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Fic: Stardust Chapter 6

Title: Stardust
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, 9th Doctor/Donna, 10th Doctor/Ross, Martha/Tosh, Mickey/Jake, some Ross/Rose, one-sided Jack/Rose, Esther, Suzie, Mary, Gwen, Owen/Rhys, John Hart/Andy, Amy, Lisa, 11th Doctor/Rory, River and others
Summary: To impress his lady love Jack vows to go over the wall and bring her back a piece of the fallen star, he just never counted on that star to be the handsome Ianto Jones. Their journey is filled with danger and excitement and along the way love blooms between man and star.
Beta: royalladyemma
Word Count: 34,179
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who or Stardust
Spoilers: The whole movie of Stardust

Chapter 6


Lightning flashed all round them and rain poured down heavily on them as Jack and Ianto looked at their surroundings. Jack could hardly believe his eyes when he realised that they were in the middle of the sky standing on a cloud. With rage in his eyes, Jack turned his fury on Ianto. “What the hell did you do?” he roared at the star.

An equal rage filled Ianto; he was not going to take the blame for this. “What did I do? What did you do? ‘Think of home!’ That was a great plan! You thought of your home and I thought of mine and now we’re halfway between the two!” The angry star shouted back.

“Oh, you daft cow! What did you think of your home for?” Jack roared back.

By this time Ianto was seething. “You said think of home! If you wanted me to think of your home, you should have said so!” Ianto pointed out.

Jack looked at Ianto like he was the craziest person he ever laid eyes on. “Some crazy lady was going to cut out your heart and you wanted more specific instructions? Perhaps you’d like it in writing! Or maybe a diagram!” Jack shouted sarcastically.

Before they could continue their fight they suddenly found themselves scooped up in a net.

A pretty African woman peered into the net. “Look, Doctor! We caught ourselves a little bonus!” she called over her shoulder.

Another woman peered into the net. “A couple of Lightning Marshals!” she cried out in delight.

A third woman joined them, a pretty little Asian who frowned at the two drenched and shivering men. “They don’t look like Lightning Marshals to me, River,” she added her thoughts.

River looked at the woman blankly. “Why else would anyone be up here in the middle of the storm, Tosh?” She questioned, annoyance lacing her voice.

The pretty African woman growled something Jack and Ianto couldn’t hear at River only for River to laugh at her. “Oh, calm down, Martha, your precious Tosh is fine.”

A fourth voice cut in, effectively breaking up the growing fight. “Why else would anyone be up here in the middle of the storm?” A male voice repeated River’s question and a handsome male dressed in a suit and trainers stepped forward. “Well, let’s think.” He continued on. “Maybe for the same godforsaken reason we are!” He now growled at them all.

Silence reigned supreme for a moment until the Doctor turned his attention from his crew to the two trapped men. “Now, who are you?” Power laced his every word as he stared deeply into their eyes, first Jack’s and then Ianto’s. As the star looked into the man’s eyes he saw knowledge in them and for a brief moment Ianto feared the Doctor knew who he was.

Standing the Doctor stuffed his hands into his pockets and turned to face his crew. “Let’s see if a night in our lovely brig will loosen their lips,” he ordered much to the joy of his crew. Jack and Ianto looked at each other with mounting alarm at how pleased these women were at the idea of having prisoners. The one called River even danced a few happy steps around the other two women.

“Get them to the brig!” Always the first member of the crew ready and waiting to follow the Doctor’s orders, Martha released the net and let Ianto and Jack fall to the hard floor of the ship with a loud thud.

Seeing all the sharp and pointy swords aimed directly at them Jack and Ianto hastily climbed to their feet, and once again, Jack placed himself between Ianto and danger. “You heard the man! Let’s go!” River ordered as she waved her own sword threateningly.

The Doctor exchanged a look with Tosh, his first mate, and she silently nodded; she would run things while he got answers from their guests. The Doctor smiled, once again grateful that he had managed to save Tosh from slave traders; she had quickly become the best first mate he ever had. Tosh could only smile fondly after the man as the Doctor bounced off after their prisoners with the orders, “Get them into the brig!”

