen who was also listening. “It would seem that instead of dragons, Jack and Ianto met up with some old friends of Ianto’s who might be able to offer us some help.”


Owen snorted, “About time Captain Horny gets a taste of his own medicine.” He would never say this out loud but he actually liked Ianto and didn’t like the way Jack used the younger man while fawning over Gwen and longing for the Doctor.


“I just hope Ianto remembers to make our coffee before the fireworks begin.” Owen stated, morosely staring into his empty cup of coffee.




Jack’s hands were turning white from the grip he had on the SUV’s steering wheel as Ianto continued to catch up with those damn Winchesters.


This dragon hunt was not turning out like he planned; this was supposed to be his alone time with Ianto to try and make things right with his young lover.


‘But no, we had to meet up with Ianto’s smoking hot friends who, if I am right, and damn it I probably am, were also at one time Ianto’s lovers. Damn it, I am not losing Ianto to them, he is mine.’ Never before had Jack felt so jealous at meeting a lover’s, past lovers. Hell with anyone else he would have invited them to join in, but now Jack truly hated the idea of anyone but him touching Ianto.


Castiel was silent as he observed the humans he was riding with but his attention was mainly on Ianto Jones. It worried him greatly that dragons had appeared in the same city as someone of Samuel Colt’s bloodline.


‘I must contact Balthazar; he assured me that he was watching over Samuel Colt’s descendents, so where is he?’ Castiel thought with a frown.




In another part of the world


A moan of pleasure escaped his parted lips as his aching body fell back onto the bed; he snuggled against his hotel pillow letting his eyes flutter shut.


“Oh I could make you groan like that in much more pleasurable ways.” A low voice whispered against his ear as an arm snaked possessively around his waist.


Blue eyes shot open as he grabbed his pillow and whacked his unwanted bedmate in the face with all his force. “Damn it Balthazar! One of these days I am going to find away to kill you.” He snarled the vow.


The rogue angel merely smiled at the angry man, “I know all this hostility really just hides your true feelings for me. Besides I as much as I regret saying this I am not here to seduce you, my dear Gareth. I am here to tell you that your dear twin brother Ianto just might be in danger from dragons.”


Gareth Jones blue eyes narrowed as he glared at the angel. “This better not be some sick attempt to get me to go somewhere with you or I will kill you.” The hunter vowed.


Used to Gareth’s threats, Balthazar wasn’t at all affected as he reached out and grasped the other man’s chin. “Oh you can try my little hunter.” He purred before capturing Gareth mouth in a quick kiss.


Before Gareth had a chance to respond in any way Balthazar released him, “Better go and get ready, I don’t want anyone else to see you dressed like this.” The angel growled in a possessive tone as he drifted his hand down Gareth’s bare chest to rest above his pants. He gave his human a wink and then was gone.


Gareth growled in a dangerous tone. “Stupid angel, one day I will kill him. But if he is right and if anyone hurts my brother then there will be hell to pay.” He growled protectively; ‘I’ve already lost one sibling to this job,’ he thought to himself. ‘I will not lose another.’



Tags: crossover: torchwood/supernatural, fic: in the darkness, pairing: dean/sam/castiel, pairing: jack/ianto
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