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Fic: Beautifully Broken Chapter 5

Title: Beautifully Broken
Fandoms: Torchwood/Harry Potter
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Sirius/Remus, Draco/Harry, Blaise/Luna, Snape/Neville, Rhys/Gwen, Owen/Tonks, Charlie/Tosh, Andy/Hermione.
Summary: The war had left him broken, but could Torchwood, and more importantly, Jack, heal him, or would the remains if his heart shatter?
Rating: R and sometime NC-17
Word Count: 30,361
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Harry Potter; I do own Emily Jones though.
Thanks to: royalladyemma for all her amazing beta work.

Arriving back at the Hub, Jack had quickly fallen into a grumpy mood. Tosh found it very adorable and sweet, and she looked forward to watching Jack and Ianto’s relationship develop.

As he moved about the empty Tourist Office, there was a large pout on Jack’s lips; he clearly missed having Ianto sitting in the office, waiting for him with a shy smile. ‘It was bad enough surviving without Ianto for the four weeks of his suspension. I just get him back and now I have to survive again without my beloved Welshman for who knows how long.’ Jack was not at all happy but knowing that he would at least get to see Ianto later that night soothed him, a little bit.

Still, it was going to be a long day. ‘And I don’t even have any of Ianto’s wonderful coffee to get me through the day.’ Jack’s pout returned in full force as he and Tosh entered the Hub.

“Bloody hell, Harkness, will you stop pouting already! I refuse to spend the day watching you sulk over the Tea-Boy! Now snap out of it; he’ll be back in no time.” Owen barked loudly once he caught sight of the look on Jack’s face.

Jack raised an eyebrow before the pout turned into a grin. “Until I have my gorgeous Welshman back where I can see him, and touch him, and flirt with him, and kiss him, and talk to him,” Jack ticked off each point on his fingers, “until then, I’m free to pout as much as I like and you’ll just have to grin and bear it. Now, how about slipping out and getting us some coffee? I am not letting anyone touch Ianto’s coffee maker; I don’t want him angry at me.” Jack informed Owen.

A slow smirk began to appear on Owen’s face as he drawled out, “Well, it’s clear who wears the pants in your relationship.”

Jack’s grin turned wicked as he returned Owen’s smirked with one of his own. “Just because I like to keep my mate happy doesn’t mean that Ianto’s in charge of our relationship, although I wouldn’t mind letting him control me anytime.” Tosh, and surprisingly Owen, blushed at how dirty and seductive Jack managed to make that one word sound.

Owen’s blush quickly faded as he blanched. “I do not need to hear about your love life with Ianto. Now excuse me, I need to go Retcon that imagine out of my head.” Owen turned and headed into the medical bay, muttering under his breath about ‘Horny Captain’s unable to keep their sex lives to themselves.’ 

Suddenly Jack’s day looked a little brighter; while he couldn’t take his pleasure with Ianto, he could at least bug Owen, a lot. Tosh’s soft giggle reached Jack’s ears and the Captain turned around and bounced over to his lovely tech genius. “Tosh, my beautiful flower, would you be a dear and do a coffee run? I have a very important phone call to make.” Jack asked with an adorable pout on his lips and a crafty look in his eyes.

A knowing look entered Tosh’s eyes. She wasn’t blind; she knew that Jack’s phone call had to do with those animals that dared to harm Ianto and the rest of them. “I will, as long as you make sure those monsters never see the light of day again.” Tosh growled, sounding like a mother cub protecting her young.

Jack cupped Tosh’s chin and made her meet his eyes. “I promise you, they will pay dearly for what they did to you and Ianto.” He was so grateful that he managed to get this beautiful and understanding woman out of UNIT’s prison.

Jack was once again reminded of how different Tosh was from Gwen. Gwen would never have approved of what he was about to do. She was still far too fresh on the job. She hadn’t been exposed to or suffered from the horrors that the others had. In some ways, that made them more human than Gwen; they’d lost everything and had fought so others wouldn’t suffer that same type of loss. It was something that Gwen had yet to go through.

“Good,” Tosh nodded with approval. “Then I’ll go get us some coffee and maybe something to eat while you deal with everything.” Tosh pressed a kiss onto Jack’s cheek. “I know we don’t say this enough, but thank you, Jack, for saving us and for always looking after us. You make the hard decisions so we don’t have to and I’m sorry about how I treated you after the deal with Jasmine and the fairies.” She apologized for her actions, echoing the words Ianto had spoken earlier on the drive back from Brecon Beacons.

