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Fic: Fairy Mischief Chapter 3/5

Title: Fairy Mischief
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Tosh, mentions of Rhys/Gwen and Owen/Gwen
Summary: Jack sets Gwen straight about what she thinks is going on between them, all the while dealing with the fairies.
Rating: R
Beta: The amazing royalladyemma
Disclaimer: I don’t own the pretties of Torchwood. RTD can keep Gwen, and I am pretty sure that Jack and Ianto belong to one another.
Author Notes: This is the first sequel to my alien Ianto fic Screams of the Lost, my take on ‘Small Worlds.’

Chapter 3


Unbeknownst by the Torchwood team, they were being watched by their unseen foes.


Hidden lips curled into a cruel smirk that flittered across their faces as they found the chinks in the undying one’s amour: his beloved young mate, and his dear team.


Jack was very pleased and impressed with how well Tosh and Ianto worked together; in no time at all they had managed to set up a new program that would track and triangulate all stranger weather patterns. He knew he had made the right choice in pairing them up together. But most importantly, now that they were done, it was finally time for his Ianto cuddles.


As if sensing his mate’s need for physical affection, Ianto appeared in the entrance to Jack’s office.


Jack was out of his chair and wrapped around Ianto before the young alien could blink. A contented purring sound vibrated between their bodies as he took in his mate’s scent.


Ianto snuggled closer to Jack seeking his mate calming scent. Gwen’s powerful negative emotions were pushing his mental shields to their limit; he truly had no idea that Gwen hated him so much.


“What’s wrong? Is it Gwen?” Jack asked as he sensed Ianto’s distress.


Not wanting to keep anything from his mate, Ianto nodded against Jack’s shoulder. “I understand she’s hurt about everything that has happened, but not even Owen has ever treated me as badly as she does. Gwen just outright hates me and it hurts.” Ianto admitted softly.


A protective growl rumbled from deep within Jack’s chest as he felt Ianto’s pain. This was the last straw; he and Gwen were going to talk by the time they finished this business with the fairies. “Do you want to make out?” he asked, leering at Ianto.


The young man blushed darkly but he could not deny that he did enjoy Jack’s favourite way of cheering him up. He shot Jack a coy look, one that always had Jack panting with need.


Pulling away just enough to take Ianto by the hand, Jack led him into his office and over to the couch. Once he was seated, he pulled Ianto onto his lap and began laying butterfly kiss along young man’s neck, loving the delightful shiver that coursed through his Welshman’s body.


Ianto whimpered as his body began to heat up at Jack’s actions. He shifted in Jack’s lap and moaned as he felt all of Jack’s body come to life and press against him.


Jack grinned wickedly as his tongue traced the shape of Ianto’s Adam’s apple and he suckled on his pulse point, leaving a large mark on the skin he had latched onto. Slowly, Jack began to palm Ianto’s growing erection through his trousers earning himself a shocked but pleasured moan from his young mate’s parted lips.


“Jack!” Ianto couldn’t stop himself from bucking upward into Jack’s hand.


Finally Jack released the skin of Ianto’s throat and he claimed Ianto’s mouth in a dominating kiss as his hands began to play with the zipper of Ianto’s trousers.


“Do you know how hard it is not to fall to my knees and worship you? To gain the first true taste of you as I take you to the stars?” Jack whispered tantalizingly against Ianto’s heated skin.   


“Jack…please!” Ianto begged, for what he didn’t know, he just knew how desperately he needed Jack to do something, anything.


Jack grinned as he slowly licked a path along Ianto’s neck. “Tell me what you want,” he commanded. “I want to hear those words fall from your mouth in those delicious Welsh vows.”


Ianto blush a bright red as Jack’s grin grew all the more wicked, he loved making Ianto blush. “I want to feel your mouth on me,” Ianto whispered shyly.


That was all Jack needed to hear as he began to undo Ianto’s trousers; his fingers making quick work of Ianto’s single button, and he eyes locked with Ianto as he slowly began to pull the zipper down…


A terrified shriek filled the air, halting Jack’s movements and startling Ianto.


