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Fic: Beautifully Broken Chapter 4

Title: Beautifully Broken
Fandoms: Torchwood/Harry Potter
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Sirius/Remus, Draco/Harry, Blaise/Luna, Snape/Neville, Rhys/Gwen, Owen/Tonks, Charlie/Tosh, Andy/Hermione.
Summary: The war had left him broken, but could Torchwood, and more importantly, Jack, heal him, or would the remains if his heart shatter?
Rating: R and sometime NC-17
Word Count: 30,361
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Harry Potter; I do own Emily Jones though.
Thanks to: royalladyemma for all her amazing beta work.

Gwen was ashamed of herself as she woke up in Owen’s bed, wrapped in his arms. She was ashamed that while she knew how wrong the situation was, she could not deny how right it felt, like she was meant to be in Owen’s arms.

‘How could I do this to Rhys, the man who has loved me so faithfully for so long, and to Tosh, who I know has feelings for Owen? I claim to be the heart of Torchwood and boast about my so-called humanity, and yet I hurt those closest to me steadily. I flirted and fawned all over Jack; I distanced myself from Rhys and treated him like he was nothing, thinking I was so special just because I worked for Torchwood. I didn’t even reach out to Ianto. I could see he was hurting, but I did nothing. I ignored him and just let him fade into the background.’

‘Now, instead of going home to Rhys, where I belong, I’m here instead. I didn’t have to lie about this mission gone wrong. I could have shared something with him, not the whole truth; he wouldn’t be able to deal with that, but something. But no, instead I run into the arms of the man who is slowly sneaking his way into my heart. I need to figure out what I want and stop hurting everybody I care for.’ Gwen knew that she had decisions to make about her relationships with both Rhys and Owen; she knew deep within her heart that she couldn’t keep leading them both on. One man or the other, she needed to figure out who she wanted a future with.

At the start of all this, she would have gladly tossed both Owen and Rhys aside for a shot with Jack, but he had proven beyond any doubt that Ianto was the one he wanted; Ianto and on one else. She had finally realised that fact last night, when Ianto was in danger and hurt. She’d seen the love and fear shining in Jack’s eyes, all of it for Ianto, and she knew for absolute certain that she’d never truly had a shot with Jack. 

No, Jack was just a dream, a dream that had slowly faded ever since the incident with the fairies, when Jack gave away Jasmine without a fight. She’d seen a glimpse of the man behind the hero, and she’d finally realised that it was not Jack she wanted, but the heroic facade he showed to the world. When push came to shove and she’d been forced to see that hint of darkness in Jack’s soul, she’d run. But not Ianto; no, he had seen that darker side of Jack, twice, and he had stayed at Jack’s side. He understood Jack and accepted him for the man he truly was.

Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones were meant to be, and Gwen could only hope she chose the right man, the one who would love and accept her, flaws and all, just like Jack and Ianto accepted and loved one another.


Standing outside the door of Ianto’s flat, Tosh twisted her hands in nervousness as the sounds of laughter reached out into the hallway, and she began to wonder if she was making the right choice in stopping by to visit Ianto.

Gathering up her courage, she knocked on the door, blinking as it opened to reveal a handsome young redheaded man who smiled brightly at her.

“Hello, I’m Charlie, and you have got to be Toshiko Sato; Ianto figured you might stop around for a visit.” Charlie told the stunned Tosh. “He said that next to Jack, you were the most worried about him, and he told us that you were the first one to reach out to him after Lisa, so as a close friend of Ianto’s, I would like to thank you on behalf of us all, and say you are much more cuter in person.” Charlie finally paused for a breath of air and sent her a wink.

Tosh could feel her face turn bright red at Charlie’s compliments and suddenly she found her shoes to be very interesting.

Charlie thought she looked adorable as she blushed and he wondered if she was single. ‘I’ll have to ask Ianto, later, when he’s not glued to Jack’s side.’  While Charlie was happy for his friend, he did not need to be reminded that he was alone. “Would you like to join us for breakfast? Jack already has.” Charlie offered.

“I don’t want to impose.” Tosh admitted softly, only a little surprised that Jack was here; she’d seen the way Jack had behaved with Ianto last night.

