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Fic: Beautifully Broken Chapter 2

Title: Beautifully Broken
Fandoms: Torchwood/Harry Potter
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Sirius/Remus, Draco/Harry, Blaise/Luna, Snape/Neville, Rhys/Gwen, Owen/Tonks, Charlie/Tosh, Andy/Hermione.
Summary: The war had left him broken, but could Torchwood, and more importantly, Jack, heal him, or would the remains if his heart shatter?
Rating: R and sometime NC-17
Word Count: 30,361
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Harry Potter; I do own Emily Jones though.
Thanks to: royalladyemma for all her amazing beta work.

A growl escaped Sirius’ lips as he continued to pace the living room floor of Ianto’s house. “If he is hurt, I swear that team will be held responsible and they will pay, oh, yes, they will pay.” The dark-haired man promised.

Remus was usually the one who would calm his mate down, but tonight, he was barely able to keep his own rage in check. It was too close to the full moon, which meant that Moony was closer to the surface than normal, and knowing his cub had been hurt only made the situation worse.

Emily’s anxious glance darted between the two men; she was afraid that they might do something drastic.

“That’s it! I’m going to find my son!” Sirius declared as he marched over to the door, grabbing his coat on the way.

Remus jumped to his feet. “I’m coming too.” He needed to see with his own eyes that his son was okay.

Emily rolled her eyes, scarily similar to Ianto, and grabbed her coat. “Oi! You two idiots aren’t going anywhere without me; someone has to keep a cool head.”

Emily Jones may have stood only a little over five feet, but she was a force to be reckoned with.  And really, she was right; given how murderously her men were feeling, it was a smart idea to have someone with a cool head along with them.

“Fine, whatever, can we go now?” Sirius was not pleased at being kept from his son.

Emily merely raised an eyebrow and brushed past Sirius to join Remus at the door. “I do believe that the one we are waiting for is you.”

Sirius glared at his old friends as he huffed past the two of them, grabbing a firm hold of Remus’ hand and dragging his mate behind him.

Emily just smiled; over the years, she’d gotten used to dealing with Sirius and his mercurial emotions. “Don’t you dare go near that car, Sirius! I’m driving; we want to end up there in one piece.” Emily called out as she shut Ianto’s door behind her.


Despite the morphine injection, the ride back to the Hub was pure torture for Ianto; ever bump, turn and stop was amplified by his battered body. In truth, he wished that he would just pass out; Owen’s pain medicine didn’t really do anything for him, not with his magic humming throughout his body. He honestly couldn’t remember a time when his body had endured such agonizing pain. Ianto craved the darkness; he was pretty sure that his ribs were broken. He’d suffered broken ribs before and he knew what a damn pain in the butt they could be.

A gentle hand on his knee and a soft voice calling his name broke through Ianto’s pain-filled and slightly drugged mind, and he forced a fake smile on his lips as he faced Jack. “Yes, Sir?” he questioned quietly and was taken aback by the sincere worry in Jack’s beautiful blue eyes. He loved looking into Jack’s eyes, they were so pretty.

“Ianto, are you sure you’re all right?” Jack asked with concern dripping off his every word.

“I’m fine, Jack.” Ianto slurred out, his pain was making it hard to concentrate as he blinked back the black spots swimming in front of his eyes.

Jack’s grip on the SUV wheel tightened with fear as he ordered, “Stay with me, Ianto, do you hear me?”

Ianto smiled dopily at him. “You have such pretty eyes.” The pain medicine was clearly loosening his tongue. “And you’re so very handsome.” He giggled and whispered loudly, “But don’t tell anybody else, okay?”

Jack felt hope fill him at Ianto’s admittance. “Really?” He wanted not only to keep Ianto conscious, but he was curious as to how Ianto really felt about him. “What else do you like about me?” Jack knew it was an under-handed tactic, taking advantage of Ianto’s inebriated state, but when else was he going to have this chance.

