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Musing of a Dreamer

Where True Love is Never Denied

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Fic: Stardust Chapter 3
Title: Stardust
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, 9th Doctor/Donna, 10th Doctor/Ross, Martha/Tosh, Mickey/Jake, some Ross/Rose, one-sided Jack/Rose, Esther, Suzie, Mary, Gwen, Owen/Rhys, John Hart/Andy, Amy, Lisa, 11th Doctor/Rory, River and others
Summary: To impress his lady love Jack vows to go over the wall and bring her back a piece of the fallen star, he just never counted on that star to be the handsome Ianto Jones. Their journey is filled with danger and excitement and along the way love blooms between man and star.
Beta: royalladyemma
Word Count: 34,179
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who or Stardust
Spoilers: The whole movie of Stardust

Chapter 3


Jack was walking Rose home from their picnic when the blond spotted something shooting across the night sky. “Oh, Jack! A shooting star! It’s so beautiful.” Rose declared.


A cunning look entered Jack’s blue eyes. “More beautiful than a fancy ring from London? Rose, for your hand in marriage, I’d cross the wall and I’d bring you back that fallen star.” He declared with every ounce of conviction his young heart contained.


Rose looked at him like he was mad. “You can’t cross the wall, Jack. Nobody crosses the wall,” she reminded him. “Now you’re just being silly.” She didn’t have time for this.


Seeing as this as his last chance to impress Rose, Jack pressed forward with his plan. “I’m not being silly. I’d do it for you. For you, Rose, I’d do anything.” Jack admitted softly to her.


“My very own star.” Rose breathed out softly, that would indeed be better than any ring Ross could ever give her. “It seems we have ourselves an agreement. You have exactly one week or I’m marrying Ross.” Rose told Jack.



Now, as it turned out, Jack and Rose were not the only ones seeking the fallen star, but these three had a very different reason.


“Gwen! Suzie! Wake up. Now!” Mary shouted, her voice carrying through the run down mansion.


“What is it?” Suzie demanded as she and Gwen came down the stairs, not at all happy her sleep had been disturbed.


Mary’s next few words wiped all sleep from Suzie and Gwen, “A star has fallen.” Her announcement was met with twin gasps.


“Where are the Babylon candles?” Mary demanded as she began to tear apart every drawer in her search.


“You used up the last one, Mary, two hundred years ago. Do you not recall?” Gwen reminded her sister.


“Perhaps we could obtain another.” Suzie spoke up.


“Perhaps we could obtain another. Has your mind become as decrepit as your face?” Gwen mocked her other sister. “You speak as if such things are freely available.” She finished with a roll of her eyes.


Suzie hated it when Gwen took that tone with her. “I know, sister, I merely thought…”


Oh, Gwen knew what she was thinking, “You’d have us hunting for a Babylon candle while some other witch finds our star. Fool! There’s no time to waste. If we must retrieve it on foot, than we shall.” Gwen declared before turning to Mary. “We need information.”


Mary nodded and headed for the table; picking up the divination sticks she tossed then up into the air where they hovered and spun slowly. Her sisters joined her and they all clasped their hands together as they watched the magical sticks fall onto the table. Mary studied them carefully, her eyes narrowed in concentration, before for finally speaking, “If these divinations are correct, than the fallen star lies one hundred miles away.”


“Four centuries we’ve waited for this! What hardship is a few more days?” Suzie had a gleeful look in her eyes; she wanted so much to be young again but then a thoughtful look entered her eyes. “But which of us shall go, then, to seek it and bring it back?”


A terrible grin was shared between Mary and Gwen as the blond woman headed towards the cages where they kept all their animals. Vicious growls filled the air as they grew closer and several of them snapped their jaws at them.


Smiling wickedly the three sisters opened the wolf’s cage and pulled out the snarling beast. As Mary and Gwen carried the wolf over to another table, Suzie went to fetch her knife and a smile graced her lips as she trailed her fingers over the razor-sharp blade.


As Suzie approached the table Gwen and Mary each held on tightly to the wolf and with a wicked gleam in her eyes Suzie raised the knife high above her head before plunging it downward and stabbing the wolf.


Once the animal was dead all three sister reached in and pulled out whatever organ they could get their hands on.


“I have his kidney.” Mary declared.


“I have his liver.” Suzie boosted.


“And I have his heart.” Gwen announced with a cocky smile on her face.


Suzie and Mary shared a look of disappointment at Gwen’s luck. They both knew what this meant. Suzie moved towards a small chest that held their most precious gift. “You’ll be needing what is left of the last star.” As she spoke Suzie opened the chest and a small glow came from inside.


“There’s not much left.” Mary stated sadly.


Scooping up the last bit of the star in her hand Gwen calm reminded her sisters, “Soon, there’ll be plenty for us all.” With that said she swallowed the star, her eyes fluttering closed and she felt the magic of the star begin to work its magic on her as the vestiges of old age faded away, once again leaving a younger woman in it’s place.