Charlie reached out and grasped Tosh’s hand. “You won’t, I promise. Now come on in before the food is all eaten.” Tosh didn’t even have a chance to blink as Charlie grasped her hand and dragged her into Ianto’s flat.

“Tosh! It’s good to see you.” That was the only warning Tosh got before a clearly hyped-up Jack engulfed her in a tight hug. “I’m so glad that you’re okay, my beautiful Tosh,” Jack whispered in her ear.

Tosh returned Jack’s hug and snuggled in closer to the man who would always be her hero. “I’m okay, Jack, Ianto made sure of that.” She told Jack with a smile directed at Ianto, who was standing behind Jack.

“It was my honour, Tosh. I couldn’t lose my favourite team-mate.” Ianto told her with his own, shyer, smile.

They both shared a laugh as Jack released Tosh and turned to Ianto with a big pout on his lips. “I thought I was your favourite.” Jack frowned at him with mock hurt.

Ianto moved towards Jack and tenderly kissed that luscious pouting mouth. “You have a ranking that is all to yourself and it’s one that no one will ever be able to match. Tosh may be my favourite, but you will always be the most important one in my life.” Ianto whispered low enough that only Jack could hear.

Complete and utter joy surged through Jack’s heart and he pulled Ianto into a much deeper kiss.

“We may have given you permission to court our son, but that does not mean you can jump him whenever you feel like it.” Sirius’ voice was worse than a cold shower as Ianto blush bright red and pulled away from Jack.

Except Jack refused to let him go so easily and he looped his arms around Ianto’s waist and kept him pinned against his body. “Actually you would be wrong; your permission simply means that I can, as you put it, jump Ianto any time I like.” And just to be absolutely sure he had ticked Sirius off properly, Jack nuzzled the delicate flesh behind Ianto’s ear, earning himself a strangled moan from his future lover.

Sirius was seething with barely controlled rage at the nerve of Captain Jack Harkness. “Let’s get one thing very clear, Captain, I do not like you. You have hurt my son greatly and until you prove yourself to me, that opinion will more than likely not change. I only put up with you for my son’s sake, because nothing is more important to me than his happiness.”

Jack raised an eyebrow. Sirius was not the first parent that didn’t like him, and in truth, Jack really didn’t care. “I respect your honesty, but I really don’t care how you feel. The only person I care about liking me is Ianto, and I think it’s pretty clear how Ianto feels about me.” Jack purred as he tightened his grip on Ianto.

Ianto rolled his eyes, not at all impressed with either his father’s or Jack’s macho posturing and with some difficulty, he pulled himself out of Jack’s arms. “If the prize you both seek may talk now,” he started sarcastically, smiling as both Jack and his dad had the grace to look ashamed. “Dad, I’m not asking you to like Jack, but please, give him a chance?” He pleaded with his dad before turning to Jack. “And while we are around my parents, could you please tone it down just a bit?”

Jack pouted again, sulking petulantly at the thought of having to keep his hands off of Ianto. Even the briefest period of time was almost too much for Jack to bear, but for his Ianto, he would try. “Fine, for you I’ll tone it down when we’re in public.” Jack promised. ‘But when we’re alone? Oh, baby, that’s a whole other story!’ Jack purred to himself.

You didn’t have to be a mind reader to guess what was going through Jack’s mind when a leer unconsciously crossed his face as the immortal gazed at Ianto.

Ianto’s blush grew even darker the longer Jack looked at him. Ianto suddenly felt like he was a rare delicacy that Jack wanted to feast upon ravenously. “If Tosh is going to get any breakfast, then we better get back in there.”

Despite his one-track mind when it came to Ianto, Jack did sense that his soon-to-be mate was extremely embarrassed. “Well, we can’t have Tosh starve, she’s far too important to lose.”

Tosh blushed at Jack’s praise; she wasn’t used to it, and probably never would be, but it was nice to hear.

“Great! Let’s get going.” Charlie snagged Tosh by the wrist and dragged her with him deeper into Ianto’s flat.

