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Fic: In the pain there is healing Chapter 23/27ish

Title: In the pain there is healing
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto,Rhys/Donna, Andy/Kathy, John/Tosh, Doctor/Isabella, James/Jenny, Tom/Martha and Mickey/Jake and mentions of John/Ianto
Summary: How long can one person takes being the second choice before they break? And have Ianto and Rhys reached that point?
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gwen bashing
Spoilers: Torchwood S2 ‘Meat’ and ‘Something Borrowed’
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, I am willing to take ownership of Ianto and Jack since RTD can not take care of them. I do own James and Isabella and all other original characters.
Author Note: Unbeta so please forgive any mistakes, also as you can see the chapter lengths have grown.

Chapter 23


As John and Tosh entered the Hub together, an hour later then Tosh usual arrives, it was easy to tell what had kept them for so long from the cat-who-got-the-cream look that John was sporting.


Protective urges suddenly surged in Jack as he watched his ex-lover saunter into his Hub, with his tech genius. ‘It will seem that I will have to give John the talk that if he hurts Tosh, I will show him just how much I remember from our old times.’ The immortal vowed, while he was protective over all of his team, and like Ianto, Tosh had a special place in Jack’s heart.


‘It would seem that I am not the only one who will want to talk to John.’ Jack thought as he cast a quick glance at his lover and was surprised that John wasn’t dead from the cool look that could kill that Ianto was giving John.


Jack found protective Ianto extremely hot.


John shivered at the looks he was getting from Jack and eye-candy; and he can’t help but wonder if Tosh knows how much she means to others?


“Sorry we’re late.” Tosh apologized with a blush staining her cheeks, she had no doubt that Jack and Ianto knew why she was late.


“It is fine Tosh; you still manage to make it in before Owen and the Doctor.” Jack shook his head dismissing Tosh’s lateness, besides Ianto, Tosh was the most prompt member, besides he was in far too good a mood to let anything bother him.


Ianto could tell that Jack was itching to tell Tosh their news. “Cariad, why don’t we tell Tosh our news,” he whispered softly in Jack’s ear.


As Jack happily and rapidly nodded his head, he reminded the others of a puppy who just got a treat.


Looping his arm around Ianto’s waist Jack with a beaming smile proudly announced to Tosh and John, “Ianto and I are getting married.”


Tosh let out a squeal of pure happiness as she flung herself at the couple, happy for the man she saw as an older brother and the man she proudly called her best friend.


Ianto smiled as he caught an armful of Tosh. “I’m so happy for you.” His best friend whispered in his ear.


After giving Ianto another tight hug Tosh released him and turned to Jack another squeal escaped her lips as Jack lifted her off the ground. “You better treat him right or you will be answering to me.” Tosh growled out in warning, Jack nodded knowing Tosh was very protective over Ianto. Tosh features then soften into a smile. “I’m really happy for you Jack, you and Ianto deserve every bit of happiness you two get.”


“So do you and if it is with John, then I am happy for you.” Jack whispered into her hair. His Toshiko deserved to be happy and it seemed that John made her happy.


“Hey eye-candy,” Ianto barely had time to blink before John swooped down and stole a kiss.


“Damn it John! Get away from my Ianto!” Jack was not at all pleased with John’s actions as he released Tosh and marched over to John and Ianto and pulled his Ianto away from his ex.


John just gave Jack a cheeky grin before moving to Tosh’s side. “Sorry mate I couldn’t resist.” He called over his shoulder.


Tosh knew she should be anger with John for kissing Ianto after last night but the look on Jack’s face had been priceless.


Any feelings of jealousy or hurt that she might have felt were wiped away at John’s whisper. “I needed someway to get Jack to let you go, I don’t share well with others.”


Tosh couldn’t remember the last time anyone had ever shown jealousy over her, it was a nice feeling.


Surprisingly James and Bell remained quiet through all this glad to see the ones they care about happy, but a sadness tainted it knowing the pain their loved ones are about to be put through but not knowing the danger one of them was in.


It was nearly twenty minutes later when Owen arrived and Jack, Ianto and Tosh could only stare in shock at Diane trailing in after him.


Tosh’s gaze quickly turned to the twins. “You knew she was coming back.” She stated more than asked.


James shrank under the knowing gaze from Tosh and the anger glare Bell was throwing at him. “I said nothing and you can’t prove it!” James cried before dashing off.


Bell watched him go and shook her head. ‘I really can’t leave him alone for a moment.’


A gentle hand rested on her shoulder and Bell looked up to meet Tosh’s gentle gaze. “Don’t be too hard on James; he really didn’t give away anything.”


Bell sighed, “It’s just that time lines can’t be messed with, so much could go wrong and we stand to lose so much.” Bell whispered.


Tosh’s heart went out the young woman if even the slightest thing went wrong then these two wonderful chaos causing twins would no longer exist. “We won’t let anything happen to mess up your time line.” The older woman vowed.


Ianto smiled as he came upon two of his favourite woman in a conversation. “I’m sorry to interrupt but Bell would you still like to help me in the archives?” Ianto asked his future daughter remember how she admitted last night that she worked with him in the archives.


Bell bright smile reminded Tosh of Jack when he was with Ianto. “I’d love to.” Bell agreed bouncing over to her tad side.


Jack watched Ianto head down to the archives with Bell in tow it was only after they were out of sight that Jack turned his attention back to Owen. “So, Diane is back.” He didn’t know how he felt about this remembering how much it destroyed Owen the first time she left.


“Yes, she is.” Owen could see the worry in Jack’s eyes and could understand where his boss was coming from.


