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Fic: Change Fate's Design Chapter 10/12

Title: Change Fate’s Design
Fandoms: Torchwood/Star Trek XI/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, John/Tosh, Rory/Amy, Doctor/River, Mickey/Martha, Sulu/Chekov, Owen/Andy/Kathy
Summary: Time is collapsing in on itself due to a disruption in the timelines. Now, to save the future, they must fix the past and save those who have been lost.
Word Count: 27,536
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who or Star Trek.
Beta: royalladyemma

Chapter 10


Jack walked out of the shower and gasped in amazement; he could hardly believe what was laid out right before his eyes. Somehow, the TARDIS had presented him with the traditional bonding robes of his home world. Tears filled his eyes as he trailed his fingers reverently across the dark blue silk robes. They were like a dream come true; “thank you, old girl, thank you so much.”


Once dressed in the robes, Jack stepped through the front doors of the TARDIS and stopped short in wonder. “Boeshane,” he whispered in awe; he wanted to show Ianto where he came from for so long only to discover that she had brought them home. Jack set out eagerly to find the High Priestess who would perform their bonding ceremony. The TARDIS, the sneaky matchmaker she was, had conveniently landed them on Boeshane’s traditional Day of Bonding, when all couples seeking to join their souls as one could.

As he walked along, his senses were in overdrive as he savoured the sights and sounds of his childhood. Everywhere he looked he could see happy couples wandering about the village, and he marvelled at how beautiful everything was; every available surface of the central square had been decorated with fresh flowers and boughs of greenery. The Boeshane Peninsula was located on a desert planet and such a rare extravagance was truly intoxicating.


Jack’s breath caught in his throat as his eyes landed on Ianto for the first time in hours; River had refused to allow the men to see one another before the ceremony. Ianto was dressed much like Jack but in the darkest of red robes that shimmered as he walked. The soft breeze coming off the ocean made the fabric continually change from the deepest hues of red to the lightest. Ianto had never looked more beautiful in his life, and it took all of Jack’s willpower not to sweep the man off his feet and show Ianto just what that colour on his incredibly sexy Welshman did to him. 

Ianto was in a state similar to Jack’s as he took in the sight of his husband-to-be dressed in royal blue robes. While the immortal had always insisted that red was his colour there was no doubt in Ianto’s mind that blue was Jack’s colour.

“Ceremony first, honeymoon second. So I suggest you stop staring at each other hoping that your clothes will magical fall off and let’s get this wedding over with.” Owen spoke up from behind Jack breaking the spell.

Seeing the pout beginning to form on Jack’s face Ianto slipped his hand into Jack’s. “Come on, Cariad; let’s get bonded.”


Jack felt his heart flutter as he and Ianto approached the altar with Tosh at Ianto’s right and Owen at his left; they were serving as the Boeshanian versions of the best man and maid-of-honour.

The High Priestess looked out over the group of people surrounding her grooms and smiled as she gave them all her blessings. Once everyone was seated, she laid her hands atop Jack and Ianto’s heads and gave them an additional special prayer before beginning. “We are gathered here to join these two souls as one. No soul is born without it’s other half, our soul’s mate, but it’s a rare and priceless gift when find our matching half. Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones are two halves of one such very lucky soul who managed to find each other in this vast universe.

“Those who stand behind you know the journey you have taken to find one another, a journey filled with much pain and suffering. Every challenge, set-back and hardship that your love faced and overcame helped your commitment to your love grow all the more stronger and solid. The bonding of two souls into one is a bond that can never be broken; it is a lifetime commitment and one that should not be entered to with any doubts.”

The Priestess gazed deeply into Jack and Ianto’s eyes, looking into the very center of their hearts. Satisfied with what she saw reflected back at her, she asked solemnly, “Do you deny all others and swear that today you stand here with your soul mate?”

Jack and Ianto shared a loving smile as they answered as one, “We swear.”

The Priestess nodded before turning her attention to the Doctor and River. “As Ianto’s parents, who want only the very best for their son, do you support his union with Jack?”

Jack was sure there was a tear in the Doctor’s eyes as he answered, “With both our hearts, we do.”

Turning her attention next to Tosh the Priestess asked, “Toshiko Sato, as their closest friend and witness, do you support this union between Jack and Ianto?”

Tosh was weeping openly as she gave her answer. “I do.”

The Priestess’ gaze came to rest on Owen. “And do you, Owen Harper, in your role as friend and witness, support the union of Jack and Ianto?”

“All I have to say is it’s about bloody well time!” Owen answered with both snark and fondness in his voice, and a soft twitter of amused agreement swept through their assembled group. Ever Gwen was able to summon a small smile; seated next to Rhys, her heart felt like lead in her chest as she watched her dreams finally wither and die.

The Priestess turned her attention back to Jack and Ianto. “With the blessings of your family and friends upon your union, it is now your time to speak to one another. Bonding vows cannot be written before hand, rehearsed and then merely recited; they must be your own words, formed in your heart and spoken here for the first time from one loving soul to another.”