Turning to face the rest of the crew, Tosh’s smile immediately faded into a scowl as she barked, “All right you dirty dogs, back to work! We’ve got lightning to catch!” The crew was quick to respond and get back to their duties.

In the brig, tied to separate chairs with their backs to one another, Jack and Ianto felt the realty of their situation hit them. “They’re going to kill us, aren’t they?” Ianto asked softly, the tremor in his voice giving away his fear.

“I don’t know,” Jack answered just as softly, wishing he could hold Ianto and sooth his fear. ‘Whoa, where did that come from? I love Rose,’ he reminded himself. Nonetheless, he wiggled his hands enough that he could stick a finger out and capture one of Ianto’s; he curled them together as best he could.

A bitter chuckle escaped Ianto’s lips. “You know, it’s funny. I used to watch…” At this point Ianto’s voice failed him, but after taking a moment to compose himself, he tried again. “I used to watch people having adventures. I envied them.”

“You ever heard the expression, ‘Be careful what you wish for’?” Jack asked Ianto.

“What? So, ending up with my heart cut out, that’ll serve me right, will it?” Ianto was hurt, although for the life of him he didn’t know why. He knew he and Jack had problems, but he didn’t think the other man hated him so much that Jack thought he deserved his heart cut out.

At the hurt tone in Ianto’s voice, Jack realized how his words sounded and he cursed himself for being such an idiot; he needed to make this right. “No! No, I didn’t… I didn’t mean it like that. Look, I admire you dreaming. Shop boy like me, I could never have imagined an adventure this big in order to have wished for it in the first place. I just thought I would find some lump of celestial rock and take it home, and that would be it,” Jack admitted softly.

“And you got me instead. You know, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years watching Earth, its that people aren’t always what they seem. There are shop boys, and then there are boys who just happen to work in shops for the time being. And trust me, Jack, you’re no shop boy. You saved my life. Thank you.” Ianto told Jack straight from the heart.

Jack couldn’t find anything to say; no one had ever said anything like that to him before, except his father. To everyone else in the village, even to Rose, he was only Jack, the shop boy.


John Hart looked at the dead body of his brother Owen, still lying in the bathtub in which he was killed; he couldn’t help but wonder what the hell a bathtub was doing out in the middle of nowhere. But those thoughts wiped away as a giant smile spread across John’s face. “Well, well, well. The last brother is dead. This means I am king! I’m king!” John let out a whoop of joy, pulling Andy into a kiss and a quick grope.

Like a cold shower, Rex’s voice washed over them, “Not yet, brother.”

Forcing himself to pull away from Andy’s delightful mouth, John pouted as he remembered something important, “Damn. I still need the stone.”

“Your brother doesn’t have it, does he?” Andy asked softly.

John had to admit that Andy had a valuable point; still, he was a jealous man and was not about to let his lover touch another, even if it was only the corpse of his brother. John pointed at some random solider and ordered, “You, find out if my brother has the stone on him.”

While the poor solider was forced to search the bathtub water with the ghost of Owen hovering over his shoulder cursing at him, two more soldiers were dragging forward a scared young man between them. John levelled a glare at the man and demand in a clipped tone, “Where is my stone?”

David stuttered as he tried to answer, “I don’t… The man, see, your brother… I heard him speak of a stone.” David struggled to remember what had happened. “Yeah. The guy had it. The guy had it!” He happily shouted.

In a flash John had his sword drawn and resting against David’s neck. “What guy?” he asked far too calmly and with a look that frightened everyone.

Swallowing nervously and feeling the point of the blade press against his skin, David answered quickly, “He got away. Because this was a trap, she set it up just for him, but your brother, he came just straight into it.”

“A trap? Set by whom? Who was she?” John demanded to know, stepping even closer to the young man.

“A woman you should pray never meet,” David whispered, fear shining in his eyes. “She’s… She’s gone now. She took your brother’s carriage.”

“This woman wanted my stone?” John was not the least bit happy with that news. “Why?”

David shook his head. “No. She wanted the guy’s heart. She said the guy was a star and she wanted to cut out his heart and…” The boy could not finish that sentence.

