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Fic: Fairy Mischief Chapter 1/5

Title: Fairy Mischief
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Tosh, mentions of Rhys/Gwen and Owen/Gwen
Summary: Jack sets Gwen straight about what she thinks is going on between them, all the while dealing with the fairies.
Rating: R
Beta: The amazing royalladyemma
Disclaimer: I don’t own the pretties of Torchwood. RTD can keep Gwen, and I am pretty sure that Jack and Ianto belong to one another.
Author Notes: This is the first sequel to my alien Ianto fic Screams of the Lost, my take on ‘Small Worlds.’

Chapter 1


It had been almost a month since the whole Lisa incident. Ianto had taken time off to rest and recover his mind, and while his mental shields were back, they were not strong enough to keep out the rest of the world. Unless the Rift interfered, Jack had spent the majority of that with Ianto. They had enjoyed peaceful evenings together, talking and sharing over a variety of take-aways and a few home-cooked meals, a la Ianto.


Jack had been shocked to learn that Ianto knew all about his immortality. When Ianto explained that members of his race lived as long as their mate did, Jack had been filled with a sense of hope for the future that he hadn’t felt in a very long time. With the knowledge that he would never lose Ianto, Jack found that his immortal life suddenly become much more bearable.


Jack wasn’t Ianto’s only visitor. Owen frequently stopped by for medical check-ups on Ianto, and Tosh had kept her promise to bring breakfast. In fact, she was there almost as much as Jack, and that had led Ianto and Tosh to develop such a strong friendship that Ianto let her in on his secret. Tosh had taken it quite well:


Ianto was nervous. Jack could tell that he was afraid that once she learned the truth about him, Tosh would treat him differently. Ianto didn’t want to lose Tosh’s friendship; he found her calm and accepting nature an effective counter-balance to that of Jack’s exuberance.


Jack looped his arms around Ianto’s waist and pulled the younger man close to him, pressing Ianto’s back against his chest, and resting his head on Ianto’s shoulder. “This is Tosh we are talking about. She won’t hate you; she’ll more than likely try to hunt your uncle down for the pain he caused you. So relax, Yan.” Jack purred soothingly into Ianto’s ear.


Ianto couldn’t help but shiver as Jack’s hot breath drifted across his skin. He wanted nothing more then to give in to the waves of desire that rippled through his body, and to simply melt into those strong arms that held him. Ianto was finding it harder and harder to resist the charming man. Ianto knew very well that he could turn in Jack’s arms right then and take the very willing immortal to his bed, but he honestly didn’t think he was ready for that. He also knew that that time was coming, just as surely as the next sunrise. Soon, he would welcome Jack into his body, just as he already accepted him into his heart.


Before he could blink Ianto found himself turned about, and he was now face-to-face with Jack, their lips centimetres apart. “Stop thinking so hard, gorgeous! I know you are nowhere near ready to take our relationship to a more physical level and I am fine with that. I like spending time with you, I like being with you, Ianto, not just your body!” Jack whispered before pressing a gentle kiss on the Welshman lips.


Jack’s tender gesture painted a light blush painted across Ianto’s cheeks, and he realised how easily the older man could read him. “I’m sorry, but I still can’t believe that you‘re here with me; that after everything, you gave me a second chance.” Ianto admitted in a soft voice.


Jack couldn’t stand hearing the sadness in Ianto’s tone. “Oh, Ianto, my dear, sweet Ianto, we‘re both at fault for what happened. And given how I treated you, I am amazed that you gave me a second chance. I promise I will never take you for granted again.” Jack pledge before kissing Ianto on the lips a second time.


This time Ianto surrendered to the desire coursing thorough his veins, and he gladly melted into Jack arms and into the kiss.


They became so lost in one another that they never heard Ianto’s door open until a soft exclamation of, “Oh, I’m so sorry!” penetrated the haze of passion clouding their minds.


The two men broke apart but Ianto didn’t get far away as Jack kept him in his arms. They turned to see a blushing Tosh staring at them.


“I knocked but nobody answered; I can come back later.” Tosh turned to go. She had never seen Ianto look so dishevelled before. His hair was mussed, his eyes slightly gazed over and his lips red and puffy from the intense attention Jack had been lavishing on them.


“Tosh, don’t go! I have some thing important to tell you.” Ianto called out to her. Tosh stayed in her spot and Ianto suddenly found himself speechless; now that he‘d started the ball rolling, he didn’t know how to tell her the truth about himself.


Gentle, sweet Tosh smiled at Ianto. “It’s okay Ianto; tell me when you’re ready.” She patted Ianto on the arm.


