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Fic: Change Fate's Design Chapter 8/12

Title: Change Fate’s Design
Fandoms: Torchwood/Star Trek XI/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, John/Tosh, Rory/Amy, Doctor/River, Mickey/Martha, Sulu/Chekov, Owen/Andy/Kathy
Summary: Time is collapsing in on itself due to a disruption in the timelines. Now, to save the future, they must fix the past and save those who have been lost.
Word Count: 27,536
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who or Star Trek.
Beta: royalladyemma

Chapter 8

Satisfied with himself, Owen turned his attention back to the group. “Oh bloody hell! Will you two give it a break already?” Owen was in no mood for an extended version of the Jack-and-Ianto show.

Jack forced himself to pull away from Ianto’s delicious mouth so that he could grin wildly at his medic. “No way! Ianto said he loves me! This is just the start; now I have no reason whatsoever to keep my hands off my future husband!” Jack proudly announced.

“Your what?!” Owen and Gwen both screeched at the same time, though Owen would always deny that he ever screeched.

Jack looped his arm around Ianto’s waist and drew him in closer. “I asked Ianto to marry me and he said yes. Gear up kids; we’ve got a wedding to plan!”

Tosh broke free from John’s protective hold and rushed over to the happy couple, flinging her arms around them in a tight hug. “I’m so happy for you both of you!” she squealed in pure happiness.

Jack and Ianto were not at all surprised that Tosh was the happiest for them of the group. “Thank you, Tosh, and if John gives you any trouble you tell me cos I’ll be glad to knock him on his arse.” Jack winked at her.

A wicked grin spread across Tosh’s face. “Don’t you worry; I can keep John Hart in line. But be warned, Jack, the same goes for you. If you hurt Ianto again, I will hunt you down and gladly remove your mini captains as many times as I need to in order to get my point across.” The only thing that scared Jack more than Tosh’s words was the grin that she wore as she threatened him.

The Doctor, who had been shamelessly ease-dropping, grinned from ear to ear. “I like her, can we keep her?” He asked River and his TARDIS.

John, as everyone would quickly learn, was very possessive of what was his, and he stalked over to the embracing trio and pulled Tosh away. Tucking her back into his own arms, he glared at the Doctor. “The sexy genius is mine, so back off, Time Lord.” His growled words made it very clear that John was staking his claim.

Tosh arched an imperious eyebrow as she freed herself from John’s hold. “Oh and who says I’m yours? I am my own person, thank you so very much.” Tosh pointed out, much to the amusement of the others.

A seductive look spread across John’s face as he began circling Tosh, much like a hunter who had spotted its prey. “Oh trust me; you will be mine, Toshiko Sato.” John purred low in his throat which gave Tosh goose bumps; never before had anyone wanted her so much and so blatantly. John saw the lust flare in Tosh’s eyes and it took all of his willpower not to find the nearest bed and claim what was rightfully his.

“Okay, someone break out the cold water and hose these four down!” Owen snapped brusquely, using his gruffness to hide the fact that while he was well pleased for his friends’ happiness, he was lonely and wanted his own happy ending.

Coming to stand beside Owen, Spock spoke quietly, his words for Owen’s ears only. “Do not let sadness grip you, my young friend. Your happiness is closer than you think.”

Owen couldn’t stop the snort of derision that escaped his mouth. “My one true chance at happiness was with Katie. My heart and soul died with her the day I lost her. I don’t know how to love anymore.”

Spock rested a reassuring hand on Owen’s arm. “With the right someone, you will open your heart and learn to love again.” He removed his hand from Owen and headed towards the Doctor. Owen watched the elderly Vulcan walk away, his words echoing in his head. He could only hope that he was right.

As Spock joined his old friend he was not at all surprised to see the Doctor’s eyes locked on his son; Ianto was still in Jack’s protective embrace. Spock said nothing as he waited for the Doctor to speak and he didn’t have to wait long. “I have no clue how to be a father,” the Doctor admitted softly. “I don’t even know if Ianto will ever want me to be a part of his life.”

