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Fic: In the Darkness Chapter 7

Title: In the Darkness
Fandoms: Torchwood/Supernatural
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Dean/Sam/Castiel, Andy/Tosh, mentions of past Dean/Ianto/Sam and Balthazar/Gareth
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Something is prowling the streets of Cardiff but is it alien or something else?
Author’s Notes: This does contain Wincest because it is practically canon and I ship it. Also established threesome; Gwen lovers beware this is not the story for you. Another post-‘Meat’ fic. Also a massive thanks to royalladyemma for betaing this for me.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Supernatural, Jack belongs to Ianto and Dean, Sam and Castiel belong to one another. I do own Gareth

Chapter 7


After seeing Tosh yawn for the third time in less than a minute, Jack decided that it was time to call it a night. “Alright team, I think it’s time to pack up and call it a night.”


Climbing to his feet, Dean stretched his tired muscles before turning to Ianto. “So, you got a spare bed you could loan to a few old friends?”


Ianto rolled his eyes fondly at Dean. “Yes, I do; I have one spare bedroom and a couch.”


“I have a spare bedroom someone can borrow.” Tosh offered suddenly, knowing that Ianto didn’t have enough room to house everyone.


Ianto smiled at his best friend; he knew he could always count on Tosh to offer up an extra bed for someone in need.


Bobby grinned at the young woman; he was growing rather fond of her, despite the brief amount of time since they’d met. “If you don’t mind, I’ll take you up on that offer.” He knew that Gareth would want to spend as much time as he could with his brother, and he wanted to save Tosh from having to hear Dean and Sam. He knew from experience that they usually got rather vocal.


Dean’s eyes narrowed as he glanced between Bobby and Tosh. “Don’t tell me; Tosh is your new favourite now?” He pursed his lips and pouted at Bobby.


Bobby merely smirked at the young man. “Well, of course she is! Perhaps you should ask her for some advice on how to be more helpful instead of being a pain in my ass.” Bobby pointed out to Dean.


The pout on Dean’s face quickly morphed into a mischievous smirk. “Nah, you love me just the way I am. Why change perfection?” He gestured to himself with a broad arm strokes, knowing everyone would look at him. ‘There’s no sense in being perfect if nobody notices, right?’ he asked himself.


Sam shook his head at his brother’s actions before turning his gaze to Ianto. “We’ll take the spare bedroom then. It’ll be nice to bunk with a friend instead of in a lonesome hotel.”


Gareth nodded his head in agreement. “I’ll take your couch.” A thoughtful look entered his eyes. “Hey, you think I should let Rhiannon know I’m in town?” He sought out his brother’s advice.


Rhiannon Davis was not a person to mess with. Her brothers knew full well that just because she had settled down with a family and was no longer a hunter didn’t mean that she had lost any of her formidable skills


Ianto raised an eyebrow and just stared at his twin. “If Rhiannon ever found out that you, any of you, were in town but didn’t stop by and visit, she’d find several ways to kill you nice and slowly. Remember what happened last time?” Ianto reminded his brother.


Gareth and Dean both shuddered in remembrance of the times they both suffered Rhiannon’s wrath. Their Adam’s apples bobbed in unison as they swallowed rapidly.


“Right then, I’ll call her tomorrow,” Gareth announced.


“Tell her we just got in and calling her was the first thing we did, okay?” Dean asked anxiously. “Don’t tell her we waited so long to call or we’re dead meat!”


“I can’t wait to meet the in-laws! Should I bring a gift?” Balthazar asked, wrapping his arm around Gareth’s waist from behind. He snuggled up to him and rested his head on his hunter’s shoulder.


“No gifts needed because it will be over my dead body when you met my sister.” Gareth growled at the clinging angel.


Balthazar stuck out his lower lip and pouted dramatically, knowing that despite what he said, Gareth would let him come. ‘If not, I can always follow him.’


Ianto fought back a smile as he watched his brother and his angel. Balthazar was just what Gareth needed and Ianto knew it was only a matter of time before they ended up together. ‘I only wish that my love life looked so good.’ Despite everything that had happened, Ianto longed more than ever to find comfort in the warm embrace of Jack’s arms.


Despite all the banter going on between the brothers, Jack had kept his eyes locked firmly on Ianto, and he saw the look of deep longing flash across his face. Jack’s heart clutched with the desire, the need to pull Ianto into his arms and never let him go. ‘I have to find a way to make this right. I need Ianto in my life.’


One week without Ianto’s companionship had definitely opened up Jack’s eyes, showing him just how much he missed Ianto. He was also now very aware of how badly he had been taking advantage of his young lover. He made a solemn, silent vow to woo Ianto like he should have done when he first returned from his journey with the Doctor. ‘I have to show him that he is the most important person in the world to me, now and forever.’


