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Fic: Stardust Chapter 11

Title: Stardust
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, 9th Doctor/Donna, 10th Doctor/Ross, Martha/Tosh, Mickey/Jake, some Ross/Rose, one-sided Jack/Rose, Esther, Suzie, Mary, Gwen, Owen/Rhys, John Hart/Andy, Amy, Lisa, 11th Doctor/Rory, River and others
Summary: To impress his lady love Jack vows to go over the wall and bring her back a piece of the fallen star, he just never counted on that star to be the handsome Ianto Jones. Their journey is filled with danger and excitement and along the way love blooms between man and star.
Beta: royalladyemma
Word Count: 34,179
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who or Stardust
Spoilers: The whole movie of Stardust

Chapter 11


“Come on!” Gwen snarled yanking open the carriage door. Bound together Ianto and Donna had no choice but to do as ordered. “Go on!” Gwen shoved them forward.

The doors of the decrepit mansion flew open before her, and Gwen marched triumphantly inside to proudly announce to her sisters, “The star!”

Mary and Suzie came rushing into the great hall eager to see their prize. Spotting the glaring redhead who stood protectively between her and the star, Mary crossed her arms and demanded to know, “And who else?”

“A slave for us. It will be nice to have someone else mop up when we’ve finished with our little guest,” Gwen informed them smugly.

Suzie nodded her approval, “Oh, good work, sister. And just in time, too, you look awful!” She happily added with a smirk.

Gwen scowled at her sister as she shoved Donna down onto a ratty couch and pushed Ianto forward towards her sisters. Time was wasting and they had a star’s heart to feast upon.


Crouching down Jack peered into the dirt-covered windows trying to catch a glimpse of Ianto. But his search was interrupted when the tip of a sword was suddenly pressed hard against his throat and a low, dangerous voice hissed menacingly, “Who are you? What business do you have here?” 

Daring to take a glance at the man holding the sword against him Jack blinked in surprise; he knew this man. “John? I knew your brother, Owen.” Jack hoped that acknowledging that relationship, such as it was, might help convincing John to remove the blade from his neck.

“Unless you wish to meet him in the afterlife, I suggest you answer my question. What are you doing here?” It didn’t really matter to John that this man knew his brother; all he cared about was getting his hands on his stone and his star.

Jack didn’t have time for this; his Ianto was in danger. “I might just ask you the same thing. There are four of them.” He hoped that would convince John that he would need help.

Pulling his sword away from Jack’s neck John took his own quick peek and located everyone; three women were centered upstairs and the fourth was moving slowly around the lower floor. “Do as I say and we may stand a chance.” John issued his orders decisively.

“Wait. How do I know you can be trusted?” Jack asked, he wasn’t about to let anyone get near Ianto who might hurt him.

“You don’t. Why? Do you have another choice?” John pointed out the obvious to the other man.

“No.” Jack hated to admit that John was his only option but such was life.

“Well, then, let’s go.” A cocky grin over took John’s face. He hungered fiercely for a good fight; he needed to take his rage out on someone for Andy’s death.

Together the two men moved towards the mansion doors ready to break them down. They had no way of knowing inside the house, Donna had unlocked the doors. When the door swung open easily John stormed in and grabbed Donna.

“Get off me! Get off!” Donna demanded as she managed to get a hand free and with all her might, she slapped the man holding her.

As John’s head snapped to the side he immediately knew of only one person who could slap that hard. “Donna?”

Donna stopped struggling and stared at her brother in joy and bewilderment; she never thought she’d ever see him again, “John!”

‘Donna!’ ‘Sister!’ Their dead brothers, who had continued to follow John – some other of morbid curiosity to see him succeed, and the others out of anticipation for when he failed – cried together in happiness at finding their long lost sister again.

Pulling away from John, Donna felt an intense fear grip her heart as she moved towards Jack. “Jack, no! Jack, you shouldn’t be here.” she whispered fearfully, glancing over her shoulder to see if the witches had heard the sounds of their reunion and had come to investigate.

Jack gazed at the unknown woman before him and it broke Donna’s heart to realise that her own son didn’t recognize her. “I’m your… I’m your… I’m your mother.” She finally managed to stammer out.

‘I’m your mother.’ The words echoed throughout Jack’s head and down into his heart, and a bright smile lit up his face. With tears of his own streaking down his cheeks, he embraced the woman he had originally come through the wall to look for.

While the touching family reunions were going on downstairs, up in their hideous lair, Suzie, Mary and Gwen were watching the event in their magical mirror. With snarls of rage, they were forced to turn their attention from sacrificing the star, lying tied-up to preparing a plan to take care of those who would dare to interrupt.

