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Fic: Rising from the Ashes Chapter 8

Title: Rising from the ashes
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Highlander/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Methos/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Kathy, Andy/Amanda, Owen/Gwen, Owen/Cassandra, John/Caitlin,  Duncan/Tosh, the Doctor, Martha, the Master and Sean/Thalia
Summary: After Jack left them, the remaining members of torchwood three knew they either needed to start over or fall apart. This is their journey as they begin anew and face the changes that will define them all.
Spoilers: Doctor Who S3 ‘Last of the time lords’ and for the year that never was. Torchwood S1 ‘End of days’
Rating: R
Warnings: Some Gwen bashing, mentions of past abuse all forms, torture, and brutal deaths.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who they belong to he-who-shall-not-be-named. Nor do I own Highlander. I do own Caitlin, Sean and Thalia.

Chapter 8


The next morning came far too soon for a few,


As streaks of sunlight pecked through the crack in the curtains spreading across the room and the sleeping couple, Sean grumbled as he awoke, he did not want this day to begin because he was in no mood to get his head cut off by an overprotective Methos for dating his precious angel of a daughter.


But as Sean looked at the sleeping face of Thalia he really didn’t care what Methos did to him, not as long as he had Thalia in his life. ‘Bring in on Methos.’



Tosh had awoken from some of the best sleep she has had in a very long time. Rubbing her eyes she couldn’t help but wonder how she got into bed, when the last thing she remembered was and a blush crossed her cheeks at the remembrance of falling asleep on Duncan’s shoulder.


‘I hope I didn’t make a fool of myself.’ Tosh bit her lower lip in worry; she was truly at a lost at how to react around Duncan, no one had made her feel the way he did, well no one but her dear Tommy.


She ran a hand through her hair hoping to sooth out her hair. A knock on her door had her blinking.


“Tosh, it’s Amanda, I brought you a change of clothes and some other things.” Amanda called out from behind the door.


Flinging back her covers Tosh made her way over to the bedroom door opening it she came face to face with a smiling Amanda who was holding some folded clothes in her arms and a travel bag on her arm. “That’s so nice of you, thank you, Amanda.” Tosh told the other woman as she accepted the clothes.


A purely mischievous look entered Amanda’s eyes as she smiled at the younger woman. “It was no problem.” She waved off Tosh’s thanks, ‘Duncan will never notice he is missing one of his shirts until he noticed Tosh wearing it.’ Oh yeah operation matchmaker was a go.




Ianto awoke to familiar warmth at his back, a possessive arm around his waist, a leg thrown across his own and a warm mouth trailing heated kisses down his neck. “Good morning Methos.” He greeted out in a purr.


Methos chuckled against Ianto’s neck as kissed his way up Ianto’s neck till reaching his ear and nuzzling the flesh behind Ianto’s ear. “Good morning Ifan.” He whispered out in a husky tone.


Shifting around in Methos hold Ianto found himself face to face with his beloved. Their lips met in a soft kiss.  Upon breaking the kiss Ianto rested his head on Methos’ shoulder and breath in the scent of his lover.


Methos tighten his grip around Ianto not wanting to let his beloved go just yet. That was fine with Ianto, he was perfectly happy to spend the rest of the day in bed with Methos.


“I’ve decided that we are not moving from this bed unless it is to use the bathroom or get something to eat.” Methos declared.


Kissing Methos sensually Ianto whispered against his lips, “I think that is a wonderful idea.”


Methos groaned at the low husky tone Ianto placed on the last word. Growling he claimed Ianto’s mouth in a purely lustful kiss as they began to once again lose themselves in each other.



Sipping her cup of tea, no one was foolish enough to use Ianto’s coffeemaker; Amanda looked at the man sitting at the table with her. “So do you think they will be joining us today?” She asked.


Joe shook his head. “I doubt it this is Ianto and Methos we are talking about last time they had a reunion we didn’t see them for over a month.” The watcher pointed out.


