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Fic: Everything

Title: Everything
Fandom:CSI Miami/Supernartural
Pairing: Dean/Ryan and maybe taken as a little Eric/Ryan
Summary: Thrid in my Dean/Ryan unvierse. Ryan finds himself been grilled by Valera and Alexx about his myster guy, and a run in with Eric. Lunch can't arrive fast enough.
Disclamier: I don't own either show.
Rating: PG-13

Ryan was sure his face was going to be perment red after Dean little stunt. He is never going to be able to look his co-workers in the eyes again. He can only pray that none of his teamates saw that display. Not that he is ashamed of his relationship with Dean, he just doesn't need another reason for them to look down upon him, or for them to judge Dean.

"Damn Ryan, you sure know how to put on one hell of show. That was hot." Came Valera greeting as he entered the D.N.A. lab. Ryan blanched and was sure panic flashed across his features. Steading himself he looked up to meet Valera. And was taken back by the grin that adored her face. "'Um you saw that?" Ryan asked rubbing his face sheeplish. The labrat grin merely grew. "Not only did I see it, I record it. Got to love video cellphones." She laughed at Ryan groan. "So details. Who is your hottie?" Valera asked well more like demand as she yanked Ryan down into the chair beside her.

Ryan couldn't help but smile, glad one of his few friends approve of his realstionship. "You don't really have a copy do you?" He asked already knowing the answer. Valera looked at him like he was an idoit. "I was behind you when your sex god pulled you into one hell of a lip lock. There was no way I was miss that. I even got his and Eric little staredown. Why can't I have two hotties fighting over me?" Valera pouted. Ryan didn't hear her, his everything shut down. "Eric saw? Great this is all I need." Ryan moaned buring his head in his hands. "Did you moan like that for your guy?" Came Valera innocent question. "Valera." Ryan cried.

Valera plastered an innocent look on her face. "What? Inquire minds want to know." She defend herself. Glad to see happiness and life returning to Ryan eyes. She hated seeing him slowly breaking under the others treatment towards her friend. "Can I at least get a name? Please?" She begged. Ryan sighed unable to deny his friend. "If you must know, his name is Dean Winchester. And yes I'm seeing him again. Where having lunch today." Ryan couldn't stop the groan that escape his lips at the leer that spred across her face. "It's just lunch." Ryan pointed his finger at her. Valera merely smirked "Right lunch, I believe you."

Ryan sighed, knowing that Valera maybe right. Dean and him can't see to keep their hands off each other or their cloths on.

Suddenly Valera turned seriously. "You may want to talk to Alexx soon. Don't want mom to find out threw the office rumor mill." She warned and Ryan groaned. He thought he'd have a little while before he has to tell Alexx, like maybe a year. "If you need me, I'll be in the morgue." Ryan exited the lab like a man heading for death row.

"Alexx, you here?" Ryan called out enter the morgue. Maybe luck was on his side and Alexx is out. "Ryan, baby. I was wondering when you would show up." Alexx motherly voice washed over him. One look into those dark eyes and Ryan suddenly felt like a guilty child. "Now baby, is there something you need to tell me? Like who that young man was that who felt comfortable enough to kiss you in front ot the crime lab?" Mama bear was out and Ryan found himself praying for Dean.

"His name is Dean Winchester, and I'm having lunch with him." Ryan hoped that was enough for Alexx. His adopted mother crossed her arms and looked at him deeply. "Does he make you happy, baby?" That was all that matter to the M.E. She was tired of seeing Ryan heart break at Eric actions. A true smile spred across Ryan face. "He does Alexx." And that was enough for her. "I expect to meet him sometime. If your serious about him baby, then we meet." Alexx laid down the law.

Ryan left the morgue with a happy smile on his face. It didn't matter that what the rest of the lab thought know, he has Valera and Alexx support and that is enough for him. "Wolfe." And all happiness faded at the discorned and angry in Eric voice. Turning around Ryan came face to face with a fuming cuban.

"What do you want Delko?" Ryan growled falling into a defense stance. There is no way he is letting Eric ruin his good mood. "What was that this morning?" Eric growled. Ryan bristled. "How the hell is that any of your bussiness?" Ryan growled back. Those dark eyes that drew him in, darken in angry as Eric took a step foward. "It's my bussiness when you make a fool of this lab." Delko growled. That sent Ryan off. "How does my personal life make the lab look like a fool? If I remember correctly your past relationships have brought more greif to the lab, then I could have ever done." Ryan growled, taking a step closer.

They were face to face, either they were going ot come to blows or to give a show as good as Dean and Ryan did early that morning. They will never know as Calleigh arrived. "Eric lets go." The blond order. The two men contuined their glares until the Eric and Calleigh round around the connor. 'I hope Dean is having a better morning than me.'

Sam took one look at his brother entering the diner. "Dude, you couldn't have called?" The younger brother asked. "Sorry, Sammy no time. " Dean reached a grabed a piece of Sam bacon. Sam glared. "So how is he?" He took great joy in Dean choking on his stolen food. "What?" Dean thought he hid it so well. Sam shook his head. "Dean I'm not dad. And I'm not blind. As long as your happy, I'm happy." Sam told his brother honsetly. Dean felt relife fill him. "Thanks man." 

Sam smirked. "So do I get a name? Cause I can't remember the last time I saw you this happy." He asked, blocking his food from another of Dean attemps. "His name is Ryan Wolfe. And were having lunch." Dean told him causally. Taking great joy in Sam chocking on his drink. Which allowed Dean to steal the rest of his brother food.

Ryan could barely stay still as it grew closer to noon. Valera of course found it amusing. No one could miss the way Ryan eyes lite up as the clock hit 12. "I'll be back in an hour or so." He told the smirking Valera as he pulled off his jacket. "Have fun, and remember to eat before you jump to the hot sex." Was her ever helpful advice. Ryan blushed before rushing out of the lab.

Exiting the lab, Ryan felt his breath catch as he spotted Dean leaning against his car. Even thouugh it had only been hours since they saw each other, they were drawn to one another.

Ryan was done the stairs and in Dean arms in seconds. Their mouths met in purely passionate and desier filled kiss. Pulling away panting Dean rested his forehead against Ryan. "Lunch?" He asked. "Later, room first." Came Ryan reply. Both needing to clench the fire that was slowly consuming them.

"Whatever you want babe." Dean whisper against Ryan lips. Ryan darken eyes locked with Dean's. "You. I just want you." Came Ryan whimper. "You have me, Ryan. Everything I am is yours." Dean sealed the vow with a kiss.

Pulling away, Dean wrapped his arms around Ryan leading him towards his car. Looking above Ryan head, Dean met the same dark eyes as before. Lifting his hand Dean sent him a little wave. That man was no doubt Eric, the one who had caused Ryan so much pain. Well as long as Dean is around there is no way this guy is going to hurt his Ryan again. Eric had his chance and blew it. There is no way Dean is making the same mistakes.

But right now he had more important things to focus on, like getting Ryan to his room and naked as fast as possible. He doesn't know how much longer he and Sam have till the next hunt, but he plans on making the most of their time together.

Tags: fic: everything, pairing: dean/ryan
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