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Fic: Beautifully Broken Chapter 3

Title: Beautifully Broken
Fandoms: Torchwood/Harry Potter
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Sirius/Remus, Draco/Harry, Blaise/Luna, Snape/Neville, Rhys/Gwen, Owen/Tonks, Charlie/Tosh, Andy/Hermione.
Summary: The war had left him broken, but could Torchwood, and more importantly, Jack, heal him, or would the remains if his heart shatter?
Rating: R and sometime NC-17
Word Count: 30,361
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Harry Potter; I do own Emily Jones though.
Thanks to: royalladyemma for all her amazing beta work.

Jack was on edge as he paced the Hub floor; every inch of him was screaming at him to seek out Ianto and take care of his mate. Ianto belonged with him, not somewhere Jack couldn’t see him, touch him, and love him.

‘Ianto is my mate, mine.’ Jack snarled to himself; he had so long denied it to himself, but Ianto was his mate. He had known it the very moment he first met Ianto in the park, and that was the biggest reason why he had tried so hard to keep his distance from Ianto. Add the fact that Jack was immortal and his mate, nay, his soul mate, was mortal, and that was one more reason why he kept Ianto at a distance.

Jack knew in the very depths of his soul that when he lost Ianto, it would be a pain from which he would never recover. Yet, despite his best efforts, he had already almost lost Ianto twice, and as far as he was concerned, that was two times too many. If he was destined to lose Ianto, then he at least wanted the memories of their time together to warm the cold nights of his lonely future.

That was why he was so angry and why he felt so betrayed over the whole deal with the Cyberwoman. To see his mate risk everything on behalf of another was unbearable; and Jack had to admit that seeing the love Ianto held for Lisa had broken something inside of Jack. Never in his long life had anyone ever loved him the way Ianto had loved Lisa, and Jack longed for the day when he would be the one Ianto loved like that. ‘Oh, and that day will come,’ Jack swore to the Universe, ‘because no matter what, Ianto is mine, and I will claim my mate.’

But first he needed to woo Ianto, to prove to the young man that he truly wanted, needed, and desired him, and then he had to prove to Ianto’s family that he was serious about the young man, and oh, was he ever serious.

Jack sat down at the nearest desk, grabbed a pen and paper, and began making plans to make his future with Ianto happen.

“First thing, I must tone down the flirting with everyone else and up the flirting with my Ianto.” That statement brought a broad grin to Jack’s handsome face, and he felt a sweet tingle in his belly as he anticipated Ianto’s reaction. “Second, I must make Ianto know how much I appreciate him. Hey! Maybe I’ll make him coffee, and I should take flowers when I go visit him.” Jack made himself promise; “come hell or high water or alien invasion, I will be visiting my Ianto tomorrow and not in a few days.” The idea of being away from his injured mate any longer that that was far too unbearable; he needed to care for Ianto, him and him alone.

Satisfied that he’d had a good start on his plan to win Ianto’s heart, Jack started powering down the various workstations and computers, preparing to send the Hub into sleep mode. After that, he decided, he would go down into his lonely little bed and enjoy sweet dreams about the nights he and Ianto had shared that bed.

He sent Tosh’s Rift alert program to his wrist strap and headed down into the vaults. He still had work to do, some prisoners to ‘visit’. A dangerous glint entered Jack’s eyes; ‘Oh, yes; you will pay dearly for daring to harm my Ianto.’


Remus watched as Sirius paced the floor; Harry watched Draco copy Sirius’ movements. Neville, on the other hand, was far more concerned about whatever Fred and George were clearly plotting.

Luna, curled up in the big chair by the fireplace, was watching them all with a knowing smile on her face. ‘Everything is falling into place as our destinies intertwine and it all begins when the immortal one, the man born of time itself, claims the son of wolf and dog.’  Unheard by anyone, she began to hum an odd combination of a wedding tune and a lullaby.