“The only thing you can do, my friend, is talk to him and let Ianto decide.” Spock gave him the only advice he could.

Ianto was well aware that they were being watched by the Doctor and Spock. “I need to talk to them,” he murmured against Jack’s throat.

“I figured you might; do you want me to be with you when you do?” Jack asked as he rested his chin on top of Ianto’s head. He revelled in the wonderful feeling of simply holding his precious Welshman in his arms again.

“No, this is something I think I need to do by myself. Why don’t you see to the team? I know you and there’s no way either of us is returning to Torchwood, not with our little one on its way.” Ianto knew his lover better than most.

“Damn right we’re not! I will not risk losing you or our child ever again.” Jack rested a protective hand on Ianto’s stomach. “We might as well get the talks over with so that I can drag you back to our room and not come out for days.” Jack had to admit he rather liked his idea and it took all his willpower not to act on it right then and there.

As if reading his lover’s mind Ianto pulled back a little to look Jack in the eyes. “Talk first, get naked second,” he said firmly, although there was a naughty twinkle in his eyes.

Jack actually pouted at that. “But talking is no fun and we do getting naked really, really good.” His pout faded into a leer for his sexy Welshman.

Ianto found himself rolling his eyes fondly at the very typical Jack response. “I promise that just as soon as we get everything sorted, the TARDIS will make sure the others don’t find us for at least a week.” He purred in Jack’s ear and from the glazed look in his lover’s eyes Ianto knew that he had Jack hooked.

“Right! You talked to your parents and I’ll sort out Torchwood and then it’s into my room for a week where I plan on proving my love for you the best way I know how.” Jack brushed a kiss full of promise against Ianto’s lips.

It took all of Jack’s strength to force himself away from Ianto’s side. His fiancé, Jack just loved saying that, wanted to speak to his parents, and Jack would love nothing more than to be there with him offering his support, but Ianto had been right when he said he needed to do this himself.

Jack also knew that Ianto would tell him everything that was said so he decided while Ianto was busy with that he would take care of leaving Torchwood in Owen’s command. He also knew that Ianto was right yet again; there was no way they were staying with the Doctor. She might be the last TARDIS in existence and the safest place in the Universe, but life with a Time Lord was still far too dangerous with the baby on the way. He wanted to show Ianto the universe on his own terms, and then they’d find a nice, safe place where they could settle down and start a life free from the call of Torchwood.

Ianto took a deep breath as he gathered up his courage and moved towards the nervous-looking Doctor and the teary-eyed River Song. “Could we go into the TARDIS and talk?” He asked low enough for only them to hear.

Cautious hope filled the Doctor and River; maybe, just maybe, they had a chance at some type of relationship with their son. “Of course,” the Doctor happily agreed as he flung open the doors, and Ianto sent Jack a quick smile before following them into the TARDIS.

Jack kept his eyes on Ianto until the TARDIS doors closed behind them; he watched for a few more moments to make sure that the Doctor didn’t take off with his Ianto. When he was convinced that the TARDIS was staying put, Jack finally turned to his team. “All right, kids, we need to talk.” The seriousness in Jack’s tone alerted them to the fact that this was going to be big.

“Ianto and I are leaving Torchwood.” Jack dropped his bombshell.

Only John, Spock, Rory and Amy remained unaffected as Owen and Gwen’s demands filled the air while Tosh looked at her boss and friend silently.

“Jack, you can’t leave! What about m... us? Gwen quickly tried to cover her slip-up as she felt Rhys’ gaze on her back.

Owen didn’t bother to hide his eye roll. “Oi, it’s not about you, now is it, Cooper?” he snapped at Gwen before turning his attention back to Jack. “I’m not happy that we’ll be losing you and the Tea-Boy and his coffee, but I understand. Out of all of us you two have lost the most because of Torchwood and you deserve a chance to be happy.”

“Aww, Owen I didn’t know you cared so much.” Jack grinned at his grumpy medic.

Owen glared at his boss. “Yeah, well, don’t get used to it. So who’s going to be in charge after Cooper goes on leave?” He had never liked the fact that the newbie had been placed second-in-command.

