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Fic: Halloween Nights of Past Chapter 4/4

Title: Halloween Nights of Past
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Tosh, Mickey/Martha, John/Owen,  9th Doctor/Sarah Jane, Rhys/Kathy, Andy/Donna, Wilf/Estelle, Luke, Mica, Steven, Suzie, Lisa, Jake and a tiny hint of Luke/Mica and Steven/Jake, appearances by Little!Jack/Little!Ianto, Little!Tosh, Little!Donna, Little!10th Doctor and Little!Rhys
Summary: As their children get ready for Halloween, Jack and Ianto remember their own Halloween nights together.
Rating: PG
Beta: royalladyemma
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who, the Smurfs, Toy Story, Sherlock Holmes or Merlin.

Chapter 4: A Halloween Mystery


“I have to admit, I was amazed that you managed to last that entire hour,” Ianto teased his husband.

“You’re amazed? I’m the one who was amazed! You know how hard it is for me to keep my hands off you in the first place, and if I remember correctly, you did not make it easy for me, either. I seem to recall there was an awful lot of bending over to pick things up, and stretching your head back so I could see your throat, and even few accidental brushes across my arse.”

“I’d forgotten all about that!” Ianto chuckled. “Yeah, I guess I was a little hard on you, wasn’t I. But it was all worth it in the end, don’t you agree?”

“Oh hell yeah! I certainly did enjoy my chocolate-covered-Ianto treat that night.” Jack was almost drooling, and his eyes filled with lust as he remembered that night in vivid detail. For a brief moment, Jack pouted, his lower lip stuck out just enough to make Ianto want to pull it in his mouth and nibble on it.

“What?” Ianto asked, his eyes focused on Jack’s mouth. He licked his lips in anticipation. “What’s wrong?”

Jack shrugged. “Nothing much; it’s just too bad we never made it into the show. I’ll guarantee that the fangirls would have gone wild if they saw Arthur and Merlin do what we did.” He grinned broadly when he saw Ianto’s raised eyebrow. Jack was unapologetically an Arthur/Merlin shipper through and through, and he knew when he saw Ianto’s eyes twinkling that he’d been excused.

As he stood dragging his eyes slowly over every inch of Ianto’s body, all thoughts of years gone by were completely wiped away, and he growled in a husky tone, “But I have to admit that you do look damn sexy as Doctor Watson; you know the effect you always have on me when you wear a suit.” Jack had been in love with the idea of Ianto going as Watson ever since they had watched a Sherlock Holmes movie version earlier that autumn. The relatively unknown actor that played the famous detective’s sidekick could have been Ianto’s twin.

Ianto did indeed know exactly the effect his well-tailored jacket and form-fitting trousers were having on his husband’s libido, just as he knew that Jack couldn’t wait until the moment he could peel Ianto out of that suit. “Kids get their treats done first, and only then will you get your very special treat, Mister Holmes.” Ianto’s voice took on a seductive tone and the sly look in his eyes had Jack quivering in lustful anticipation. It took all of Jack’s willpower not to drag Ianto back up to their bed right then and there, and spend the entire night making love with his husband over and over again.

Partially to appease his lover, and mostly because he simply could not resist the hunger in Jack’s eyes, Ianto pulled the older man into his arms and began to snog him senseless. This was no kiss, this was a full-on, promise-filled snog.

“Ewww! Dad, Tad, can’t you two wait until we are in bed?” Steven demanded as he came down the stairs dressed as Scooby-Doo. Like their parents before them, the next generation of trick-or-treaters had decided it would be fun to do group costumes. This year they had decided to go as the Scooby gang.

His fathers separated when he reached the last step, and Jack grinned unabashedly at his son. “Just wait til you’re older son, you’ll thank…OOF!” Jack stopped talking as Ianto’s elbow dug into his ribs.

“That’s enough, Jack.” Ianto warned. Turning to his son, Ianto smiled and tugged gently on his floppy ear. “You look great!”

