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Fic: Far from over

Title:Far from over
Fandom: Supernatural/CSI Miami
Pairing: Dean/Ryan
Summary: Second part of my Dean/Ryan universe. The morning after.
Disclamier I own nothing. Trust me if I did Dean/Ryan would be a pairing.
Author notes: I'm thinking of doing one that takes placed during 'Nailed.' Dean and Eric first meeting, with one of them getting a punch to the face.

Morning came far to soon for Dean, as he traced the curve of Ryan shoulders. He did not want move. He wanted nothing more than to stay right here with Ryan. Something he has never felt before. In truth, it scared him a little. But as he watched as Ryan eyes fluttered in sleep a sense of peace settled over him. What is about been with Ryan that felt so right?

This isn't him. His motto get some than get gone. He rarely stays the night, but the idea of leaving Ryan cut deep into him. Dude what is happening to him? A soft little sound broke him from his thoughts, his attention returned to Ryan who in his sleep snuggled deeper into Dean arms. That one little noise took Dean back to last night and the noise he made Ryan release. He can not remember the last time he has had such a passionate lover.

He doesn't want to wake Ryan, but he needs to if Ryan will make it to work on time. Mind you that he wonder what it would take to convince Ryan to play hookie with him. Him+Ryan+bed=a very fun time.

Noticing Ryan parted lips, Dean was hit with a very fun way to wake Ryan up. Bending his head he happily claimed those soft lips. It didn't take long to feel Ryan returning the kiss. Forcing himself to pull away Dean sparkling eyes gazed deeply into Ryan sleep ones. "Morning beautiful." Dean greeted. "Mmm, morning." Ryan mummered his voice rich with sleep. 'And why wouldn't he be sleeply?' Dean thought smugly.

Stregthing litely Ryan nuzzled his head on Dean bare cheast. "What time is it?" He asked. "You have about two hours before you start work babe." Came Dean reply. Which had Ryan groaning and trying to hide in Dean embrace. He didn't want to go to work, he tired of the hatered and the remarks. With Dean he just free to be Ryan Wolfe. Plus he really rather stay in bed with Dean.

"I don't want to go." Man did that sound childish. From Dean snort he thought so to. "Trust me babe, I would love nothing more than to make great use of this bed. But if you hide away from them, your letting them win." Dean gentle told him, running his fingers threw Ryan bed tussled head.

Big hazel eyes stared up at him. It killed Dean to see the lost and broken look in those eyes. If he ever meet any of Ryan so-wokers he would love to give them a good hit. How dare they hurt this amazing man. "I have no doubt you are amazing CSI. Those fools are just to blinded by their pain to see how they are destroying you. " Dean words ment more to Ryan than he would ever know. But he could show him how much them ment to him.

Wrapping his arms around Dean waist, Ryan looked coyly up at him from under his lashes. "We have a hour before I need to leave. Want to help me save time, by sharing a shower?" Ryan whispered huskily. Dean shivered. Flashing his lover a grin. "Try and stop me." He growled. Praticely dragging Ryan to the bathroom, his laughter echoing the now empty room.

An hour and half later Dean pulled into the Miami lab parking lot. A smug and posstive look on his face as his eyes raked over Ryan dressed in his clothes. Their shower how run a little too long and there was no chance to stop at Ryan place for him to change. A lite blush painted Ryan cheeks. "Thanks for the ride and the clothes." He mummered, placing a quick kiss on Dean cheek before slipping out of the car.

What Ryan didn't expect was Dean to follow him, or for him to grab him and kiss him passionatly and posstively in the Miami crime lab parking lot.

A few breathless moments later Dean pulled away. "I'll pick you up for lunch. Okay, babe?" He asked. Ryan could only nod dumbly. The kiss had left him dazed. Dean watched him go a fond look in his eyes. Before looking up to meet dark eyes swimming in anger. Dean merely shot him a smug grin. He better get back to Sammy, before he got to worried. 'Hope Sammy doesn't mind sticking around in Miami for a while.'  Because Dean not ready to leave Ryan or Miami yet.

Thrid in series here:

Tags: fic: far from over, pairing: dean/ryan
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