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Fic: Taste the Fire Chapter 1/9

Title: Taste the Fire
Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Martha/Tosh, John/Andy, Owen/Katie, Harold Saxon/John Smith, Rhys/Donna, James Harkness/Tommy Brockless, Mickey/Jake, Suzie/Lisa, Gwen, Rose, Rory/Amy, Kathy/Sarah Jane, Johnny/Rhiannon
Summary: AU. When investigative photojournalist Ianto Jones discovers that his newest assignment is to cover mob boss Jack Harkness and look into his nefarious dealings, he finds himself tangled in a web of love, lust and power when Jack sets out to make Ianto his.
Rating: Overall R but one NC-17 scene
Warning: Dark!Jack, may be some mentions of past torture, disturbing behaviour, character deaths
Beta: royalladyemma
Word Count: 35,718


Chapter 1


It wasn’t the sonic blaster pointed at his head that had Ianto Jones fearing for his life. No, it was the ice-cold, hate-filled eyes that bore into his own that caused him fear.  “Please, don’t do this. This will not make Jack yours; all you’ll gain will be his hate.” He plead with his captor, trying to get them to see reason.


“Shut up! You’re wrong! Jack was mine before then you came into the picture! You’ve done all you could to twist his mind and pull his attention away from me. But when you’re gone he will be free of your hold and then I will take my rightful place in his bed.” His captor snarled, lips curled in vicious satisfaction.


Ianto gulped fearfully; he was almost mesmerized by the crazy look in those dark eyes and he knew that his captor could easily squeeze the trigger, which would more than likely end his life. ‘And to think four months ago my only worry was where my next pay check would come from.’ In his head he laughed weakly. ‘If I’d known it was gonna end like this… but it doesn’t matter what happens to me now; I would never give up knowing Jack.’


Four Months Ago


51st Century, London, England, New Earth


Ianto Jones tried hard not to fidget as his editor at the Torchwood Gazette, Sarah Jane Smith, looked over his latest work. If she liked it then it could be the chance he needed to move up the ranks and begin writing more than the fluffy general interest pieces he’d been given far too long. All it took was one good break for him to finally start getting better story assignments.


It was every writer and photojournalist’s dream to work for the Torchwood Gazette; they were renowned for the quality of their in-depth investigative techniques. In the 51st century they were the universe’s leading source for news; makers any story worth telling was told through them first. If it wasn’t read about in the Gazette then it wasn’t worth knowing about.


Sarah Jane calmly judged the photos before her; she had to admit that despite Ianto’s young age he showed great promise and talent. He had a rare talent for seeing and interpreting things and for using his camera to expose them that more experienced reporters lacked. Sarah Jane had counted herself more than lucky the day she hired Ianto; she’d recognised herself in the young man and she knew he had the potential for greatness.


Satisfied with what she’d seen, Sarah Jane laid the file down on her desk and folded her hands over it. She studied Ianto; he sat quietly, calmly, looking back at her. He was young, true, but he had fire and a natural instinct for looking beyond the obvious to find the little things hidden in plain sight. He was good looking, with wavy brown hair, a trim but muscular body, and eyes beautiful eyes framed with lashes that would make any woman jealous.


It was those eyes, however, that belied his youth. They were a gorgeous shade of marine blue whose shades changed his mood. She’d seen them twinkle like the sun-dappled surface of the sea and she’d witnessed them turn as dark and stormy as the very depths of the ocean. Those blue orbs could be absolutely mischievous one second and totally guileless the next. She’d witnessed both child-like joy and soul-wrenching pain reflected in them.


Satisfied with what she saw, knew and felt, Sarah Jane Smith made a decision. “We got an anonymous tip that Jack Harkness is planning a meeting sometime this week and from what my source says, it’s something big. So, Jones, think you’re up to covering that story?” Sarah Jane asked, her steady gaze locked on her youngest employee.


For a brief moment Ianto’s mouth went completely dry. Jack Harkness, former Time Agent, who was, according to the latest rumours, partly responsible for the Time Agency’s destruction. If all the stories were to be believed, he then went on to become one of the most powerful mob boss’ in the universe. Ianto was well aware of the fact that and anyone who went snooping around Harkness’ business had a habit of disappearing, and that gave him pause for a split second. ‘But this could be the story that launches my career. I can’t pass this up.’


“I can handle it.” Ianto spoke with more confidence than he actually felt.