The moment Emily entered the room she was pounced on by a very worried Sirius and Draco. The two men began firing a barrage of questions and demands at her, making her head spin with the onslaught.

“Enough! Both of you sit down and give me a moment to speak!” It wasn’t often that Emily lost her cool and raised her voice, but when she did, people were quick to listen and act.

Harry sniggered at how quickly Draco found a seat, and he quickly covered it with a cough as his husband shot him a dark look.

Remus chuckled softly as Sirius, looking like a kicked puppy, sulked over to the loveseat where Remus was waiting for him.

Once everyone was seated, Emily began her report on Ianto. “Fractured ribs, a concussion, bruised lung and wrist, and deep cuts that would have needed stitches if he had been treated by a Muggle doctor,” she ticked off the list. “These injuries I can take care of and will heal. What I am worried about is how this is going to affect him.” Emily took a deep breath as she prepared to tell them news that would no doubt send them all into a murderous rage.

“The cannibals were tenderizing him, and one even held a cleaver to his throat.” Emily held a finger that trembled slightly up to her neck. “They actually bit out chunks of his flesh to get a taste of him.” She couldn’t stop the shudder that wracked her body as she spoke those last words. Bile rose in her throat and she swallowed convulsively.

“I’ll kill them!” Remus roared as he shot to his feet. He had one goal in mind, to kill those who dared to harm, no, who dared to try and eat his son.

Sirius stumbled up after him, reaching out frantically to catch his mate. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Neville and Harry doing the same thing. Somehow between the three of them, the men managed to grab a hold of Remus and wrestle the raging wolf back onto the couch. By the time they were sure he was through struggling, all three were completely out of breath.

Sirius cupped his mate’s face and kissed him deeply. “Remus, calm down! Our son, our cub, is safe. And as much as I hate to say it, let Jack Harkness deal with them. If you’re right, and Ianto really is Jack’s mate, then he will make them pay.” Sirius reasoned with the raging werewolf.

Remus trembled as he fought to keep both his and Moony’s rage under control. “I need to see my cub; please, Sirius, I need to know he’s all right.” By the gravely tone in Remus’ voice, it was clear to everyone how hard he was struggling to control himself, to not to seek out those who hurt his son.

Sirius nodded against Remus’ shoulder before standing up and taking his husband’s hand in his; he winced at how tightly the man squeezed his hand as he led him to their son’s room. The moment they opened the door, Ianto’s soft whimpers reached their ears and their hearts broke; they knew that the nightmares were just beginning. Wasting no time, Remus and Sirius kicked off their shoes and crawled up on to the bed, one on each side of Ianto, and they engulfed him in their arms and their love.

As Sirius curled his arms around his son’s shaking form, he reached for and found Remus’ hand, twining their fingers together. Even in sleep, Ianto clung to his fathers, taking in their familiar scent, letting it sooth him.

Not since he was a child, plagued by nightmares of what his Tad was suffering at the hands of the Dementors, had Ianto found himself sleeping in the protective embrace of his two dads.

Remus and Sirius shared a worried look over Ianto’s head, sharing the same thought; their son had suffered so much in his young life, and they feared that one day it would finally break him. “Please don’t let today be that day,” Remus whispered.

“Jack.” It was the barest of whimpers, but still Sirius and Remus managed to hear Ianto’s whisper.

Sirius eyes narrowed; ‘There seems to be no escaping the fact that our son has feelings for Jack.’ A devious smile over took Sirius’ face as he began plotting. ‘Well then, Captain, let’s see just how much you care for him.’

The look did not go unnoticed by Remus’ sharp eyes, but he said nothing. He too was interested in how Jack would win the heart of his young mate.


The next morning

Once word got out that Ianto had been hurt, his flat suddenly became very small and very crowded. So many people kept popping in to make sure Ianto was okay, and while it touched Ianto deeply, there was only one person he desperately wished he could see, and that was Jack.

But Ianto was no dreamer; he knew that Jack had his eye set firmly on the fascinating new Gwen Cooper, not the useless Tea-Boy, Ianto Jones, and that knowledge hurt more than losing Lisa.