Totally ignorant of the fact that his every move was being closely observed, the last surviving prince of Torchwood drew his sword. “I’ll deal with them.” John stated confidently as he moved forward swiftly and stealthily.

With identical horribly gleeful smirks on their faces, the three sisters moved towards the mortal prince. Even with their advanced years and age-diminished abilities, together they still had enough power to deal with one man. After all, puny humans were so terribly fragile.

Within seconds, the battle had begun, and Jack wanted his mother to get to safety, Donna had another, better, idea. Tugging on Jack’s sleeve she nodded towards the cages full of snarling animals; each and every one of the beasts had a reason to hate the witches. While John was locked in mortal combat with the sisters, an unfair pitching of their evil magic against his brilliant and determined sword fighting, mother and son crept about in the shadows, releasing all the animals.

Out of the corner of her eye Mary caught sight of what they were doing and moved to stop them but she proved too late. Jack unlocked the last cage and the animals, all fully remembering the cruelty they had suffered so many times at Mary’s hands, lunged for Mary with a unified roar of retribution.

“Rather well done,” Ed applauded the animal’s attack.

“Good riddance to you,” Banana added with satisfaction.

“Oh, bravo!” Rex observed happily.

Enraged snarls escaped Suzie and Gwen’s lips at the loss of their sister. Suzie snagged a strand of John’s hair, pulled out a voodoo doll and despite their powers now down by one third, she was able to easily break John’s leg. Both sisters hissed with pleasure when a sharp cry of pain escaped John’s lips as he felt his leg give way with a sickening snap. Letting a wicked smile spread across her lips, Suzie moved towards a burning candle and lit the doll’s arm on fire.

“Let’s put out those flames, shall we?” Gwen suggested softly and Suzie moved towards the fountain where, with a crackled laugh, she dropped the doll into the water.

John began floating in mid-air the space around him seemed to ripple like waves. The prince struggled desperately to breath, his chest heaving and his limbs thrashing about uselessly. Donna could only watch helplessly as John drowned before their eyes. When his body fell to the ground with a thump, Donna was overcome by despair; she had finally found and then lost her favourite brother in the same fifteen minute time span.

Within seconds of his death, the ghost of Prince John appeared in between the ghosts of his brothers, Owen and Adam. For a moment no one spoke and even for the undead, the silence became awkward.

“So, what happens now?” Adam was the first to speak.

“We have to learn to live with each other.” Owen said with a shrug of his shoulders. “Again.”

“Forever?” Rex didn’t seem too happy about that and neither did any of his brothers.

Jack knew that in order for him to focus successfully on the two remaining witches, he needed to get his mother to safety.

As if reading his mind Donna touched Jack gently on the arm. “Be the man that I know you are,” she whispered, tenderly stroking her hand across his cheek.

Jack swelled with pride at his mother’s belief in him. “Get outside.” He instructed her, nodding towards the doors.

“Okay.” Donna agreed, knowing that Jack needed to be able to focus all his efforts on saving Ianto and once she was safe he could do just that. Sticking to the walls and the shadows, Donna rushed out the door, once out safely, she moved towards a window so she watch what was happening.

Ianto hated being bound. The witches had left their magical mirror activated, and he had been able to view the events going down below him. Now all he wanted to do was offer Jack his help, but despair over losing his lover had made him so very weak and the leather straps were far too strong for him to break. All he could do was pray that Jack made it out alive and so the star focused all his energies on sending thoughts of faith, love and strength from his heart to Jack’s.

Suzie moved towards Gwen. “Hurry! Go cut out the star’s heart; I’ll deal with him.” She promised having fished the voodoo doll, mysteriously dry despite having been soaked in the water, out of the fountain. Seeing Suzie’s plan Gwen nodded approvingly and moved quickly up the stairs.

Jack had just walked by the corpse of John and the invisible ghost brothers gathered around it when a nasty squishing noise made him pause. Curiosity made Jack look back in time to see John’s body rise to its feet. Surprised at this odd turn of events, all of his dead brothers look at John, making sure he was still among them, and indeed he was, looking just as confused as them.

As he began to duel the dead John, Jack was very grateful that the crew of the TARDIS had taught him to fight.

John didn’t know how he should feel as he watched his body fight the young man and listened to his brothers all cheering for Jack. A painful crunching noise drew John’s attention back to the fight and he winced as he saw that his body now had a broken neck from running head-long into a marble pillar.

Jack ducked another swing from John’s sword; this was getting him nowhere and Ianto was in grave danger.