He didn’t need to, for John finished it for him, “Eat it?” At David’s nod a wicked gleam entered the last prince of Torchwood’s eyes. “Do you have any idea what this means? Everlasting life! King forever!” John was giddy with the knowledge that it was no longer just the stone he sought, but now also a star that brought immortality.

The poor solider who had to search the bathtub pulled out his arm and reported to his Price, “It’s not here, sire.”

Removing his blade from David’s neck John gave the order, “This idiot’s coming with us. We have a stone to find and a star to capture.”


Gwen was seething that the star had gotten away from her and that anger seeped into her voice as she spoke to her sisters. “Ask again!” she demanded in a shrill, ugly voice.

Mary was not at all pleased with her sister’s tone and she made that fact abundantly clear before answering the question. “We have asked again and the answer is still the same. He is airborne!”

“Well, he can’t remain so forever. Inform me as soon as he touches the ground! Immediately! Do you understand?” Gwen ordered.

This time it was Suzie who growled warningly at Gwen, “Watch your tongue, sister! It is you and not we who have lost him.”

Mary butted in at that point, “Lost him and broken the knife!”

With a roll of her eyes, Suzie pushed Mary out of her way. “Even if you apprehend him, how will you complete the deed now that the knife is useless? Perhaps you should return now and one of us will set out in your place,” Suzie suggested, although she already knew the answer. Just one more reason why Gwen shouldn’t have been the one to go out on the hunt; she too stubborn and prideful to admit her mistakes.

“Don’t be absurd,” Gwen snapped back. “I’ll bring him home and we’ll deal with him there. Be sure everything is ready for our arrival.” She ordered as she finished their conversation. Sitting back in the carriage she used magic to snap the reins urging the horses to go faster.


Ianto couldn’t believe what he was about to say, but he needed something to take his mind off of his certain death. “Tell me about Rose then.”

Jack blinked; that was not something he ever expected to hear from Ianto. “Well, she…” He was stumped, he honestly didn’t know what to say about Rose and so he reacted with anger. “There’s nothing more to tell you.”

Ignoring the sudden bad temper, Ianto just raised an eyebrow at Jack’s answer. “Because from the little I know about humans, your love is unconditional. It’s not something you can buy, no matter what is offered.” The star wondered if Jack was smart enough to have caught his little dig.

From the way Jack tensed, he was. “Hang on. It wasn’t about buying her love. This was a way for me to prove how I felt,” Jack told Ianto, although even to his ears, his words sounded lame.

It was what Ianto said next that made Jack truly stop and think. “And what’s she doing to prove how she feels about you?”

“Well…” Jack opened and closed his mouth a few times; he had absolutely no idea how to answer Ianto. Finally, frustrated, he said, “Look, Ianto, you’ll understand when you meet her. All right?” Then as afterthought Jack added, “Provided we don’t get murdered by pirates first, of course.”

“Murdered by pirates. Heart torn out and eaten. Meet Rose. I can’t decide which sounds more fun.” Ianto declared sarcastically with roll of his eyes.

Even though he couldn’t actually see Ianto roll his eyes, he somehow just knew that he had, and it was something which Jack had to admit was very sexy when the star did it.


Gwen was beginning to lose hope that they would ever find the vessel carrying their star when her ring began to glow.

Suzie’s picture appeared in the ring. “We’ve located the sky vessel. It’s heading north for the port town on Mount Valiant and you are no longer the only one seeking the star. There’s someone following your tracks,” she warned her sister.

That got Gwen’s attention and she sat up straight and asked, “A witch? A warlock?”

Suzie shook her head. “A prince and he’s catching up to you! Get a move on!”

Magically snapping the reigns harder, Gwen urged the horses to move faster; the star was so close.


After their talk Jack and Ianto had fallen into a companionable silence, and Jack found himself repeating the star’s words over and over again in his head. How exactly was Rose proving her love for him? As hard as Jack thought, he couldn’t come up with an answer.

The brig door opened and the man they knew only as the Doctor entered.

“So, this is the part where you tell me who you are and why you’re up here.” The Doctor began in a menacing tone as he moved over to Ianto. “Or I’ll snap his pretty little fingers one by one like dry twigs,” he threatened with a mean chuckle.