Rolling his eyes, Steven turned his attention back up the stairs. “Mica, are you ready to go yet?” He demanded loudly.

Dressed as Daphne, Mica appeared at the top of the stairs. “I’m ready to go. It’s not easy to look like good.” She pointed out.

Jack narrowed his eyes as he watched his daughter bounce down the stairs. His husband’s words began playing around in his head; his little girl had a crush on someone. “Come, Watson, the game is afoot! I will find out who our daughter has a crush on,” Jack vowed theatrically, “for I am the world’s greatest detective!”

“Well, at least we know where Mica gets her drama queen moments from.” Steven muttered under his breath.

It took all of Ianto’s willpower not to laugh at his son’s point; Jack and Mica were so much alike, while Steven took after him. It was a small favour for which Ianto was thankful. He knew that there was absolutely no way he could ever handled three Jack’s.

Jack peered suspiciously through narrow eyes at his husband. “I know what you are thinking and I will punish you for that remark.”

Brushing up against his husband as he walked past, Ianto whispered, “Looking forward to it, Sir,” and with a quick kiss, he was out the door and out of Jack’s reach, leaving the twins to follow behind him.


“They’re late.” Mickey and Donna grumbled in unison under their breaths.

Martha just sighed as she shifted baby Lisa, who was dressed as a fairy, into her other arm. “Of course they’re late! This is Jack and Ianto we’re talking about.”

“Grandma Sarah Jane says that the only ones later than them is my dad.” Luke Smith, or for tonight, Fred, spoke up.

Tosh hid snort of laughter behind a cough as her husband pouted.

Suzie rolled her eyes in an excellent imitation of her mother, Donna. “It was probably Mica who held them up.” Suzie pointed out as she adjusted her Velma glasses. “Sometimes, she can spend hours looking in the mirror.”

Jake just smiled at his sister. “You’re more than likely right, as usual. I just wish that Steven would show up already.” His smile turned into a pout, which looked odd on his ‘Shaggy’ face. He didn’t like having to wait for his special Scooby Doo.

Martha, Donna and Tosh exchanged knowing looks; they had two little budding romances that only Ianto also seemed to notice.

“Jake!” Steven cried as he and his family grew closer and he saw his best friend standing there, waiting for him.

“Wow!” Luke’s eyes widen as he got a good look at Mica, and he got a goofy grin on his face. “Mica, you look amazing as Daphne!” he gushed happily, never noticing Jack’s narrowed eyes settling on him.


Using his damp towel to wipe the steam from the bathroom mirror, Jack look critically at his reflection. After brushing his fingers through his hair, he gave himself a cocky grin, ‘Perfection!’ With a quick tug, his boxers were in place and he clicked off the lights. “So, you’re telling me that our daughter has a crush on Luke Smith, and our son has a crush on Jake Davidson.” Jack asked coming into their master bedroom. “Anything else I need… to… know…?” The sight of Ianto naked and laid out on their king-sized bed, stopped Jack in his tracks, and he stood, staring with lust-filled eyes. Then, when he saw the bottle of chocolate sauce within easy reach on the night table, Jack suddenly found he had a very dry mouth.

Looking at Jack from beneath his lashes, Ianto purred softly, “You handled that news so well I figured you earned a reward.” He patted the duvet beside him and waggled his eyebrows suggestively. “Trick or treat, big boy?”

Jack was naked in less than a blink of an eye as he scrambled breathlessly up onto their bed and stretched out against his lover’s body. “I love this holiday,” he growled before claiming Ianto’s lips in a passion-filled kiss. When Ianto’s hands began exploring every inch of Jack’s bare skin that they could find, all coherent thoughts faded from Jack’s mind as he focused exclusively on his favourite Halloween treat of all time, his husband, Ianto.

The End

Tags: au, fic: halloween nights of past, little!janto, pairing: doctor/tosh, pairing: jack/ianto
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