A calculating, speculative look entered Ianto’s eyes as he watched one of his old friends clearly taking a liking to one of his new friends, and in all honesty, Ianto couldn’t help but think that Charlie and Tosh would make a cute couple. ‘Maybe if I drop a few hints, the others might become involved in playing matchmaker. Maybe then they’d leave my love life alone.’ Ianto hated to toss Tosh to the wolves like that, but he needed his family to back off so he could work on his relationship with Jack.

Plus, Ianto couldn’t help but think that Charlie would help Tosh to get over Owen before she got her heart broken. He was not blind to the fact that Owen and Gwen had started shagging, and if he was right, it was going to become much more than that.

He felt badly for Rhys and Tosh. That was why Ianto hoped that Charlie and Tosh could start something, because he knew that Owen and Gwen’s affair was going to lead to heartbreak. Ianto was saddened by the realisation that it was more than likely going to be Tosh and Rhys that got hurt. While Owen and Gwen were trying to deny that there weren’t’ any feelings between them, Ianto could see the emotions growing between the two of them.

“What are you thinking about so hard, gorgeous?” Jack’s silken voice washed over Ianto as he felt the older man’s hot breath tickle his ear.

Even as he bent his head to give Jack better access to his neck, Ianto gave him a purely innocent look. “Nothing, Sir.” His voice rumbled softly in his chest and the sound shot straight to Jack’s groin.

Jack gave an undignified snort at that and was surprised to hear it echoed. His eyes shot to Sirius before returning to his would-be lover. “Now, now, gorgeous, it’s not nice to lie, so why don’t you tell me what you’re planning or will I have to force it out of you?” To Ianto, it was unfair how seductive Jack could make a single word sound.

A whimper actually escaped Ianto’s lips before he could stop it, and his body heated at the desire swimming in those blue eyes of the Captain he loved so much. It took all his willpower not to say screw the courting and have Jack take him to bed now.

“Ianto, if you don’t wish for Sirius to try and murder your future mate, you might want to stop with the eye-sex and come back inside. I can only hold Sirius back for so long.” Remus’ highly amused voice washed over them, ruining the moment.

Coming out of his haze, Ianto blinked and turned around to face his dads and he was surprised to see that Remus was indeed holding Sirius around the waist. From the look in his dad’s eyes, it was clear that he wanted to ripe Jack apart, limb from limb. ‘How is it that the wolf is the voice of reason here?’ he wondered.

“Right, come along, Jack, time to finish breakfast.” Ianto snagged Jack’s arm and dragged the all-too-willing Captain back into the dining room, fully aware of the fact that Jack was enjoying the view of his jean-clad arse as he walked.

‘Oh, God, I cannot wait to find out how tight that arse is.’ Jack nearly groaned out loud as imagines of a beautiful, naked Ianto filled his head. He began to make a list of all the places in Ianto’s flat and at the Hub that he would have to christen with Ianto. His bed, naturally, was the number one on the list. It was an alpha male thing, and in order to make his claim clear to any and all possible competition, including Ianto’s parent, he needed to claim his mate in his den.

Again, Jack was lucky that neither Sirius nor Remus could hear his thoughts or he would be one dead Captain. Not that it would matter to him, but he wanted to tell Ianto about his immortality in his own way, rather than let the young man stumble onto the truth. ‘I’ll to make sure I explain to Ianto about how Gwen knows about my little talent; I don’t want Ianto to think I confided in her. No, that’s a whole mess I would rather avoid.’

Jack was not blind as everyone thought he was when it came to 21st century emotions. He knew of Gwen’s crush on him, her all-out hero worship for him, just as he knew that he was guilty of doing nothing to discourage the woman. With a flash of clarity, Jack understood that he was wholly responsible for Ianto’s belief that he was only second best in Jack’s life. Jack vowed to himself that from that moment on, he would do everything in his power to wipe those doubts from Ianto’s mind, and at the same time, set Gwen and the rest of the world straight that he wanted Ianto and no one else.

“Calm down, love; you can’t keep attempting to kill Jack every time he touches Ianto. I know you don’t like him, but could you at least try and get along with him, not for my sake but for Ianto’s. He really does care for the man, and with you and Jack constantly at each other’s throats, it’s only putting Ianto in the middle.” Remus was patient with his husband as he pointed out the facts to Sirius, and when the wolf felt Sirius sag in his arms, he knew that he had finally gotten through to his mate.