Amanda nodded her head remembering that reunion quite well. “And that was only because Thalia returned from Africa.” Thalia will always be the one thing that can pull Ianto and Methos away from one another.


Duncan could hear Amanda and Joe’s voices drifting into the kitchen were he was making breakfast for everyone. He figured Methos and Ianto had to come up for air sometime and they would be hunger.


“Is there anything I can do to help?” Tosh’s gentle voice drifted up from behind him.


Turning Duncan was greeted to a sight that stole his breath for a moment; Tosh was dressed in his shirt, the pale blue button-up shirt hung off her smaller fame with the cuffs of the shirt covering her hands. Duncan decided he rather liked Tosh wearing his clothing.


As Duncan stared at her Tosh felt her cheeks heat up never has anyone ever looked at her like the way Duncan was looking at her, she rather liked it.


Finally remembering that Tosh had asked him a question Duncan smiled at the young woman before him. “That would be lovely. I could use the help.”


Smiling Tosh moved towards Duncan and together the two of them began working on breakfast.



Sean was surprised when Thalia dragged him to the airport instead of to her Tad’s house, but hey he didn’t mind not facing Methos right away. It meant he could keep his head a little longer.


To focus on scanning the crowds for their last two family members Thalia did not notice the look of joy on Sean face.


A smile lit up Thalia’s face as she spotted two very familiar women heading their way. “Cassandra! Caitlin!” The redhead called out as she began dragging Sean behind her.


Cassandra smiled as the young woman she thought of as a daughter reached their side. “Hello Thalia, Sean.”


“So you’re still among the living?” Caitlin asked Sean.


The male immortal narrowed his eyes at his old friend/rival.


Cassandra shook her head use to their bickering. “I do believe that we have much more important things to deal with then Methos overprotective nature.”


Noticing how shaken Cassandra looked Thalia rested her hand on the other woman arm. “What’s wrong?”


Cassandra met Thalia’s gaze. “Something very bad moves within the shadows we will need the Time Lord’s and his two Companions help, something that will not sit well with Methos.” She informed them.


Thalia and Sean shared a worried look that did not sound well.




Lazing about in Ianto’s bed Methos ran his hand up and down Ianto’s back; he hated to bring it up but needed to know.


“What has gotten you thinking so hard?” Ianto asked softly.


Shifting so he could look deep into Ianto’s blue eyes Methos asked, “Are you in love with Captain Jack Harkness?”


Ianto sighed knowing he couldn’t lie to his beloved. “I am. I never meant to fall for him but I did.”


Methos didn’t know why it bothered him, Ianto has loved others before but none of them have ever been immortal or affected him that badly. He was afraid, Jack was immortal and could be in Ianto’s life for a very long time and Methos was afraid that Jack might take his place in Ifan heart.


“I could never love anyone the way I love you.” Ianto spoke up suddenly as he cupped Methos chin in his hands. “You are my heart and soul. I will not deny that Jack has made me feel things that no one but you had ever made me feel before and in truth that scared me just a little bit. I will not lie it hurt me so deeply when Jack just upped and left us behind. If Jack hadn’t I have no clue what would have happened between the two of us.”


Methos respected Ianto’s honest but still had one more question to ask him, “If Jack comes back will you still want to be in a relationship with him?”


Ianto’s breath caught that was the very questioned that plagued him; taking a deep breath he could only answer his love with pure honest, “I don’t know. But I doubt Jack will be back anytime soon, he found his Doctor, he’s with the one he loves.”




‘I’m wrong.’  That was the only thing running through Jack’s mind; he had given up so much in waiting and then leaving with the Doctor. But what hit Jack the hardest was the fact he left Ianto behind, the young man who accepted him more than anyone else has ever done before. He just hopes that when he gets back Ianto will give him the chance to make up for his mistakes.


‘I’m in love with Ianto Jones.’ The realisation came like a blow to Jack and right now all that mattered was getting home to his beloved Welshman.



Tags: crossover: highlander/torchwood, fic: rising from the ashes, pairing: duncan/tosh, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: methos/ianto
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