“I’m an alien.” Ianto blurted out. Hey it worked when he told Jack and Owen, so why not Toshiko.


Tosh blinked as she processed the information; her mind spinning along a million miles an hour. So many questions came to her that she didn’t know where to begin. Ianto and Jack both held their breath, and Ianto nestled deeper into Jack’s arms as the older man tightened his grip on his Welshman. He was a little daunted by how strongly he wanted to protect Ianto in the off chance that Tosh’s response was in the negative.


After a moment, Tosh smiled at Ianto. “I don’t care if you’re human or not; I like you because you’re you, Ianto. Your secret is safe with me.” She leant in and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek. “Thank you for trusting me with it.”


A huge weight lifted off of Ianto’s shoulders, and he couldn’t stop the silly grin that spread across his face. He turned and kissed Jack. “See, you daft sod, I told you Tosh wouldn’t care!” he exclaimed, much to the immortal’s amusement.




Jack was grateful that Tosh and Owen had accepted Ianto’s secret so well. It helped Ianto relax and open up more; well to all of them but Gwen. After Gwen’s over-whelming negative reaction to Ianto after the Cyberman incident, Jack could understand why Ianto was leery of letting Gwen in on his secret. Truth be told, Jack didn’t like the idea of Gwen knowing something so sensitive about Ianto either.


Gwen made it abundantly clear that she did not like Jack spending all of his free time with Ianto, and she upped the pace of her flirting game. A sigh escaped Jack’s lips. Her constant attempts to get him alone were really becoming tiresome, and her attempts at innuendo came at the most inappropriate times. He realised that no matted how distasteful, he was really going to have that talk with Gwen.


Making matters worse, Gwen also made no attempt at to hide her growing dislike and distrust of Ianto. She no longer spoke to her fellow countryman in a civil tone. Instead, she would snap and bark at him, and then either ignore the look of hurt on his face, or smile because of it.


He let his gaze flicked over to his sleeping bed partner. Ianto slept soundly, curled up in Jack’s embrace. Jack honestly couldn’t remember the last time he ever shared a bed with someone where the only thing they did was sleep. But Jack knew instinctively that Ianto was nowhere near ready to take the next step in their relationship. While the hurt they caused each other was healing, it was still there. Now that he knew that they had all the time in the world, Jack was willing to wait until Ianto was ready to make the first move. He felt a delicious shiver course through his body as his mind went into anticipatory overdrive.


His movement, despite minute, made Ianto shift a bit, just enough to bury his nose into Jack’s neck, and Jack felt more than heard a contented mumble of “Jack,” whisper across his skin.


It filled Jack’s heart with warmth to know that he was whom Ianto was dreaming off. ‘I’ll talk to Gwen tomorrow,’ he decided, although he really didn’t want to think about the hard-headed, cold-hearted ex-PC, not when he had Ianto sleeping in his arms. In truth he wasn’t looking forward to his talk with Gwen at all, but it needed to be done. Her delusions of what she believed their true relationship to be was only going to harm the team if he let it go on for any longer. More importantly, her attitude and behaviour were hurting his Ianto, although the young man did his best to hide that fact. But right then, none of that mattered at all, not he had Ianto snuggled in his arms.


Resting his chin on the top of Ianto’s head, lulled by Ianto’s slow and steady breathing, Jack gave into the sleep that waited to claim him.



Morning came far too early for Jack; he did not want to leave his Ianto or his Ianto’s bed and face the world.


“Good morning, Jack.” Ianto’s sleep-laden voice greeted him.


Jack couldn’t help but smile at the adorable picture Ianto made when he was just waking up. His hair was sleep-tussled, and his eyes squinted against the early morning light. It was then that Ianto truly looked his age, when he was free from the weights he carried in his mind and heart.


“Good morning, my beautiful alien Welshman.” Jack leaned down and kissed Ianto lightly on the lips.


Ianto melted into the kiss like he did every time Jack kissed him. Didn’t matter when or where, the moment Jack’s lips touched his, Ianto turned into alien Welsh putty in Jack’s arms.


The kiss stayed light and innocent, despite the fact that Jack wanted nothing more than to make gentle, passionate love to his Ianto forever, but he held himself in check. Ianto wasn’t ready to go that far just yet. They both knew the time was coming though, and soon. Jack knew that the anticipation would only make the moment sweeter.


They broke apart slowly, neither one wanting to be the first to break the kiss, but in order to keep themselves from going further than they were comfortable with, restraint was a cold necessity.