“I’ll try my love, but the man’s not making it easy. Ianto has been so hurt by love before and I wasn’t there to keep him safe,” Sirius admitted softly, and suddenly it became clear to Remus why Sirius was acting like the way he was.

“Sirius, what happen was beyond our control. I will not lie to you; it was hard how Ianto was forced to grow up with the stories about your imprisonment and all the lies he was force to tell and live as a child. You both were robbed of so much, Sirius, and heaven knows you have tried your best to make up for what you missed.” Remus whispered soothingly to his husband.

It always amazed Sirius at how well Remus could read him. “I just want to make sure that Jack is right for Ianto, that we can trust him with Ianto’s heart.” Sirius turned around to rest comfortably in Remus’ arms and he laid his head on his husband’s shoulder. Remus ran his hand up and down his mate’s back. He could feel the vibrating tension begin to slowly leave his body.

“I think maybe you should talk to Jack, explain your feelings to him, and tell him why you are so overly protective of Ianto.” Remus suggested, knowing that if Jack had an idea of why Sirius was so protective of Ianto, then maybe he would respect the boundaries that Sirius laid out between the two men. It would also give Jack a clearer picture of what Ianto had gone through as a child.

“Fine, but if he flirts with me, I reserve the right to smack him one.” Sirius growled out clenching his fist at the thought.

Remus chuckled at the idea of Jack making a move on Sirius. “You have nothing to worry about there, love. I very much doubt that he will try anything, he’s clearly too far gone on Ianto. And besides, Ianto is his mate; he would never allow any harm to come to him and that includes flirting with you. I have seen it in Jack’s eyes; he is very serious about Ianto.” Remus reassured his husband.

Grumbling under his breath, Sirius re-entered Ianto’s flat with Remus happily trailing after him.

They quickly located Ianto in his living room and just as they thought, where Ianto was, Jack was right beside him, an air of alpha male possessiveness around him. He was gazing fondly at Ianto, who was introducing Tosh to Emily, and they took note of Charlie, standing beside Tosh, still holding her hand in his.

Sirius moved towards Jack and then levelled a stern look at the man. “We need to talk.” His tone left no room for question or hesitation.

Curious, Jack raised an eyebrow but followed Sirius out of the room and down the hall into Ianto’s bedroom; neither men noticed Ianto watching them leave with a worried look in his eyes.

Remus came up to his son and rested a comforting hand on his shoulder. “I promise you they’re only going to talk, but if they do start fighting, I will go break it up…” and he grinned impishly, “… Or send in Emily and Molly.” He reassured Ianto.

Ianto felt calm fill him at his father’s promise. “I vote we send in Mom; that would teach them to play nice with each other.”

Remus’ booming laughter echoed throughout the living room.

With Remus’ laughter following them down the hall, Jack was surprised to find himself being led into Ianto’s bedroom, and he smirked. “Not that I’m not flattered, but I’m afraid the answer is no, I won’t betray Ianto like this.”

It took only a second for Sirius to figure out what Jack was saying and when he did, a look of pure disgust came over his handsome features. “Get your head out of the gutter! Even if you weren’t after my son, I would never sleep with you. I would never betray Remus. I told you we need to talk and talk is all we are going to do.”

Jack crossed his arms over his broad chest and gazed serenely at Sirius, waiting for him to start speaking.

Sirius ran a hand through his dark locks. “If you know about the wizarding world, then you must know about me?” Sirius caught Jack’s nod out of the corner of his eye. “Ianto is my and Remus son, Remus carried him. Remus and I were so happy to start a family together and our news was made all the more wonderful when we learned that our best friend, James Potter, and his lovely wife, Lily, were also excepting their first child, so we made plans to raise our children together.

“But that was never to be. Voldemort and his followers made damn sure of that. Tensions were running high and plans were being made; Emily doesn’t know this, but if anything were to happen to all of us, she was listed as the boys’ next of kin. She would be the one to raise Ianto and Harry. It got so bad that distrust managed to wiggle its way in between my relationship with Remus; I’m ashamed to say that there was a time when we both believed the other one to be a traitor. It cost us dearly, but more importantly, it cost Ianto dearly.

