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Fic: Belongs to you Chapter 7

Title: Belongs to you
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Luna, ?/Tosh, ?/Donna, ?/Rhys/Gwen, Andy/?, Tom/Martha and Owen/? with past Michael/Luna, Jack/Luna/Ianto friendship and mentions of Doctor/Rose
Summary: In the year that never was the members of Torchwood Three lived different lives, now those lives are about to return. How will what happen in that year change all of their futures?
Spoilers:  TW ‘Adam’ and all of S2, DW S4
Warning: Gwen bashing
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood or Doctor Who. I do own Luna and all other future original characters to come.
Author Notes: This is the next in the Star!Ianto universe it is the sequel to 'Cut's so deeply. Sorry for the lateness of this chpater but my muses are back and the next  chapter shouldn't take to long. Thanks to royalladyemma  for beta this for me

Chapter 7


Rhys Williams thought it would be a good thing for them when Gwen informed him that she had been granted time off to stay home and care for him while his wound was healing.


Now, he was beginning to think he had been wrong. Gwen was in a foul mood always muttering under her breath about some ‘slutty blond’ and ‘no-good tea-boys going after her man.’  


Rhys wasn’t as blind or stupid as many believed, he knew that Gwen hadn’t been completely faithful to him since she joined Torchwood. He certainly hadn’t missed the way she mooned over her boss, Jack. Despite everything though, he loved Gwen and still wanted to marry her.


At least he thought he did. Now he wasn’t too sure. He used to think that when Gwen agreed to marry him that she had finally realized that she loved him, and that she wanted him and him only. Now Rhys knew Gwen only said yes because Jack hadn’t been around. Now he knew he was Gwen’s second choice and he honestly didn’t think that was enough anymore.


Looking at Gwen sulking on the couch as she flipped through the channels on the TV, Rhys needed to get away just to clear his head. “I need to go and get something from the store. Do you need anything?” Rhys asked moving towards the door.


“No, I’m fine.” Gwen muttered distractedly.


Rhys shook his head sadly as he shrugged on his coat before leaving their flat without a second look at Gwen.


The moment the door closed behind Rhys he felt like he could breathe again; it had been far to suffocating in there. He realized that there was something else he had never felt before, not in all his time with Gwen: he didn’t want to be around Gwen any longer.


It hit Rhys hard and it hurt to breath, but he now knew a hard truth. He wasn’t in love with Gwen Cooper any more.


Now he needed to figure out what to do, because he didn’t think that he could go through with marrying Gwen, not when he had such strong doubts about his future with her.




The stars were out in full as the Torchwood team, the Doctor and Donna left the Hub. Letting her eyes flutter closed Luna let the song of her brothers and sisters fill her.


The Doctor watched Luna with fondness, wishing that he had a chance to hear the star’s song, a song said to be the most beautiful thing in the universe, something that no one else can hear unless bonded to a star.


“Oi, I’m starving! Can we save the star gazing till later?” Owen demanded.


Luna blinked, Owen’s voice breaking the spell her peoples song had on her. “Oh, sure.” She grinned at the scowling medic.


Reaching out Luna took the Doctor’s hand. “Someday you will get to hear the stars sing our song.” The blond star promised her Time Lord.


Raising their joined hands the Doctor pressed a kiss on to Luna’s. “I await that day eagerly, my dear.”


Seeing the tender movement between the Doctor and Luna, Donna and Tosh quickly grabbed a muttering Owen and dragged him away so not to ruin their tender moment.


Not noticing their companion’s departure, Luna and the Doctor’s lips meet in a loving kiss, neither noticing as Luna’s glow began to mix with the vortex that lives inside of all Time Lords.


The song of the stars above song grew louder with joy as one of their sisters found her bond mate.




Ianto smiled against Jack’s neck as he heard his brothers and sisters sing. He knew that now was the time to let Jack know one of his biggest secrets.


“Ianto what’s wrong?” Jack could sense Ianto’s worry.


Sighing, Ianto pulled away from the warmth of Jack so he could look his lover in the eyes. “There is something I need to tell you, but I am not sure how to.” Ianto explained softly.


Jack reached out and cupped Ianto’s jaw. “You can tell me anything.”


“It’s my fault that Lisa was converted.” Ianto whispered in the darken room.


