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Fic: Loyalty Chapter 7

Title: Loyalty
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Brothers & Sisters
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Scotty/Kevin, Owen/Tosh, Rhys/Gwen and Scotty/Ianto friendship
Summary: When Ianto old friend Scotty arrives with his husband Kevin for a visit, Jack experiences a strange emotion, jealously.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Brothers & Sisters.
Author Note: This story came about while watching Scotty and under pain meds the plot bunny was born when I got hit with the idea of Scotty and Ianto been friends and Scotty giving Jack the shovel speech from Buffy. First in the ‘Love is more than a four letter word’ series. I know it has been a while since I updated this story but my muse is back and hopeful will stay for a while.

Chapter 7


Lunch was an interesting affair. It turns out Tosh and Ianto have been to this restaurant several times they found out as a pretty young brunette with sparkling hazel-green eyes came over to serve them.


“Hey, guys, shall I be getting you’re usual?” This was directed at Ianto and Tosh.


Jack eyes narrowed into daggers as Ianto smiled happily at the young woman. “Yes, please Sammy. I didn’t think you worked on Monday’s?” Ianto asked.


Jack glare grew even darker at the fact that not only did his Ianto know her name but also the days she was working.


Sammy the hussy in Jack’s mind, smiled prettily at Ianto with a little blush staining her cheeks, which did not escape Jack’s sharp gaze. “I usual don’t but with student loans to pay back I took the extra shifts.” Sammy explained.


“How are classes going?” Ianto asked politely.


Jack scowled as Sammy and Ianto fell into a happy little conversation.


He couldn’t believe this first Scotty came along taking Ianto’s attention from him, and now this little girl.


Well Jack was having none of this. Ianto Jones is his, end of story.


And it was clear to Jack that this Sammy has a crush on his Ianto.


‘Well too bad little girl, I don’t share.’ That possessive thought surprised Jack, normally he didn’t mind sharing lovers, but the idea of sharing Ianto filled Jack with an emotion that he couldn’t deny was jealousy at the idea of another touching his Ianto.


Scotty who had been watching everything with interest raised an eyebrow at the differences of emotions that flashed across Jack’s face. ‘Maybe there is hope for you yet Harkness.’ Scotty thought, but that still didn’t mean that he has to like him.


Seeing the glare been giving to the young woman, Tosh gave a soft cough in hopes to spare Sammy life.


Realizing what she was doing Sammy blush darken. “Sorry about that, what can I get the rest of you to drink?” She asked with an embarrass smile.


“Water,” Jack ordered with a fake smile as he reached over he took Ianto’s hand in his and gave his young lover hand a squeeze, before linking their fingers together. A clear sign to everyone that Ianto was taken.


He was going to prove to Ianto and everyone else that Ianto is his and his alone. Ianto is the only one he wants and needs.


After getting Scotty and Kevin drink orders, Sammy left to fill them. An awkward tension slowly began to fill the table one that had Ianto, Tosh and Kevin shifting as Jack and Scotty began glaring at one another.


Scotty had a mischievous glint in his eyes as he slowly drawled out, “So Ianto seems like someone has a little crush on you.” He teased his best friend.


A low jealous growl escaped Jack’s lips as Ianto’s ears turned red, which they only did when he was blushing.


Only he was allowed to make Ianto blush like that, damn it.


‘Please Sammy, hurry up with those drinks.’ Was the pray running through Ianto, Kevin and Tosh’s minds, because Scotty and Jack were on the verge of getting psychical with one another and not in the fun naked way.


Thankfully Sammy returned with their drinks before Scotty and Jack came to blows.


“Here you go.” Placing their drinks down Sammy gave them all a smile. “I’ll give you a few more minutes to look through the menu.” She told them hiding a broken heart behind her fake smile, she knew that Ianto was taken and her crush would always stay a crush now that she has met the famous Jack Harkness.


Really what chance did an ordinary girl like her stand against such a breath taking handsome man?