Jack forced himself to pull away first but not before placing a kiss on Ianto’s button nose and he was rewarded with an adorable blush. But next came the part Jack really didn’t like; he had to get up and leave the nice and cosy bed that had a gorgeous Welshman in it.


Ianto smiled at Jack, understanding the handsome immortal’s way of thinking. He didn’t want to leave the comfort and safety of Jack’s arms either, but knew they had to face the day. “I’ll start breakfast if you want to take your shower first,” He offered shyly.


Jack beamed at Ianto. “That sounds like an excellent plan.” Then he looked at Ianto with concern. “How are your shields coming along?”  Jack knew better than most that it was always hard to rebuild mental shields after they were destroyed, and Ianto’s had been demolished for far too long. The last time Ianto tried to go outside on his own he had nearly collapsed after a mere minute; his shields hadn’t been strong enough to protect him. That was the first and last time that Ianto had gone anywhere without Jack by his side.


Ianto’s smile grew at Jack’s concern. “They are much stronger now, so I’m hopeful that means I can return to work soon.” Ianto informed his future lover.


Jack’s look of concern was quickly replaced by a leer; “I can’t wait to see those trousers stretched across your tight arse as you bend over. And I’ll get to hear those beautiful Welsh vowels all day long.” He reached out and gently caressed Ianto’s cheek.  “But best of all, I’ll get to see you all day long,” Jack whispered tenderly.


Ianto’s blush grew as his heart swelled at Jack’s words and his tender voice. “I do miss been harassed by you, Sir,” Ianto admitted softly.


“And I miss harassing you!” A deep laugh escaped Jack’s lips. “We have a lot of missed harassment opportunities to make up for, you and I, so be prepared! I take no prisoners!”


They lay in bed for a few more minutes, neither willing to leave their little piece of sanctuary, their refuge from the world. In the tiny piece of heaven they had created, they were just Jack and Ianto, two ordinary men who loved one another deeply. For those few priceless minutes, Captain Jack Harkness, an immortal leading Torchwood’s good fight and Ianto Jones, an alien prince working as a Tea-Boy, didn’t exist.


But, sadly, the real world could not be denied any longer. Ianto looked at Jack with remorse. “You really need to get ready for work. I don’t want you to be late; that would just cause problems.” The ‘with Gwen’ went unsaid but clearly understood.


Jack fought back a growl at the reminder. The few times he had been late Gwen had acted like he had betrayed her, that he was cheating on her by spending the night with Ianto. “You’re right.” Jack pouted; he just really didn’t want to move. So he didn’t. He stayed right where he was, cocooned in the warmth of Ianto’s arms. Damn Gwen and her jealous manipulations; damn them to hell.


Ianto looked up at Jack coyly from underneath his eyelashes, “The sooner you go to work, the sooner this day will be over and you’ll be back in here, with me.” Ianto purred in a sexy tone he knew would send the older man’s pulse race. A single finger stroked along Jack’s chest, tracing and teasing his nipples into hard nubs.


A throaty groan of pure need escaped Jack’s lips as he caught Ianto’s teasing finger. “Get behind me temptation1 If you keep teasing me like that Ianto, I will forget that we are going slowly and make you mine right now, boy.” Jack voice was low and husky, filled with lust and love.


Ianto couldn’t stop the shiver that racked his body at Jack’s tone and a tiny whimper escaped his lips.


The whimper did not go unheard by Jack and all his blood rushed south as his body demanded he make Ianto whimper in pleasure like that again. It took all of Jack’s control and willpower not to strip Ianto and himself of their clothes and claim what was rightfully his and his alone.


Unable to stop himself, and wanting-needing- Ianto to feel exactly what he was doing to him, Jack pressed the length of his body against Ianto’s. He made sure that his beautiful Welshman could feel every pulsating inch of him and he grinned at the delicious blush that covered Ianto’s cheeks. “The instant you give the word, I am claiming you. I will make you mine and mine alone,” he declared. “I will have you begging for release and then weeping with pleasure for the entire universe to hear. When I am done with you, there will be no doubt of who you belong to.” Jack growled against Ianto’s ear, and he took a small nip at the lobe before backing away.


Ianto could feel the intensity of Jack’s emotions pressing against his mental shields, and all Ianto want to do was give in and submit to Jack. Unable to control his body’s actions, Ianto bared his throat to his mate.


Jack’s eyes darkened with unadulterated lust at Ianto’s submission to him; the need was almost too strong for him to resist. It required all of his willpower, but Jack forced his body to calm itself; he did not want to rush headlong into something Ianto was simply ready for yet.