Leaning up on his elbow Jack gazed was filled with concern, tenderness and love. “Ianto what happen to Lisa was not your fault, the Cybermen are the ones to blame.” Jack hated seeing Ianto eating himself up with guilt.


Tears began to well up in Ianto’s eyes as he confessed, “It wasn’t Lisa I went back for first. It was Luna.” Ianto cursed silently to himself as he felt the hot tears trail down his cheeks.


Gun-callused fingers tenderly wiped away each tear that fell.


“What is your relationship with Luna?” Jack asked quietly, needing to know why Ianto would go to save Luna first and not Lisa, whom he clearly loved so deeply.


Ianto took a steadying breath as he met Jack’s eyes, “Luna was my wife.”


Jack could only stare slacked jaw at his partner. That was not the answer he had been expecting at all.


“Married? You and Luna?” Jack squeaked out. Ianto immediately decided that it was a very cute Jack reaction, and he’d have to make him do it again, although in a much more pleasurable way.


Ianto knew it was time Jack knew the truth about him and Luna and the past that they shared. “Get comfortable Jack, I have a story to tell you.” Ianto told his lover as he arranged his pillows behind his head. Jack took Ianto’s advice and took up one of his favourite snuggle positions. Angling his body just right Jack rested his head on Ianto’s chest; his mind, body and soul were soothed by the reassuring sound of Ianto’s heart beating. He finished his positioning by flinging his left leg over Ianto’s legs and resting his left arm possessively across Ianto’s hip.


Smiling to himself Ianto wrapped one arm around Jack’s back and his other hand ran through Jack soft hair, lightly massaging the nape of his neck. Jack let out a sigh of pure contentment.


“Luna and I have always been close; we always had a special bond, one that our fellow stars did not understand. Many were quite surprised over the fact that Luna and I were not one another’s other half. Luna loved watching humans and longed for the day that she would be granted her turn to live among them. When that day came I went with Luna, to keep an eye on her. We arrived on earth in the 18th century.


“We had been human for one year and Luna knew that her mate was soon to come and she was right. The very next day is when she met the Doctor and we both knew that he was the one meant for Luna. Luna refused to leave Earth, knowing that he would return here, if only to get a new companion, so she stayed and I stayed with her. But in that time, it was unusual for a man and woman to be so close without having the intent to marry, so Luna and I decided to do just that. We married in name only, but while the Doctor appeared less and less to Luna our relationship grew stronger till one day we found we were in love with one another.”


Jack’s strangled moan of hurt had Ianto quickly kissing his future bond mate. “That was a long time ago Jack.” He reassured his lover. “From the moment I met you my heart has belonged to you and you alone. Now, since Luna and I were not truly meant to be with one another, our love changed from that of lovers to once again being very dear friends.” Ianto took a much needed breath; he had no doubt this next part might really hurt Jack.


“Luckily when that happened the children were old enough to understand who we truly are and what the star bond is.”


For a brief moment Jack forgot how to breathe. His Ianto had children with someone other than him. He knew he shouldn’t be hurt, after all, this was before they met and he had yet to tell Ianto about Alice.


“Do you hate me?” Ianto asked softly.


Jack’s eyes flew to his lover’s. “No! No Ianto I could never hate you. Not about this, not when I have a daughter myself.” Jack admitted and then set out to explain about Alice.


“So Stephan would be about Mica’s age. I would love to meet them.” Ianto smiled at Jack’s confused face. “Rhiannon is not my sister but my great, great, great, great, granddaughter.”


Jack couldn’t help but laugh. “We look pretty good for having great-grandchildren.”


Smiling wickedly Ianto trailed his hand down Jack’s body. “Really good,” he purred as he nipped at Jack’s neck.


Jack groaned feeling his body twitch with awakening desire at Ianto’s touch and tone. With a growl of need he pounced on his lover, smiling down at the star underneath his body.


“Oh I love your stamina.” Jack groaned.


Ianto’s grin grew wider. “Just wait until our bonding; we won’t be leaving our bed for two weeks.” Ianto whispered huskily in Jack’s ear.


That was all Jack needed to hear as he lost what little willpower he had left. Starting with a deep, love-filled kiss, Jack set out to prove to Ianto just how much he couldn’t wait until the day they bonded and Ianto Jones become his, forever.



Tags: fic: belongs to you, pairing: doctor/luna, pairing: jack/ianto, star!ianto
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