Jack smiled at her; it meant a lot to him to hear that from Tosh, but then again this was Tosh, and just like Ianto, she could understand and accept his actions faster than Owen and Gwen were able to. “Thank you, Tosh, for understanding. No matter how I may act or what I may do, I will always do everything in my power to keep you all safe.”

Tosh saw the truth in Jack’s eyes and words, and felt a blanket of safety surround her. Torchwood was a dangerous job, but Jack’s promise filled her with a sense of peace. “I know, Jack, and I’ll do my best to remember how much I trust in you. I might fail at times, but that’s only because I’m human.” But Tosh was going to do her best to keep that promise.

“That’s all I can ask for, my beautiful Toshiko.” Jack pressed a kiss onto her forehead before letting her go and bounding up to his office.

Tosh couldn’t help but smile fondly at her boss before grabbing her purse and heading out to get the caffeine that they craved to get them through the day.


While her team-mates were settling in for a long day without Ianto’s coffee, Gwen found herself returning to her and Rhys’ flat, but only once she was sure that Rhys had left for work.

Unlocking the door, she opened it and called out softly, “Rhys? Are you home?” When no answer came forth, Gwen let out a sigh of relief. Entering the flat, she closed the door behind her and tossed her keys on the coffee table, and then she looked around the flat that had once been so warm and loving. Now, sadly, she found that it no longer carried the same warmth it did before she joined Torchwood. It broke her heart to know her life, her dreams with Rhys, were fading away before her eyes and that nearly destroyed her. She needed to decide what was more important to her, the excitement and the horror that Torchwood brought into her life along with her affair and growing feelings for Owen, or the stability and longevity of the life she had planned for so long with Rhys.

Deep within her heart, Gwen knew she had already made her choice, even if she wasn’t ready to admit to herself.


By the end of the day, which to him had lasted longer than an entire week, Jack was barely able to contain his bounce of happiness. The Rift, for once, was behaving, which meant he was going to be able to spend glorious, quiet time with his Ianto. He had already sent Tosh and Owen home about a half an hour ago, and once he finished up his little bit of work then he was off to see his mate.

“Done!” Jack declared with a smile as he finished signing his last piece of paper. He was looking forward to the reward Ianto was going to give him for finishing off his paperwork without been asked.

Just as he put his pen down the Hub alarms began going off. Curious as to what was going on, Jack moved out from behind his desk and to the doorway of his office in time to see Gwen enter the Hub. “Gwen, are you all right?” Jack asked as he moved towards the Welshwoman who had stopped in the middle of the Hub, and his concern only grew as he saw the unshed tears in her eyes.

Taking a shaky breath, Gwen made what was one of the hardest and yet easiest decisions of her life. She met Jack’s gaze head-on and declared firmly, “I want to be Retconned. I want to forget Torchwood. I thought I was strong enough to handle all this, but I’m not. Torchwood is slowly beginning to take over my life and I’m on the verge of losing Rhys and that is something I can’t live with. I’m sorry, Jack. I love all the fun and excitement, but I just can’t handle the bad. I will miss you all but I just can’t do this.” By the end of her speech, Gwen was crying.

Jack gave her a sad smile; he had known this moment was coming; the incidents with the fairies and the cannibals had shaken Gwen too badly. She was right; she wasn’t cut out for Torchwood, and it was better in the long run that she found that out before she lost what really mattered to her the most, her relationship with Rhys.

“Very well. You will be missed, Gwen, but you need to do what is best for yourself and for Rhys.”

Jack left the Hub’s main floor with Gwen following meekly behind him to the medical bay. She watched Jack unlock the cabinet that held the Retcon and calculate the proper dosage. He gathered the right amount needed to erase any trace of Torchwood from Gwen’s memory and handed her the tablet. “I’ll get the others on it; we’ll make sure to remove all traces of your time with us, and we’ll make sure that you have your old job with the police.” Jack reassured her.

Giving Jack a watery yet happy smile Gwen accepted the tablet. “Please tell the others I’m sorry and I’m going to miss them so much. I just hope they don’t hate me.”

Jack shook his head. “We won’t hate you. You have a chance at a normal life, untouched by Torchwood, something we won’t get. Just live your life, Gwen, marry Rhys and have lots of children. It will remind us what we are fighting for.”