‘So close, so damn close! If this isn’t important someone’s head will role!’ Jack snarled viciously in his own mind. Jack’s blue eyes were darkened with lust as his gaze bore into Ianto’s. “We will finish this.” Jack growled out the promise before releasing his hold on Ianto, and he tried hard not to pout as Ianto moved off of his lap.


Climbing to his feet Jack made sure that Ianto stayed behind him as they headed towards his office door.


Moments before


A dark scowl spread across Gwen’s face as she watched Ianto enter Jack’s office and so far had yet to exit. She didn’t like the idea of Ianto been up there alone with Jack for so long; who knew what he was doing to her poor captain. ‘I should go up there and put a stop to whatever tricks Ianto is putting over on Jack.’  That decided, Gwen pushed back her chair, about to stand and head up to Jack’s office when the overpowering smell of roses filled the air.


Gwen found herself face-to-face with a horrible-looking creature. “What is that thing?” Gwen shrieked as she shot out of her seat and fell onto the hard Hub floor.


Tosh and Owen quickly got to their feet, pulling out their guns and taking aim at the floating creature as a very dishevelled Jack and Ianto came rushing out of Jack’s office.


Arriving at the lower part of the Hub, Jack snarled and stood protectively in front of Ianto the instant his eyes landed on the fairy; there was no way he was letting these things anywhere near his mate.


A low hiss escaped the fairy’s lips as she gazed at Jack. “Undying one, again you interfere in our business. This time we give you a warning. Deny us our chosen one and we will take your mate or one of your team as a replacement.”


Jack’s eyes hardened with rage the need to keep Ianto safe surged through his body. “You will not touch Ianto or any of the others.” He snarled in return.


The fairy hissed again as it darted past Jack to flutter around Ianto. “They were all children once; even if your mate was not born of this world we can still pluck him out of time and make him our chosen one. This is your only warning, undying one; stay out of our way or risk losing your mate.” The fairy sneered its warning before disappearing in a shower of rose petals.


Silence reined in the Hub for several moments; the only sound was the rustling of clothing as Jack pulled Ianto into his arms and ran a comforting hand up and down his young mate’s back.


“Jack, what did that thing mean by calling Ianto your mate and him not being of this world?” Gwen demanded shrilly, glaring at the young man in her Jack’s arms. ‘That should be me in Jack’s arms.’ Gwen fought back the urge to rip Ianto from Jack and hurl him to the floor.


Jack shook his head. “Now is not the time for us to get into that discussion, Gwen. Right now, our main concern is to shut this investigation down.” Jack knew he had no choice; he wouldn’t risk Ianto or any of his team, never mind the world’s safety, to go against the Mara in their quest for their chosen one.


“Of course, Jack.” Tosh agreed; there was no way she was risking her best friend.


Owen nodded his head as well; he didn’t like it, but one of their own was in danger. “We just got Tea-Boy back and there is no way in hell I’m going to risk going without his coffee again.” Owen grumbled.


Jack smiled; he was pleased to see that his team was with him until it hit him that Gwen had yet to make her opinion known. Daring to take a peek over Ianto’s shoulder at his most outspoken team member, Jack was not at all surprised to see anger sparking in her dark eyes.


“You can’t be serious, Jack? Just because that creature made a threat against Ianto, doesn’t mean that we should just drop everything. We’re talking about a child here. I refuse to let this go.” Gwen snapped out. “Surely even you can see that a child’s life is worth more than a tea-boy’s!”


Jack felt rage and fury over take him; this selfish little girl was talking about putting his mate in danger. “I said we are dropping this, Gwen. You have never met or dealt with the fairies before; they do not make threats lightly. So when they threaten to do harm against one of my own, whether it’s one of you or my Ianto, I have to decide what the best course of action is, and I’ve decided that we’re letting this one go. The fairies have abilities unlike any other race that exists. They threaten to go after Ianto when he is a child, then they will. They could and would bring about the next Ice Age if they are denied their chosen one. I will not have any more of my team’s blood on my hands. We are dropping this.” Jack ordered in his sternest Captain’s tone.


