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Fic: My Christmas Gift Is You Chapter 1/2

Title: My Christmas Gift Is You
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Little!Jack/Little!Ianto, Real!Jack/Diane, Tommy/River, Jack/Ianto, 10th Doctor/Tosh, Rhys/Kathy, Andy/Donna, Mickey/Martha, John/Owen, 9th Doctor/Sarah Jane, Wilf/Estelle
Rating: G
Summary: Little!Jack has a very important question to ask Yan-Yan on their first Christmas together, a question never-to-be-forgotten that Jack follows up on years later.
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who.
Beta: royalladyemma

Chapter 1

It was Christmas Eve, and it was the perfect night for a Christmas miracle; the air was crisp and clean, and the sky was studded with a million shining stars. As they had for decades past, Wilf and Estelle were hosting their annual Christmas Party for the neighbourhood.

Little Jack was quite nervous, and it was so much more than wondering if he was on Santa’s Nice List or on the jolly old man’s Naughty List. Jack Harkness had a special question to ask his Yan-Yan, and the only thing he wanted for Christmas was for his Yan-Yan to say ‘yes’.

Watching their son chew his lower lip as he paced back and fourth in front of the window, Jack and Diane shared a knowing look; their son was not acting like himself and they were quite sure that it had something to do with Ianto and his Christmas present.

One evening a few weeks back, after tucking his namesake into bed, Jack Harkness, Sr., had shared with Diane the story of taking his son shopping. They had spent the morning downtown, peering into shop windows and scouring their shelves for just the right thing. Jack smiled indulgently as he remembered how thoughtfully his boy had judged every toy around him, examining each one with great care. Jack Jr. had been on a very important mission: find his Yan-Yan the perfect Christmas gift. Despite their best efforts to find something, his son had rejected everything he found and they returned home, one tired father and one sad little boy. Then suddenly, just a few days later young Jack had appeared in the kitchen door and had proudly announced that he had found his Yan-Yan the perfect Christmas gift. No matter how many Christmas cookies they tried to bribe him with, Jack wouldn’t tell them, or anyone else, what it was.

Their musings were cut short by a forceful demand, “Can we go now!? Yan-Yan is waiting for me!” An adorable scowl had appeared on Jack’s face as he gazed up at his parents and he tapped his little trainer-clad foot in annoyance.

Diane fought hard not to laugh at her son’s expression; it would seem he had gotten over his nervousness quite fast with the need to see Ianto. “Of course, we can’t keep Yan-Yan waiting.” She agreed and a tiny laugh did escape her lips when her son beamed at her and nodded his head before bouncing to the door. Diane turned to her husband with hands on her hips. “Well, get a move on! I’m dying to find out what Jack got Yan-Yan,” she demanded before following her son.

Jack Sr. just shook his head fondly as he followed after the two most important people in his life; he had to admit that he was a little curious as to what Jack had gotten Ianto for Christmas.


Ianto was disappointed when he got to Grandma Estelle and Grandpa Wilf’s house to discover that Jack wasn’t there yet, and he clutched Jack’s present close to his body as he moved to put it under the tree.

Tommy followed his son and watched as Ianto carefully placed the blue wrapped gift down amongst the other gaily-wrapped presents. “Don’t worry; Jack will be here any minute,” Tommy reassured his son as the little boy stood back and surveyed the beautiful decorated tree.

As if summoned by magic the doorbell rang, and with only the Harkness’ missing from the gathering, Wilf thought it rather safe to announce that it was more than likely them. “The rest of our family has arrived!” and he flung open the front door with a flourish.

Tommy smiled as he watched Ianto’s eyes light up with happiness as he scrambled out of the living room and back into the foyer.

“Yan-Yan!” Jack made a beeline straight for Ianto the moment his eyes landed on his beloved little Welshman.

“Jack! You’re here!” Ianto cried as Jack’s little body wrapped around his and Ianto buried his head into Jack’s shoulder.

Their little greeting drew the crowd as women alike loved to coo and awe over their little romance; after all, it wasn’t everyday that people got to watch true love right as it happened.