Jack blinked in confusion. “Why would Gwen be in charge? You’re my second-in-command, always have been.” Jack had no idea where Owen had gotten that idea that Gwen was in charge of Torchwood in his absence.

“Gwen told us all after you left with the Doctor that you hired her to take Suzie’s spot as your second.” Tosh spoke quietly.

Jack shook his head; now it all made sense as to why Gwen had been in charge when he got back. “No, I hired Gwen to fill the void Suzie left; I never had plans to make her my second; that went to Owen, which is who I’ll be leaving in charge.”

Owen gaped in shock for a moment before turning on his heel. “Hart, you want a job?” He asked casually and then he noticed that everyone was staring at him, so Owen explained his offer. “With Jack gone, we’ll need someone who knows alien races.” Of course Owen knew from the way John was acting around Tosh that the man would accept.

John grinned as he winked at Tosh. “Count me in; might be fun saving the world on a weekly basis.”

Gwen couldn’t stop the fierce scowl that came over her face. She was second-in-command; even though she’d been new; she had earned her place to lead the team. She was Torchwood’s heart and their conscience; Jack came to her for advice on dealing with the public. Gwen Cooper was the first person Jack thought of whenever he needed someone to talk to, not Tosh, not Owen, and most certainly not Ianto. Just because he was Jack’s part-time shag didn’t mean they actually talked about things. When Jack needed meaningful conversation, he always turned to her.

Letting the conversations of the others wash over her, Gwen began to think furiously. She just needed to get Jack alone, somewhere quiet and private, because once she reminded him how well she had led the team during his absence, he would realise that she was the only person he could truly rely on to carry on his footsteps.

More than keeping her leadership position however, was the need to remind him of the passionate spark that had always been between them. Gwen was positive that once Jack knew she still in love him, he would admit that Ianto was really nothing more than a consolation prize, and a poor one at that. She simply couldn’t let Jack go and marry Ianto without showing him that there was still a chance for them.

Gwen could feel her heart kick into high gear as she contemplated her future with Jack. She’d be kind and let Rhys have occasional visitation with his child, and she’d find a way to convince Ianto that letting her and Jack raise his child was for the best, especially for a child. After all, they would be the perfect family for it, two loving parents and a sibling.

Positive Jack would see things her way, and be exceedingly grateful to her for arranging their lives so cleverly, Gwen slipped over and stood next to Jack. “Jack, can I talk to you, alone?” she asked sweetly and with a tender smile, trying to convey with her eyes that she was thinking only of him.

With a silent groan, Jack steeled himself; he knew what was coming and he wasn’t looking forward to it, especially with Ianto nowhere to be seen. ‘I need you, Ianto!’ he sent a frantic telepathic message to his future husband, even though he knew that Ianto wouldn’t hear him. Why on Earth hadn’t he ever noticed how alike he and Gwen were? It was one of the reasons why they could never work as a couple, well that and the fact his heart belonged to Ianto and only Ianto.

“I think, Gwen, that whatever you have to say can be said right here in front of everyone, including your husband.” Jack truly felt sorry for Rhys; Gwen had married him and was now carrying their child but she still refused to end her feelings for Jack.

Curious about the sudden tension between Jack, Gwen and Rhys, Amy leaned into ask Tosh softly, “What’s going on?”

Tosh didn’t like to speak badly of any of her teammates and she didn’t know how to respond without Gwen looking bad. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, John Hart didn’t have the same morals.

“Dear Gwennie fancies that she’s in love with Jack and that he’s in love with her. She’s convinced herself that the only reason Jack is with Ianto because she was taken. So now she’s gonna try and make her move.” John chuckled and settled back to watch the fireworks. “This oughta be good!”