Ianto bobbed his head up and down slightly. “You’re one of the bravest men I have ever met, Jack; you make the hard decisions so we don’t have to. You protect us even when we don’t see it, yet you hide yourself away from everyone. You keep us all at arm’s length, like you’re protecting yourself from getting hurt. You’re afraid to let anyone of us in.” Ianto told him matter-of-factly.

Jack was taken aback by how well Ianto had already figured him out. He couldn’t deny anything, everything Ianto said was true. He had discovered a long time ago how much it hurt to let someone in just to lose them. He had learned to shield his heart from that kind of hurt. But somehow, Ianto had weaseled his way past his defences and buried himself into his heart. Jack honestly couldn’t picture his life anymore without Ianto in it. No, that wasn’t true; for one brief moment when Ianto lay dead in the Hub, Jack’s world had suddenly felt colder. He shivered at the memory.

In the backseat, the other three members of the team listened, and they were surprised by the way Ianto saw Jack. Chagrined, they realised that the young Welshman was right. The way they had all treated Jack after he gave Jasmine to the fairies had been wrong. They hadn’t bothered to see it from his point of view, one girl who wanted to go versus the survival of the whole world. No, they had treated Jack like the monster Ianto had once accused him of being. They felt ashamed.

Gwen shifted slightly in her seat as jealousy churned in her belly. Ianto could accept Jack, all of him, just the way he was, while she couldn’t, not when it ruined the knight-in-shining-amour-imagine she held of Jack. But she wasn’t blind; like to or not, while Jack may have flirted with her, it was Ianto he wanted. She had never seen Jack look at her the way he looked at Ianto; even now, the man split his time between looking at the road and gazing at Ianto. It hurt to know that she would never have a true shot with Jack, but she would not deny either man a chance at true happiness, no matter how hard it might be to accept.

‘Besides, there is another knight, only his armour is a bit dented.’ Gwen glanced shyly at Owen; it scared her how he made her feel. It was so different from Rhys’ pure love, and from Jack’s role as her dashing hero, that she could not and would not put a name to it. All she knew was that she should stop this thing with Owen before it got out of hand, but she had neither the strength nor the willpower to do so.

Owen could feel Gwen’s dark gaze on him and it took all his willpower not to react; he knew he was treading on very thin ground with Gwen. With a guilty start, he realised that he was dangerously close to feeling something he hadn’t felt since Katie and that frightened him.

Toshiko huddled against the door, wrapped in her own world of hurt, loss and betrayal. It hurt watching Jack and Ianto, and now Owen and Gwen. Tosh was happy for Ianto and Jack after watching them for so long; they were finally finding their way to one another, but now, knowing about Owen and Gwen’s ‘thing’ broke her heart. She wasn’t stupid; she knew that Owen would never see her as anything more than boring old Tosh, the tech geek, a teammate, and sometime friend. ‘I just want someone to love me! Is that so much to ask for?’ Tosh asked silently as she fought back the tears that threatened to fall.

The rest of the ride to the Hub was in silence as all they were lost in their own thoughts.


As Jack pulled into the underground parking he was surprised and on alert at the sight of the three waiting people. Parking the car, he turned to Owen. “Stay here, keep the others safe,” he ordered. This time he would protect his team, and more importantly, he would protect Ianto.

“Understood, boss,” Owen agreed and kept sharp eyes on the two men and one woman as Jack slowly made his way over to them.

As Jack grew closer, he noticed the two men grow tenser and before he knew what was happening, the dark-haired male struck. Jack never saw the punch coming until it landed on his jaw.

“Oww! What the hell was that for?” Jack snarled as he held his stinging jaw.

“That was for putting my son in danger.” Sirius snarled back, his fist clenching with the need to punch the handsome man again and again until his rage dissipated.

No one heard the SUV door open until a worried and upset cry of “Dad!” pierced the air.

The moment Jack’s blue eyes landed on Ianto’s stumbling form, he forgot all about his jaw, and the three strangers, and rushed to support Ianto.

Ianto was grateful that Jack’s strong arms encircled his waist just as the last of his strength faded and he felt his knees buckle. “Thank you, Sir,” he managed to get out, his words slurred and his eyes heavy.