“I won’t go into detail, but I was framed and locked away. Remus, because he is a so-called ‘dark creature’, had to give our son to Emily to raise. I spent the first fourteen years of my son’s life locked away; and ever since then, I have tried my hardest to make up for all those precious moments I missed. After the war I vowed that I would keep Ianto safe, although I failed in doing so at the fall of Torchwood One. The loss of Lisa nearly destroyed Ianto, but I can see that what Ianto is coming to feel for you will far surpass his love for Lisa by a mile.

“I made a vow to not let anything hurt Ianto again, so how can I trust you not break his heart when I know that the only reason you are here is that you are waiting for the Doctor?” A cunning grin over took Sirius’ face at the look of shock on Jack’s face. “You’re not the only one who did research.”

If he were being truly honest with himself, that was a question that had been plaguing Jack since the moment he met Ianto. It was just one more reason why he had kept his distance from Ianto, because a part of him knew what the young Welshman could and would come to mean to him. Jack knew himself well enough to know that he didn’t know if loving Ianto would be enough to keep him on Earth should the Doctor ever return.

Jack knew that Sirius only had Ianto’s best interests at heart, and he couldn’t really fault the man for being an overprotective father, and that was why he decided to tell Sirius the truth. “I’ve being waiting for the Doctor for so long; he has the answers I seek. I would be a liar if I were to swear that I would never go. But even if I went with the Doctor, and that has become a big if, it would only be to find out the truth about me. I will always come back for Ianto. Even if I have to die a thousand times or more, I will come back to Ianto.” He vowed, his heart blazing in his eyes.

Sirius could see the truth in Jack’s eyes and nodded his head. “I will accept that promise, but know this, Jack Harkness. If I find out you abandoned Ianto for this Doctor of yours, then I will take Ianto back to the wizarding world and make sure you never see him again.” Sirius made his own vow.

Jack’s steely blue eyes met Sirius’ darker gaze. “Agreed,” and with that the two men shook hands.

“Now, can I please get back to Ianto?” Jack didn’t like leaving his unclaimed mate alone in a room full of males; he knew how hot and desirable his Ianto was.

A devious smirk spread across Sirius’ face as he decided to play with Jack. “I can understand why you wouldn’t want to leave Ianto alone, seeing as both Draco and Harry had things for Ianto in the not-so-long-ago past.” Sirius was pleased to see that he didn’t even finished speaking before Jack was out of the bedroom and stalking towards the living room where Ianto was.

‘Maybe this won’t be so bad.’ Sirius thought with a whistle as he followed after Jack, it might be worth putting up with Jack if he got to rile him up so easily.

Ianto barely had a chance to blink before Jack was across the room and pulling him into a deep, claiming kiss. There was so much passion sparking around that nearly everybody in Ianto’s flat blushed red as the two men began to put on quite the show for them.

Mine.” Jack growled possessively against Ianto’s lips.

“Yours.” Ianto whispered back and that was all Jack needed to hear before he reclaimed Ianto’s mouth which belong to him and him alone.

It was clear to all that Jack and Ianto were trying to devour one another through their mouths. But, sadly, all good things had to end and Jack somehow found the willpower and strength to break the kiss.

Ianto could not deny the whimper that tore from his lips at the loss of Jack’s mouth against his.

A fond chuckle escaped Jack’s mouth as he gently nuzzled Ianto’s cheek. “I would love to continue this, but I’m afraid that work calls. Owen and I are the only ones fit to watch the Rift, and I’ve been gone long enough that he is more than likely already at work with a scowl on his face.”

Ianto actually pouted; he did not want to have to share Jack with Torchwood or anybody, not today; today he wanted Jack all to himself. And as if Jack was reading his thoughts, he nuzzled his cheek against Ianto’s and whispered for his ears only, “Nothing would give me more pleasure to stay here and make love to you all day long, to learn, map and taste every inch of your body. To hear your cries of pleasure as I claim your body, heart and soul as mine and mine alone.” Jack growled in a husky tone.

A slight cough forced Jack and Ianto to break their staring contest, and they turned to see Tosh looking at them, a light blush dusting across her cheeks.

