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Fic: In the Darkness Chapter 3

Title: In the Darkness
Fandoms: Torchwood/Supernatural
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Dean/Sam/Castiel, Andy/Tosh, mentions of past Dean/Ianto/Sam and Balthazar/Gareth
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is prowling the streets of Cardiff but is it alien or something else?
Author’s Notes: This does contain Wincest because it is practically canon and I ship it. Also established threesome; Gwen lovers beware this is not the story for you. Another post-‘Meat’ fic. Also a massive thanks to royalladyemma for betaing this for me.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Supernatural, Jack belongs to Ianto and Dean, Sam and Castiel belong to one another. I do own Gareth

Chapter 3


“Dude, it’s a tourist office.” To say that Dean was less than impressed with Ianto and Jack’s secret headquarters was, well, putting it lightly.


Jack growled low in his throat; he was really beginning to dislike Dean Winchester. “Well if you don’t like it we can drop you off at a nice hotel.” Jack snarled.


Ianto and Sam shared an eye roll at each of their lover’s actions.


Castiel merely looked on; he did not understanding the whole alpha male thing going on between his human and the one who stank of time and life.


Ianto decide it was time to take charge. “Looks can be deceiving.” Ianto reminded Dean.


“Yeah, but, I mean it’s still a tourist office.” It would seem that Dean was really stuck on that.


“Yes, Dean we know it is a tourist office, perhaps we could move on to something else now?” Sam asked his brother while rolling his eyes. ‘I know you’re acting like this on purpose just to get a rise out of Jack but stop dragging Ianto into the middle.’ Sam sent the silent message to Dean with his eyes.


Dean pouted oh-so-slightly; ‘But it is so much fun,’ he whined back with his sad puppy-dog eyes.


‘And he talks about my puppy-dog eyes! Dean’s are truly the most dangerous in the world.’ Sam shook his head at Dean’s sulk, wanting nothing more than to kiss that sweetly pouting mouth.


Watching Dean and Sam, Ianto couldn’t help but feel a little wishful; despite everything the two had gone through they had never once doubted their love or commitment to one another. Ianto was worried that that was something he might never have with Jack.


Jack had seen enough; he saw the wistfulness in Ianto’s eyes as he watched their guests and, well, he didn’t like it one bit. “Follow me.” Jack ordered in his captain’s tone as he strolled away from the others.


Dean turned to Ianto with indignation all over his face. “How the hell do you put up with him?” He asked his old friend.


Ianto’s answer was simple yet powerful. “I love him.”


Sam, Dean and Castiel watched as Ianto followed after Jack, his words still lingering in their ears.


“Damn it! That bastard has done something to hurt Ianto.” Dean growled low in his throat. “I can feel it.” Ianto was and always would be someone very important to him, and Dean did not like the idea of anyone hurting Ianto, especially not someone the Welshman loved.


It was only the comforting feeling of Sam’s hand slipping into his that kept Dean from marching over to Jack and letting his fist met the captain’s jaw.


“Until we know the whole story, please stop trying to draw Jack into a fight. All that will do is put Ianto in the middle of you two. I’m not asking you to like Jack; I’m just asking you to leave him alone, for Ianto sake.” Sam pleaded with Dean.


A sigh escaped Dean’s lips. “Fine, but this doesn’t mean I like the guy or that I won’t knock his teeth out if he hurts Ianto any more.” Dean vowed.


Sam knew that this was the best he could hope for from Dean; it would seem that Dean was dead set on hating Jack.


Leaving Sam to talk some sense into Dean, Ianto made his way over to his own lover. “Any reason we are taking them down the lift? You usual only use that to show off.” The ‘like with Gwen,’ was left unsaid.


Jack winced at yet another reminder of his actions with Gwen; he truly did have a lot to make up for. Taking a steadying breath, Jack turned to face Ianto. “I just thought showing them the lift might make Dean stop complaining about our cover being a tourist office.” He offered up lamely.


Ianto raised an eyebrow, “And it has nothing to do with your pissing contest you have going on with Dean?” Clearly Ianto was not buying Jack’s explanation.


Tenderly Jack reached out and took Ianto’s hand in his, unsure if Ianto would allow the action, and then Jack let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding as Ianto let his hand stay in his. “I’m sorry, Ianto, and not just for putting you in the middle of my and Dean’s pissing contest, but for a lot of things. I can only hope that you will let me make it up to you.” Jack told Ianto softly.


Ianto felt his heart skip a beat at the honest expression in Jack’ eyes, but the hurt he still felt over Jack’s behaviour with Gwen made him cautious. “All I ask of you right now is to try and get along with Dean. You and I need to talk and I am sure you know what I am talking about.”


Jack knew that this was the best he could hope for right now; he had hurt Ianto deeply and he knew as well that he needed to open up to his young lover or risk losing Ianto for good.


Jack opened his mouth to ask Ianto out on their date they never gotten to when he was interrupted by Dean, Sam and Castiel catching up to them.


“So are we just going to stand here all night?” Dean asked as they joined Ianto and Jack, glaring at Jack, daring him to say anything about his and Sam’s linked hands. While Dean wasn’t much for public displays of affection he was making it clear that Sam was off limits.