“Ianto, are you okay?” Sirius asked, who had rushed to his son’s side the same moment that Jack had, and he ran a hand through Ianto’s hair. Remus and Emily stopping back a few feet back as not to crowd Ianto.

Ianto managed to flash his dad a pain-filled and slightly dopey smile. “I’m okay, Dad.”

As both Jack and his dad gave him the same disbelieving look, Ianto knew that both men could see past his very phoney lie. “You’re not buying that, are you?” He questioned them.

“Nope.” Jack and Sirius glared at one another as they both answered at the same time and Ianto couldn’t help but laugh which he immediately regretted as his ribs screamed in pain.

Jack felt Ianto tense in his arms and knew that his laugh more than likely jarred Ianto’s tender ribs. He shot a glare at Sirius. “Listen, I don’t care who you are, but you’re standing in the way of getting Ianto treated, so move. Now!” Jack ordered in his sternest Captain’s tone.

Sirius’ dark eyes narrowed as his lips curled into a snarl. “I am Ianto’s father, and if anyone is going to look after Ianto, it is going to be us.” Sirius was tired of these people breaking his son. “Where were you after Lisa?” He demanded roughly. “You abandoned him for over a month, not even bothering to check on him once!” Sirius would never forget the image of his broken son; not even the war had damaged him that badly. Losing Lisa had destroyed a part of Ianto that Sirius feared his son would never be able to heal.

Jack had to look away from Sirius’ accusing gaze as shame filled him. He had let his anger towards Ianto get the better of him and instead of going to visit the young man and talk to him, he stayed away. He didn’t take the time to care for or about Ianto; he’d been too busy nursing his wounded pride. Even now, after everything that had happened, they still managed to treat Ianto like he was nothing, letting him slip back into the shadows. ‘You’re the biggest monster of them all.’ Ianto’s words stabbed at Jack’s heart, and at that moment, he truly felt like the fiend Ianto accused him of being. ‘How did I let things get so bad?’

“I will admit I made a mistake, but I am not going to abandon Ianto, not this time, and never again.” Jack vowed, daring Sirius to challenge him.

“Oi, enough of this pissing contest! Ianto is injured and we need to focus on him. Now either help me or get the hell out of my way.” Emily Jones was not happy as she made her way over to the two alpha males, concern for her son in every way but blood lacing her every movement.

Sirius blanched at the tone in Emily’s voice, and at the hard look in Remus’ amber eyes. He knew he was in trouble for starting a pissing contest, as Emily had called it, with Jack Harkness, but something about the man rubbed him the wrong way. It didn’t help him feel any more charitable when he saw the way the older man was looking at his only son, or how his son was looking at Jack in return.

Grumbling under his breath, Sirius looked at Jack, “Could you give me a hand in getting Yan into our car?” He forced politeness into his voice.

Jack glared at the other man, not quite sure if he should trust his Ianto with these strangers, when a gentle hand on his still-sore jaw had him turning his head; his gaze softened as he met Ianto’s tender gaze. “I’ll be okay, Jack; my parents will take good care of me and I will see you in a few days.”  He needed the older man to trust him.

Jack fondly stroked Ianto’s cheek with his free hand. “Take care of yourself, Ianto, and you better believe that I will be stopping by to check up on you in the coming days.” There was no way Jack was going to stay away, not when Ianto was so badly hurt; in truth, he didn’t trust these people to look after his Ianto.

The goofy grin mixed with longing and happiness that Ianto gave him sent Jack’s heart soaring. “I’d like that,” Ianto admitted softly.

Remus, thanks to his enhanced werewolf senses, could smell the desire coming off of both men, but he could also smell the need to protect his son rolling off of Jack. ‘Hmm, this is very interesting; Jack smells like a man trying to protect his mate.’  To Moony, Jack did indeed smell like an alpha male guarding his injured mate.

