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Fic: Stardust Chapter 10

Title: Stardust
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, 9th Doctor/Donna, 10th Doctor/Ross, Martha/Tosh, Mickey/Jake, some Ross/Rose, one-sided Jack/Rose, Esther, Suzie, Mary, Gwen, Owen/Rhys, John Hart/Andy, Amy, Lisa, 11th Doctor/Rory, River and others
Summary: To impress his lady love Jack vows to go over the wall and bring her back a piece of the fallen star, he just never counted on that star to be the handsome Ianto Jones. Their journey is filled with danger and excitement and along the way love blooms between man and star.
Beta: royalladyemma
Word Count: 34,179
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who or Stardust
Spoilers: The whole movie of Stardust

Chapter 10

Jack gazed down fondly at the sleeping Ianto; his star was truly beautiful. Careful not to wake his sleeping lover, Jack cut off a lock of Ianto’s hair. Pressing a kiss to Ianto’s forehead Jack snuck quietly out of the room. Ianto just smiled in his sleep and snuggled closer to Jack’s pillow breathing in the man’s scent.

Jack rushed down the stairs and awoke the sleeping innkeeper, Grey. “What? Oh, what do you want?” he demanded irritably; he hated it when guests woke him early, ‘Why can’t they just stay in their rooms where they belong!?’

“Sorry. Can I have a piece of paper and a pen?” Jack asked.

Grey grumbled really out sorts to find he’d been dragged from his nice warm bed for such a ridiculous request. “Ask me again at a more reasonable hour.”

“No, I can’t. I have to go. Look, if my friend wakes up before I get back, please can you give him a message?”

Grey figured the only way he could get back to sleep was to agree, so he refrained –barely- from rolling his eyes. “Go on.”

Smiling happily, Jack gave Grey his message for Ianto.

A few hours later

Upstairs Ianto awoke with a smile on his face. “You know, that’s the first time I’ve ever slept at night. I can’t believe it. Jack?” Ianto sat up in bed and called out to his lover. When no answer came and he found the room empty, fear gripped Ianto’s heart tightly.

Throwing on his clothes, Ianto hurried downstairs, hoping that Jack was down there; he came upon Grey sitting behind the inn’s front desk. “Have you seen my friend?” He asked after mentally crossing all of his fingers.

Grey nodded his head. “He left absurdly early.” The inn keeper informed him. “Woke me from a good sleep and a great dream,” the man added sourly.

A lump the size of the TARDIS leapt into Ianto’s throat. “He left?” He repeated not quite believing that after the night he and Jack shared, after the words they had spoken, that Jack would simply up and leave without a single good-bye.

“He told me to tell you he’s gone to see Rose because he’s sorry, but he’s found his true love and he wants to spend the rest of his life with him.” Grey informed him in a toneless rote.

Ianto was so lost in sudden heartbreak that he didn’t catch the last part of Grey’s message. All he heard were a few key words, ‘sorry’, ‘gone’, ‘Rose’, and worst of all, ‘true love’. “What? Are you sure?” A brief spark of hope flared his soul; maybe Grey had gotten the message garbled, or maybe he was giving him someone else’s message by mistake. Anything was possible; he couldn’t believe that after everything that had happened between them that Jack would still go back to Rose.

“I’m positive.” Grey couldn’t understand why Ianto was so upset. As messages went, that was a pretty good one; why Ianto would be so upset to find out his lover was coming back to him after telling some girl named Rose good-bye was beyond him. If he’d received a message like that, he knew he’d be jumping for joy.


To Jack it felt odd being back in his village and he didn’t like leaving Ianto alone; in fact, he would have rather stayed in bed with his star but he had a promise to keep. Arriving at Rose’s house he was glad to see the blond woman exiting her home. “Happy birthday,” he greeted her with a big smile.

Rose turned and her mouth dropped open at the sight before her. “Jack, what happen to you?” She asked moving towards him; gone was the shop boy that she had last seen a week ago. Standing before her now was a true man. She wondered what could have happened to have changed Jack so much in a single week.

Jack just smiled at the woman who he once believed he loved above all others as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded handkerchief. “I found your star, Rose.” He informed her with pride. “Just as I said I would.”

“I can’t believe you did it! Where’s my star? Can I see it? Is it beautiful?” Rose asked eagerly.

“Yes. Yes, it is very beautiful,” Jack agreed picturing Ianto as he handed Rose her gift.

With shaking fingers, Rose unfolded the cloth. “Well, it’s awfully small,” she said with a pout, finding nothing more inside than a lock of Ianto’s hair.

Jack shrugged his shoulders. “Well, that’s just a little piece, a token for your birthday.”

Putting her disappointment behind her, Rose reached out to touch Jack. “Well, then forget about the star. It’s not the star that I want.” she purred as seductively as she could. She found this new, mature Jack to be quite enticing, and it was her birthday, after all. After the bust of a gift her star turned out to be, she certainly deserved something from Jack.

“You know what I want?” Jack took a step back from Rose and avoided her greedy, grasping hands. Since he’d met Ianto and fallen in love, his eyes had been well opened as just what sort of woman Rose Tyler really was, and for a moment, he felt a strong sense of pity for whatever man she did end up trapping.

“Yeah, I do,” Rose batted her eyes and thrust her bosom at him.

Jack took Rose by the shoulders. “I want you to grow up and get over yourself,” he told her before letting her go with a small push.