“Yes, Tosh?” Jack asked in a surprisingly gentle tone; no matter what she might have just broken up, Jack could never be harsh with his dear Toshiko.

“If it is all right with you, I would like to come into work today. I wasn’t hurt as badly as Ianto or shot like Gwen, plus it would give me something to focus on; the memories are still far too fresh.” Tosh finished off in a whisper.

Something surged forth in Jack, something different than his need to care for Ianto. That man was his mate. No, this was more like an alpha protecting an injured cub.

With understanding written in his eyes, Ianto stepped out of Jack’s loosening grip, allowing the immortal to go over to Tosh, and Jack flashed his young mate a thankful smile as he pulled her into his arms.

“My beautiful and brave Toshiko, you brighten the Hub with your very presence. It would be an honour to have you to look at, plus it would help get me through this dreadful day of not only no Ianto but no Ianto coffee, and, AND…” Jack paused for dramatic effect. “… It would spare me from having only Owen to look at.” Jack pouted adorably and Tosh couldn’t help but laugh, which made Jack smile; his mission was complete, he’d gotten Tosh to laugh.

Jack, without losing hold of Tosh, reached out and snagged Ianto by the wrist, pulling the young man into a three-way hug. Ianto rolled his eyes fondly but went willingly and he sighed himself as he heard Jack sigh in contentment at being between him and Tosh. Ianto couldn’t resist leaning past Toshiko and kissing Jack fondly on the lips.

Freeing his hand, Jack ran the back of his hand across Ianto’s cheek. “I will see you tonight if the Rift behaves. I expect you to do nothing but rest today; I can only go so long without seeing you.” Jack murmured softly and honestly.

Ianto beamed at Jack, happiness filling him. “I feel the same way, Sir.” He admitted, placing a seductive tone on the word he knew drove Jack crazy.

Jack let out a groan and mock-glared at his tempting Welsh wizard. “Get better fast, because I have some serious plans for us.” He whispered the promise and then, with strength he didn’t know he had, Jack managed to pull himself away from Ianto. “I will see you later tonight.” He eyes were full of things to come as he raked them down Ianto’s body.

Reaching out, Ianto snagged Jack in for a soft and tender good-bye kiss. “I’ll be waiting with coffee and dinner.” Ianto whispered against Jack’s lips before he slowly released his mate and straightened out Jack’s greatcoat.

“I’m looking forward to tonight.” Jack promised before backing away to let Tosh and Ianto to say good-bye.

Tosh flung her arms around Ianto, careful she didn’t jar his injuries. “I never got the chance to thank you for saving me last night. You sacrificed yourself for me, and I will be forever grateful and in your debt.” Tears glistened in Tosh’s eyes as she thanked the young man whom she had ignored for the better part of the last few months.

Ianto’s arms wrapped around Tosh, “Oh, my dear, sweet Tosh, I just reacted yesterday, I couldn’t bear the thought of you at the mercy of those creatures. And the idea of you nearly being tenderized makes me sick. All I ask in payment is that we get to know each other because I think you and I could be great friends.” Ianto looked almost shy at the end.

Tosh gave him a brilliant smile that only a few lucky persons had ever seen. “I would like that very much, Ianto.” All she wanted was a chance to make things right with Ianto, a new start.

Jack was filled with pride and happiness as his mate and the woman he saw as both a daughter and sister, getting along. “I hate to break up this touching moment,” and he really did, “but Tosh and I had better get to the Hub before Myfanwy decides to go looking for chocolate again.”

Ianto couldn’t help but shudder and smile fondly; the last time they had left Myfanwy alone for too long, she had single-handily managed to nearly destroy the Hub after catching a whiff of carelessly left out chocolate bars, one hidden in Owen’s desk and the other in Jack’s office. Ianto levelled a glare at Jack. “I am not cleaning up a chocolate-related mess again.” The firm tone he used informed Jack that if he didn’t deal with the possible mess himself, then the immortal’s hope of getting into his bed would suffer a serious set-back.

“I promise the Hub will be in perfect condition upon your return to work.” Jack promised and that was one promise he was going to keep. No messy Hub was going to stand in the way of his getting his mate into bed.