Moving back just enough to put hairs-breath of space between them, Jack nuzzled Ianto’s neck. “Not yet, my love, but soon,” he promised as began placing kisses along his neck. No, he wouldn’t claim his mate just yet, but he could and did mark Ianto, making it clear to any and all that he was off limits. “Soon, and forever.”


Ianto mewled in pleasure as Jack sucked on his skin; his body was on fire and he writhed with desperate desire. Ianto knew only his true mate could make him feel like this powerfully. “Jack, please do something!” Ianto pleaded. “Do anything!”


Jack pulled away from Ianto’s neck briefly, stopping to admire his handwork on Ianto’s neck. The love bite glowed against his pale skin, and it was high enough that none of Ianto’s collars would be able to hide it. It would be a visible badge of ownership, Jack’s ownership. He met Ianto’s gaze and drank in the sight of Ianto’s electric blue eyes, blazing with love and desire. “Trust me Ianto, I would love to spend the day in bed making you mine, but we both know now is not the time. I want our first time together to be perfect.” Jack pressed a loving kiss against the Welshman’s lips.


Ianto returned the kiss; he both understood and agreed with his mate’s logic. They broke the kiss slowly and Ianto looked up at Jack shyly. “I want our first time to be special too, especially since you will be the first and only man I have ever slept with.” Ianto admitted bashfully.


His blue eyes widening with shock, Jack felt that little piece of news fill pure happiness. Discovering that he would indeed be Ianto first -and last -male lover brought a lump to his throat. ‘Hell, I will be Ianto’s last lover, period,’ Jack vowed. Normally he was never possessive of his lovers, and he had never been successful with monogamy, but for Ianto, he would, ‘even if it kills me’.


Ianto Jones was it; he was the one Jack wanted to spend his life with. It would be to Ianto and Ianto alone that he would return once the Doctor came and Jack got his answers.


Gritting his teeth with determination, Jack climbed off of Ianto. “I hear a cold shower calling my name,” he told him as he dragged his over-heated body towards the en-suite.


Ianto grinned mischievously. “Trust me, you’re not the only one in need of that cold shower. You take yours first and I’ll get started on breakfast.” The moment Jack closed the bathroom door, Ianto flopped back down onto the bed and let out his breath in a deep whoosh. His entire body tingled with desire, and he knew that the time was fast approaching when he would gladly, happily, willingly, give his body and soul to the immortal Captain Jack Harkness.




For the last month nearly every morning saw Jack leaving for work in the same way. While Jack finished dressing, Ianto would brew Jack off with four thermoses of his famous coffee, each prepared to specification for a member of the team. It wasn’t much, but for the time being, it was the only contribution tot the team he could make. He knew it would only last them until mid-day, at the latest, and after that they were on their own.


He and Jack would stand at the front door while Jack put on his boots, and then Ianto would settle that beloved greatcoat on Jack’s broad shoulders, smoothing out invisible wrinkles and breathing in the scent of the immortal. Jack would always look at Ianto with big, sad blue eyes and with a pout, ask one thing, “Good-bye kiss?”


Ianto then would blush darkly before shyly looking at Jack and pressing a chaste kiss against Jack’s pouting lips. Both men were well aware that if they went any further, that one kiss would turn into another and then another, and within a few minutes, they would be making out on Ianto’s couch like hormonal teenagers.


Jack sighed into the kiss. He loved making Ianto blush; it reminded him that despite everything Ianto had gone through, he still managed to keep some of his innocence; something that Jack prayed Ianto would never lose.


Pulling away from Ianto’s oh-so-tempting mouth, Jack pressed a kiss to Ianto’s forehead. “I’ll see you later tonight if the Rift behaves.” Jack promised.


Ianto nodded. “I’ll see you tonight.” He would watch Jack until he was out of sight, before closing and locking. “I love you, Jack. Be safe.” His heartfelt prayer was always the end to their morning ritual.



The moment he arrived at the Hub, Jack was greeted by a scowling Gwen. He fought back a sigh as he watched her pace angrily in front of the desk; he was in no mood for a lecture.


Too bad Gwen already had one forming on her lips. “You’re late again, Jack! This can’t keep happening, what if we needed you? You can’t keep putting Ianto above the rest of us.” Gwen snapped out.


Jack’s good mood vanished in an instant. “Don’t you dare lecture me, Gwen Cooper! You have no room to speak; you’ve been late every day since you started. And if I want to spend time with Ianto, then that is my business and mine alone. You have no right to tell me who I can and cannot be with. Do not forget I am the leader of Torchwood Three and you work for me!” Jack growled as he got in Gwen’s face.