Ianto stroked Jack’s back in a soothing motion, trying to offer his mate as much comfort and support as he could give him.


Gwen crossed her arms and a stubborn look, one the rest of the team was beginning to get used to, appeared in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Jack. I know you want to protect us, but you are wrong. If I have to, I will do this case on my own,” she declared.


At that direct challenge to his orders, Jack lost what little control he had on his emotions. “I said this case is closed,” he roared. “If I find out that you have gone behind my back and continued on, I will fire you from Torchwood, and I will erase the last few months of your life, and that’s if I’m feeling charitable.” Jack moved away from Ianto and glared at Gwen. “I could erase your whole life if I feel like it, and if you put Ianto in danger, then you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering just who the hell you are.” Jack growled out in a tone that none of them had ever heard before and it sent shivers down all their spines.


Despite the fear coursing throughout her body and her common sense screaming at her to keep quiet and admit that she needed to let this one go, Gwen didn’t listen. “If your orders are so absolute, then why wasn’t Ianto gunned down like the dog he is when he failed to execute Lisa?” she taunted him. “If I remember correctly, you said that if Ianto didn’t execute Lisa, then you would execute them both, and yet here he is, back in the Hub, and no doubt back in your bed.” Gwen shot Ianto a disgusted look. “I knew you were a lot of things, Ianto, but I never expected you to be a whore.”


Hurt and humiliation surged through Ianto’s body at Gwen’s cruel words. He knew that Gwen was not happy about his relationship with Jack, and that she had never completely forgiven him for his actions with Lisa, but he never thought she would act like this.


In his highly distressed state, Ianto’s mental shields were not strong enough to hold up against Gwen’s memories of her and Jack, and his mind was pummelled with everything from the little kiss she gave him to their weapons training session. Her negative emotions were so powerful, and her thoughts were so strong, that together they shattered his fragile shields.


His knees buckled and a tiny whimper of pain escaped Ianto’s mouth as he clutched his head.


“Ianto!” Jack roared with pure worry as he rushed to grab his mate’s rapidly falling form.


The last thing Ianto saw before darkness over took him was Jack’s beautiful blue eyes filled with worry and fear and then there was nothing but darkness.


Tosh and Owen both reached Jack and Ianto at the same time, concern clearly written across both their faces as they watched Jack cradle Ianto’s limp body in his arms.


Jack looked at Tosh with pure rage in his eyes. “Get her out of here before I do something I will not regret.” He growled the order.


Tosh nodded, her own rage forming at Gwen’s cruel actions towards Ianto. She marched over to Gwen. “We’re leaving, now.” Tosh was in no mood to play nice and grabbed Gwen’s arm in a tight grip.


Slack-jawed, Gwen stared at Tosh. ‘Who does she think she is? Ordering me around? I am the second-in-command, not her. I don’t take orders, I give them!’


Tosh could see the absolute distain for Jack’s words, and the complete lack of remorse in Gwen’s eyes over her actions, and she had enough. “What you just did was cruel and nasty. Jack wants you out of here, and the only reason I am helping keep you alive is because I will not allow Jack to stain his hands with your blood. Now get off your arse and come with me to pick up lunch, or I will lock you in the cell next to Janet. If you’ll remember, she is rather fond of Ianto, or I can always feed you to Myfanwy. Now move.” Tosh tightened her grip on Gwen’s arm when the other woman refused to move, and with a burst of hidden strength, she walked through the Cog door, dragging Gwen behind her.


Watching Tosh drag Gwen out of the Hub, Owen shook his head in disgust with himself for ever wanting, and for still wanting, to sleep with Gwen. ‘I really need to figure out what’s wrong with me!’ Owen turned his gaze to Jack and Ianto. “His shields collapsed again, didn’t they?” he asked.