As Jack approached the wall he was greeted by Wilf’s groan of “John Harkness, not again.”


Jack stopped and blinked at that. “It’s Jack, actually.”


Wilf looked perplexed for a moment, and leaned in to take a closer look at the man before him and realised that he had been mistaken. “Oh, so it is you, Jack; well, you do look a bit like your father.” He then crossed his arms and levelled a glare at the young man. “And I suppose you intend to cross the wall as well, do you? Well, you can just forget it! Go home,” he ordered.


But Jack only heard one thing. “Cross the wall as well as who?” Never had he ever heard even the slightest mention of someone crossing the wall. There weren’t even any legends or rumours.


Wilf realised his mistake a little too late. “No one! Nobody! Nobody crosses the wall. You know that! Everyone knows that!” Wilf quickly tried to cover his mistake but he wasn’t fooling Jack for a moment.


Jack decided that it was better to just agree with Wilf, for now. “I understand,” he nodded placatingly. “Nobody crosses the wall. Well, I better just head for the old homestead, then.”


Wilf nodded his head but a cunning look entered his eyes as he remembered a very similar conversation a little more than eighteen years ago. “Right, then. Night, Jack.”


“Good night, Wilf.” Jack gave the elderly man a cheery wave.


“Give my best to your father.” Wilf told him.


Jack nodded and turned on his heel as if to leave only to try and rush past Wilf. In a move that both impressed and stunned Jack, Wilf jumped up and flipped over Jack’s head and with his trusty cane easily took poor Jack down with a few well-placed hits. Jack wheezed as he looked up at Wilf and then groaned as Wilf yanked him to his feet. “Off you go.”


With his pride wounded Jack decided to he would try and get over the wall in the morning. Limping along, he slowly made his way home.


After a slow walk home, Jack was grateful that his father had gone to bed only to groan as the floorboards creaked behind him.


“I thought I heard you come in.” John said sleepy but upon laying his eyes on Jack all sleep faded from him and he rushed down the stairs. “Hey, what happened? Are you hurt?” John asked as he examined his son, grasping Jack’s chin in his hand and turning his son’s head from side to side.


“No, I’m fine.” Jack tried to free himself from his father’s hold.


“Was it Ross again?” John demanded to know, because if it was he was going to have words with the young man’s father.


“No.” Jack finally managed to rip himself away from his dad’s hands.


John crossed his arms and stared at his son. “Well then, what happened?”


“It was the guard. The guard at the wall, Wilf,” Jack admitted quietly.


John could only stare at his son. “Wilf is about ninety-seven years old!” He stared in shock.


“Yeah, well, that’s given him plenty of time to practice, then, hasn’t it?” Jack growled back.


It hit John all at once exactly what his son had been planning on doing. “Why, may I ask, why were you trying to cross the wall?” He leaned nonchalantly against the wall and tried to ignore the frisson of fear that shot through his belly.


Jack crossed his arms and assumed a similar pose as his father. “I might ask you the same thing,” and he cocked one eyebrow in inquiry.


A sigh escaped John’s lips as he realised that it was time to come clean to his son about his unusual parentage.


Jack listened with awe as John sat them down at their worn kitchen table and finally told him the truth about his past. “I have a mother,” he whispered in shock; as a child he had often wished for such a thing, but to find out for sure! “I mean, I have a mother! She could still be alive!” He felt excitement fill him to the point of giddiness.


A true smile spread across John’s face as he thought of the fiery redhead who had stolen his heart. “Oh, I hope so. I certainly like to think so.” Crooking his finger John silently ordered Jack to follow him.


Together they made their way up to the attic and Jack watched in amazement as his father revealed a panel hidden under the eaves. When John reached into the cache, Jack held his breath, waiting to see what was in there, and when his father pulled out the basket that he came in, Jack’s breath left his body in a loud whoosh. Jack bent down beside his father and began to look through the items. His fingers brushed against something cool and he pulled out a small silver chain. “The chain you cut, just like you said,” Jack breathed out. “And…” he muttered under his breath as he continued to search.


John felt tears coming to his eyes as he thought of the beautiful woman who captured his heart from the very moment they met.


Jack continued to look through the basket and came across a beautiful white flower cased in glass. “And the white flower. The flower she sold you for a single kiss.” He trailed his finger across the glass before handing it over to his father.


“She told me it would bring me luck.” John whispered as he too traced the flower, so few but precious memories coming back to him.


“Thank you for showing me this, dad,” Jack whispered softly.


John had one last thing to give his son and he reached back into the panel and pulled out a white envelope. “This was also in the basket. I’ve never opened it. It’s address to you.” He handed it to his son. “I’ll give you some privacy.” John patted his son on the shoulder and left him alone.


With shaky hands Jack opened the only thing he had from his mother and unfolded the letter and out rolled a green candle


‘My dearest Jack, please know that I only ever wanted the best for you.


Had my mistress allowed it, I would have kept you in a heartbeat. My dearest wish is that someday, somehow we will meet.