“Take care of Ianto. He is the link to humanity you need, not me. Ianto is by far the most human of us all. He has seen horrors that I can’t even begin to imagine, and yet he can still love so deeply and purely. Take care of him, of all of them.” Gwen pressed a kiss to Jack’s cheek before turning on her heel and walking away from Torchwood for the very last time.

Jack watched her go, her words echoing deep within him, and a smile slowly spread across his face as he realised that Gwen was right. Ianto was his link to humanity that he sought, the one who would reawaken his soul.

‘I need to inform Tosh and Owen, and have Tosh erase Gwen from our system and work her magic on the Police computers and get Gwen her constable’s job back. Maybe it would be safer to put her in for a transfer.’ Jack couldn’t help but sigh; it looked like he wasn’t going to be getting to Ianto’s as soon as he would have liked.


Ianto was getting worried; Jack should have been with him by now. After his earlier break down, all he wanted was to be safe and sound in Jack’s arms, to have his mate comfort him.

His negative and positive sides were arguing with themselves. One was feeding all of his doubts with whispers of ‘He’s not coming’ and ‘Why would he want some weak Tea-Boy when he could have Gwen or anyone else in his bed?’  

His other side was much more reassuring. ‘You are his mate. Have faith; he will come. There were only three of them working today. Jack will be here, do not lose faith in your mate.’

Ianto knew he needed to trust Jack, the man had declared him his after all and that claim that was not to be taken lightly.

A knock on the door broke Ianto out of his thoughts and a smile lit his face as his heart did a little jig. Jack was here! Opening the door, Ianto was taken aback by the sight of a red-eyed Jack; his heart went out to his mate. Reaching out for Jack, he brought him into his flat and into his arms. “What’s wrong, Jack? You can tell me anything.” Ianto whispered soothingly into Jack’s ear.

Jack said nothing, just buried his head into Ianto’s neck and took a deep whiff of his mate’s calming scent. “Gwen asked to be Retconned tonight. She said that she couldn’t handle the horrors of Torchwood or the strain it was beginning to put on her relationship with Rhys.” Jack admitted quietly.

Ianto’s heart went out to Jack. “I’m sorry; I know how much Gwen meant to you.” He kissed Jack softly on his temple.

“Thank you.” Jack hugged his young love to him. “I’m not surprised that Gwen asked to leave, though. In truth, she was too emotional for our job and she couldn’t accept the hard decisions, like me giving away Jasmine. Gwen just wasn’t right for Torchwood.”

Jack lifted his head to look Ianto in the eyes as he continued. “But right now, that’s not important. What really matters is that I need to know you are here, safe and sound. While I will miss Gwen, she is not the one who keeps me sane, who taught me to feel again, who makes me human. No, that was you, my beloved Welshman.”

Ianto was blown away by how open Jack was being with his emotions, and he could see the truth written in the stormy blue eyes that he loved so much. Surging forward, he claimed Jack’s mouth in kiss full of lust and love.

Growling into the kiss, Jack easily took control and poured out every inch of love and desire he had for the Welsh wizard in his arms. Kicking the door closed behind him, Jack began to back Ianto up towards his couch.

Hands began to roam beneath clothing as the need for skin-on-skin contact became overwhelming. A gasp escaped Ianto’s lips into their kiss as Jack’s hands dipped into his pants and those strong hands grasped his behind.

Jack moaned into Ianto’s mouth as he finally got his hands on the arse that had driven him insane for the past few months. Pulling their bodies flush against one another, Jack let Ianto feel just what he did to him.

Somehow, Jack found the strength to break the kiss and pull his hands away from Ianto’s tempting body, and with a lust-blown gaze, he looked into Ianto’s own blue eyes, eyes that were darkened with need and desire. It was with truly great sadness that Jack forced himself to say, “No, not yet, Ianto. You’re still injured and tonight I just want to hold you in my arms.” Suddenly feeling unusually shy, Jack asked, “Would that be okay?”

Ianto found shy Jack to be utterly adorable. “That would be perfectly fine,” he reassured Jack as he took his hand in his. “Why don’t you have a shower and I’ll fix us up something to eat and make some coffee?” Ianto suggested.

Grinning brightly at his future lover, Jack placed a soft kiss on Ianto’s forehead. “That sounds lovely. It was pure torture not having any of your coffee. Thank you.” He also needed the time to get his body under control; Ianto was still recovering and he didn’t dare take the risk of hurting Ianto’s battered body any more than it already was.