A devious look entered Ianto’s eyes as he trailed a finger along Jack’s strong chest, silently cursing the fact that he was wearing clothing. “See that it is, Captain, and I will reward you, greatly.”

Jack nearly stumbled over his own feet as everyone else choked over how dirty Ianto made the last word sound.

Giggling, Tosh grasped Jack’s arm and began herding him towards the door. “I better get this one out of here before he is reduced to a drooling mess. I’ll see you later, Ianto, and don’t worry, I’ll make sure Jack behaves.” Tosh’s promise echoed back to them as she dragged Jack out of Ianto’s flat.

Silence reigned for a moment until Charlie spoke up. “I like Tosh.” He announced to the room. “So, is she single?” He directed the last part at Ianto.

Ianto quirked an eyebrow at Charlie. ‘Hah! I knew it! He does like her,’ before smiling and answering, “Tosh is indeed single, but I would caution you to be very careful with her heart. Jack and I are both very protective of her.” Ianto warned his old friend.

While Ianto and Jack were having their rather informative and very demonstrative good-bye, one that many wished they had kept private, Draco and Sirius were in the corner talking in low tones. It was a situation that should and did worry everyone; those two plotting together was never a good thing, especially for whomever they were discussing. Moments later, Sirius turned back to the room and announced loudly,

“Your father and I are staying for a while.” Ianto choked on nothing, as did everyone else, at Sirius’ unexpected news.

Draco had a very smug look on his face as he grinned at Sirius. “Well, what do you know about that? So are Harry and I!” He opened his eyes wide with exaggerated innocence.

Harry and Remus shared a look of concern. This was the first they had heard of these plans and they both knew that their husbands were up to something. The idea of the two of them working together sent a shiver of fear down Harry and Remus’ spines. While it was rare for Sirius and Draco to work together, when they did, it never boded well for anyone, especially Ianto’s suitors.

Luna hummed under her breath a tune that only Neville heard and he glanced at his best friend, wondering why she was humming what sounded like a wedding march and baby rhyme combined. “Luna, what are you planning?” He asked lowly so no one would overhear their conversation.

Luna’s blue eyes shone with knowledge. “Nothing! I am simply the messenger of my lady; it is her wish that I am fulfilling. Happiness is coming for all of us.” She patted Neville on the hand and went back to her song.

Ianto was staring at his dad and his friend with more than a little suspicion in his blue eyes. “And why do you feel the need to stay around? Mum said I was going to be fine, so there’s really no reason for you…” and he swept determined eyes around the room, “… any of you, to stay around.”

A pout crossed both Sirius and Draco’s mouths, which was a very dangerous thing, because just like when Jack pouted, Ianto couldn’t find it within him to say no to them. “That’s just not fair; you two are ganging up on me. Fine, you can stay, but you both have to promise me that you will be nice to Jack, he is very important to me. My wolf cries for him.” Ianto admitted softly as he fell back onto his couch, an air of defeat around him.

Remus took a deep breath and stared sternly at everyone. “I need to talk to Ianto, alone. Everyone out, now!” The alpha tone had the hair on the back of everyone’s necks standing up. They might not have been wolves, but they were a pack and they knew they must listen to their alpha. No one dared question Remus’ demand, and in a matter of moments the flat was clear.

Remus caught Sirius by the arm and placed a soft kiss on his husband’s lips. “I will talk to you afterwards, but I need to talk to Ianto alone. His wolf will respond better to me without an audience. Please understand?” Remus couldn’t bear for his mate to be angry at him, but at the same time he needed to talk to their son alone.

Reaching out, Sirius stroked Remus’ cheek. “I trust you. Just take care of our boy, okay?” He hated the idea that Ianto might be suffering.

Sirius moved towards Ianto and placed a gentle kiss on Ianto’s forehead. “No matter what, you know that all I want for you is to be happy, right?” He whispered, and he waited for Ianto nod before heading out of Ianto’s flat himself.

Once the door closed behind Sirius, Remus quickly cast a silencing charm around Ianto’s flat; he wouldn’t put it past any of their friends to hang about and eavesdrop. Satisfied that they could now talk in private, he sat beside Ianto, wrapped his arm around his son, and brought him to rest against his side. Ianto curled up against him like he had when he was a child.