Jack took a deep breath as he took Ianto’s hands in his own. “Ianto Jones, my life was cold and lonely until you came into it. Who I was then made it hard for people to love and accept me; they couldn’t, or wouldn’t, look past the hero’s façade to see the flawed and broken man beneath the mask, but not you. You have seen the real me and you love me despite it all. In the past I have hurt you and for that I sincerely and deeply apologise. I did everything I could to keep you at arms length and yet you still found it within you to forgive me and to love me.

“I stand before you now a better man because you are in my life. You are my heart and soul. You are my light in this dark universe. Your love and faith in me have helped shape me into a man who is worthy of your love. I love you, Ianto Jones, and I will love you until my final breath is taken.”

Choked up by the depth of emotion he saw on Jack’s face and heard in his words, it took Ianto a moment before he could begin his own vows. “I have only been in love once before and it was nothing compared to the love I have found in you. When I lost Lisa I became a broken man and it was you who helped put me back together again. In my darkest times it was your love that gave me the strength to go on. You didn’t need to become a man worthy of my love…”

Ianto’s voice cracked and he had to pause for a moment to regain control “… because you have always been a better man than I could ever be. You were the strength I needed when I was ready to give up. You were my light through the darkness leading my fragile soul away from the precipice of despair that was left after the loss of Lisa and all those at Torchwood One. I love you, Jack Harkness, flaws and all for they are what make you the man I love, the man who loves me. My love for you will out-last the stars in the sky.”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the group once the two men had finished speaking their heart’s true love to one another. Even the ever-cynical John Hart found him sniffling quietly and he tried to glare at Tosh when she smiled knowingly at him. Tosh wasn’t fooled for a moment, and she entwined their fingers together. “You old softie,” she whispered affectionately. “You never fooled me for a second.”

It wasn’t often that the High Priestess found herself quite so moved by a set of bonding vows, and she had to clear her throat before she could continue the ceremony. “Jack and Ianto’s words of devotion and sincerity have shown us the depths of their love for one another. Their love is pure and true and I see no reason why they should not be forever bonded.” She looked out over the group to see if there was a dissenting opinion and then she smiled happily when no one spoke.

“I am well pleased,” she nodded at her grooms. “You are truly blessed by your friends and family, Jack and Ianto.” They in turn looked out at their small group, seeing nothing but love, acceptance and support looking back at them. Jack felt his heart clench in his chest; never in his long life had he ever expected to be in the company of so many loyal friends.

In the Priestess’ hands, resting on a golden cloth, were two crystal pendants that glittered and sparkled in the sunlight as if they were alive. When joined together the two pieces created a single whole heart. She raised the cloth up towards the sun and whispered a blessing over the two halves before holding them out before her. “Each pendant half represents your heart; it is not made whole without one another. These pendants can only be worn by true soul mates, for it makes two hearts, two souls and two minds one. Should any one attempt to wear them under false pretences, the crystals would shatter into dust, never to be re-formed. Jack, place Ianto’s pendant on him and pledge your commitment to him.”

With shaky hands Jack lifted the pendant closest to him, but his nerves calmed a bit as he looked into Ianto’s love-filled eyes. Returning Ianto’s smile Jack placed the pendant around Ianto’s neck. “I give you my heart, as shabby and battered as it is; it will be yours until my final death. And I vow to protect your heart above anything; your happiness is my happiness, your sorrow is my sorrow. We will walk this path together, forever.”

“Ianto, place Jack’s pendant on him and pledge your commitment to him.”

With calmness that he didn’t feel Ianto picked up the remaining pendant and carefully fastened it around Jack’s neck. “My heart has been yours from the moment we met. I promise to shelter and protect your heart and your love from all others. Your pain will be my pain. Your joy will be my joy. I gladly go upon this journey with you, forever.”

Satisfied by the sudden flare of brilliant light that shone from each crystal pendant, the Priestess joined their hands between hers for a moment and bowed her head, murmuring another blessing on their union. “Now, take each other’s hands and clear your minds of all thoughts but of your love for one another.”

Doing as the Priestess asked Ianto and Jack linked their hands and stared into each others eyes as the Priestess reached out and placed a hand on each half of their pendants. Underneath her hands the two pedants pulsed as one, a single heartbeat. “Jack and Ianto, your hearts beat as one; you are now two halves that have found their way to one another. I now pronounce you bonded and you may now kiss your husband.”

Those were the words Jack had been waiting to hear as he surged forward and cupped Ianto’s face with his hands and kissed him, sending all the love he felt for his husband through the connection. An intense feeling of love washed over Ianto as he remembered one other time Jack kissed him with such ferocity, the night before Private Tommy Brockless returned home. Ianto clung to Jack as he returned the kiss with just as much love.

“Somebody pour a bucket of cold water over them before they forget they’re in a public place!” Owen growled in mock annoyance.


Spock gave the barest of smiles when the TARDIS showed him that the time line was safe and he watched what had been wavering, wispy images strengthen and solidify as this universe’s Kirk and McCoy’s love story unfold.

Tags: fic: change fate's design, mpreg big bang, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: john/tosh, pairing: kirk/mccoy
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