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Fic: Halloween Nights of Past Chapter 1/4

Title: Halloween Nights of Past
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Tosh, Mickey/Martha, John/Owen,  9th Doctor/Sarah Jane, Rhys/Kathy, Andy/Donna, Wilf/Estelle, Luke, Mica, Steven, Suzie, Lisa, Jake and a tiny hint of Luke/Mica and Steven/Jake, appearances by Little!Jack/Little!Ianto, Little!Tosh, Little!Donna, Little!10th Doctor and Little!Rhys
Summary: As their children get ready for Halloween, Jack and Ianto remember their own Halloween nights together.
Rating: PG
Beta: royalladyemma
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who, the Smurfs, Toy Story, Sherlock Holmes or Merlin.


Chapter 1: Happy Smurfy Halloween


“Are you ready yet, sweetheart?” Jack called up the stairs for the tenth time that night.


“Not yet, daddy.” Mica’s voice echoed back down.


Ianto couldn’t keep back his smile at Jack’s frustrated growl and happily told his husband, “She gets that from you.”


Jack pouted at Ianto before crossing his arms and informing his husband, “I am not that bad.”


Ianto raised an eyebrow and merely stared at Jack. A sigh escaped Jack’s lips and he admitted, “All right! Maybe I’m a little bad, but it’s just because I wanted to look my best for you.”


Ianto melted and pulled Jack into a soft lingering kiss, one the Jack happily returned; he would never get tired of kissing his gorgeous Welshman.


They kissed softly and slowly for several moments until the need for air broke them apart. Sighing, Jack rested his forehead against Ianto’s. “I just don’t understand what’s taking Mica so long; last year she was the first one ready.” Jack pointed out.


“I do believe there is another reason Mica is taking her time. It would seem our daughter has her first crush.” Ianto wondered how Jack would react to that little bit of news.


At first Jack could only stare slack-jawed at his husband, wondering if he was pulling his leg until he saw the absolutely serious look in Ianto’s blue eyes. “Who? And more importantly, is the crush returned?” Jack demanded to know.


Ianto couldn’t help but smile; his Jack was the picture of an over-protective dad. “From what I’ve seen, I do believe that it is. As for who, you’ll just have to figure that out for yourself tonight.”


Jack’s pout returned in full force; he didn’t like it when Ianto kept juicy secrets from him.


Ianto chuckled and pressed a kiss onto Jack’s forehead and decided to keep his husband distracted. “Do you remember our first Halloween together?” Ianto asked, resting against Jack.


Jack’s pout faded into a smile. “Oh yeah.” He leered at his husband. “You looked good in blue, Yan-Yan.”



Thirty years ago


Little Jack was a ball of mass excitement. It was Halloween night and he was going out with his Yan-Yan. Okay, so Toshie, Donna, Rhys and John were coming too, but all that really mattered to Jack was the fact that he was going trick-or-treating with Yan-Yan.


Diane and John shook their heads as Jack basically bounced around his playroom in excitement. Diane patted her husband on the arm. “Have fun tonight, dear.” She had pulled candy-duty and thought herself quite lucky that she’d get a break from having to deal with candy-hyped children.


Jack Sr. blanched; he was not looking forward to tonight. ‘At least I’ll have John and Tommy along to suffer with me. Hopefully Ianto can help keep Jack calm.’ Jack was amazed at the calming effect Ianto had on his namesake; his son was a completely different boy when his Yan-Yan was around.  


“Daddy! I need to get dressed! Yan-Yan waiting for me.” Jack Jr. tugged on his dad’s hand, breaking him out of his thoughts.


Taking one look at his son’s determined face, Jack sighed and allowed his son to drag him up the stairs and down the hall. Upon reaching his room, little Jack ran straight for his costume that was neatly laid out on the bed. His father could only shake his head as he watched the little boy began stripping out of his clothes with far more speed than he ever used when putting them on.



Over at the Jones house, Ianto was just as excited about tonight as his Jack was, but he managed to keep his clothes on.


“Are you looking forward to tonight?” River asked her son.


Ianto nodded his head, his blue eyes shining with excitement. “I can’t wait to go trick-or-treating with Jack and Toshie and the others tonight!” Ianto babbled on. It was a change that never ceased to amaze Tommy and River; before meeting Jack, their little boy had barely spoken, and then usually only in single words. Since Jack had come into his life, Ianto had blossomed into a very talkative little boy. “Can I go put my costume on now?” Ianto asked, looking up at his parents with pleading eyes.


Tommy nodded his head. “Sure, let’s go, little man.” He offered his son his hand and Ianto grasped it eagerly and pulled his dad towards his bedroom.