Rose could only stare in shock at Jack; this was not the love-sick puppy of a man that had left a week ago on a hare-brained quest. Of course it was at that very moment that Ross arrived on the scene.

“Ross!” Jack greeted his former rival with a nod.

“Harkness, you must have a death wish.” Ross went to draw his sword.

“Ross! Ross, it’s all right. She’s all yours. Of course, if anyone were to ask me, I’d say that you are a much better match for the Doctor.” Jack told him with a small smile which only grew as he saw a hopeful look enter Ross’ eyes, and he heard the tiny intake of breath at the mention of the Doctor’s name.

Rose interrupted them with an angry snort. “Why would I want this? It’s just a measly handful of stardust now!” Rose wrinkled her nose in disgust as she let the dust be carried away by the wind. She dropped Jack’s handkerchief into the dirt as she wiped her hands on her skirt.

An almost paralysing fear griped Jack. “Ianto!” he gasped. “He can’t cross the wall.” Jack spun on his heel and rushed towards the wall, all thoughts of Rose gone forever. He had to get to Ianto in time.

‘God speed, Jack; save your love, while I find mine.’ Ross turned his attention back to the woman he had fooled himself into thinking he loved, when all a long his heart had belonged to the dreamer he had been blessed to meet so long ago.


While Jack had been visiting Rose, Ianto had wandered through the market place, paying no attention to the sights and sounds around him, not really caring where he was going. He was so completely lost in his thoughts, going over the memories of Jack that he’d made, that he never noticed the redheaded woman dressed in a blue gown who was following the heartbroken star.

After walking without a purpose for what seemed like hours, Ianto found himself heading towards the wall at the back of the market. As he grew closer anger and hurt filled him, and he decided that he was going to find Jack and give him a piece of his mind. Just as he was about to step through the gap and into the human world, he found himself yanked backwards so forcefully that he sprawled in the dust on his butt. Springing to his feet, Ianto prepared to push past the woman who had just treated him in such a callous manner.

“Stop! Stop! If you go through, there, you’ll die!” Donna cried as she pulled the star as far away from the opening as she could.

“What?” Ianto could only blink in shock and the horror of what might have been turned his knees to jelly.

“If you ever set foot on human soil, you will turn to rock,” Donna informed the stunned star, “Forever.”

Before either one of them could say anything more, a familiar voice to both Donna and Ianto cut through the air, “Wretched slattern! Where have you taken me?” Esther growled as she stalked towards them.

Donna glared at Esther as she took a protective step in front of Ianto; she wasn’t about to let Esther get her hands on her son’s true love.

“Planning to enter Wall, were you?” Gwen’s voice cut through the tension as she entered the clearing and instinctively Ianto knew they had a much bigger problem now.


Aging even as they looked at her, Gwen smirked as she once again laid her eyes on her star. “If death is what you wish, my dear, I’ll be more than happy to assist you.”

“Are you talking to me?” Esther pointed to herself.

Gwen took a good look at the blond woman and fought back a smile; it seemed her spell was still in effect. “You, small world,” she muttered under her breath. “Anyhow, no, I wasn’t. I was talking to the star,” she clarified with a horrible gleam in her eye.

Esther blinked before taking a wild look around. “What star?” She demanded before her gaze landed on Donna and a very un-lady like snort escaped her lips. “My slave girl’s no star. Any fool can see that. If she was, I’d have had the heart out of her chest a long time ago, trust me.” Donna bristled at Esther’s comments and her hands clenched at her sides.

“Trust you? Not a mistake I’ll be likely to make again. What’s it to be, Esther, heads or tails?” To Ianto and Donna’s horror Gwen didn’t bother to wait for an answer as she cast a spell on Esther that turned her into nothing but dust. The instant Esther the witch died, the delicate silver chain that had held Donna prisoner for more than two decades fell uselessly to the ground. Unfortunately, Donna’s unbridled joy at finally be free was very short-lived.

“Well, time to go, star,” Gwen said as she turned her attention to the Ianto.

Donna glared at the aging witch and feeling empowered by her freedom stated boldly, “He’s not going anywhere with you.”

Gwen laughed at that. “I think you’ll find he is.” With a flick of her wrist Gwen bound both Ianto and Donna’s hands. “It’s all right, you can come, too. Once our beauty and power are restored, my sisters and I will need a slave girl of our own. Now, you can ride in the carriage or be dragged behind it, your choice.”

Seeing as they really had no other choice, Ianto and Donna climbed into the carriage and as it disappeared into the forest no one noticed the hidden viewer who had been witness to everything.

Arriving at the hole in the wall, Jack was hot, tired and sweaty after his run from Rose’s house, but he was ready to do battle to get back through that gap to his Ianto. He was definitely not prepared for the sight of Wilf packing up his stuff. “What happened?” he asked the old man. “Where are you going?”

“I quit. I’ve spent nearly a century stopping you people from going out into whatever was on the other side, when what I should have been worried about were those people from the other side coming in.” Wilf was mumbling under his breath as he stuffed his clothes into a duffle.

Jack reached out and grabbed Wilf by the shoulders. “Just tell me what happened!” He demanded frantically; he needed to know if Ianto was safe.

“What happened?” Wilf laughed at that. “Oh, where to start?”  Seeing the serious and oddly frightened look in Jack’s eyes, the old guard dropped into a chair and began to tell him everything he had just witnessed.


Tags: fic: stardust, pairing: jack/ianto, reel_torchwood
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