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Fic: Memories that haunt Chapter 5

Title: Memories that haunt
Fandom’s: CSI New York/CSI Miami/Criminal Minds
Pairings: Don/Ryan, Morgan/Reid, Danny/Aiden, Mac/Stella, Adam/Valera, Hotch/Garcia, Emily/Jackson (OMC) and past Ryan/Lily (OFC)
Summary: There are memories that we will treasure forever of people gone, and there are some that will forever haunt our nightmares. But in the end we will always end up making new ones.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these fandoms; all I own is Lily and Jackson.
Author Notes: This is unbeta so please forgive any mistakes. Also it is going to be a bit au for CSI New York, like the fact that Aiden is still alive and with the crime lab and there is no Lindsey in this, sorry to those who like her. Sorry this chapter is so late I had a few problems with it. I am so sorry for the wait but do to the lossed in my real life I got away from writing but hopeful this chapter means my bunny has returned.

Chapter 5


Exhausted and freshly showered Ryan collapsed onto his bed. It had been a long day and yet he had hope that this time it just might work out he let his mind drift back his thoughts from earlier that day.


An hour after Danny and Don arrived to help Mac, Adam and Hawks arrived and Ryan was immediately reviled to find that Mac was nothing like Horatio.


Not that Horatio had been a bad boss, he just hadn’t done anything to really make Ryan apart of the team, hell Horatio won’t even calling him by his first name and that had hurt him deeply.


Ryan actually felt a sense of belonging, not something he felt with the Miami team, well except for Alexx and Valera, a sad smile graced his face as he thought of his adopted mom and adopted sister he really did miss them. But at the same time he was glad that they weren’t around there would have been no way he could hide his attraction to Don. Of course he suspected they would become good friends with Aiden and Stella, he got a chance to meet the two lovely ladies when they stopped by with lunch for them.


Shifting he reached out and picked up the picture of Lily from off his nightstand and traced her smiling face. “I think I found a place to belong and a chance to be happy again. I just wish you were here with me. I love you Lily and I always will.” Ryan placed a kiss on the picture before putting it back in its place.


As he drifted off into sleep Ryan for once did not dream of Lily bloody body but of a blue eye, dark haired detective.



”So did you notice the way Donnie was looking at Ryan?” Danny asked Aiden as they got ready for bed.


A smirk crossed Aiden’s face. “I think everyone saw the way those two were looking at each other. Stella and I are already coming up with matchmaking plots.”


Danny shivered and for a moment felt sorry for Ryan and Don there was no force like a scheming Aiden and Stella but that feeling faded away as amusement quickly took its place in his mind this was perfect pay back for Don’s teasing of who wears the pants in his and Aiden’s relationship.


“Don’t look so smug Messer, you’ll be helping us.” Aiden informed him.


“Yes dear,” Okay so maybe Don was a little right about who is in charge of this relationship.




”Derek, please!” Reid begged as Derek’s mouth continued its torment.


A purely smug smile graced Derek’s handsome face, Reid was panting and whimpering mess just the way he wanted his pretty boy.


“Tell me what I want to know and I’ll give you what you so desperately want.” Derek purred out as he let his hand drift down Spenser chest, Derek had to admit he was pretty impressed with his pretty boy’s willpower.


Reid shook his head. “I can’t I promised Garcia. I wouldn’t tell you.”


The smile Derek gave him was a purely sinful smile. “Fine, then I will just have to keep this up all night long.” He whispered against Reid’s lips.


Reid couldn’t stop the shiver or the squeak that escaped his lips, “All night long?”


“Oh yes pretty boy, all night long.”



Don Flack let out a groan as he lowered himself into one of Jackson’s more comfortable booths and took a long sip of the ice cold beer Jackson placed in front of him.


“So you like Ryan.” Don promptly choked at Jackson statement.


Once he got himself under control Don glared at his friend, Jackson blue eyes sparkled with amusement. “Ryan seems like a great guy, I think we could be good friends.” Don lied his interest was in Ryan was way more than simple friendship.


Jackson snorted. “Please do you take me for a fool? That was no look of friendship you and Ryan gave each other.”


Don’s ears perked up at that. “What do you mean, how was Ryan looking at me?”  He cursed himself at the eagerness in his voice.


A chuckle escaped Jackson’s lips. “I haven’t seen Ryan look at anyone like he looked at you since Lily.” Sadness tinged his words at the remembrance of his lost sister.


“Are you okay with that?” Don had only heard of Ryan and Lily’s love story from Jackson, he honestly did not know how Ryan survived losing Lily like he did.


“Lily would want Ryan to be happy and if that happiness is with you then I support you both.” Jackson knew his sister and she would never want Ryan to stop living his life just because she was gone.


Don shook his head, “Don’t get to ahead of yourself there Jackson, we only met today that doesn’t mean it is the beginning of a love story.”


“Or it could be, one never knows.” Jackson was quick to point out.



Eric Delko was miserable and it was his own fault as Alexx and Valera were quick to point out. The two women had made it no secret that they held Eric and the others responsible for Ryan leaving them and in truth Eric couldn’t blame them given the way they all treated the younger man he was amazed Ryan stayed this long.


‘I was an ass; there is no other way to put it.’ Eric growled to himself. He had treated Ryan like dirt, no like he was less then dirt, he had been hurting over Speed’s death and taken it out on the new guy he just didn’t see at the same time he was falling for Ryan until it was too late. Eric knew that there was to much hurt between them for ever to be friends and even more and that was something he was just going to have to live with.



Derek gazed down fondly at the sleeping Reid, he was truly impressed with Reid’s willpower he had tried everything to get his pretty boy to talk about what had Garcia so worried about but knew whatever it was couldn’t be so bad, if it was Reid would have told him if she was in any danger, it just bugged Derek so much that his baby girl would confided in his pretty boy and not him.



Pure fear griped her as the man before her moved about the room he had her locked in. “Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone anything.” She begged tears streaming down her cheeks.


He moved towards her and placed a kiss on her forehead while running his dirt hands through out her blond locks and taking a long sniff of her hair. “Don’t cry my little princess; I won’t hurt you we’re going to have so much fun together. We’re going to play in the blood.” He whispered.


Her terrified screams went unheard.



Tags: crossover: csi miami/csi new york/crimin, fic: memories that haunt, pairing: don/ryan, pairing: morgan/reid
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