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Fic: Change Fate's Design Chapter 11/12

Title: Change Fate’s Design
Fandoms: Torchwood/Star Trek XI/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, John/Tosh, Rory/Amy, Doctor/River, Mickey/Martha, Sulu/Chekov, Owen/Andy/Kathy
Summary: Time is collapsing in on itself due to a disruption in the timelines. Now, to save the future, they must fix the past and save those who have been lost.
Word Count: 27,536
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who or Star Trek.
Beta: royalladyemma

Chapter 11

Their friends stayed and celebrated Jack and Ianto’s union for a week, during most of which they barely saw Jack and Ianto as the newlyweds had holed themselves up in a private little villa on a private beach. But after a week it was time to say good-bye. Ianto and Jack planned on travelling a bit with the Doctor, River and the Ponds until they found a place to settle down.

Owen was proving to be a good leader as he offered Mickey and Martha jobs, and considering Martha’s rather violent thoughts about UNIT, Mickey figured it would be a good career change.

John wooed Tosh in high fashion as he took her on many journeys through time and they became Jack and Ianto’s link to the outside world when they finally settled down in 23rd Century.

On one of Tosh and John’s many visits they brought the news that Owen had settled in nicely as leader of Torchwood and he had chosen Kathy Swanson, of all people as his second-in-command. Tosh had explained that with Gwen on an extended maternity leave, Owen had needed someone to replace her, and the feisty female detective fit the role perfectly. He went on to hire Andy Davidson, Mickey and Martha Smith, and even Donna Noble to fill in Ianto’s place. Given Donna’s past experience as a Companion Martha wisely made sure no one mentioned the Doctor around Donna.

While she was indeed every bit as organised as Ianto had been, Donna’s coffee-making skills left much to be desired and as a result, the group kept the local coffee shop very busy. Once Jack and Ianto had settled down to await the birth of their child, Torchwood Three’s housewarming gift to them had been the delivery of Ianto’s beloved coffee machine from the Hub’s kitchen. Jack had been so over-joyed to be drinking Ianto’s special blends again that he’d gone overboard, having so many cups of coffee on the first day that he hadn’t slept for the next week.

Of course the one piece of news delivered by John and Tosh that Jack found the most interesting was the fact that Owen was in a committed relationship with Andy and Kathy. As part of the trio, it looked like he finally found the happiness he hadn’t been granted with Katie. Plus, Tosh pointed out with a huge grin, Kathy kept Owen firmly in line because nobody dared to mess with the gutsy female.

From the moment Ianto’s baby bump began to show Jack could barely take his eyes off his husband. Of course with that behaviour came his unsurprisingly over-protectiveness and possessiveness; he growled at anyone who dared to even glance at his Ianto. John learned that fact the hard way after he teasingly referred to Ianto by his usual nickname, Eye-Candy, and Jack had nearly ripped his oldest friend’s head off. It had taken Ianto almost an hour of whispering loving thoughts in Jack’s ear to calm down his murderous feeling husband.

Despite the vast time differences, Owen and Martha made sure they were kept in the loop about Ianto’s pregnancy, sharing the responsibility of being the expectant father’s medical staff. To prevent any mishaps, they always travelled via the TARDIS to wherever Jack and Ianto happened to be when check-up time came around. Even though the TARDIS prided herself on keeping expert tabs on her beloved father-to-be, neither Owen nor Martha were satisfied unless they performed a hands-on exam from time to time.

The Doctor seemed to always be beaming with pride as only a proud great-grandfather could and he even convinced Jack to let him help decorate the nursery. On a quiet day just before Ianto’s due date, he brought Owen, Mickey, and John in to help; luckily Rory, Rhys and Andy were there to make sure it didn’t end up a complete disaster.

Jack slowly and reverently stroked Ianto’s rounded stomach; he couldn’t seem to be able to stop touching Ianto at every opportunity. Despite his rather possessive tendencies he loved showing off his beautifully pregnant husband. His reason was succinct and heartfelt; ‘Let them look and see what will never be theirs.’

When Ianto’s due date became a matter of days and hours rather than months, the TARDIS refused to budge from her spot in their backyard. As Tosh had before her, she made it clear she was going to be around for her best friend when he gave birth.

Nine months to the day after Jack had nearly lost Ianto to the 456, his beautiful husband gave birth to a healthy little girl with lungs like her father. For an exhausted Ianto and an exuberant Jack, her tiny but spirited bellowing was music to their ears.

“Welcome to the world, Sarah Jane Harkness-Jones; you are destined for great things,” the Doctor whispered softly to his granddaughter when it was his turn to hold her. He had been touched and deeply moved when Ianto and Jack named her after his beloved Companion, a remarkable woman stolen from them far too soon.


Leonard Horatio McCoy, or Bones to one infuriatingly smug star ship captain, scowled as he adjusted the collar on his dress uniform once again. He did not want to be dressed in his monkey suit and participating in the evening’s events, but not for the reason his lover thought.

“Bones, have I mentioned how hot you look in that uniform? Of course, it will look even better on our floor.” Kirk whispered to his scowling boyfriend and sent him a quick wink, which in turn had most of the crew rolling their eyes. Despite what Kirk thought and Bones hoped, they were the worst keep secret on the ship.

“Cheer up; once this dinner is over, I’ll have you out of that suit in no time.” Kirk promised, heat filling his eyes as he pictured just how he would get his Bones out of his uniform.

Bones raised an eyebrow in challenge. “We’ll see who gets who out of their uniform first.” Bones was grateful for his lover’s never-ending attempts to get and keep him naked; they were a welcome distraction from the stress ahead. He had been dreading this moment ever since Kirk informed the crew that the Ambassadors for Torchwood, Jack and Ianto Harkness-Jones, were coming aboard the Enterprise while in route to a diplomatic meeting.