The fastest way to travel is by candlelight. To use it, think of me and only me.


I will think of you every day, for always.


Your Mother.’


Jack stared at the words in shock; this candle could take him to see his mother. ‘Maybe there is a way that I can free her and bring her back to home with us. Dad still loves her.’  With that plan in mind Jack clutched the candle and letter in his hands and ran off to find his father.


After Jack finished outlining his plan, John rubbed his head; he thought it was a crazy plan but knowing his son that wasn’t enough to stop him. “Just promise me that you will come back to me.” He pleaded with his son, the fear of losing Jack to the unknown was squeezing his chest like an iron band.


“I will.” Jack promised as he held up the candle. “Umm, do you have a light?” He grinned sheepishly.


Shaking his head fondly John went to fetch some matches. Once he returned and handed them to his son Jack smiled proudly at his dad. “I’ll be back before you know it and with mom.” He promised before lighting the candle and closing his eyes.


When Ianto Jones awoke that evening his plans had not included being knocked from the night sky by a bloody watch. A sigh escaped his lips as he looked around the crater he landed in and his eyes spotted something glistening in the dark. Moving towards it he picked up a silver pocket watch. ‘Maybe I can use this thing for trade to get a Babylon candle.’ he thought to himself.


A popping sound drew his attention as he pocketed the watch and turned around only to be knocked off his feet by a hard body falling onto him.


When Jack reopened his eyes he was surprised to find himself in a crater on top of a very handsome young man. The stranger beneath him was dressed in a silver suit that looked to be created out of the finest silk, and he had stormy blue eyes that were glaring up at him. Jack had the strongest urge to run his hand through those dark locks to see if his hair was as soft as it looked.


“You’re not my mother.” Jack snapped out all the while not moving off the young man beneath him.


The gorgeous man raised an eyebrow. “Do I look like I’m your mother?” he snapped back. “Are you planning on getting off me soon?” Not that he truly minded the feeling of the man’s body against his but he was getting his suit dirty.


A dark blush painted Jack’s cheeks as he quickly climbed off of him. “I’m sorry. I’m Jack Harkness. Are you alright? Do you want some help?” He asked softly as he offered his hand out to the other man.


“You can help by leaving me alone.” Now Ianto wasn’t usually this harsh but given the night he was having so far, he was entitled to be a little snappy.


“All right, fine! I will.” Jack growled turning on his heel. He didn’t understand how or why the candle had brought him to this annoying man instead of his mother and then suddenly it hit him. “Oh, my God.” He closed his eyes as his mother’s words, ‘Light the candle and think of me,’ came rushing back to him.


“I was thinking of my…. But then Rose and the star popped into… I’m an idiot.” Jack muttered under his breath.


Groaning before plastering a fake smile on his face Jack turned back around to face Ianto, who was still seated, and his breath hitched for a moment as he viewed the young man in the moonlight. “This may sound strange, but have you seen a fallen star anywhere?” he asked in a hopeful voice.


A sharp laugh escaped Ianto’s lips. “You’re funny. And you can call me Ianto Jones.”


“No, really, we’re in the crater. This must be where it fell.” Jack bit his lower lip as he continued to look around for the star.


Ianto climbed to his feet anger filling him. “Yeah, this is where it fell. Or if you want to be really specific, up there is where this weird, bloody watch came out of nowhere and knocked it out of the heavens when it was minding its own business!” Ianto growled out pointed to the stars. He pointed to the spot he had landed just a short time ago. “And over there is where it landed.”


Ianto then stalked over to Jack and pointed to the spot beneath their feet. “And right here, this is where it got hit by a magical flying moron!” Ianto’s voice had built to a small roar by the time he was finished, and fire flashed in his eyes.


Jack blinked in amazement as his brain put two and two together. “You’re the star! You’re the star! Really?” he asked with excitement and Ianto nodded. “Oh, wow,” he murmured under his breath and he hated what he was about to do. “I had no idea you’d be a… May I just say in advance that I am sorry?”


Ianto titled his head. “Sorry about what?” His blue eyes filled with curiosity.


“For this.” Jack informed him as he pulled out the silver chain that once imprisoned his mother and placed it on Ianto’s wrist. He winced at the pure hurt that shone in Ianto’s beautiful blue eyes and he had to actually look away before he could finish, “Now, if I am not mistaken, this means you have to come with me. See, you’re going to be a birthday gift for Rose, my true love.”


If Ianto thought he had been angry before it was nothing compared to the rage that coursed through him when he heard Jack’s last few words. How dare this puny mortal make him a gift. “But of course! Nothing says romance like the gift of a kidnapped, injured man! I’m not going anywhere with you!” He snarled at Jack, the hurt pouring off him in waves.


For one brief moment, Jack felt his heart break at the pain he was causing the young man, but then Rose’s smiling face flashed before his eyes and he felt his determination return. He had promised Rose a star and she would get her star.