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Fic: Rising from the ashes Chapter 6

Title: Rising from the ashes
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Highlander/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Methos/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Kathy, Andy/Amanda, Owen/Gwen, Owen/Cassandra, John/Caitlin,  Duncan/Tosh, the Doctor, Martha, the Master and Sean/Thalia
Summary: After Jack left them, the remaining members of torchwood three knew they either needed to start over or fall apart. This is their journey as they begin anew and face the changes that will define them all.
Spoilers: Doctor Who S3 ‘Last of the time lords’ and for the year that never was. Torchwood S1 ‘End of days’
Rating: R
Warnings: Some Gwen bashing, mentions of past abuse all forms, torture, and brutal deaths.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who they belong to he-who-shall-not-be-named. Nor do I own Highlander. I do own Caitlin, Sean and Thalia.

Chapter 6


“Here you go.” Duncan said with a smile as he handed Tosh her cup of tea.


Reaching out to take the cup from the man, their fingers brushed against one another and both felt a spark at the innocent touch.


Blushing Tosh took the cup quickly from Duncan strong hands. “Thank you.” She muttered shyly.


Duncan found her blush adorable and yet the sadness in her eyes could not be ignored. “I don’t mean to pry, but what does a beautiful lady like yourself have to be sad over?” Duncan asked gently.


Tosh clutched her tea cup. “It’s nothing, just something silly.” She whispered.


Reaching out Duncan took the cup from her hands and placing it on the coffee table, before covering her hands with one of his own, grateful that Amanda was back in the kitchen with Joe making snacks for the movies they were going to watch.


“It’s not silly, not when you look like your heart had been broken.” Duncan told her.


Something about Duncan put Tosh at easy and she wanted to tell Duncan what was bothering her. So she told him what happened tonight, finding out that Owen and Gwen had renewed their affair, how deeply that hurt her, how tired she was of letting those two walk all over her, how it broke her that Owen never once noticed her feelings for him.


Duncan listen as Tosh poured out her heart and “This Owen is a fool for not noticing such amazing woman as you. You are truly one in a million.” Duncan told her honestly.


Tosh’s cheeks began to burn a bright red at his praise; she was not used to hearing such words from a very handsome man.




Amanda hadn’t meant to be ease-dropping but she just couldn’t help it.


‘Methos is not going to be happy about this, but a girl needs her best friend.’ With a determined glint in her eyes Amanda slowly snuck out of the kitchen and made her way to Ianto’s master bedroom.




Methos gazed down fondly at his lover, his dark eyes taking in the love bites he left on Ianto’s skin, letting the world know that Ianto Jones belonged to him and him alone.


Ianto raised an eyebrow. “Admiring your work?” He knew his lover loved to leave marks all over his body in very visible spots. ‘Owen and Gwen are going to be all over me tomorrow when they see these.’ Yet Ianto couldn’t really find it in him to care what they might think.


Methos smiled with a cocky smirk on his face. “Oh very much so, but I think you could still have a few more.” The dark hair immortal purred. In Methos mind his Ifan could never have enough love bites.


Ianto rolled his eyes. “Of course you do.”


Methos chuckled before lowering his head and their lips met in an innocent kiss that didn’t stay innocent for long.


Just as the passion between the two began to burn through out their bodies a knock disturbed them.


Methos growled low deep in his throat, who would dare to interrupt his alone time with Ifan!


“Go away!” Methos snarled out refusing to leave his spot above Ianto.


“No way in hell Old Man! No let me talk to Ianto.” Amanda’s voice yelled back.


“Methos just let me talk to her.” Ianto really didn’t want to get caught in the middle of an Amanda and Methos snit.


“No, I am not letting you leave this bed.” Methos declared while tighten his grip on Ianto. Nothing was going to get him to let Ianto go.


“Your friend Tosh is downstairs and is very upset.” Amanda decided to pull out her ace.


Ianto’s eyes widen. “Tosh?” Worry filled him at why Tosh would be here so late and it didn’t help that she was upset.


Methos pouted as he released his lover the moment the worried look entered Ianto’s blue eyes he knew he lost and would have to let Ianto leave their bed. He didn’t like it but he knew Ianto would need to make sure Tosh was okay.