Jack didn’t say anything but he did take a quick glance at Ianto to see his reaction to his old friends relationship; the happy twinkle in Ianto’s stunning blue eyes told Jack that Ianto not only knew about Dean and Sam’s relationship but also supported them.


Scowling at the man, Jack stood on the lift, taking Ianto with him since he still had a hold of the Welshman’s hand; he gestured for the rest of them to join them. “Well are you coming or not?”


Dean shrugged his shoulders. “Dude, this better be better than having a tourist office for a cover.” He told the captain as he stepped onto the invisible lift.


Still scowling Jack pressed the buttons on his wrist strap to activate the lift.


Ianto smiled at the stunned looks on Dean and Sam’s faces; Castiel didn’t seem all that shocked but given that he was an angel he just might already know about Torchwood. A squawk alerted him to Myfanwy joining them.


“Dude, is that…?” Dean trailed off, his eyes wide with amazement.


Sam swallowed hard, “I believe it is,” he answered.


Jack had a smug smile on his face as he proudly told them, “That is mine and Ianto’s pet and the Torchwood Three mascot, Myfanwy.”




Tosh made no pretence of working as the lift lowered; she was actually bouncing on the balls of her feet with excitement over meeting Ianto’s old friends.


Upon laying his eyes on the very cute woman waiting for them Dean let his most charming smile take over his face. “Hey, I’m Dean Winchester and who are you babe?” He asked with a wink as he stepped off the lift.


Tosh couldn’t help but blush at Dean’s attention. She was normally the over-looked member of the team, so having someone as hot as Dean flirt with her was nice. “I’m Toshiko Sato, but you can call me Tosh; it is nice to meet you.” She introduced herself while offering her hand; her blush grew deeper as Dean kissed the back of her hand like a gentleman.


“As I said before, Tosh is off limits to you.” Ianto growled low in his throat.


Jack felt a surge of jealousy at how protective Ianto was of Tosh. He tried to tell himself that it was just Ianto looking out for his best friend, but that did not stop the jealousy from burning deep within him.


Dean released Tosh’s hand and turned to Ianto with a charming smile on his handsome face. “Sorry, but you know I can’t help flirting with a beautiful lady.”


Sam sighed; he couldn’t help but agree with Dean that Tosh was a very beautiful woman. From her response he could see that she wasn’t used to being told as much, but he knew his brother would be more than happy to let Tosh know just how beautiful she was.


“I’m Sam Winchester and the silent guy beside me is Castiel. It is a pleasure to meet you Tosh. Ianto wasn’t lying when he said how pretty you are.” Sam himself had no problem flirting with Tosh either.


Tosh blushed deeply from the praise of two very handsome men.


Ianto knew what Dean and Sam were up to and he was glad that they wanted Tosh to see how beautiful she truly was. Ianto couldn’t understand how any one could miss seeing Tosh. In his eyes she was much more beautiful than Suzie or Gwen and he hated that Tosh was the most over-looked member of Torchwood. Without her they would truly be lost; to him Toshiko Sato was irreplaceable, both as a team-mate and as a friend.


While Jack may not like Dean, he was grateful to the man for bringing a smile to Tosh’s face. He knew that Tosh thought she wasn’t as beautiful as Suzie or Gwen, just as he knew that she is always the over-looked female. He felt badly that he never took the time to flirt with Tosh the way he did with the other female team members, and he made a promise to himself to let her know exactly how special and beautiful she was in his eyes. 


Standing behind the group Gwen could feel her jealousy start to burn over the attention that Tosh was getting from the two handsome men. They hadn’t even noticed her! ‘Why are they fawning over her!’ she thought angrily. ‘She’s nothing next to me!’


“Not a nice feeling is it, being ignored?” Owen whispered in Gwen’s ear as he passed her. He didn’t bother keeping the smirk out of his voice.


Gwen bristled at Owen’s tone. It wasn’t her fault that men just seemed to fall all over her while ignoring Tosh. ‘Maybe if Tosh was a little less boring she wouldn’t need to settle for my rejects.’  Oh yes, Gwen knew all about Tosh’s date with Andy; she herself wouldn’t go out with him and she tried to fell badly for Tosh for being Andy’s second choice, really she did.


Owen approached the group now; while he was happy for Tosh getting the attention she deserved, he had been without coffee for far too long.


“Oi, if we’re done with the love fest, I have gone without coffee long enough.” Owen snapped out. “Shouldn’t you be doing something about that, Tea-Boy?”


Dean let out a moan of pleasure at the thought of Ianto’s coffee. “Oh I feel for you man! When we travelled with Yan, I could barely go an hour without a cup of that black gold.” Dean understood Owen’s need for caffeine.


Sam simply gave Ianto his puppy-dog eyes.


Ianto rolled his eyes but there was a fondness in his eyes. “I take it you would all like a cup coffee?”


There was a resounding yes, echoed about the Hub and seconded by Myfanwy’s sharp cry.


Ianto turned to the only one who didn’t answer. “Would you like a cup of coffee, Castiel?” he asked the angel. ‘What do angels eat and drink?’ he wondered. ‘Maybe I’d better go to Tesco’s later.’