Jack’s fixed and wistful gaze on Ianto did not go unnoticed by the two angels, and they shared a satisfied smile. They were pleaded that Jack’s eyes were finally opening to the precious gift standing before him, neatly wrapped in a three-piece suit. They both knew that given the events to come, Ianto would need every single bit of Jack’s love and support.


“All right, kiddies, have a bit of a lie-in tomorrow, you’ve earned it.” Jack spoke up before turning on his heel and quickly heading back to his office and his cold bunk. He couldn’t bear to watch Ianto leaving him again without saying goodnight. It just hurt to much.


With a heavy heart, Ianto watched Jack leave. He could see the slight slump to the immortal’s shoulders, and he wanted so badly to reach out to him, but he just wasn’t sure if he should. He didn’t know if his actions would be welcome or dismissed.


“Go talk to him, Ianto.” Tosh spoke softly coming to stand beside Ianto. “Jack can often be blind when it comes to Gwen, but today he chose you over her without hesitation. It’s clear he’s very jealous of your friends, and he’s unsure of where he stands with you. At least talk to him; you don’t have to forgive him right away.” Tosh offered her advice.


Ianto smiled gratefully at his friend. “Keep an eye on everyone. I’ll be right back.”


Tosh smiled as she watched Ianto make his way up to Jack’s office. ‘Don’t mess this up again, Jack.’ She warned silently. ‘I don’t think Ianto will give you any more last chances after this one.’


As he had done every night for the last week, Jack was hard at work on the endless stream of paperwork that crossed his desk. Even though he normally hated every minute of it, if it meant lightening some of Ianto’s work load, then he would do it gladly. Lost in his thoughts and the nightmare that was the annual budget, Jack never heard the door to his office open and then close again until a soft “Jack” broke through his haze.


Like a tsunami, Jack felt happiness hope spread throughout his body; this was the first time Ianto had sought him out in a week. “Ianto, what can I do for you?” He placed his pen on the desk and closed the file, giving his full attention to the man before him.


Ianto looked deeply into Jack’s eyes. “I just want to say thank you for trusting me about the others.”


Getting up from his desk, Jack came around to stand in front of Ianto; taking a chance, Jack reached out and took Ianto’s hand in his. “I do trust you, Ianto. I’m sorry for letting my jealousy get the better of me. I know I’ve been a great big fool, and not only tonight, but for a very long time. I know that I’ve hurt you deeply and I am really very sorry. I swear that I will do everything in my power to make things right with you and to prove to beyond any doubt that you are the only person I came back for.” Jack vowed as he raised their joined hands together and placed a kiss on Ianto’s hand.


Even though he was still hurt over Jack’s very public declaration of his feelings for Gwen, for the first time in week, Ianto felt that there was still hope for his and Jack’s relationship. Leaning forward, Ianto placed a gentle kiss on the corner of Jack’s mouth. “I’ll see you in the morning, Jack.”


Hope soared through Jack’s heart at Ianto’s tender gesture. Maybe, just maybe, he hadn’t completely blown it with his beautiful Welshman. “Would you like to have breakfast tomorrow?” Jack blurted out. “With me?”


Ianto blinked at his lover and smiled shyly at him. “Are you asking me out on a date?”


“I am.” Jack admitted softly, looking at Ianto with emotion shining so clearly in his eyes that it nearly took Ianto’s breath away. It was an unguarded and intense look of love.


“I’d love to, Jack.” Ianto’s answer brought a bright smile to Jack’s face.


“Great! Then I’ll see you tomorrow at ten?” Jack asked. “You decide where you want to go and tell me then?”


“All right,” Ianto nodded shyly. “Yes, you can pick me up at my place. Don’t be late.” Ianto quickly ducked out of Jack’s office before he gave into the very strong temptation to allow Jack to take him to bed.


Jack waited until he was sure that Ianto had rejoined the others, and then he let out a whoop of joy followed by a very embarrassing happy dance. ‘Gotta remember to erase that bit of CCTV before Tosh sees it!’ he told himself as he finally sat down to tackle the paperwork again.



Moonlight peeked through the window blinds, shedding a silvery light on the room. Soft though it was, it was still enough for her to make out his features. Reaching out, she let her transparent hand brush against his cheek. She wished with all her heart that she could do more than offer a simple touch. “I love you, Rhys Williams, and I will protect you and my family from what is to come.” She and her whispered promise faded into nothing.


A single tear fell from Rhys’ eye as he whispered in his sleep, “Marion.”