Sarah Jane must have heard a quiver of fear in Ianto’s voice because her expression filled with worry and concern. “Ianto, if at anytime it becomes too much or too dangerous for you, get out. Jack Harkness is a very dangerous man. And only take the pictures if you can; I do not want you risking your life. You’re more important than any story and I want you back here in one piece.” She ordered sternly.


Ianto felt a smile tug at the corners of his lips. “You’re only worried that if something happens to me you’ll have to deal with Donna’s wrath.” Ianto pointed out with a teasing tone to his voice.


Sarah Jane allowed a smile to grace her face. “You caught me; your cousin is one scary woman, or so says my brother.” Sarah Jane adored Donna Noble, her brother’s, personal assistant; the brash redhead kept John focused, something her rather flighty brother needed.


Ianto fought back a snort; he loved his cousin Donna, he truly did, but she was the scariest woman to ever live and he believed that John had a healthy fear of his cousin. “And he would be right; Donna’s not a woman’s anger you want directed at you.” Ianto’s tone was playful but there was a truth to his words that couldn’t be denied.


Sarah Jane knew that if anything were to happen to Ianto she would be the one facing Donna Noble’s wraith. “Just be careful, Ianto; you’re important to a lot of people and we can’t afford to lose you.” She needed Ianto to know that he was more important than any story.


Standing up, Ianto favoured her with a soft smile as he accepted a slip of paper wit his assignment details. “I will,” he promised her before taking his leave.


Sarah Jane watched him go with worry written in her eyes. ‘I can only pray I am doing the right thing,’ she thought as she reached for her phone. Her neatly manicured fingers dialled a well-known number and after a beat, “Kathy, its Sarah Jane. Ianto’s in; just make sure he comes home safely, please?”



UNIT’s top man, Defence Minister Harold Saxon, watched with pure amusement as his husband, and the owner of the Torchwood Gazette, paced nervously back and forth across their living room floor. “I don’t see what the problem is, sweetheart; you and Sarah Jane have both been raving about young Mister Jones’ talent for some time now.” Harold reminded his lover as he poured himself a snifter of brandy.


John halted in mid-step and began flapping his arms about as he spoke excitedly. “Yes, I know that! But I never thought my sister would let him cover the Jack Harkness’ stories. Do you have any idea what Donna will do to me if any harm comes to her favourite cousin?”


Harold felt himself grinning; he knew all too well of his husband’s well-founded fear of his personal assistant. “Aah and so now we come to the root of the problem.” His eyes twinkled mischievously. “I don’t blame you; Donna would happily skin you alive and hang you by your balls if anything were to happen to Ianto.”


John pouted at his husband. “You don’t have to sound so cheerful about that. This is serious; I’m too young and pretty to die!” he wailed loudly.


Placing his glass down on the wet bar, Harold moved to embrace his husband. “I would never let anything happen to you or your balls; you know that. That’s why I have assigned some of my own men to keep an eye on Ianto. Plus, this is Kathy Swanson’s case and I trust her to do her job. I know she’ll do everything she has to watch Ianto’s back and keep him safe.”


John sank gratefully into his husband’s hold. “I’m just worried, is all; I know Jack too well and you put a pretty thing like Ianto Jones in his path and he will take notice.” John remembered the young man; once upon a time he and Jack had being good friends until life took them on separate roads.


Jack went into and then took over the family business while and John became Editor-in-Chief of his own newspaper. Jack remained a playboy of the first magnitude, loving and leaving men, women and beings across the Universe. John had taken the more traditional approach to life, falling in love with and marrying the man who just happened to be leader of New Earth’s top security force.


Harold could understand his husband’s fears; Jack Harkness was not a man to be messed with. Harold was one of the few people who knew the truth about Jack’s involvement with the downfall of the Time Agency and, in truth he, been happy to see the destruction of the power-hunger and corrupt Agency.  


Harold also knew the other reason for his husband’s worry; John had made a solemn promise to Daffyd Jones to keep his children safe. Daffyd had been one of their best friends and one of the finest commanders UNIT had to offer. In the process of preventing a political assassination, he had given his own life in order to save John’s. Harold would never forget how much he owned Daffyd, and both he and John knew he would do everything in his power to make sure his friend’s dying wish would be honoured.