“Talk to me, Ianto, tell me how your wolf reacts around Jack. How does it differ from when you were with Lisa,” Remus commanded.

Ianto took a shaky breath before he began to explain, taking the opportunity to order his chaotic thoughts. “Lisa was like a breath of fresh air; she was so innocent and so accepting of my past. She loved me for who I was and who I could be, despite the blood on my hands. I loved her, Dad, I really did but not in the way most people believed. I never saw her my mate, only as a pack-mate; my wolf marked her as sister.” Ianto was close to tears by then and Remus tightened his hold on Ianto.

“I would have damned my soul if it meant I could have saved her.” He looked up at his father, earnestness shining through the tears in his eyes. “I wanted to save her like she saved me and then I was going to Retcon her and give her the life she deserved. Jack was a surprise, one that I never expected to find.”

Remus was struck by the complete change in demeanour that came over his son at the mention of Jack’s name. Any trace of tears was gone, and a soft, loving light entered Ianto’s eyes, a small smile graced the corners of his mouth. ‘That’s the way Sirius looked on the day he proposed to me,’ the older man amused.

“The moment I met him in the park that night my wolf declared him ‘mine’. Whatever love I thought I had for Lisa paled in comparison to what I felt for Jack in that moment. I knew that Jack Harkness was it, he was my mate. But I couldn’t give up my plans to save Lisa, I owed it to her. It nearly destroyed me to look Jack in the eye and lie to him on a daily basis.

“When Lisa was found, my wolf was torn; our sister had been gunned down by our mate. I wanted to kill him and yet at the same time, submit to him. I hated and loved him at the same time.” The tears were back again, and suddenly Ianto was openly crying into his dad’s shoulder. He just didn’t have the strength any more to hold them back. It was the first time since Lisa’s death that he had truly let out his emotions.

Remus said nothing, he just held his son as Ianto cried for the loss of a friend and pack-mate as well as for the pain and hurt he and his mate had caused each other. “It’s alright, Ianto, I’ve got you.” It was clear to Remus that Ianto had not taken the time to mourn like he should have. He was prepared to sit and comfort Ianto for as long as his son needed him. “Just let it out, son.”

And Ianto did just that, he had no idea how long he stayed in his father’s arms sobbing out all of the loss, the pain, and the fear that had gripped him since the war and the fall of Torchwood One.

Every tear of regret and every howl of pain that fell from Ianto’s lips sent a dagger through Remus’ heart; like every other parent, human or wolf, he hated seeing his child suffer.

On the other side of Ianto’s front door, it was taking all of Sirius’ control not to rush back inside. The silencing charm might have prevented him from hearing the actual words, but he felt Remus’ distress through their mating bond. His son was hurting and he couldn’t comfort him; the feeling of hopeless, helpless frustration was crippling, just like before when he’d been locked away from the world in Azkaban. Soft female arms wrapped around him in a comforting embrace and Sirius let himself collapse against Emily; together they sank down to the floor, and he cried his own tears for the pain Ianto had been carrying around for so long.

Remus was well aware of the emotional turmoil going on in the hall, and he brushed a kiss into Ianto’s hair. “Do you mind if I let your dad and mum back in?” He asked softly.

Ianto gave a shaky nod against his father’s shoulder, his face still buried into Remus’ neck. With permission given, Remus slowly released his hold on Ianto and moved towards the door, releasing the spell as he went.

Still in Emily’s comforting hold, Sirius blinked as the door opened and Remus’ own red-rimmed eyes met his. Everyone else had followed his orders and was gone. Despite the fact that the wolf knew that they wanted to offer their own comfort and support to Ianto, Remus was grateful that they knew it was not the right time, that they understood that Ianto needed to be with just his parents.

Reaching out, Remus stroked the tears from Sirius’ cheek with gentle fingers as he informed them, “Ianto would like for both of you to join us. I will explain everything later, but right now our son needs our support.” Remus offered both his hands to Sirius and Emily, and once they grasped hold, he hauled them to their feet and returned to Ianto’s flat to comfort and care for their son.


Tags: crossover: harry potter/torchwood, fic: beauitfully broken, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: sirius/remus
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