Jack nodded his head, unshed tears in his blue eyes as he stroked Ianto’s cheek. “Gwen’s attack was just too much. I should have kept him way until he was stronger. All his hard work undone by a selfish little girl.” He bent forward and kissed Ianto on the lips. “I’m so sorry, Ianto.” He felt solely responsible for what happened to his mate; he was the one who hired Gwen, after all.


“Tea-Boy would kick your ass for blaming yourself for Gwen’s actions. The only thing you can do is make sure that Gwen knows her place on the team, and more importantly, where she stands in your life.” Owen informed Jack.


Jack finally lifted his gaze from Ianto and Owen gulped at the dangerous look in Jack’s eyes. “Oh, don’t worry; Miss Gwen Cooper will most definitely be reminded of exactly where she stands in both my personal and professional lives.”


Owen gulped, glad that Jack’s rage was not directed at him. “Okay, glad that’s settled. I think it’s safe to move Tea-Boy off the floor and into the medical bay. I want to get him set up so I can monitor his vitals.” Owen quickly slipped out of friend-mode and into doctor-mode.


Jack easily lifted Ianto into his arms, worried at how light his mate was still. ‘I’m sorry that I failed you again, Ianto; it won’t happen a third time, I promise. I will protect you better from now on.’ Jack vowed silently and was thrilled when he felt Ianto’s mind brush just slightly against his, and he wanted to cry tears of joy as he picked up the very weak,




Entering the medical bay, Jack laid Ianto down on the cold slab, wishing instead that he could put Ianto in his bunk. It might have been small, but it smelled of him, and he knew Ianto took great of comfort from his senses, which left Jack with only one option.


“What the bloody hell are you doing?” Owen demanded as he caught sight of Jack climbing up into bed with Ianto and bringing the younger man to rest firmly against his chest.


Jack levelled a glare at Owen as he tightened his grip on Ianto. “There is no way that I am leaving my mate alone; he needs me.”


Owen rolled his eyes and muttered something about ‘clinging captains’ and ‘needing a strong drink’. “Fine, but no funny business in my medical bay.” Owen glared at Jack, even going as far as pointing his finger at his leader. “I’ve got CCTV down here and I can check!”


Jack grinned, his blue eyes sparkling with amusement. “I make no promises.”


A very weak “Jack, behave,” had both Jack and Owen’s eyes flying to Ianto’s face.


“Ianto, you’re okay!” Jack breathed out softly as he cupped Ianto’s face with his hands, and he pressed a gentle kiss against those lips he loved so much, pouring some of his energy into Ianto.


“Oi! If you’re finished snogging the Tea-Boy, I need to make sure he is okay.” Owen spoke loudly, breaking up the tender moment.


Pulling away from Ianto, Jack pouted at the snarky doctor. “You know, Owen, sometimes you are worse than a cold shower,” Jack informed him.


Owen smirked. “Making you keep it in your pants is a great joy of mine and I take it very seriously.”


Ianto blushed and than squeaked as Jack crushed him against his chest, whispering in his future lover’s ear, “Once Owen is done with his check-up, I plan on giving you one of my own.”


Suddenly, Ianto couldn’t wait for Owen to hurry, until one thought hit him. “Jack, maybe I shouldn’t be back just yet. I don’t want to cause any problems with the team.” Ianto whispered softly.


“Hey, hey, none of that. You are a part of this team, and don’t you worry about Gwen; I’ll deal with her. I should have done it sooner and that’s my fault. But don’t you ever doubt your place on the team, or more importantly, your very special place in my heart.” Jack pressed a kiss to Ianto’s forehead.


As Jack’s words washed over him, Ianto felt deeply comforted by his mate. With a soft purr of happiness, he nestled his head on Jack’s shoulder and willingly allowed Owen to poke and prod him all he wanted. Despite the unpleasant events that caused it, Ianto knew he would remember this particular moment with his beloved mate forever.



Tags: alien!ianto, fic: fairy mischief, pairing: jack/ianto

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  • One Million Words Challenge

    So I completed the One Million Weekend Challenge which was writing a fic based on a prompt. This week's challenge was writing about a movie quotes. I…

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