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Fic: Halloween Nights of Past Chapter 2/4

Title: Halloween Nights of Past
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Tosh, Mickey/Martha, John/Owen,  9th Doctor/Sarah Jane, Rhys/Kathy, Andy/Donna, Wilf/Estelle, Luke, Mica, Steven, Suzie, Lisa, Jake and a tiny hint of Luke/Mica and Steven/Jake, appearances by Little!Jack/Little!Ianto, Little!Tosh, Little!Donna, Little!10th Doctor and Little!Rhys
Summary: As their children get ready for Halloween, Jack and Ianto remember their own Halloween nights together.
Rating: PG
Beta: royalladyemma
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who, the Smurfs, Toy Story, Sherlock Holmes or Merlin.

Chapter 2: A Toy Halloween


Present Day

Jack nuzzled Ianto’s neck. “Mmm, that was a fun night, especially because it was our first holiday together, but I think one of my favourites was when you dressed as Woody; you were my little sheriff.” Jack purred against Ianto’s skin.

Ianto rolled his eyes fondly; he had a feeling that his husband would be up for some role-playing in the near future. “And you were my Space Ranger. So what do you say later tonight, after the kids are in bed, we have a little fun, Space Ranger Jack?” Ianto purred, nipping at Jack’s jaw.

Jack’s blue eyes darken with pure desire and a lusty growl escaped his lips as he caught Ianto’s mouth in a kiss full of pure need.

They kissed for several moments letting all the love they felt for one another flow through the kiss.

Breaking the kiss for air, Jack whispered with a chuckle against Ianto’s lips, “Still, one of my favourite memories will always be of John dressed as Ken.” He would always love Tosh for getting John to dress up as a Ken doll; he was sure he stilled had a copy of that picture somewhere.

Ianto couldn’t help but laugh at that; even at a young age his best friend had her husband wrapped around her finger.

Twenty Six years ago

Toy Story; it was a movie series that every child and several adults knew about. All the little boys wanted to be either Buzz Lightyear or Woody for Halloween that year. So it came as no shock that that was who the little ones wanted to dress up as. There was no fighting and no disagreements; everyone got to be the character they wanted.

It was no surprise that Jack, given his love of space and flying, wanted to be Buzz Lightyear. Ianto was, at the time, going through a love of all things cowboys and he jumped for joy when he found out he was going as Woody. Donna’s choice had been easy; she was going as the fiery and brash Jesse, minus the crush on Buzz. Rhys was going as Rex; really, what little boy didn’t love dinosaurs. But it had being Tosh’s choice in characters that had everyone blinking in shock.

“You want to go as Barbie?” Donna asked her shyer friend. “Why?”

Tosh nodded softly as she fingered the costume. “I like Barbie and I think it would be fun to go as someone very different than the normal me.” The other girl admitted quietly.

John Smith Jr. wandered over to the two girls. “Toshie, if you want to go as Barbie then I’ll go as Ken.” He offered gallantly.

Tosh’s eyes widened and a faint blush painted her cheeks as she looked up at John shyly. “You would do that for me?” She asked softly and when John nodded, she shot forward and kissed John on the cheek. “Thank you, you’re very sweetest boy ever,” she solemnly declared.

It was John’s turn to blush and he suddenly found his trainers very interesting as he mumbled under his breath, “I’d do anything for you, Toshie.”  

Donna rolled her eyes at them; it was times like this that she wished John were as bold as Jack in going after the one he wanted. Her eyes flickered over to the other side of the aisle where Ianto and Jack were choosing their costumes. She smiled when she noticed that their hands were, as always, linked together.


Sarah Jane rested against her husband and fought back a laugh at the sight of her son dressed up as Ken. “That Toshiko has our son wrapped around her little finger and she doesn’t even know it yet.” She muttered to her husband.

John Sr. let out a laugh as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Our boy is a lot like me when we were younger; I would do anything to get your attention.” He admitted before kissing her softly.

“Mom, dad, we don’t have time for you to play kissy face! Tosh is waiting for me.” John called out, his hands on his hips and a glare on his face.

Sarah Jane smiled at her husband and told him, “He gets that from you.”


Diane smiled as she watched her son cuddle up to Ianto while they watched TV. Both boys were already in their costumes and they were waiting patiently, surprisingly enough, considering that it was her son she was thinking about, for the rest of their group to arrive.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang and Jack and Ianto were up off the couch in a flash to greet John and Rhys at the door.


John Smith Jr. was known to be a chatter box, but when his eyes landed on Tosh, dressed as the Barbie princess he always knew she was, he suddenly couldn’t speak.

Donna, who they had picked up next, nudged John none-too gently in the arm with her elbow and gave him a look that screamed, ‘say something, you idiot.’

Rubbing his arm, John told Tosh shyly, “You look beautiful, Toshie.”

Tosh blushed lightly as she smiled at John, “Thank you, you look very handsome yourself.”

Eyes narrowed, Donna glanced between John and Tosh and then over to Jack and Ianto, who were lost in their own little world, before she turned to Rhys. “Oi, listen up, Williams, I like you but only as a friend, so don’t get any ideas of looking at me like any of them.” She pointed to their other friends.

Rhys nodded; he had serious doubts that he would ever look at Donna as anything but a friend.

Seeing as Rhys was in agreement with her plans, Donna wiped the scowl off her face and smiled brightly, “So are we going trick-or-treating or do you all want to stand here and make googly eyes at one another?” She asked hands on her hips. 

“Trick-or-treating!” That was truly a no-brainer question.

Tags: au, fic: halloween nights of past, little!janto, pairing: doctor/tosh, pairing: jack/ianto
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