‘Sirius is not going to like this.’ Remus predicted, and he knew that history would prove him right; his mate did have a habit of not liking any of Ianto’s suitors. Except for Harry; when Sirius found out that Harry had a crush on their son, his mate went all out matchmaker on the two of them. Sadly, despite all of Sirius’ hard work, the two young wizards never moved beyond friendship.

No, Remus figured, this was going to be much more like the Draco time. When Sirius got wind of the Malfoy heir’s crush on Ianto, Sirius’ devious side had come out. If the stories he’d heard from Harry were indeed correct, then Draco still had a few nightmares about what Sirius had put him through.

‘This time, though,’ Remus watched the way Jack tenderly brushed Ianto’s hair back from his forehead. ‘Something tells me Jack Harkness won’t be so easily dissuaded.’

“Oh, my God! What happen to him?” Emily was now kneeling beside Jack and Ianto, and her frantically worried voice had Remus shifting his gaze to his son. His hackles rose and a very dangerous growl escaped his lips as he finally got a true look at his cub’s injuries.

“Cannibals,” Jack informed them curtly.

“I’ll rip them to shreds for hurting my son! Where are they?” Remus snarled, barely able to contain his rage. The wolf in him cried out for sweet, bloody revenge.

“Dad, please do not go Moony on them.” Ianto whispered in a pain-filled voice.

It took all of Remus’ willpower to nod to his son’s plea and he forced Moony back into submission; he would not hunt them down, not today at least.

Sirius looked at Jack with a steel-filled gaze. “They will be dealt with, right.” He didn’t ask the question, he demanded.

A cold, cruel smile came over Jack’s face. “Oh, they will be. No one gets away with hurting my team,” and he looked down at Ianto, lying in his arms. “But more importantly, no one gets away with hurting Ianto.”

Suddenly, and against his will, Sirius was beginning to like Jack just a little bit, a very tiny bit. Remus, ever sensitive to his mate’s emotional scent, noticed the minute change in attitude. ‘There might be hope for the immortal yet,’ he thought with an approving smile.

Emily stroked her adopted son’s hair fondly before placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. “Don’t worry, my little Yan; I am going to take good care of you.” She promised.

The look Ianto gave her broke her heart; his blue eyes were filled with pain as he asked quietly, “You promise?”

“I promise, and I also promise that no harm will come to your Jack due to your fathers,” Emily vowed. She could sense Ianto’s silent worry over the man whom he both longed for and cared deeply about, and she wished them every chance at happiness. She knew that, despite the deep hurt they had already put each other through, it was clear that there was the potential for a truly great and lasting love between them.

At his mother’s vow, Ianto felt relief fill him. He was finally starting to see what Jack was beginning to mean to him, and he could only hope that someday he would come to mean just as much to Jack.

Emily’s hazel-green eyes met Jack’s crystal clear blue ones, the message and warning was clear: ‘I will keep my promise, but if you hurt my son in any way, all bets are off and it will not be Sirius or Remus that will rip you apart. It will be me.’

Jack nodded; he had a feeling that Emily was a momma bear that would kill to keep her cub safe.

Sirius shivered and actually felt a little worried for Jack; he had been on the receiving end of Emily’s wrath and it is not something he would like to experience again.

By now the rest of the team had let their curiosity get the better of them and they had moved out of the SUV. Despite injury and fatigue, the trio immediately assumed a defensive stance as they surveyed the scene before them. It was Tosh who made the first move; she was worried about the man who risked his life for her despite how she treated him. “Is Ianto going to be alright?” She asked softly.

Remus smiled gently at the young woman; the waves of concern pouring off her made Moony purr with happiness. ‘This one must be Tosh, the one that reminds Ianto of Hermione.’ Remus thought, “Ianto will be fine, we will make sure of that.” The wolf promised Tosh.

Relief filled Tosh. “Please take care of him, Ianto means a lot to us, even if we do have a crummy way of letting him know.” She admitted her, and the others, failings in their treatment of Ianto.

Gwen and Owen shifted and looked at their feet; they were ashamed of their own behaviour towards the young man they saw as nothing more than a simple Tea-Boy. Even after Lisa, when how they treated Ianto was plainly shoved in their faces, they still happily let Ianto fade back into the background.

