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Fic: Magic Call Chapter 10

Title: Magic Call
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Merlin/Doctor Who
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Morgana, Tom/Martha, Andy/Tosh, Rhys/Gwen, Owen/Gwen, Rhys/Donna, Morgana/Lisa, John/Ferya, Ianto/Morgana, hints of John/Ianto, some Andy/Ianto/Morgana, some Morgana/Tosh, Tommy/Tosh, Mary/Tosh, past Suzie/Tosh, past Morgana/Gwen, past Lancelot/Gwen, past Ianto/Ferya and past Morgana/Gwen/Lancelot
Summary: For so long he has waited for his other half to be reborn, Ianto just never counted on Arthur to be reborn as a cocky, immortal captain.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: All of Torchwood S1 and S2
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these shows
Beta: milady_dragon 

Chapter 10


The kiss between Jack and Ianto continued on for several moments, neither one wanting to be the one to end it.

But sadly the need for air was what finally forced them to break their kiss.

Never in his long life has Jack ever remembered a kiss feeling so right, not even the brief one he shared with his Doctor had felt so perfect.

Ianto shyly glanced away from Jack, a blush painting across his cheeks. He hated that Arthur in any form could turn him into a blushing mess.

“Ianto, are you okay?” Jack asked quietly, afraid that the kiss had been out of line.

Ianto turned back to face Jack and his gaze softened at the worried look in those blue eyes he loved. “I’m fine; it’s just been a long time since any kiss has ever made me feel this way, like I am special to someone,” Ianto admitted.

Jack cupped Ianto’s face with his hand. “You are special Ianto, don’t ever doubt that,” Jack told him speaking the truth. He was rewarded with Ianto turning an even darker red, and the immortal decide he liked making Ianto blush.

Ianto decide to be partly honest with Jack about part of his past. “I have only been in love twice. One was my first love; it wasn’t meant to be but she will always be special to me. Tosh reminds me of her. Then there was Arthur, I loved him so much, I honestly believed he was the one. When I lost him it nearly destroyed me. A part of me will always love Arthur, you should know that.” And Ianto wasn’t lying per se, he really has only loved two people: Freya and Arthur; it was his love for Arthur that guided him to his soul.

For one moment Jack was jealous of a dead person, simply because he had Ianto’s heart. “I understand there are some loves that will stick with us always, that is the kind of love that leaves a mark on our hearts and no matter how much time passed we will never forget them or how they made our life a much brighter place just because they were in it,” Jack whispered softly.

Ianto’s heart hurt because of the pain in Jack’s eyes; immortality was a curse, to stay young forever and watch the ones you love fade and wither before your eyes was unbearable. And Ianto hated the fact that Jack had been made to suffer like this alone; at least Ianto, himself, had Morgana for all these centuries. ‘I promise on this day that Jack will never be alone again. Even if he wasn’t Arthur reborn I think I would have still fallen for him.’ Ianto smiled softly. Once he re-won Jack’s heart then neither of them would ever be alone again, they would never feel the loss of losing their loved one again.

While Ianto had been lost in his thoughts Jack found himself drinking in the sight of Ianto’s soft smile, even though he has never seen Ianto smile like that before it seemed so familiar and he has no idea where what he said next came from, “Would you like to have dinner with me?”

Ianto blinked in shock at Jack. Taking in the nervousness and hopefulness in Jack’s blue eyes, Ianto found his smile growing into a bright grin. “I would love to.”

“Great!” Jack was sure he was grinning like a loon but he didn’t care. Ianto had agreed to go out with him.

Both Jack and Ianto knew that there was still a lot of work ahead of them to undo the damage caused by the secret Ianto had kept and how the team and Jack had treated Ianto but this was a step in the right direction to help heal their fractured relationship and take the first step towards their destiny.


Hate filled every inch of her dark soul as she watched her traitorous sister laugh at something the reborn Will said.

“Soon sister, you and Merlin will know nothing but suffering. I will not allow Arthur and Merlin to be reunited or for them to fulfill the prophecy left by that dying dragon,” Morgause vowed from the shadows she hid in.


Morgana stiffened suddenly and her eyes began scanning the shadows. She had sensed her sister dark presences. ‘I will not allow anyone to bring harm to Merlin and Arthur’s relationship, nor will I allow anyone to hurt their future child. I will stop you sister, I promise,’  Morgana vowed silently.

“Morgana, are you alright?” Andy was worried; he had seen Morgana’s eyes flash gold.

Morgana looked at her dear friend and decided he needed to know the truth. “Morgause has returned and I fear she has learned of what the Great Dragon told me before his death concerning the future he saw for Merlin and Arthur and their child.”

Andy choked on that. “As in one of them gets pregnant? But they are both male,” Andy was quick to point out.

An amused sigh escaped Morgana’s lips. “Ianto is magic and magic will find a way,” she reminded him.

No matter what he had seen Andy in his friendship with Ianto and Morgana, he had no doubt that a pregnant man will be the strangest yet. “So what exactly did the Great Dragon tell you?” he asked.

A faraway look entered Morgana’s eyes and when she spoke her voice was rich, with pure magic flowing from every word, “When one born of Magic and one born of Time are bonded their eternal union shall produced a child, one that the universe has never seen before. With time and magic following through him Merlin will have the power to destroy Morgause once and for all.” 

Andy groaned. “So what do we do now? Because while Ianto has his magic to protect him, what about Jack?”

Morgana bit her lip. “I’m not sure. I must talk to Kilgharrah, he will know how to protect Jack.”

“I thought the Great Dragon was dead.” That was what Andy had heard.

“Kilgharrah’s earthly dragon body may be gone but his soul still lives on,” Morgana told him.

Andy blinked. “So who is he know?”

“I believe many know him as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart.”


Somewhere in Space and Time

In the control room of the TARDIS a heartbroken sob mixed with the mournful cry of the TARDIS.

“I’m so sorry Guinevere, I didn’t know you where there,” The Doctor whispered brokenly.

A hand reached out and cupped his face; it was as transparent as its owner. “My dear sweet Lancelot it was not your fault. You did all you could. I do not blame you, this was my fate.”

The Doctor looked into those dark brown eyes he had loved since his first life and suddenly he was back in that life where he was just a simple knight in King Arthur’s court and had the love of Guinevere and Morgana.

Reaching out the Doctor took Guinevere’s free hand and brought it to his chest where she could hear his two heartbeats. “One beats only for you and the other beats only for Morgana. I do not care if it takes a thousand years we will be together. All of us,” the Doctor promised.

“I know. But now it is Morgana and Ianto who need you. Morgause has returned and she knows of Ianto and Jack’s future child,” Guinevere told him.

A low growl escaped the Doctor’s lips. He would not allow anyone to bring harm to Jack and Ianto. He had done the cowardly thing in leaving Jack behind and he owed it to his King, but more importantly to his friend, to make things right.

A smile graced Guinevere’s face as she saw her Lancelot peeking through. “I will be watching over you all. Good-bye my love until me met again.” Leaning forward she kissed the Doctor for the very first and last time as she faded from sight.

A single tear fell from the Doctor’s eye. “Good-bye Guinevere,” He whispered softly.

“Alright next stop Earth.” The look in the Doctor’s eyes was that of the Oncoming Storm.


He watched Gwen move about their flat all the while muttering under her breath. Something had changed within her since she started her new job and Rhys had a feeling of dread of just what that might be.

‘I must inform the others, our King and his consort are in danger.’


Tags: crossover: merlin/torchwood, fic: magic call, pairing: arthur/merlin, pairing: doctor/morgana, pairing: jack/ianto
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