Gwen had reached Ianto and in her hands was a razor-sharp meat cleaver hovering dangerously close to his chest. “Jack!” Ianto cried out as loudly as he could, knowing that he needed the other man’s help.

Hearing Ianto’s cry just as he backed into the chain that anchored the chandelier, Jack followed the loops upwards and he realized that the massive overhead fixture hung directly above Suzie. Holding his sword between his teeth, and grasping the chain tightly, he kicked the rusted anchor free and up he went soaring through the air just as John what would have been a killing blow.

Looking up Suzie only had time to let out a strangled scream before the chandler crushed her. A single shard of etched crystal struck her heart, killing her instantly, and the voodoo doll fell limply to the floor as did John’s body.

Landing hard on the ground Jack struggled to his feet and he ran up the stairs as fast as he could, reaching the top just as Gwen brought the clever down with all her might.

For one brief moment Jack couldn’t breathe; he had failed to save his one true love, and the pain of that failure made him want to join his star in death. Then he noticed that rather than rending flesh and bone asunder, the sharp blade had cut through one of the straps holding Ianto to the table. Ianto and Jack both looked at the Gwen in total confusion; was this some trick? Was the witch toying with them?

“Youth, beauty, it’s all so meaningless now. My sisters are dead! Everything I care about is gone. Go.” Gwen sobbed. Whirling around she severed the last of the leather straps and roared, “Go!”

Not needing to be told twice Jack quickly freed Ianto and helped him off the table before giving Ianto one brief kiss filled with all the love he felt for him. Breaking the kiss the two lovers quickly ran down the stairs wanting to get out before Gwen changed her mind.

Smiling with joy at her son’s reunion with his lover, Donna ran to the slightly opened doors only for them to slam shut in her face and lock. “No!” she cried, pounding on the door.

Seeing the doors lock Jack pushed Ianto behind him as a wicked laugh filled the air.

Gwen moved towards the two letting her magic flow freely around her. “I owe you thanks, boy. What use was his heart to me when it was broken? And you got rid of my sisters for me, and now I can have it all for myself.” Ugly dark magic rose from Gwen filling the air with a sinister green light.

Ianto surprised everyone when he whirled Jack around and wrapped his arms around his beloved human. “Hold me tight and close your eyes,” he whispered into Jack’s ear, and even in their dire situation, Jack was struck by the unique scent of his star. “No matter what, don’t open them until I tell you, okay?”

“What? Why?” Jack asked confusion lacing his voice.

“What do stars do?” Ianto asked softly with a wickedly sweet twinkle in his eye.

Catching on Jack shut his eyes, buried his face in his star’s neck and held on tightly to Ianto as he answered proudly, “Shine.”

A star’s light is one of the purest things ever created, and when it was fuelled by true love, no dark force in the universe was a match for it. With all the love he had for Jack behind him, Ianto began to glow, filling the mansion with a blinding light. Gwen let out a horrifying shriek as the star light destroyed her.

“Bravo!” Eugene cheered as he began to clap and with smiles on their faces so did the rest of his ghostly brothers.

Releasing his grip on Ianto, Jack asked, “Why didn’t you do that earlier? You could have saved yourself and escaped from here.” Both men heard the unspoken words, ‘and from me’.

Ianto rolled his eyes fondly. “I couldn’t have done it without you. No star can shine with a broken heart. I thought I’d lost you, but you came back.” Ianto whispered, awe filling his voice. “You came back to me.”

Jack smiled. “Of course I did, I love you.” He admitted with a slight blush and that was all Ianto needed to hear before he pulled Jack into a deep kiss.

“Oi! Break it up, lover birds. I’d like to get as far away from this house as possible.” Donna spoke up loudly as she entered the mansion again, effectively ending the tender moment between the two lovers.

Blushing a delicious shade of pink, Ianto broke the kiss and hurried over to Donna’s side. Jack had to admit that he rather liked seeing Ianto blush and he vowed then and there to make him do it often. He was struck by the passing thought; ‘I wonder if he blushes all over?’ and he decided that he couldn’t wait to find out.

The pocket watch that the brothers had fought over, killed and died for had been destroyed in the battle but the ruby itself had survived unscathed. Spotting the stone lying on the ground Jack picked it up and headed towards his mother and Ianto when the stone suddenly began to glow.

Donna walked over to her son. “The last surviving male heir of Torchwood bloodline, it’s you, Jack,” she informed him with tears in her eyes.

Shock circulated amongst Donna’s brothers. Owen blinked before speaking, “But if he’s the new king of Torchwood, then…” One by one the brothers’ ghosts were freed from their imprisonment.

Tags: fic: stardust, pairing: jack/ianto, reel_torchwood
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