Pride filled Jack at Tosh’s admittance of their failing of Ianto; he just hope that they hadn’t burnt all their bridges with the young man. ‘Please, Ianto, give us another chance to make up for our failings,’ he thought fervently. ‘Let us show you how much we need you.’

“Stop thinking, Jack, you think too loud.” Ianto mumbled from where he was still slumped against Jack’s warm body. Oh, how he longed to snuggle deeper into Jack’s arms; in his drug, pain and magic-induced state that sounded like a brilliant idea and so he did just that. “Mmm, you’re so warm.” Ianto purred somewhat sleepily against Jack’ strong chest as he nuzzled closer to the warmth, comfort and safety the immortal captain offered.

Sirius bristled as Ianto, to Sirius’ horror, snuggled deeper into Jack’s arms and nestled against the other man’s chest; the look on the young man’s face made it clear to all that he was right where he belonged.

Remus and Emily both had amused looks on their faces; they were not blind to Ianto’s very strong feelings for his boss, but they hadn’t let Sirius in on that little detail. Now it would seem that the cat was out of the bag.

‘Ianto is in my arms and he’s cuddling me.’ Inside, Jack was jumping for joy and he vowed that it was not going to be the only time he had Ianto in his arms. ‘Oh, yes, Ianto Jones, your heart will be mine,’ Jack vowed.

“I’ll take my son now, thank you very much.” Sirius barked out brusquely; he did not trust Jack around his only child.

Something inside of Jack snapped, and the primeval part of himself that he kept well under control surged forward as he tightened his grip on the man in his arms. “Mine, my mate,” he snarled at them shocking them all, even himself.

Emily, having seen this type of possessive behaviour with Remus, calmly spoke to Jack, “Yes, Ianto is yours, but he’s hurt,” She shot Sirius a look that clearly said, ‘you keep quiet,’ before turning her gaze back to the growling Jack. “We need to look after him, Jack; will you let us take care of him of you?”

With his senses in overdrive, Jack could only growl and tighten his grip on Ianto’s limp body until Ianto let out a little moan, and it was that sad, weak sound that managed to break through the red haze that blinded him. The immortal slowly regained his senses and relaxed his arms with a soft whisper, “Sorry, Yan.”  

It was Remus who finally moved decisively towards Jack; as another alpha, he and Jack had the same level of respect for one another. “Let me take him, Jack. He will be safe and cared for; he is my cub.” Remus made claim to his son.

Another growl, albeit softer and less threatening, escaped Jack’s lips, but he did release Ianto into Remus’ waiting arms. “Thank you,” Remus whispered, gently taking Ianto into his arms.

Reluctantly, and with a strange, empty feeling, Jack watched Ianto go, his heart and world already growing colder without the young man in his arms.

Sirius was still bristling as Emily grasped his arm and dragged him away with her.


A series of pops filled Ianto’s empty flat. “Where in the world are they?” Draco Malfoy snarled as he took in the empty room.

Harry rolled his eyes at his husband’s actions. “Ianto works for Muggles; he’ll have to do things the Muggle way, which means no magic.” He pointed this fact out to his husband patiently.

Draco crossed his arms and pouted. “Then Ianto should return to the wizarding world with us, where he belongs; at least we will take proper care of him.”

Harry and Neville shared a look and a long-suffering sigh; this wasn’t the first and definitely not the last time Draco would say that. Draco hadn’t been at all happy when Ianto announced he planned on living in the Muggle world after the war. There was some part of Harry and Neville that couldn’t help but think Draco might have been right. With all the pain and suffering Ianto had gone through since he left the wizard’s realm, maybe Ianto would be better off if he returned to the wizarding world with them. Harry was entertaining the idea of talking to Ianto about just that when soft words penetrated his brain.

“Ianto’s place is here alongside the undying time traveller. Their love is written in the stars and in time.” Luna’s dreamy voice spoke up, interrupting his train of thought.