If he didn’t know for a fact that ribs would ache, and that his dads would run into his bedroom filled with fear and worry, Ianto would have curled up into a small ball and cried his eyes out. He settled for lying on his back and letting quiet tears leak from the corners of his eyes and wet the pillow.


It’s times like this that I truly love Molly Weasley,’ Emily Jones admitted to herself  as she watched the fiery red-head keep everybody in line, and more importantly, keep Sirius and Draco from sneaking off and getting revenge on those who hurt Ianto. Currently Emily, along with Molly, Luna, Neville and Hermione, was making breakfast for the large group.

Hermione looked at the kitchen table, groaning under the weight of all the food, and asked with a smile, “Do you think we made enough?” She knew full well how much food the men could pack away without even trying.

Molly took a good look at the pile of food and in a concerned tone, answered, “I certainly hope so.” A small frown furrowed her brow as she looked again at the dishes they had prepared, and then with a shrug, decided it would have to do. “So, Neville, will Severus be joining us this morning?” She questioned the sweet young man, happy to see that he was finally getting a happy ending. In her opinion, Neville had been very good for the cranky potions master; the changes in Severus were rather amazing. 

“He would, but he is the middle of making an important potion and can’t leave it alone.” Neville explained. “He says it’s at that ‘delicate’ stage, and is demanding his constant attention.”

Hermione opened her mouth, about to ask about what the potion was for, when they were interrupted by the doorbell.

Harry, along with Blaise and Charlie, had been put in charge of keeping an eye on Sirius, Draco, Remus and the twins so they didn’t try to hunt down those who hurt Ianto. It was a double-edged sword for the young men; they also burned with desire to hurt those who had made their friend suffer.

The ringing doorbell came as a surprise to all of them, considering no one in their group really used the door. As the one closest to the door, Harry climbed to his feet and answered it.

He was greeted to the sight of a very handsome man who carried a bouquet of flowers in his hand and a glint in his eyes much like the one Remus had for Sirius. Having heard the angry ranting of Sirius on more than one occasion, Harry was quite certain that this was the infamous Jack Harkness.

Emerald green eyes staring uncaringly at the man before him, Harry asked in as bored a tone as he could manage, “Can I help you?”

The man gave him a pearly white smile. “I’m looking for Ianto Jones,” he informed Harry.

Harry eyes narrowed as he took in the man. “Are you Captain Jack Harkness or Doctor Owen Harper?” He demanded; he wasn’t about to make Jack’s quest to win Ianto’s heart any easier for him.

The man’s stance changed; he widened his step slightly, clenched his jaw, and dropped the smile from his face as he responded brusquely, “Captain Jack Harkness. Now where is Ianto?” 

Before Harry had a chance to reply in kind, a dangerous growl echoed from behind him, and before either man could react, a blur shot past Harry and landed a punch on Jack’s jaw. Jack dropped to the hall floor like a rock, momentarily stunned by the ferocity of the unexpected attack.

Draco towered over Jack, his fists clenched on his hips, and glared down at the sprawled-out man. “You have a lot of nerve coming here, you bastard! Haven’t you hurt Ianto enough?” Only a fool could fail to see Ianto’s feelings for this man, and Draco Malfoy was nobody’s fool. He knew that this was the man who had clearly broken Ianto’s heart in the past, and as one of Ianto’s oldest friends, there was no way Draco was going to give him another chance.

A snarl escaped Jack’s lips as he climbed back to his feet and retrieved his flowers. He made a show of inspecting them for damage before looking up at his assailant; in truth, he was getting his own temper under control. “I might have deserved that, but let me make one thing very clear to you and anyone else who may be listening.” He raised his voice just a little for the benefit of the people he knew were behind the door, eavesdropping. “I care more for Ianto than you could ever begin to imagine. Now, are you going to move aside and let me see Ianto, or am I going to have to go through you to get to him?” Jack snarled as he got right up in Draco’s face; he would not be kept from his mate.