Sam turned to the angel. “Trust me; Ianto’s coffee is not like anything else you have ever tasted.”


Trusting Sam’s judgement Castiel nodded. “Very well, I would like to try a cup of your coffee.”


Ianto nodded and headed towards the kitchen to caffeinate his teammates and friends.


As soon as Ianto was out of sight, Gwen sauntered over to Jack’s side, hoping that while Tosh and Owen were talking to Ianto’s friends, she could finally talk to Jack and find out why he was so cool to her. She knew it had something to do with her refusing to Retcon Rhys, and she felt her heart skip a beat with the idea that Jack might be acting like this was because he was jealous that she had chosen Rhys over him.


‘Oh Jack can’t you see that I would never choose Rhys over you! All you have to do is give me the word and I am yours.’ Gwen thought with longing, as she missed the look of disgust that Castiel sent her.


Sam however did not. “Cas, what’s wrong?” he asked softly, so that only the angel could hear him.


“That woman,” and he nodded slightly in Gwen’s direction. “She is not to be trusted. She will bring death to all those around her.” Castiel warned Sam.


Jack paid no attention to Gwen’s manoeuvrings, and a cunning look entered his eyes. Ianto was all alone in the kitchen, and he knew that this was his chance to talk to his lover. “I’m going to go help Ianto.” Jack announced to the others.


Gwen glared daggers at Jack’s back as he turned and walked away from her. ‘He completely ignored me!’


Owen couldn’t help but smirk broadly at Gwen, glad to see that Jack was finally wising up.




For a moment Jack just stood in the doorway watching Ianto work his coffee magic. Oh, God, how he missed the feel of Ianto’s hands on his body.


“Are you just going to stand there or are you actually going to join me?” Ianto asked without turning around.


Jack was not at all surprised that Ianto knew he was standing there; Ianto always seemed to know where Jack was. Quietly Jack made his way to Ianto side.


“Ianto,” Jack began but then he was at a loss. He didn’t know how to let Ianto know how sorry he was that he hurt him with his actions with Gwen, or how much he regretted ever making Ianto think that he was second best. “I’m sorry.” Jack finally managed to say.


Ianto turned to look at Jack, hurt shining in his blue eyes. “For what, sir?”


Jack swallowed hard; he knew he hurt Ianto very deeply. “For how I acted during the whole ordeal with Gwen over Rectoning Rhys. Ianto, I never meant to hurt you, I swear I didn’t.” Jack whispered.


Ianto turned back to his coffee preparations, blinking back a sudden stinging behind his eyes. “But you did, Jack, just like you always do where Gwen is concerned. You make me feel like I truly am your second choice every time you fawn all over Gwen like that.” Ianto admitted to Jack. “It’s insulting and hurtful to be held in your arms knowing I’m just a substitute for someone else, someone you’d clearly rather be with,” Ianto finished softly. “It’s unbearable.”


Jack felt like a complete ass; he really hadn’t realized just how deeply he had hurt his young lover by his behaviour towards Gwen.


“Ianto, please believe me! I never, ever meant for you think you were a substitute for anyone.” Jack hated himself for making Ianto think of himself like that.


Ianto finally met Jack’s eyes. “But you do, Jack, whether you mean to or not, you do, and that hurts more than you will ever know.” And then just like that Ianto’s mask was back in place. “Coffee is done and we better get this to the others before Dean and Owen start a riot.” Ianto loaded up his tray and walked past Jack, his head held high.


Jack let him go; he was helpless to stop him. “I am the biggest fool on this planet. How could I not see how much I was hurting the man I love?” Jack murmured to himself.




Tightening the belt around his waist, Gareth turned to face a leering Balthazar. “If you’re done watching me get dressed can we get going?” The hunter demanded.


“I will never get tired of watching anything you do, my dear Gareth.” Balthazar purred moving towards the twitching hunter.


“Don’t make me shoot yo…” Gareth’s threat was cut off as Balthazar pulled him into a passionate kiss that, despite his protest, made Gareth want to melt.




Tosh knew something had happened as she watched Ianto hand out their coffees, his butler’s mask firmly in place. From the worried looks on Dean and Sam’s faces, she knew that they saw through the mask too.


‘Oh Jack what have you done now? You’re suppose to be trying to fix things not make them worse! ’ There was no doubt in Tosh’s mind that something had occurred between Ianto and Jack while they were alone in the kitchen. Tosh’s thoughts were confirmed as Jack came out of the kitchen with a subdued look in his eyes and a slump to his shoulders.


Before anyone could say anything about Ianto’s coffee, the sound of fluttering wings echoed through the lower part of the Hub. Suddenly they were greeted with the sight of an Ianto-clone being kissed like there was no tomorrow by a roguishly handsome man.


“Gareth?” Ianto asked in shock at seeing his twin.


“Balthazar, what the hell are you doing?” Dean demanded to know.


Breaking the kiss Balthazar gave the group a cheery grin. “Hello everyone.”



Tags: crossover: torchwood/supernatural, fic: in the darkness, pairing: dean/sam/castiel, pairing: jack/ianto
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