The three men stared at her. “And just what is that supposed to mean?” Draco demanded to know.

Luna merely gave him a dreamy smile in response, retreating back into her own little world.

Draco threw up his arms in exasperation, he hated it when Luna got that look on her face and gave her cryptic answers.


“Ianto will be having visitors.” Emily predicted as she tended to Ianto’s wounds as best she could in a moving car, one that thankfully Remus was driving. Sirius was still so angry that he was practically vibrating.

“The usual suspects, I take it?” Remus questioned, glancing back at Emily through the mirror.

At Emily’s nod, Sirius twisted around in the front seat to look at her and crossed his arms. “Good. Then maybe they can talk some sense into Ianto about returning to the wizarding world with us.” He growled aloud, thinking, ‘And far away from Captain Jack Harkness.’

“I doubt it. Despite everything, Ianto will not leave the Muggle world or this Torchwood team.” Emily looked down at her adopted son, love and pride in her eyes. “But more importantly, he will not leave Jack.” Her words caused Sirius’ growl to grow deeper.

“I’m afraid, Sirius, that you might not have a choice; there is a connection between Ianto and Captain Jack Harkness that cannot be denied, and it’s one that I believe is only beginning.” Remus told his husband.

That truly didn’t sit well with Sirius, but he unwillingly admitted that it was Ianto’s choice to make. ‘For now at least,’ he told himself darkly.

As his parents talked above him, Ianto found himself drifting into his memories, and through his drug-filled haze, a tiny smile twitching the corners of his mouth.

Emily Jones smiled proudly at the boy she called son, a look echoed by Remus as they led Ianto to platform 11 ½. It was a joyous moment that also carried a weight of sadness; it should have been Remus and Sirius taking Ianto to the train station, and Ianto should have been going as Ianto Black-Lupin, not as Ianto Jones.

“Now, Ianto, are you sure you have everything?” Emily asked as she straightened out Ianto’s shirt and brushed back his hair for the tenth time.

As Ianto rolled his eyes, Remus was reminded of how much Ianto reminded him of Sirius with that one simple action.

“Yes, Mum, I’m sure I have everything.” Ianto politely informed his mother, again.

Remus chuckled as he ruffled Ianto’s hair, as he did every time Emily tidied it up. “Don’t mind your mother, son; she’s always been like this, even when we were in school together.”

A pout crossed Emily’s lips. “I am not that bad.”

Father and son chimed together, “Yes, you are!”

Emily let out a little huff as she levelled a glare at Remus. “You better watch it, Mister Lupin, or I will happy fill Ianto in on some of your less-than-stellar school moments.”

“Dad, Mum, I will be fine.” Ianto reassured his parents.  “I’ll write to you both as much as I can.”

Emily gave a little sob and to Ianto’s embarrassment, she pulled him into a hug and peppered his face with kisses. “Oh, our little boy is all grown up. I’m going to miss you so much.” She cried tearfully.

Remus smiled as he watched mother and son, watching them together made his heart soar and break at the same time. He would always be grateful that Emily helped to raise their son, but he longed for and wished with all his heart that Sirius had been the one to raise their son with him.

Emily finally released Ianto and Remus moved to hug his son. “Take care, my son, and try not to get into too much trouble.”

Ianto gave him a smile that was pure Sirius. “I can’t promise anything.” There was no mistaking the mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“I know you’ll do us proud, Ianto.” Emily told Ianto as she reached out to fix his hair one last time, only to stop herself with a rueful smile. “Say hello to Severus for me.”

Ianto gave his mum a smile. “Yes, Mum.” He knew what good friends they were.

They reached the door to Ianto’s car, and Emily wiped her eyes as Ianto stepped onto the train. Remus rested a comforting hand on Emily’s shoulder as they watched Ianto wave good-bye to his parents from his spot by the window. “We’ve raised a good son, Emily. He’ll be fine.” Remus comforted his best friend, willing himself to believe his own words.


”Ianto!” That was the only warning Ianto had before he found himself squashed between two of his closest friends.

