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Torchwood, livejournal and updates

I love my livejournal, really I do but it is pissing me off. My journal has been having a few problems for a while now but I didn't really notice them with all that has being happening in my life, well now I am noticing, I have been trying since Sunday to log into my journal and it wouldn't let me, now it is locking my journal post on it's own, my inbox has completley disappeared and everytime I comment on something I get the Goat chewing on some wires picture, it's just making me so mad.

I can't even put in a complaint because every time I do it gets earsed the moment I hit post!

So if I haven't responded to your comments please bare with me until this gets fixed.

On to Torchwood
I have been keeping up pretty steady updates but do to me signing up for the Janto big bang so I will be focusing on that for the time but I still try to keep the updates for my stories coming. I am trying to finish off 'In the pain there is healing' before I get to involed in my Janto big bang and I have a few more long live Ianto bingo_card prompts to finish up.
Tags: rants
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