Amy’s eyes narrowed with displeasure at the woman who dared to try and ruin her grandson’s happiness. There’s been something off-putting about Gwen from the moment Amy met her, but she hadn’t been able to put her finger on it. Now, though, all her motherly – okay, grand-motherly- instincts kicked in; ‘Yeah, like that’s not weird at all!’ she thought dryly to herself and had to stifle a giggle. It was going to take a lot of time to get used to the fact not only was she someone’s mother, and a grandmother, but she was soon to be a great-grandmother. Amy glanced over at Rory; he didn’t seem to have any problems with being so young to be so old, but then again, not much rattled her husband any more. But, back to the matter at hand; she was not going to let anyone ruin her family’s happiness, especially not some gap-toothed cow from Wales!

Gwen shifted nervously and her skin crawled as she felt the many angry glares directed at her. “Jack, I really think it would be better if we talked in private,” she coaxed him, putting her hand on his arm to steer him away. She did not want her discussion to have an audience; her plan of seduction needed privacy.

A sigh escaped Jack’s lips as he pulled his arm free from Gwen’s grasp. “Gwen, nothing you could ever say will make me change my mind. I want a life with Ianto, one that’s free of Torchwood and its dangers; I want to show him the stars before we find a place to settle down and raise our family. Ianto is pregnant with my child.” Jack glanced at the closed door of the TARIDS, a soft smile gracing his lips and putting a twinkle in his eyes.

“I have the man I love and we’re starting a family. I thought you figured it out a long time ago; I am nothing more than a fantasy. I am not the man you love and I don’t have feelings above friendship for you. You have an amazing husband and you two are expecting your first child together; don’t throw all that way for a dream that will never come true.” Jack pleaded with Gwen and when she reached out to take his hands, he slipped them into his pockets.

Bitter tears filled Gwen eyes as she realised that her worst nightmare really was true; Jack was never going to be hers. She had to let go of Jack and all dreams of a future with him; he would now and forever always belong to Ianto Jones. She didn’t know what to do next; she was too embarrassed to turn around and face her friends, and too scared of what she might see on Rhys’ face.

Rhys sent Jack a silent nod of thanks as he moved towards his wife. He wasn’t blind; he’d seen the way Gwen would look at Jack, like he was her sun. He had hoped that Gwen would grow out of her fantasy and now he felt hopeful that Jack’s speech had gotten through to her. “Gwen,” he called out softly and he waited until she turned to look at him before continuing; “if you really loved Jack you’d want him to be happy and I know that’s what I’d have done if it was you.”

Suddenly it all became crystal clear to Gwen how badly she treated the man she claimed she loved; she saw how she had hurt and belittled Rhys and yet he still loved her, flaws and all. He was her Ianto. Here she was carrying their child while still mooning over another man, willing to give it all up for a future that didn’t exist with a man who didn’t want her. “Rhys, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry.” She cried out and Rhys quickly moved to embrace her.

“Bloody hell; forget to mention something, Jack?” Owen scowled as he crossed his arms, ignoring the weeping Gwen. His mind was on something much more important; if what Jack said was true then Ianto need to be checked out, immediately.

Jack could read his medic like a book and he knew exactly what was racing through the man’s mind. “Relax, Owen, the TARDIS checked Ianto out the moment he got onboard and they’re both fine.” Jack reassured Owen, glad to see his friend so concerned for his future husband and their child.

“I don’t care what that time-travelling blue box says, I am still Ianto’s doctor and I will be giving him a full medical check-up before I okay any activities.” The look Owen gave Jack made clear exactly what ‘activities’ he meant and he arched an eyebrow, daring his boss to disagree with him.

Jack stuck out his lower lip and sulked as Owen’s point got across. “Fine! You can check Ianto over once he’s finished talking to the Doctor and River.” Jack agreed with a pout that would be the envy of every spoiled child in the universe. All he wanted to do was lock Ianto and himself away in his room and make love to his beloved Welshman for a week; why was that too much to ask for?

“So what does the Tea-Boy need to talk to them about?” Owen figured there was more to the story than he and the others knew.

“You’ll have to ask Ianto when they finish; it’s up to him to tell you.” Jack would not betray Ianto’s trust in him. But like everyone else in the room, he couldn’t help but wonder how it was going inside the TARDIS.


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