Grumbling under his breath Methos let go of his grip on Ianto. Smiling Ianto leaned up and kissed Methos pouting mouth. “I’ll make this up to you I promise, we never did get around to using that chocolate sauce.” Ianto reminded Methos with a smouldering look before leaving the bed.


Methos could only stare at his lover retreating form. ‘That little tease, oh I will get him for that.’ He vowed with his own leer crossing his face.


After pulling on his boxers and a lose pair of pants Ianto opened the door to greet Amanda. “We’ll be down in a few minutes,” he didn’t think Amada was paying attention as her gaze swept over his bare chest.


An arm snaked out from behind Ianto pulling him back into Methos body. “Eyes off my Ifan.” Methos growled at Amanda.


Amanda simple rolled her eyes at Methos possessive tone before addressing Ianto. “We’ll be in your living room.” She turned to go but not before adding. “Take your time.”


“Sounds like a very good idea.” Methos murmured into Ianto’s ear.


Ianto shifted in his embrace so he could face his lover and caught the plotting gleam in those dark eyes. “Sorry Cariad but all we have time is for a shower.” Ianto told his lover.


Methos pressed a slow and lingering kiss to his lover lips. “Could we have a nice long shower together?” He asked once he broke the kiss as he looked up at Ianto coyly from under his dark lashes, knowing what this look did to his lover.


“Just what I was thinking.” Ianto agreed, he could never say no to that look and Methos knew that.




Duncan, Tosh and Joe had settled in to watch a movie when Amanda returned and the thief couldn’t help but notice that Duncan was sitting a little closer to Tosh then he needed to be.


“Ianto and Adam will be with us shortly.” Amanda told them as she made her way over to the comfortable chair, letting out a sigh she snuggled down into the softness.


“Oh I hope you didn’t disturb them from anything important.” Tosh didn’t want to be a bother.


“You are not a bother.” Duncan whispered softly to her.


Tosh could only stare at the man in shock, ‘How did he know what I was thinking?’ she couldn’t help but wonder.


Duncan smiled at her. “It was written all over your face.” He explained softly to her.


Amanda found watching Duncan and Tosh much more interesting then any movie. ‘This trip is going to be fun.’ And here she had been worried she was going to be bored.




Sleep didn’t come easy to Thalia as instead she watched Sean sleep. She knew she would never get tried of watching him sleep.


Her gaze finally left his face to look at the ring on her left hand, the diamond glistening from the light. ‘Daddy is so going to freak, but he had to know that Sean is my soulmate, hopefully tad can keep him calm.’  Thalia knew that Methos would not be pleased to here of her engagement to Sean.


‘There are going to be fireworks, I just know it.’ Thalia predicted.




In the middle of drying his hair Methos suddenly stopped and growled. Ianto turned to him worry in his eyes. “Are you all right?” Ianto asked moving towards him.


“I’m going to kill Sean; I don’t know why I just know I am.” Methos declared.




Icy blue eyes shot open as a chill went right through to his very soul he met Thaila’s worried gaze. “I think Methos is going to kill me.”




“About time you joined us.” Amanda called out as Ianto and Methos finally entered the living room.


Methos glared at her and Amanda wisely shut her mouth.


Keeping his grip on Methos hand Ianto dragged him over to the couch to the free spots beside Tosh. “Are you alright?” Ianto asked once he reached her side and saw her eyes red from crying.


Tosh managed a smile for her best friend. “Yes, no, I don’t know. Owen and Gwen are sleeping together again.” She admitted.


“Oh Tosh.” Ianto wrapped his arms around Tosh in a hug, he knew how his friend felt about Owen but given the way Duncan was looking at her, she just might finally get her happy ending.


Methos watched them with fondness in his eyes, he was glad his beloved had such a dear friend. “I’m Adam and it is very nice to meet you Miss Sato.”


Tosh smiled and offered her hand not moving out of Ianto’s comfortable hug. “It’s Tosh and it’s very nice to meet you Adam, thank you for making Ianto smile again.”


“Do you mind? I am trying to watch a movie here.” Joe growled never taking his eyes off the TV.


Wisely everyone decided to be quiet.




As Jack ran with the Doctor and Martha he couldn’t help but wonder about his team and more importantly Ianto.


‘Ianto, when I get back I will do this right. You’re heart will be mine.’ Jack promised to himself.



Tags: fic: rising from the ashes, pairing: duncan/tosh, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: methos/ianto
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