Draco raised an eyebrow as he chuckled. “Since you’re willing to admit you have hurt Ianto in the past, and you’re willing to fight for him, there might be hope for you yet, Captain. Provided you can get past Ianto’s fathers, you may really have a fighting chance.” With that bit of snarky encouragement, the former Prince of Slytherin stepped aside and let Jack pass him.

Harry had watched the two men closely, and he did not like the look in his husband’s eyes; past experience told him that it would only led to trouble.

Jack gladly passed the other man and strode confidently into Ianto’s flat, which, he was pleasantly surprised to find, was crowded with people, very few of whom he knew. He felt something warm and happy blossom in his heart when he saw that there were so many who cared for his mate.

“What are you doing here?” The clipped tone came from Sirius as Ianto’s father came to stand right in front of him.

Jack crossed his arms, taking care not to muss his flowers, and met Sirius’ dark gaze head-on. “I am here to see Ianto, just like I told you I would.” Jack reminded him of his promise.

“Well, maybe Ianto doesn’t want to see you.” Sirius’ words sent waves of pain and fear shooting through Jack’s heart. He couldn’t breathe; the thought of Ianto not wanting to see him was crippling.

“Jack, what are you doing here?” Those beautiful Welsh vowels that Jack so needed to hear were quietly spoken somewhere behind him.

Jack’s head whipped around to find Ianto so fast that everyone winced; a few even unconsciously stretched their necks or put up their hands to massage their muscles. Before anyone could blink, Jack was across the room, pulling a very surprised and shocked Ianto into a kiss that left everyone reeling from the passion that passed between the two men.

Ianto could only cling tightly to Jack as his Captain swept him into his arms and away in a kiss so full of passion, need, desperation and love that Ianto was sure if Jack wasn’t holding onto him, he would have collapsed into a blubbering mess on the floor.

Jack eagerly drank in the taste of his mate. Nobody he had ever kissed before had felt so right, it was like he was coming home. It was a feeling Jack knew he would never tire of, and he deepened the kiss, wanting to make sure that there was no doubt left in Ianto’s mind and heart as to who Jack truly wanted.

Sirius was twitching as he watched Jack kiss, no, it was clear that Jack was trying to devour his son, and he clenched and unclenched his fist. When a soft whimper of pure, lustful need tore from Ianto’s mouth, well, that finished him. His patience snapped like a dry twig, and with the sole intention of breaking up their kiss, Sirius lunged forward. He planned on ripping the Captain away from his son, only to find himself caught around the waist by Remus.

“Sirius, stop! He makes Ianto happy; he is the man who Ianto wants, and as his fathers, we need to accept that.” Remus whispered in his mate’s ear, pressing his husband’s back close to his chest.

Seeing his mate’s point and reluctantly accepting the wisdom behind the words, Sirius deflated and sulked in Remus’ arms. He did not like it, not one little bit, but he loved his son very much, and he knew that Remus was right. For some reason that Sirius simply couldn’t fathom, Jack did make Ianto happy, and in the end that was all that truly mattered to Sirius.

“Um, I hate to break up this tender moment, but I think we need to throw cold water on those two before we get a show.” Neville spoke up, a dark blush tainting his cheeks.

Blinking, both Remus and Sirius followed the young wizard’s gaze and once again Sirius saw red. Somehow, Jack had gotten Ianto pinned against the wall, their mouths still fused together, but it was the roaming hands that bothered Sirius the most. One of Jack’s hands had disappeared underneath Ianto’s shirt and from what Sirius could make out, Jack’s other hand was in Ianto’s pants.

Jack purred in complete and utter contentment as one of his hands drifted over Ianto’s toned stomach, and he enjoyed the feeling of those muscles quivering under his fingers. As his other hand slipped into Ianto’s pants and around the back to cup the arse that driven him nuts for so long, Jack was thrilled to find it was just as firm as he always imagined it would be.