“My name is Jack Harkness. This is my husband, Ianto.” Jack spoke up quickly, before the other man could answer, he wouldn’t let anyone harm Ianto.

“Your husband?” the Doctor asked in disbelieving tone. “Far too young and radiant to belong to just one man; it’s share and share alike aboard my vessel, sonny boy!” To Jack and Ianto’s horror, the Doctor roughly hauled Ianto into a kiss that had Jack roaring with jealousy.

“Don’t you dare touch him!” Jack snarled struggling against his ropes; no one should ever be allowed to kiss Ianto like that but him.

Breaking the kiss, the Doctor moved towards Jack. “You may think you’re showing a little spirit in front of your young man, but if you talk back to me again, I’ll feed your tongue to the dogs, you impertinent little pup!” the man growled, getting right up into Jack’s face.

“Sir?” Jack asked softly to see if that would help calm the Doctor. It took all of his willpower he possessed not to flinch from the man’s bad breath, and he felt really sorry for Ianto for having to endure that kiss.

“Better, but still interrupting.” The Doctor glared at Jack and wisely the other man stayed quiet, so he continued, “Let’s see. A hanging’s always good for morale! Maybe we’ll watch you dance a gallows jig! Or perhaps I’ll just tip you over the side and have done with it! It’s a very long way down, plenty of time to reminisce about your pitifully short lives.”

“Please, look, we’re just trying to make our way home, back to a place called Wall, where I come from.” Jack pleaded with the Doctor.

“What did you say?” The Doctor’s tone was unreadable.

“I said we were trying to get home to Wall.” Jack repeated, hoping that somehow he was getting through to this man.

“That’s one lie too many, my son.” The Doctor’s tone was low and very dangerous.

Outside the brig door, Martha, River, and Tosh had their ears pressed against the door, while half the crew waited behind them, all eager to hear what was going on.

“Wall?” River asked in a confused voice.

“Shut up!” Martha snapped; she was trying to listen.

“What’s he saying?” Diane, another crew member, asked the question everyone else was thinking.

“Thought you could just wander onto my patch, did you?” The Doctor’s angry voice came through the door crystal clear.

“He is. Yeah, he’s gonna…” Mickey was nearly jumping for joy at this point but his boyfriend, Jake, shushed him with a punch to his shoulder.

“And live to tell the tale?” The Doctor carried on.

Tosh was familiar enough with the Doctor’s habits to know that his conversation with the prisoners was coming to an end. She turned to the crew and quietly started barking orders, “All right, go, on the deck, on the deck! Now, all of you, go, go, go!” She knew that if the Doctor saw them standing outside the door eavesdropping, they’d suffer the same fate as the two captured men. She also knew that they needed to be topside if they wanted to see what was going to happen when the Doctor brought the two men out of the brig.

“Big mistake, Mr. Harkness! And it’s the last one you’ll ever make!” The Doctor growled.

“No! No! You brute!” Ianto’s fearful and angry voice cried out.

“Come… Come on!” Mickey chanted under his breath as he and the rest waited to hear the fate of the two men behind the door. They got their wish soon enough as they heard the sound of body being thrown out of the brig’s window followed by the anguished cry of, “You murderer! You pig!”

“Come on! Get up!” They heard the Doctor order and they took that as their cue to truly get up on the deck or they would be the ones facing their captain wrath.

A few moments later the Doctor emerged from below leading the man dressed in the bathrobe by a rope that tied around his bound hands. “I’m taking the boy to my cabin, and mark my words, anyone who disturbs me for the next few hours will get the same treatment!” He growled out his warning to his crew.

A disgusted look came over Mickey’s face. “What? You’ll… Cause I only do that with Jake.”

“No, you idiot! I’ll sling you over the side as well!” The Doctor rolled his eyes as Mickey the idiot lived up to his nickname once again.

“Oh, yeah,” Mickey muttered under his breath looking away.

The Doctor just shook his head before dragging the struggling Ianto down to his cabin.

Tosh turned to look at the others. “Captain’s busy. So should you be,” she ordered, before casting a glance at the now gone Doctor and his prisoner, wondering just what he was up to.

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