It didn’t take very long for Jack to change into his costume and soon he was bouncing on the balls of his feet with a big grin on his face as he posed for pictures. Diane couldn’t help but laugh as her son hammed it up in front of the camera. “Now can I go get Yan-Yan?” Jack asked as his smile threatened to turn into a pout. As much as he loved getting his picture taken, tonight there were far more important things to be doing.


Diane’s laugh grew louder as she placed the camera back into its case. “Yes, of course, dear.” Turning to her husband, she handed him the camera with strict orders; “I want lots of pictures of our boy’s first Halloween with Yan-Yan. They are going to look so adorable!” Diane cooed.


Jack Sr. shook his head; it seemed that every women, adult and child alike, were all interested, to put it mildly, in the relationship between Jack Jr. and his Yan-Yan.


“Lots and lots of photos with me and Yan-Yan!” His son voiced his opinion with his hands on his blue hips and a stern glare on his face.


Diane looked at her husband with a smile on her face. “You have your orders, Captain.”


Jack Sr. gave a salute. “Yes, Sir.”


Diane gave her husband a mock glare and a swat to the shoulder for that remark. Jack just snuck a kiss to his wife before his son grasped his hand and began dragging him to the door with the cry of, “Yan-Yan is waiting for me!” And Jack knew it was better to give into his son or there would be waterworks, very loud and very messy waterworks.


“Have fun!” Diane called back.


Jack Jr. gave him mom a cheery grin over his shoulder. “Of course I will, I’ll be with Yan-Yan.” He pointed out, much to his parent’s amusement.



At the Jones house, Ianto was standing on the couch and looking out the window, his blue eyes searching anxiously for one familiar sight. Tommy and River both knew when Jack Jr. and Sr. were close when a giant smile spread across Ianto’s face and he rushed towards the door, all the while shouting, “Jack is here! Jack is here!”


Laughing, Tommy scooped up his son and carried him over to the door. Ianto wiggled about to get comfortable as he waited impatiently for his Tad to open the door.


“Jack!” Ianto cried as his Tad set him on the floor.


“Yan-Yan!” Jack cried as his dad released his hand and he rushed to wrap himself around his Yan-Yan.


As always, River had her trusty camera handy and happily snapped photos of the boy’s usual greeting of exchanging kisses on the cheeks. Jack Sr. nodded towards the camera in her hands. “Diane will want copy of those pictures,” he informed her with a smile.


River smiled back at the man. “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of copies to give to Diane. She promised me copies of everything you take tonight as well.”


Still holding onto his Yan-Yan, little Jack looked up at his father. “Pictures and then we go get candy,” he ordered.


Tommy nodded. “Right, then we’ll go meet the others at Estelle and Wilf’s.” 


After the boys posed with their arms around one another for several photos, they were off with their fathers to Estelle and Wilf’s house, their little blue hands linked together. Jack and Tommy stood behind their boys as they reached the door where they happily called out, “Trick or treat!”


Opening the door, Estelle couldn’t help but smile at the two little blue boys standing proudly before her. “Oh, aren’t you two just the cutest little smurfs,” she cooed. Jack was dressed as Flying Smurf and Ianto was dressed as Dreamy Smurf. “My house is full of little blue people tonight.” She couldn’t help but comment.


It had been decided by the children, well, mainly by Donna, that they would all be in matching costumes, Jack hadn’t been happy about that at all. It was supposed to be him and Yan-Yan in matching costumes, but Ianto managed to keep the peace between the two friends by simply asking Jack to agree to Donna’s idea, and he did. He’d do anything for his precious Yan-Yan.


There had been some debate over what characters they should be. Donna’s suggestions were all too girly for Jack and the other boy’s tastes, and the boy’s ideas were just too boyish for Donna. In the end, it had been Ianto and Tosh’s idea to go as smurfs. And since it was Ianto’s idea, well, Jack was all for it. Since there was only one female on the show, Donna and Tosh agreed to both go as Smurfett. John was going as Brainy, and Rhys was Jokey.


While Estelle had been talking, Tosh, Donna, John and Rhys had come to see who had rung the bell. “Ianto! Jack! You’re here!”  Tosh ran forward, greeting her two friends.


“Toshie!” Tosh was one of the few people that Jack Jr. didn’t mind around his Yan-Yan. He didn’t even mind it –too much- when she hugged him.


John Smith Sr., or Doctor, as he was called by almost everyone, came up and joined them. A great big grin lit up his face as his son, John Jr. pouted when Tosh began paying more attention to Ianto then to him. The four adults shared a knowing look; Jack and Ianto’s little romance wasn’t the only one that had everyone’s interest peeked.


“Well, now that we’re all here, I think it’s time we got this show on the road, right kids?” John asked looking at them.


“Yay! Candy time!” All six children shouted at once, leaving the fathers to groan in unison, already dreading the sugar highs that are to come.


Tags: au, fic: halloween nights of past, little!janto, pairing: doctor/tosh, pairing: jack/ianto

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