Bones shifted uncomfortably as he waited for the arrival of his great-grandparents in the conference hall and fortunately, it was just moments later when the doors opened and Jack and Ianto were escorted into the room. Dressed in a stylish black and red suit, Ianto Harkness-Jones looked like a lot of peoples’ walking dream-come-true. On the other hand, while styles may have changed throughout the years, Jack still preferred his 1941 dress uniform to the clothes of the modern-dayera. In the eyes of his loving husband, Jack was still a dashing hero from days long gone and Ianto wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jack took a glance around the room and easily spotted the man he was looking for. “Lenny!” he waved at the scowling man and with his hand locked with Ianto’s bounced his way over to their great-grandson, ignoring all others.

Bones was grateful that he had shared his rather interesting family history with James; his lover had a habit of pouting and becoming rather possessive when someone showed any interest in McCoy. Much like Jack was with Ianto, James Tiberius Kirk did not share well with others.

Jack and Ianto came to a stop a few feet from where Bones and Kirk waited for them. “Come on, Lenny, give your dear old great-granddad a hug!” Jack grinned broadly as he flung his arms wide open.

“No.” Leonard rolled his eyes at the pout that graced Jack’s face.

“Ianto, our great-grandson is ashamed of me.” Jack whined theatrically as he buried his face in Ianto’s shoulder.

Looking exactly like Bones, Ianto rolled his eyes fondly at Jack’s drama queen moment. “I’m sure he will gladly hug you later in a room not full of gossipy people.” Ianto comforted his husband.

Jack lifted his head up and pouted at his sexy Welshman of a husband. “Kiss?”

“You never had to ask, love.” Having been with Jack for so many years, Ianto had gotten quite used to public displays of affection. He’d even been known to initiate them from time to time, which always earned him a very special smile. Plus, he liked to remind everyone that Jack was very much taken, just like Jack liked to do the same about him.

Something in Bones’ expression softened as he watched Jack and Ianto share a very private moment, totally oblivious to anyone else in the room. It was something he would never ever admit to anyone, but he longed to find a love like theirs. Sure, they had their problems and fights just like any couple, but their love was so strong and pure it could overcome anything. He dared to chance a glance at Kirk standing only a few feet away and felt his heart skip a beat when Kirk gave him the smile that was for Bones and only Bones.

Out of the corners of their eyes Jack and Ianto watched the interaction with fondness. They had, of course, been shocked to learn that their grandson’s lover was descended from John and Tosh, but that fact did explain Kirk’s attitude of being a God-given gift to the universe. In addition to being so very much like a very young and very cocky Jack and John, it was clear that James had inherited Tosh’s brains. Plus, he made Leonard happy and that was all that really mattered.


By the time the party was beginning to wind down many hours later, Bones wanted nothing more than to get out of his stuffy dress uniform and wrap himself around Jim for a good night’s sleep. Of course from the look in Jim’s blue eyes, the young captain had plans for another way to wear them out.

“I know that look; it’s the ‘I’m gonna get some’ look!” Jack teased as he came to stand by his great-grandson.

“Of course you do, it’s the look you get whenever you look at Ianto,” Bones snarked back at Jack.

A truly goofy grin spread across Jack’s face as he let his gaze fall on Ianto who was finishing up his talk with Uhura. “Yeah, I do, don’t I?” he sighed with fondness. “Ianto and I are looking forward to getting to know your James. So, dinner tomorrow night with us in our quarters when your shifts are done,” Jack ordered, patting Bones on the shoulder before bouncing back to Ianto’s side, leaving a stunned Bones staring after him.

‘I knew he would pull something like this!’ Bones grumbled to himself; he knew Jim would not react well to that bit of news. He actually found himself hoping for an alien invasion so dinner would have to be cancelled.


“Wait, I have to meet your family right now?” Kirk asked as he and Bones got ready for bed; he didn’t like the sound of that at all. Having them on his ship was fine and hosting a banquet in their honour had been fun, but that was all done as the Captain of the USS Enterprise. However, an intimate dinner with just the four of them and him in the starring role as Bones’ boyfriend was something entirely different.

Bones rolled his eyes at the stubborn look entering his lover’s eyes. “Trust me, if I could hold off this meeting I would, but when Jack Harkness-Jones puts his mind to something he usually gets his way.”

Kirk blanched when he realised that there was no way out of having to through dinner with the only son of the last full-blooded Time Lord in existence. He’d heard stories of Gallifreyans’ uncanny abilities to ‘read’ people and get them to ‘open up’ and ‘share’ their feelings and he wondered just how much of that Ianto could do. And besides, just because they were immortals and all-around legendary heroes didn’t mean that he was ready to get to know them that easily.

Suddenly, his bravado fled when a new thought entered his mind. “What if they think I’m not good enough for you?” he shyly whispered, admitting one of his biggest fears. He couldn’t lose Bones, he just couldn’t. Without Leonard McCoy at his side, Jim knew he was only half a man, half a heart, half a soul.

“Then I’ll tell them to go screw themselves; I have chosen to spend my life with you and no one, not even my grandfathers, will make me give you up.” Bones pressed his lips against the blonde’s in a loving kiss; this was a sweet, gentle side that only Jim got to see. “Sorry, but you’re stuck with me.”

All worries about tomorrow’s dinner faded from both their minds as they lost themselves in a passionate expression of the love between them.

Tags: fic: change fate's design, mpreg big bang, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: john/tosh, pairing: kirk/mccoy
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