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Fic updates and new stories coming

New story ideas that are in the works.

Fandom: Supernartural/CSI Miami crossing into Torchwood, CSI, CSI New York,  Btvs and General Hospital 
Pairing: Dean/Ryan leading up to in the chapter fic Jack/Ianto, Flack/Adam, Eric/Sam, Owen/Tosh, Nick/Faith, Spike/Greg, Danny/Xander, Wes/Valera and Castiel/Georgie 
Summary: A series of Dean/Ryan one-shot's leading to a chapter fic with the above couples. One night of passion will for ever change Dean and Ryan destiny.

Fandom: CSI Miami/Supernatural/CSI New York/Smallville
Pairings: Flack/Ryan, Dean/Castiel, Clark/Lois, and Mac/Adam
Summary: What if Anna wasn't the only fallen angel? Three more are out there, and it is up to Dean to find them. He just never expected them.

Fandom: CSI Miami/CSI
Pairing: Nick/Ryan, and Eric/Greg
Summary: Who knew one meeting would change their lives like this?

Fandom: Star Trek 2009
Pairings: Spock/Uhura and Kirk/McCoy
Summary: Kirk is not usual the jealous type, but when a someone starts making a move on his doctor, well it's time for Kirk to make it clear that McCoy belongs to him. Dragging his senior crew into his crazy plans

Fandom: CSI/CSI Miami/CSI New York
Pairings: Eric/Ryan, Nick/Greg and Flack/Adam
Summary: Secrets kept are about to be blown wide open. And that puts the lives of Ryan, Adam and Greg in danger. Can their friends and love ones keep them safe? Or will the past they each fought to put behind them destroy everything they have? 

Title:Broken Bones
Fandom: Star Trek 2009
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Summary: Kirk and Bones are both broken, but maybe they can heal each other
Set to the song 'Broken Bones' by Rev Theory.

Fandom:CSI Miami/CSI
Pairings:Eric/Ryan, Nick/Greg, and Horatio/Speed
Summary: There is a reason Ryan lets no one in. Part of his past he keeps locked away. Something that broke his faith in people. Now that past is going to some to light. And it will be up to Eric to help put Ryan back together

Fandom: CSI Miami/CSI New York/CSI
Pairings: Eric/Ryan, Flack/Adam, Nick/Greg, Horatio/Marisol, and past Ryan/Lily(OFC)
Summary: A case brings back haunted memories for Ryan, and Adam. While Marisol brings some truth to her brother. Can Eric and Don help bring some piece to their loved one's?.

But my main focus will beon my Dean/Ryan series, and "It's a broken halleujah." which is a Dean/Ryan/Castiel chapter fic are my main focus. Bleeding love which is Flack/Ryan/Eric I will be wroking on but not as much as my other two.I want my Dean/Ryan done before I start focusing on other stories.
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