Gwen was shocked that her beloved Jack would dare speak to her like that. ‘I was right; Ianto has clearly gotten Jack under some type of alien mind control, he must be using some kind of alien tech. Don’t worry, Jack I’ll set you free you.’ Gwen vowed.


Gwen plastered a fake smile of concern on her face and adopted a conciliatory tone. “I’m sorry Jack. I didn’t mean to speak out of line.” She apologized. “It’s just that we were all…” she gestured towards Tosh and Owen; “…so worried about you. But you’re here now, safe and sound. That’s what matters.”


Behind her, Tosh and Owen shook their heads in denial and shared a look of disbelief with Jack. They were not buying any of the bullshit that fell from Gwen’s mouth; they were both wholly aware that the woman was clearly jealous of Jack spending all his free time with Ianto and not her.


Jack looked at the Welshwoman closely and easily saw through her fake smile and phoney concern. It disturbed him how effortlessly she could and would lie to him. At that moment, Jack knew that the time had come; he really needed talk-no, he corrected himself, he had to talk to Gwen; her jealousy had gotten out of hand. Jack opened his mouth, about to order Gwen to his office, when alarms filled the air.


Tosh turned to her computer and her fingertips flew across her keyboard. “Rift activity; looks like it is going to be a long day.”



While his teammates were preparing for a busy day, Ianto was making himself comfortable in his bed; he found it so much easier to rebuild his shields when surrounded by the security of Jack’s scent.


Letting his eyes flutter closed, Ianto filled his senses with the richness of the immortal’s musky aroma, and then he began the journey of closing himself off from the outside world.



Later that night


Jack sighed unhappily as he made his way to his manhole in his office, that led down into his personal bunker; it was too late for him to go to Ianto’s. After a long day of rebuilding his mental shields, the younger man was quick to tire, and Jack would not rob Ianto of his much-needed sleep. “Looks like I’m sleeping alone tonight. Stupid Rift!” Jack muttered petulantly as he climbed down the ladder.


He stood glaring at his narrow bunk, already missing Ianto’s nice big bed. He knew sleep would not come easily tonight; he had gotten to used to sleeping with Ianto wrapped in his arms. “Goodnight, Ianto,” Jack whispered as he striped off his clothes and crawled into his lonely and empty bed.



Ianto awoke abruptly in the middle of the night; he missed Jack’s presences, and found sleep came fitfully to him without his mate to hold him. Unwilling to be alone in bed any longer, he cast about a reason to contact Jack. Waking his laptop, he pulled up the files he’d been using during the day.


Biting his lip with uncertainty, Ianto looked at the weather patterns he had been working on; they were the excuse he needed to go to the Hub and spend the night with Jack. ‘It’s also quieter at night and would give me a chance to test my shields. Plus I miss Jack.’  With a smile on his face Ianto headed for his closet and pulled out his cute suit.  ‘Then it’s decided;’ he would go see his mate.



Jack awoke with a gasp, the nightmare-no, it was a memory- disturbing his attempt at sleeping. “Why am I remembering that?” Jack muttered under his breath as he crawled out of his bed.


Past experience had taught him that it wasn’t worth trying to get back to sleep, so Jack pulled on his trousers and vest, and decided to get some work done.


Jack reached his office and stopped short at the rose petals. His heart hammered in his chest; they were back.


A noise had Jack coming out of his office in a minor panic, but then he stopped short and felt a smile cross his face. “You shouldn’t be here; you’re meant to be at home, resting.” Jack reminded Ianto, but as he rested against the door frame, he couldn’t deny how happy he was to see the young man.


Ianto smiled shyly at him. “You shouldn’t be here either. I was waiting for you.” He admitted softly.


Jack’s heart leapt and his bare feet carried him silently across the floor to stop behind his favourite alien Welshman. “I didn’t want to risk disturbing your sleep.” Jack said, resting his hand on Ianto’s shoulder. “So what have you got?”


Ianto leaned into his mate’s touch, relishing the weight of it and the warmth seeping into his skin. “Some sort of funny weather patterns.”


Jack tensed and Ianto looked at him with worry. “Jack, what’s wrong?” he asked softly.


“The fairies are back and that means only one thing.”  Jack tightened his gripe on Ianto. “They have found another chosen one.” He had failed to protect his men from the fairies once before. He would not fail a second time; he refused to fail Ianto.




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