Ianto’s hands were no better as he gave into the desire that burned throughout his body and he finally touched the man of his dreams. Never once losing the feeling of Jack’s mouth on his, Ianto somehow managed to tug Jack’s shirts free of his trousers. He slipped his hands underneath the fabric and let his fingers run across those abs that had driven him insane.

“All right, that is enough! As much as it pains me that I have to accept the fact that you, Captain, are going to be a part of my son’s life, it does not mean that I have to like it or that I want a show!” Sirius snapped out.

The idea that anyone besides him might see his Ianto naked was enough to break through the mating haze that engulfed Jack’s mind. As he broke their kiss, Jack couldn’t help but grin at Ianto’s disappointed mewl. “Soon, Ianto, my love, soon,” Jack whispered into Ianto’s ear.

Releasing Ianto just enough so they could move away from the wall, Jack looped an arm around Ianto’s waist, keeping the young man pressed against his body. Jack faced Sirius and Remus, confidence and respect reflected in his eyes. “I am here to announce my plans to woo your son and to win the heart of Ianto Jones, or should I say Ianto Black-Lupin.” Jack stated in a strong, clear voice.

There was a chorus of grasps from around the room as everyone blinked and wondered how the hell Jack knew Ianto’s real last name.

Jack gave them a blinding smile. “I know all about the wizarding world; I’ve spent some time there,” he informed them, taking great care not to appear at all condescending.

Ianto stared, speechless, at the man who wanted him heart and soul, and Jack took the opportunity to give that tempting mouth a quick kiss before stroking Ianto’s cheek with loving tenderness. “You, Ianto, amaze me. You fought in and survived a war that claimed so many young lives, only to end up surviving another massacre that claimed over eight hundred souls. You fought to save the woman you loved only for her to be gunned down by teammates who treated you worse than dirt. But even after all that, despite what we did to you, you still returned to work and forgave us.” Jack’s eyes misted over for a moment as he gazed at the man he loved. “You forgave me for hurting you.”

Jack poured out his heart to Ianto. “You are the most amazing and the strongest man, or wizard, that I have ever met.” His love-filled eyes swept over Ianto’s face, drinking in every detail, and he was struck by the almost overwhelming urge to sink down to one knee before his intended. “You deserve to be treated like a prince, and if you give me the chance, I will make sure every day of your life that you know how much I care for you, how much you mean to me, and how much I love you.”

Tears filled Ianto’s blue eyes and he gave Jack a watery smile. “I would like that so very much, Jack. But don’t doubt yourself, Captain Jack Harkness; you are amazing man yourself. You have suffered more than any of us can possibly imagine, and you still find the strength to carry on, to love again.” Ianto leaned forward and gently kissed Jack on the lips. “Yes, I loved Lisa, I will not deny that, but what I am feeling right now, and could feel for you forever, out-shines every star and sun in the sky.”

The aura of pure emotion that flowed between and around the two men was a palpable, living thing, and Luna smiled joyfully. All was going as planned according to her lady’s wishes, and her heart sang. ‘My Jack will soon no longer be alone. The one who is to be by his side forever is now with him.’

“I do believe breakfast is ready, and Captain, you are more than welcome to join us.” Molly spoke up and was rewarded with a huge Jack Harkness grin, but before he accepted the invitation, he glanced down at Ianto.

“Please stay, Jack.” Ianto asked softly and Jack knew he could never deny Ianto anything.

“I’d love to.” Jack told Ianto as he released his lover’s waist and took his hand instead, linking their fingers together. He planted a small, chaste kiss on the tip of Ianto’s pert little nose, and then smiled as Ianto’s cheeks turned a nice rosy colour.

Sirius and Draco glared daggers at the two men, and grumbled between themselves, while the twins had a plotting look in their eyes.

And that was the story of Jack’s first breakfast with Ianto’s family.


Tags: crossover: harry potter/torchwood, fic: beauitfully broken, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: sirius/remus
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