Diane decided this was the time she should speak up. “You have no idea how hard it was to leave Owen behind, it was the worst mistake of my life but somehow I was given a second chance to be with Owen and this time nothing will tear me from him.” Diane spoke from her heart, tears glisten in her eyes.


“I do know how you feel, I foolishly left Ianto behind with not even a good-bye and it was one of my biggest mistakes but I found my way back to Ianto and this time nothing will tear me from Ianto’s side.” Jack smiled at Diane and Owen. “I am glad that you two are getting your chance at a happy ending.”


“Thank you Jack.” And Owen truly meant that.


Jack grinned turned cheesy. “Oh by the way Ianto and I are getting married.” He dropped his bombshell.


Owen couldn’t help but groan. “Bloody hell, now you’ll never keep your hands off of Tea-Boy.”


Jack just nodded his head. “Yep.”


Glancing between the two of them Diane couldn’t help but laugh at their banter, she could tell that Owen was truly happy for Jack and Ianto.


The mood was broken when Tosh joined them. “Has anyone see John or James?” She asked.


John and James off somewhere together, unsupervised could only lead to trouble.




While everyone had been busy John was the only one to notice James sneaking away, something was bothering the kid.


With nothing else to do John followed him. James didn’t go far just up to the tourist office.


John was just about to ask James what was wrong when the tourist door opened and in came Mickey and Jake.


Mickey took one look at James and asked “What’s wrong?”


“Yeah, what’s bothering you?” John repeated the question as he hopped onto the desk beside James.


“If you knew something was going to happen, something bad but it was important to the future would you try and stop it?” James whispered softly.


The other three men in the room shared a look unsure how to answer.


“It depends on how important this event was,” John told him, hinting at James to tell them more.


Before James could open his mouth to say anything the office shook from as the faint sound of explosion reached their ears, only Jake’s quick reflects caught the in pain James.


James body shook with pain as he had felt his sister agonizing pain before their link was broken. He looked up at Jake with tears and pain clearly in his blue eyes. “I can’t feel Bell any more. She’s gone.”


And at the moment John knew what event James was talking about, because Bell was with Ianto.


‘Please let them okay or I don’t know how Jack will survive losing them.’ John silently prayed.




Moments before


Ianto was grateful that Bell was there to help with the files he had fallen behind with do to all the drama with Gwen wedding and everything that followed after.


“I am very grateful for your help, last time I let Jack ‘help’, I spent a week straighten everything out again.” Ianto and Bell shared a laugh; Bell knew how hopeless her dad was at filing. “Just let me grabbed the files.” Ianto said as he headed towards his desk.


Dread filled Bell and the shout was torn from her lips before she could stop herself. “Tad! Wait!”


But it was too late as Ianto had already lifted the flies and both their eyes were drawn to the now pulsation silver tech.


Ianto’s fatherly instincts took over as he tossed the files away and rush towards his daughter, he knew this tech and they only had seconds before it exploded.




Ianto reached Bell and grabbed his daughter arm.




Ianto griping Bell’s arm tightly pulled her with him.




Ianto remembered the last time he ran so fast the day of fire and death.




Somehow Ianto and Bell managed to make it behind a roll of file cabinets.




Knowing that they were out of time, Ianto wrapped himself protectively around Bell, to shield her from the explosion as best as he could.




‘I’m sorry Jack.’ Ianto thought as a single tear fell from his eye.




Pain and then nothing




Jack was getting worried, something didn’t feel right. “I’m going to go cheek on Ianto and Bell; she might know where James went.” Jack informed the others as he moved towards the archives.


But he never made it that far as an explosion rocked the hub and fear griped Jack as it came from the archives.


“IANTO!” The name was torn from Jack’s mouth in a desperate cry only to be echoed by the TARDIS cry of pain.




The Doctor, Donna and Rhys had been on their way to the Hub but before they could even get to Rhys car, the Doctor was greeted by some very dear friends.


“Doctor.” A voice that the Doctor hadn’t heard in years called his name.


With a cheery grin the Doctor turned to face one of his oldest friends. “Alistair and Martha, what brings you here?” The Doctor’s smile fell from his face; he could tell something was bothering his old friend.


The Brigadier met the Doctor’s gaze a look in his eyes that showed he was a man not to be messed with. “You’re TARDIS, it would seem one of Jack Harkness team is dealing in dangerous black market tech.”


“Who?” Gone was the cheerful Doctor and in his place was the oncoming storm, he had a pretty good idea which one of Jack’s team could do this.


It was Martha who answered. “Gwen Cooper.”


Hearing Rhys sharp intake of breath Donna slipped her hand into his, Rhys gave her a weak smile before both of them turned their attention back to the discussion at hand.


Before the Doctor could responded he heard the TARDIS cry of pain and distress. “We needed to get to the Hub now!” The Doctor growled. Due to her pain the Doctor had only gotten to hear two things and they had both his hearts frantically beating, ‘Ianto’ and ‘Bell’.


“Doctor, what is wrong?” Martha asked her dear friend with worry written all over her pretty face.


The Doctor glanced at her and Martha was taken back by the pain swimming in his eyes. “I’m afraid that Miss Cooper has already put her plan into action and Jack is going to need mine and Martha support. Alistair I leave Gwen in your hands.” He needed to get to Hub to make sure Ianto was okay, to make sure that Bell was okay.


The Brigadier nodded and gave a chilling smile. “Don’t worry you leave Miss Cooper to me.”




The moment she felt her son’s pain fire erupted all around her scorching the ground and burning the air around her, someone had dared to harm her son. “They will burn.” She vowed as fire engulfed her body and she was gone.



Tags: fic: in the pain there is healing, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: john/tosh, pairing: rhys/donna, twinverse
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