Jack Sr. knew he was going to get nasty looks from all the women as he spoke up, “Jack, how about we take off your jacket and then you can go play with Ianto?”

With the utmost reluctance, Jack and Ianto forced themselves to break their hug and allow Jack’s dad to remove his coat. Jack Sr. could feel the women all glaring angrily at his back.

Once free of his jacket, Jack took Ianto’s hand in his as he lead him away from the others; he wanted to give Ianto is Christmas present before he lost his nerve.

Watching them go John Sr. turned to Jack. “What’s that all about?” He asked the question on all their minds.

Jack smiled. “I think Jack is going to give Ianto his Christmas present, right now.” The men had barely blinked before the women shot forward to watch what was sure to be the highlight of the night. No one was surprised to see River and Diane ready with cameras in hand.

Seeing no one around the Christmas tree, Jack led Ianto over there and stood him just so next to a particularly pretty branch. Taking a deep breath as he fumbled to take something out of his pocket, he looked at Ianto with sudden shyness. “Yan, when we get older, will you marry me?” and he held up a little plastic container with the toy ring inside to Ianto.

A dark blush came over Ianto’s cheeks even as a smile spread across his face. “Yes, Jack, I will marry you,” he accepted with all the solemnity a four-year-old could muster.

The smile that lit Jack’s face outshone the sun as he pulled his Ianto into a hug and gave him a great big kiss on the cheek.

“Ohhh, that is so sweet.” The women cooed as one as they observed the scene and cameras flashed as they caught the precious moment for posterity.

Letting out a hearty laugh John clapped both Tommy and Jack on their backs. “Better get saving now; I have a feeling that this is one marriage proposal that will definitely happen again in the future!” He grinned mischievously at his friends.

Tommy sent John a mock glare before grinning just as broadly at something over John’s shoulder. “I’d take your own advice,” and he turned John around just in time for him to see his own son get a kiss on the cheek from Tosh. It was hard not to miss the blush that stained John Jr. cheeks as a second round of camera flashes went off, recording yet another blossoming romance.

“Might save time and money to have a double wedding,” Wilf spoke up and then with a chuckle he ducked an elbow from Estelle. “Just trying to help!”

Lost in their own little world, Jack and Ianto paid no attention to what was going on around them. When they finally broke their hug, Jack copied the move he’d seen in his mom’s kissing movies and he placed the ring on Ianto’s finger. Then, following another move he’d seen on the telly, he lifted Ianto’s little hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it, just like he’d been practicing in the mirror. Jack hoped that everybody would now realise that Yan-Yan was his, now and forever.

“Would you like to open your gift now?” Ianto asked softly. Jack eagerly nodded his head; he knew that he would love whatever Ianto got him simply because it was from his Yan-Yan.

Tightening his grip on Jack’s hand Ianto led Jack around to the other side of the tree where his gift waited for him. Picking it up Ianto handed it to Jack with a blush on his face. “I hope you like it,” Ianto whispered shyly.

Jack tore into Ianto’s present with growing excitement. “Wow!” he whispered as he stared at the specially-framed photo of him and Ianto. It was one that River had taken earlier that summer, when the large extended family had gotten together for a big picnic in Bute Park. The boys had been holding hands as they stood by the duck pond; they’d been too busy looking at each other to see Ianto’s mom point her ever-present camera their way. “I love it, Yan-Yan!” He brushed a kiss across Ianto’s red cheek; now he could look at his Yan-Yan whenever he was missing him.

“Jack, I have one more gift for you.” Ianto spoke up softly and Jack blinked at his Yan-Yan, wondering what else he could give him. Taking a deep breath, Ianto closed the distance between them with three short steps and he placed a gentle kiss on Jack’s lips. Backing away quickly Ianto then blushed his darkest colour yet.


Jack grinned from ear to ear before darting forward and kissing Ianto on the lips, and he decided right then and there that he would kiss Ianto as often as he could because there was absolutely nothing was sweeter in the world than Ianto’s lips pressed against his own.

Diane and River shared smiles of pure happiness as they captured on film their sons’ first kisses.

Tags: au, fic: my christmas gift is you, little!janto, pairing: doctor/tosh, pairing: jack/ianto
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