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Fic: Wedding Crashers Epilogue

Title: Wedding Crashers
Author: backrose_17
Word Count: 31,421
Prompt: Wedding Crashers
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, John/Tosh, Harold Saxon/Gwen, Jake/Ace, some Grey/Ianto, Owen/Andy, Doctor/Martha and others
Rating: R
Beta: royalladyemma
Summary: Jack and John made a career out of crashing weddings looking for quick hook-ups, but one wedding changes everything when they meet Ianto and Tosh. Everything they know changes; have they finally found their perfect matches?
Warnings: Language and sexual scenes
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or the movie Wedding Crashers.



One year later


Standing at the altar, dressed in their best tuxes, John noted the look of nervousness and happiness on Jack’s face.


“Dude, you ready for this?” John whispered to his friend.


“Yeah, yeah, of course.” Jack’s voice held a timbre of nervousness to it, although his eyes were clear and resolute.


“Because you seem a little nervous,” John pointed out.


“I’m fine, I’m fine. I’ve just never been a Best Man before.” Jack informed his friend as they watched Harold Saxon walk his daughter, Tosh, solemnly up the aisle.


“Dude, you’re gonna be the groom next month,” John reminded him.


Hearing those words, Jack’s gaze drifted to Ianto, who was once again in the role of the bride’s best man. Jack smile fondly at his Welshman and his heart skipped a beat when Ianto smiled back at him. “Oh, that I can deal with,” Jack informed his beast friend with absolute conviction. “Watching you do this, different story.”


John laughed as his beautiful bride drew closer. “You know, we’re going to be brothers-in-law.”


“I know.” Jack would never in his life have thought that such a thing would happen, and he was still grateful to John for him tricking him into crashing Ianto’s wedding in the first place.


“Well, you know, the rules for brothers-in-law are different. When Archie got married, he said…” John was cut off by Jack.


“Wait! What do you mean Archie got married? You never told me he got married!” Jack could not believe his best friend hadn’t told him that bit of news.


“Oh yeah, well, he tied the knot last year.” John confessed sheepishly.


“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me this.” Jack pouted, his lower lips stuck out.


“I guess I forgot.” John shrugged his shoulders.


“Bullshit.” Jack was not happy.


“Boys! Enough!” Ianto’s voice cut in with sharp affection.


“We’ll talk about this later,” Jack whispered as Tosh reached the altar.


Harold folded back her veil and gave Tosh a kiss on the cheek before shaking John’s hand and stepping back to join Gwen, Sylvia, Andy and Owen in the front pew. John finally got his first look at his future wife, resplendent in her wedding finery, and he beamed at her as Jack patted him on the back.


“Dude, row seven, five and six seats in,” John whispered to his friend.


Jack let his gaze flicker to the guests John told him about and he wasn’t at all surprised to see the very familiar sight of two men dabbing their eyes. “Crashers,” Jack whispered back with a knowing smile.


“Oh yeah,” John agreed before focusing on Tosh.


Jack let his gaze meet Ianto’s again and as the ceremony started, Jack knew that he and John had at last found true happiness. He leaned over to Ianto. “Meet you in the broom closet after the ceremony.” He leered at his future husband and then winked.


Ianto sent Jack a coy look that got his blood boiling. “Five minutes and no later.”


John shook his head at the ‘I’m gonna get some’ look on Jack’s face before turning back to look into Tosh’s eyes and suddenly nothing else in the world mattered but the woman before him.


The End

Tags: au, fic: wedding crashers, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: john/tosh, reel_torchwood
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