Kevin was quick to jump on the ice breaker that Sammy had given them; he turned to Tosh and asked. “So what is good?”


Catching on Tosh happily listed all the dishes she enjoyed here.


Ianto spoke up adding in all his favourite dishes too.


When Sammy returned five minutes later everyone had found something they liked and Kevin and Tosh made sure to keep a conversation going to keep Scotty and Jack from getting into a fight.




Somehow Scotty and Jack manage to act civil to one another; Tosh was certain it had something to do with how happy it made Ianto to see them getting along.


She has a feeling Jack would do everything in his power to keep the look of pure happiness on Ianto face.


As would she, Ianto has seen so much pain and suffering any happiness given to him she will make sure he keeps.


And from the protective look in Scotty’s eyes he feels the same way as her.


Keeping a sharp eye on Jack, Scotty was force to admit and as much as he hates to, Jack does seem to really care about Ianto, and Ianto does seem truly happy again. Scotty had been so afraid that Lisa death would break his friend; he was in way glad to see he was wrong.


Scotty felt a hand grasp his; he looked to meet the concern gaze of Ianto.


“Are you alright?” Ianto asked worriedly, he had seen the brief look of sadness that flashed in Scotty eyes.


Scotty squeezed Ianto hand. “I’m fine, just remembering the last time I visit you. You had me so frightened.” Scotty admitted softly.


Ianto winced at the memories of how broken he was after the Cyber-woman incident, but he somehow managed to smile at his best friend. “In truth, I frighten myself; I don’t know how I would have made it through losing Lisa without you there for me.” Ianto admitted.


Murderous rage filled Jack that was directed at Scotty, who still had not released Ianto hand and guilt for his own treatment of Ianto; his earlier treatment of Ianto was not some of Jack’s best moments. While he will never like Scotty, Jack was grateful that the other man was there for Ianto during that tough time.


Still Jack, couldn’t help but wish it had been him that gave Ianto the support he needed while he mourned Lisa.


Jack couldn’t believe he was about to say this, but he was jealous that Scotty had been the one who Ianto turned to for comfort. But given the way he treated the younger man it is no wonder that Ianto hadn’t turned to him.


But that will never happen again, Jack is going to prove to Ianto that he will always be here when Ianto needs him.


Too bad that is going to be harder than he thinks.



“Hey so what did I miss?” The unexpected voice made Sammy blink.


“Arianna, when did you get here?” Sammy asked the auburn haired blue eye girl that suddenly appeared by her side.


Arianna smiled a charming smile. “A few minutes but you were too busy staring at someone love struck, so I take it Ianto is here for lunch?” She teased her friend about her crush.


Sammy nodded with a dreamy sigh. “Yeah, too bad he is here with your dad. God he is gorgeous and they are so perfect together.” The brunette said sadly.


Arianna choked on nothing before quickly moving beside Sammy to pear out into the busy restaurant, her eyes immediately landed on her father and her brow raised as she notice the death glare her father was giving to one of their dinner companions, not at all typical Captain Jack Harkness behaviour.


‘Oh this is too good to be true Mister, I don’t do jealousy is actually jealous. I just hope dad doesn’t do anything stupid to mess this up.’ Arianna thought with a frown.


Managing to pull her eyes away from the very interesting group Arianna wrapped her arm around Sammy’s shoulders in a comforting hug. “Hey after our shifts will hit the club and find you some available eye-candy.” she promised.


Sammy narrower her eyes as a snort escaped her lips. “Oh you mean like last time when you disappeared with that guy in the funky get up.” She coolly reminded her friend of the last time they went out clubbing.


A dreamy look entered Arianna’s blue eyes. “Oh yeah him now he was fun.” She couldn’t help but lick her lips remembering his scorching kisses.


“I doubt you even remember his name.” Sammy commented.


Arianna looked affronted. “Of course I do, you don’t forget a guy like Captain John Hart even though he told me to call him Vera.”


Tags: crossover: brothers&sisters/torchwood, fic: loyalty, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: scotty/kevin
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