“Hello, Fred, George,” Ianto greeted the twins and smiled at their pout. They had never been able to fool him, no matter how hard they tried.

“How do you always know which one of us is which?” George, the one on the right, snarked.

Ianto gave them a smug smile. “I know everything.”

Fred pouted for a moment longer before he smiled at Ianto. “So, how did Emily take your leaving? We should have been there to offer our support.” At one time or another, each twin had a schoolboy’s crush on Emily Jones.

Eyes narrowed at his friend, Ianto growled, “Stay away from my mother,” and his eyes flashed amber as his wolf blood came into play.

Fred raised his hands in surrender. “Okay, okay! I kid!” He knew better than to anger the wolf. “So want to hear our prank?” He asked, grinning playfully.

A very rarely seen mischievous smile completely took over Ianto’s face. “Of course I do!”


Ianto was in absolute awe as the sight of Hogwarts appeared before his very eyes;, his parent’s stories hadn’t done the place justice.

Ianto felt nervous as he waited for his own sorting. Fred and George had already been sorted into Gryffindor, and it worried him as to which house he would be placed. His past had been carefully kept from everyone at Hogwarts, student and teacher alike. To them, he was just a half-blood child, a mud-blood to a snotty few purists, and not the heir to the Black fortune.  

“Ianto Jones.” Professor McGonagall called his name and he took a deep breath and moved towards the Sorting Hat.

When the wise old hat was settled on his head, Ianto heard a strange voice in his head, rather than in his ears. ‘Welcome, Ianto Jones, or would you rather I called you Ianto Black-Lupin?’ the Sorting Hat greeted him.

Ianto gulped, fear stabbing into his belly. ‘Ianto Jones, please, no one but Professor Dumbledore and my parents know the truth of my parentage.’ Ianto explained to him silently.

‘Very well, Mister Jones, as you wish.  Now, let us see where you belong.” Ianto waited anxiously. “Loyal, cunning, brave and smart; you have them all.” The Hat hummed to itself. “This is curious, to all the houses you fit, but I see you would do best in one, for the role you are to play, there can only be one house for you.’

Ianto held his breath, hoping and praying that it wouldn’t be Slytherin.

“Ravenclaw!” the Sorting Hat declared loudly, and the dining room burst into cheers.

‘Well, mum is going to be happy,’ Ianto thought with a small grin as he hopped off the stool and headed towards his new home for the next seven years. He was nearly knocked off his feet by its residents when he arrived at his house’s table, so enthusiastic was their welcome.


Upon reaching Ianto’s flat, Sirius gently lifted his son into his arms and headed inside, leaving Remus and Emily to chase after him. Emily somehow managed to slip ahead of Sirius and open the door, and they were immediately greeted by cries of, “What happened?”,” Is Ianto alright?”, and Sirius’ personal favourite, “Who do we get to hurt?”

Remus quickly took charge. “Sirius, I think Ianto would be much more comfortable in his bed. Emily, go with him, you’re the only one we trust to look after our son. As for the rest of you, calm down and I’ll fill you all in.” Remus’ alpha tone left no room for argument.

Emily followed behind Sirius and stood in the doorway of Ianto’s bedroom as she watched Sirius tenderly care for his son. It broke her heart to know that Sirius had been robbed of all the chances to do so when Ianto had been a boy.

Sirius tenderly stroked Ianto’s forehead, “I’m sorry I wasn’t here while you were growing up, but I’m here now and I will do everything in my power to keep you safe and to make your dreams come true. But really, does it have to be Harkness that makes you smile like you haven’t in forever?”

Emily fought back tears and a smile. ‘Captain Jack Harkness, you have a lot of work before you if you wish to gain Ianto’s heart. I wish you luck; anyone Ianto can love this much must be special.’ She promised herself that she would watch closely to see if Jack could survive what Sirius, the twins and Draco would put him through to make sure he was worthy of Ianto’s love.


Tags: crossover: harry potter/torchwood, fic: beauitfully broken, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: sirius/remus
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