Gripping Jack’s hand tightly, Ianto tugged on him to follow him. “I’ll show you to the bathroom and get you some towels. Try and relax; I know you’ve had a tough few days and Gwen’s decision to leave couldn’t have made it any easier.”

At that moment Jack was truly grateful to whatever being in the Universe had brought such a beautiful and caring man into his life. ‘I was so focused on what Gwen might bring to Torchwood that I failed to notice that the caring heart I had looked for was right before my eyes. Ianto Jones is our true heart and it was about time my eyes finally saw that.’ Jack cursed his earlier blindness to what Ianto brought to Torchwood and to him. “You take such good care of all of us. Who takes care for you?” Jack asked softly.

Smiling, Ianto leaned into his touch and looked up at him with shyness. “I’m hoping that you’ll be up to the task,” he suggested softly.

Jack’s heart melted completely for this young man. “Oh, Ianto, I always take very good care of what is mine, and you are mine, soon to be in every way.” Jack purred the last words out as he lifted their joined hands up and pressed a kiss on Ianto’s cut-up knuckles. He wanted to kiss every one of Ianto’s cuts and bruises better, and tonight he would repay Ianto for all the times he had taken care of him. Tonight it was Jack’s turn to take care of Ianto.

Never before had anyone ever done such a sweet gesture, and Ianto felt his heart skip a beat he kissed Jack slowly and tenderly, letting the other man know just how much he was looking forward to being under Jack’s care.

Breaking the kiss, Jack ran the back of his free hand across Ianto’s cheek. “My adorable and beautiful mate, I will protect you from now on and make sure that you are never hurt again like you were yesterday.” Jack vowed.

Ianto leaned into the caress and answered softly, “I know, Jack. I trust you.”

‘I trust you.’ Those three little words meant the world to Jack; to know and to hear that Ianto, his mate, trusted him filled Jack with warmth he hadn’t felt in a very long time; not even Rose and the Doctor’s trust gave him such a sense of peace.

“Once I’ve showered and we’ve eaten, I’m going to take care of you. I am going to look after you; tonight my full focus is on caring for you.” Jack gave Ianto on last kiss on Ianto’s forehead before forcing his body to move away from his mate.

Ianto couldn’t help but let his eyes drift down Jack’s strong back to watch that arse as Jack made his way into the bathroom, laughing as Jack gave a little wiggle.

With a smirk firmly on his face, Jack entered Ianto’s bathroom and closed the door behind him. He enjoyed having Ianto’s eyes on him and he enjoyed hearing Ianto laugh. With a deep sigh, and a strict order to his body to calm itself down, Jack stripped off his clothes and stepped into Ianto’s shower, bowing his head under the cascading water.

Shaking his head fondly, Ianto turned on his heel and headed back towards his kitchen, grateful that his parents had left without a fuss and given him time alone with Jack. Before their relationship could go any further, Ianto needed to tell Jack about his furry little friend, and they really needed to talk and clear the air between them.


After the news that Gwen had left them, Owen found his way to the nearest bar and proceeded to get sloshed. ‘I finally find someone I just might be able to care about and she bloody leaves. But I should have known that Gwen would always choose Rhys; I’m just surprised that she chose him over Torchwood.’ Owen grumbled as he downed another shot.

Tonight, Owen was going to get piss-drunk and find a warm and willing body to lose himself in for the night.


With one finale keystroke, Tosh officially wiped Gwen Cooper from the Torchwood database. In truth, Tosh didn’t know how she felt about that; she and Gwen hadn’t been close, but she would miss the woman. But in the end, Tosh respected Gwen’s commitment to Rhys and the way she had gotten out before Torchwood left her relationship in ruins.

A sigh escaped her lips as she began to feel so alone. ‘Jack and Ianto are on their way to finding one another. And I’m not foolish enough to think that Owen will ever see me as anything more than the smart one. I wish I could find someone who will love me for me.’ An image of Charlie’s smile flashed before her mind and Tosh found herself blushing, a small smile spread across her face. ‘Hmm, I wonder…’


Jack felt more like himself after his shower, but in truth, he would have liked it better if he had shared it with a certain Welshman. ‘Soon, very soon,’ Jack promised himself as he made his way into Ianto’s kitchen.

Ianto smiled and leaned into the strong arms that wrapped around his waist.

