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Fic: One Last Lullaby

Title: One Last Lullaby
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Boe/Ianto, 10th Doctor, Martha and mention of Doctor/Luna
Summary: His time has come at last, and the only thing Boe wants is to hear his star singing one finale time.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood. Jack and Ianto belong to each other; and I don’t own Doctor Who, but I do own Luna.
Thanks to  royalladyemma  for beta this for me
For the Long Live Ianto bingo card prompt: singing.

A weary sigh escaped his lips. He was so tired of living; he longed for the moment when he would leave this non-body of his behind him forever, and Ianto would come to take him to the stars where their children, and the Doctor and Luna, waited for them.

The Face of Boe yearned deeply for his end, for the day when his final death would claim him.

“Oh, Cariad, I wish I could grant you your wish.” Ianto’s voice washed over him like a soft, sweetly-scented summer breeze. Boe closed his eyes and let his mind drift back to those halcyon days in Cardiff, when they were just beginning their love together. Picnicking in the tall summer grass had been their favourite get-away.

Boe sighed in contentment as Ianto returned to his side, their bond humming to life as Ianto caressed him through their link. It was the only way they could touch and Boe detested the fact that he could no longer feel Ianto’s skin against his own.

“I missed you, Yan.” Boe hated when Ianto left, but knew that his star made regular checks on those who travelled the many lanes of the freeway to see how they were doing.

Ianto smiled as he pressed a kiss onto Boe’s glass. “I missed you, too, Cariad, but I’m back now.”

Boe sighed again, wishing he could feel Ianto’s lips on his. “I miss kissing you; I miss being able to hold you; I miss being human and being with you.” Boe whispered everything he missed, tears gathering in his large eyes.

Ianto’s eyes, those beautiful blue eyes that Boe loved so much, softened with love and understanding. “I know and I wish you would let me take you away from all this.” Ianto knew how much Jack wanted to be among the stars with their family and friends.

“I wish that too,” and oh, how Boe wished he could go with his star and be Ianto’s Jack once again. “But I can’t; there is still something I must do.”

Ianto nodded. “Your message for the Doctor.”  He understood how important Boe’s final mission was to him.

Boe nodded somewhat tiredly. “Please, Ianto, sing to me.”

Ianto opened his mouth and let out their star song, the one only he and Jack could hear.

Boe let his eyes drift closed as Ianto’s soft glow and gentle singing surrounded them, sheltering them in a world all on their own. The last thing he heard was Ianto singing their song before sleep claimed him.


It had been a month since Boe last thought about what he needed to tell the Doctor, not since he had Ianto back by his side. His star was the one thing he had in this long life that meant the most to him.

But this day brought the moment Boe had long awaited; the Doctor was here with Martha. He remembered dear, sweet Martha, and the Doctor, who long ago had reached his own end and had allowed Luna to take him to the stars.

“Ianto.” Boe whispered softly, calling to his star.

“I’m here, love, and I sense the Doctor.” Ianto whispered back, wrapping his arms around Boe’s glass, wishing he could do more, wanting so much to actually hold Boe in his arms.

Boe sighed, tired but happy. “He is finally here; at last I can give him my message and then we can go to the stars where the others await us.”

Ianto smiled at the happiness in Boe’s voice. His mate would soon get his wish to be free of his long existence. He and Jack would soon be together, and be with their friends and family again.


”He’s almost here!” Boe was sure that if he still had a stomach, it would be full of excited butterflies. He looked at Ianto, not sure where his lover was planning to be.

“I’ll be waiting behind the curtain while you speak to the Doctor, and then I will take you home to the stars.” Ianto hated to leave Boe’s side but he knew that it was Boe alone who spoke to the Doctor and Martha.

“I know; I wish you could be with me.” Boe wished Ianto could be the one to hold him as he departed this world, but he took comfort in knowing that Ianto would be the one to take him to the stars.

“I love you, Jack Harkness-Jones.” Ianto whispered as he pressed a kiss onto Boe’s glass.

“And I love you, Ianto Harkness-Jones, my beautiful star,” Boe whispered back.

Leaving Boe alone, knowing what was going to happen, was the hardest thing Ianto ever had to do, but he had no choice. Boe watched him go.


It killed Ianto to stay hidden as he watched Boe speak of what had happened since the Doctor’s last visit, and he listened as his beloved gave the Doctor his message.

Ianto watched the light fade from Boe’s eyes, and as Boe took his final breath, Ianto began to glow. While it was Boe’s body that was dying, it was Jack’s spirit that would be joining the stars in the sky.

The last thing Boe heard before he breathed his last was Ianto singing their song, welcoming him home at last.


Someone was petting his hair, running their fingers through the silky strands, which was strange seeing he didn’t have hair any more, but still it felt so good that he let out a little purr of contentment.

“Cariad, open your eyes,” he heard Ianto whisper before kissing him on the lips.

‘Wait, lips?’

 His eyes flew open and the first thing he saw was Ianto smiling down at him with pure love. The next thing he noticed was the fact he had a body again, and that he was laying in Ianto’s lap.

“Ianto!” He gave a start at the sound of his own voice; he hadn’t used it in so long.

Ianto leaned down and brushed a kiss across his lips. “You’re home, Jack, home among the stars.” Ianto whispered joyfully against his lips.

“Time to get up, big fella.” A familiar voice spoke up from behind them.

Jack pouted as Ianto moved away and Jack got a glimpse of the Doctor in his last regeneration, with Luna standing beside him; behind them were their families.

Finally, Jack could hear faint singing and he knew he truly was, at long last, home amongst the stars.

“Welcome home, Jack.” Ianto told his bond-mate, joy shining from his eyes.

Jack linked their fingers together. “I’m home wherever you are Ianto; you are my home.” And then, finally, he got to do what he had been longing to do for so long; he gave Ianto a proper, spine-tingling, toe-curling kiss.

As Ianto and Jack kissed, the stars sang with joy at their arrival.

For so long Jack had travelled amongst the stars, seeking a place where he could belong; only to discover that all along, his place had been with Ianto. Together with the stars, they could forever guide those who travelled among them with their light and their song, until the last one burned out.

Tags: bingo_card, fic: one last lullaby, pairing: jack/ianto, star!ianto
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