After he was sure that everyone had left the Hub. Jack began searching for anything that would give him a clue about his Ianto’s past with Dean and Sam. After about a half-an-hour of searching, Jack finally managed to find what he was looking for, a fan-based website dedicated to the Supernatural books. Scanning the fan fictions stories, he could see that ‘Wincest’ was the dominant pairing; but then he found some of the fans called ‘Deanto’. Jack was horrified to discover that it was the combination of his Ianto’s name with Dean’s names, and his stomach roiled.


Taking a deep breath, Jack clicked on a fanfic by an author called ‘Deanto’s_angel’. It was immediately obvious that she, or he-there was no way of knowing which- had quite the crush on both Ianto and Dean, and was in love with the idea of them as a couple.


As he read the summary Jack felt his heart break over the pain his beloved Welshman had endured.


After the death of his sister, Ianto is lost in a sea of pain. Can Dean be his anchor?


Author Notes: This is a scene missing from the novel, ‘Angel Tears’.


Jack really did not want to read the whole story; if he wanted to be truthful with himself, it was more like Jack couldn’t bear the idea of Ianto with another, even if it was only in a story. Unfortunately, that little voice in the back of his mind insisted on nagging at him that these books were based on actual events. Against his better judgement, Jack gave in and started reading.


Dean didn’t do comfort much, but Marion’s death was a blow to them all. Rhiannon had Johnny to turn to for comfort, Sam was keeping an eye on Gareth, their dads were out hunting the sons of bitches who did this. Dean let his eyes gaze over to the man who stood apart from the rest of them, alone in his grief.


Ianto was frozen, both physically and emotionally, as he stared at his hands; they were caked with the now dried blood of his sister. He knew he should wash and change out of his clothes, but he simply couldn’t find the strength or the will to move.


“Come on, Ianto, let’s get you cleaned up.” Dean’s voice was soft and gentle as he wrapped an arm around Ianto’s shoulder. The look of pure heartbreak in Ianto’s eyes broke Dean’s heart.


Ianto offered no resistance as Dean led him into the bathroom, and he remained silent as he was carefully stripped of his soiled clothes and then helped into the steaming hot shower.


Numb from the pain, Ianto washed away the blood and the dirt from his body, and he felt a choked sob rise up in his throat as he watched his sister’s blood swirl away down the drain.


Soon the only water flowing was from the tears that poured down Ianto’s face, and a different kind of warmth engulfed him as he found himself wrapped in a pair of strong arms. “Shh, I’ve got you Ianto.” Dean whispered into Ianto’s ear. For several moments only sounds to be heard in the bathroom were Ianto’s heartbroken sobbing and Dean’s soft cooing.


Dean pressed a kiss to Ianto’s forehead. “Come on, let’s get you into bed.” Ianto nodded against his shoulder and he docilely let Dean lead him out of the steam-filled bathroom. It killed Dean to see his normally strong friend so broken.


Once they reached his bedroom, Ianto took Dean’s hand in his, stopping him from leaving the room. “Please stay with me tonight, Dean. I don’t want to be alone,” the Welsh hunter pleaded.


Dean gently stroked Ianto’s face before placing a tender kiss on his lips. “Nothing will tear me from your side tonight,” he vowed, his words breathed against Ianto’s lips.


It was Ianto who started the next kiss; he desperately needed to feel something and with Dean, he always did.


Drifting his hands down Ianto’s body, Dean easily removed the towel from Ianto’s waist, giving him the delightful view of a very naked Ianto. Their kiss grew more passionate as Ianto sought to remove Dean’s clothes, needing to feel his bare skin against his own.


Jack stopped reading at that point; he felt a myriad of emotions course through him from rage to sadness and ending pure jealousy. He now knew the truth about Ianto’s relationship with Dean and he truly hated the other hunter for being the one to take care of Ianto during his toughest moment. ‘But if all goes as planned, I will be the only one comforting Ianto from now on.’ Jack vowed, his blue eyes blazing with promise.



Curled up on her bed, Mica clung to her teddy bear; the nightlight did nothing to ease her fear of the night. There was only one thing that could keep the dark at bay.


“I’m here, little one.” The soothing voice that chased away the darkness filled the air and a gentle hand stroked her hair, calming Mica.


Tears appeared in Mica’s eyes. “I’m scared, Auntie Marion! The dreams won’t stop, they just get worse. I don’t want to go with the mean lady.” Trembling with fear, Mica gripped the hand of the woman who had always looked after her and her family. “You’ll keep us safe from the bad lady?” She asked her angel. “Won’t you?”


“Do not fear, Mica, I will always protect you.” Marion Jones vowed. ‘All of you.’



Tags: crossover: torchwood/supernatural, fic: in the darkness, pairing: dean/sam/castiel, pairing: jack/ianto
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