Jack rested his head on Ianto’s shoulder and just held his young mate, watching as Ianto continued to cook. “Smells good, Yan.” Jack purred as he nuzzled Ianto’s neck, making it clear he was not just talking about the food. He was rewarded with a pretty blush that spread across Ianto’s face.

“It’s just some soup and couple of sandwiches.” Ianto tried to brush off Jack’s praise, but he was thrilled to hear it just the same. “It’s no big deal.”

“Yes, but I can’t remember the last time anyone cooked me anything or just took care of me. And that’s what makes it so special. That’s what makes you so special.” Jack finished in a whisper and pressed a kiss onto Ianto’s cheek.

Ianto turned in Jack’s arms so he could look into Jack’s beautiful blue eyes that he loved so much. “You’re special, too, Jack, and worth the effort.” Ianto reminded the captain softly.

Jack couldn’t find the words, so he expressed himself the best way he knew possible and kissed Ianto tenderly on the lips. As they kissed softly for a few moments, Jack decided that his new favourite hobby was kissing Ianto.

Food was soon forgotten as the two lost themselves in a kiss that expressed everything that words never could.


Sirius grumbled under his breath as he paced back and forth across the carpeted floor of Emily’s old house, the one she’d bought and, with Remus, raised Ianto in. His worry about his son was visible in each of his frantic movements.

“Black, would you sit down! You’re giving us all headaches!” Snape’s unwelcome, in Sirius’ opinion, voice cut through his pacing.

The man in question turned to face Neville. “Really, out of all the people in the history of Hogwarts, you had to fall for him?” Sirius was not a supporter of Neville’s relationship with Snape, something he was very vocal about. 

Snape raised an eyebrow as he sneered back at Sirius, “The same could be said for Remus’ taste in you.”

Twin sighs escaped Remus and Neville as they watched their lovers fight, which was not surprising to them, but they had hoped they could at least attempt to get along for Ianto’s sake.

“Will you two grow up already? You’re acting like children! No, I’m sorry, children act more maturely than you two are acting right now.” A most unexpected voice roared, breaking up Sirius and Snape’s growing fight, and everyone turned around to see a fuming Neville.

Quickly getting over his shock, Draco clapped Neville on his shoulder. “Well done, Longbottom! I always knew you had it in you.” The blond knew that everyone, including him, had been shocked at Neville’s growth during the war; well, everyone expect Ianto. That man truly did know everything. It was no wonder young Neville had gotten Snape into his bed.

Harry beamed at his former housemate and now close friend. “Well said, Neville, I don’t think anyone could have put it better.”

Remus smiled at the blushing Neville. “I agree with Draco and Harry, very well put, Neville.” The wolf then turned his gaze to Sirius and Snape. “Now do you two think you can attempt to get along just for the night? Not for yourselves, but for Ianto, who you both care about? He has enough on his plate already and doesn’t need you two adding to his stress. So do as Neville suggested and grow up.” Remus snarled the last two words out.

Emily crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. “I suggest you listen or the two of you will find yourselves on the couches for a very long time.” She told them sweetly. “Now shake hands and call a truce.”

Both men gulped; they were both very familiar with that tone of voice. It meant they had clearly pissed Emily off.

Grudgingly, Sirius and Snape shook hands and mumbled under their breaths, “Truce.”

Emily smiled at them before turning serious and zeroing her gaze on Sirius. “Good, now that’s settled. I want you to promise me, Sirius, and you, too, Draco, that you will leave Jack alone and let Ianto build his relationship with him. Ianto clearly has strong feelings for Jack and I won’t let anyone ruin his chance at happiness. Do not cross me, Sirius Black.” Emily warned her old friend.

Sirius nodded his head in understanding. “I promise. Ianto’s happiness is all that matters to me. I will not interfere in his relationship with Jack. But if Jack breaks Ianto’s heart or even makes him shed one tear in sadness, then all bets are off.” Sirius laid down his own rules.

A low growl escaped filled the air as Remus’ eyes seemed to glow. “If Jack breaks my son’s heart, then there will not be enough pieces of him left to fill even a small jar.” The wolf’s lips curled up in a snarl which left his fangs clearly visible.

Everyone in that moment pitied Jack Harkness should he ever make Ianto sad.


Tags: crossover: harry potter/torchwood, fic: beauitfully broken, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: sirius/remus
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