Reaching out, Harold cupped John’s face with his hands as he made the vow, “I promise you I will do everything in my power to keep Ianto safe and out of Jack Harkness’ lecherous clutches.”


John looked at his lover with pure worry in his eyes. “Something tells me that might be one promise you can’t keep,” he whispered.




Police Detective Kathy Swanson hung up the phone with a heavy sigh. She and Sarah Jane had just finished working out the details regarding Ianto’s involvement with the Harkness case. In truth, she didn’t like the fact that Ianto was going to be the one covering the Jack Harkness stories from now on. She had already lost one good PC to his organization; Andy Davidson had been a good cop until he’d fallen in love with Jack’s third in command, the very dangerous John Hart.


It wasn’t too long after that she’d also lost a newcomer to the force, PC Gwen Cooper, not that she was a big loss. When the foolish newbie met Jack she’d fallen head over heals in lust with the man, and she’d left her job in order to worm her way into his bed. According to all the rumours Kathy had heard, Gwen has yet to succeed. ‘I guess even Jack Harkness has standards.’ Kathy fought back a derisive snort.


No, what Kathy was worried about was Ianto’s innocence; it was a rare and precious thing in their dark world and she feared that Jack would be drawn to his bright light. And there was nothing that she dreaded more than seeing Ianto’s pure light tainted by the darkness.




A smirk graced Jack Harkness face at the news his spies in UNIT and the police department had for him. ‘So Sarah Jane thinks her pretty little pet can finally catch me in the act. Well, I say bring it on! Show me what you got, Mister Ianto Jones.’ His smirk grew more pronounced and a little bit frightening as he faced his closest friends and orders, “Find me everything you can about Ianto Jones.”


John Hart leaned forward in his chair. “Bloody hell! All you’re giving us is a name to go on?” He demanded from his boss, former partner and long time ex-lover.


Resting his chin on his linked hands Jack’s blue eyes danced with amusement as he drawled out, “If I need to give you more detail than that, then I guess your old age is showing.”


Fire lit John’s eyes. “Fine, I’ll find your damned boy,” he vowed before storming out of Jack’s office, slamming the door violently behind him. Even though he and Jack had been over for years, John couldn’t prevent the twinge of jealousy that sparked through him when he saw that tell-tale look in Jack’s eye. Ianto Jones was in for a world of pleasure and hurt if Jack Harkness was making a point of focusing on him.


Martha Jones shook her head in amusement at the two men’s antics. “You know, Andy’s going to be thanking you for the vigorous angry sex he’s sure to get.” She teased her friend as her dark eyes danced with playfulness.


Jack’s booming laughter filled the air, mixing with Martha’s soft giggles. Once their laughter had faded, Jack looked at his second-in-command; the dark-skinned beauty was one of the few people he completely trusted. “Okay, nightingale, time to tell me how you are really doing? My offer to hunt down Mary is still on the table.” Jack’s blue eyes flashed with anger in remembrance of the blond traitor who wormed her way into his tightly- knit family, and more importantly into Martha’s heart and bed, only to betray them all for that other worm, Adam Smith.


Sadness shone in Martha’s eyes. “Thank you for the offer, Jack, but Mary is just not worth your time. I’ll heal and one day I’ll find that special someone who will make Mary nothing but a distant memory. Now, enough about my love life; I’ve noticed that Cooper seems to have upped her pursuit of you.” The teasing smile that graced Martha’s eyes didn’t quite reach her eyes.


Jack recognised the change of subject for what it was; Martha’s attempt to hide the pain of betrayal that still wounded her heart. He’d known Martha for more years than he cared to count, and he loved her dearly. She was a strong and resourceful woman who always strove to see the good in people, to seek out their potential. It was no wonder she’d fallen for the traitorous Mary Walker.


The blond had been a loving and attentive partner to Martha, showering her with gifts and praise, offering her the promise of a long life together. Her betrayal with Adam had crushed Martha’s spirit, but, as far as Jack could tell, Martha appeared to be recovering as well as could be expected. ‘Still,’ thought Jack as he surveyed his friend, ‘if I ever get my hands on her, Mary Walker is gonna pay and pay dearly. That’s a promise!’


Back in the moment, a groan escaped Jack’s lips as he thought of the stubborn ex-Police Constable. “I have told her time and time again I am not interested in her and I’ve done everything I can to make it clear that I will never take her into my bed. Everyone who knows me knows while I find the female body a beautiful thing, I much prefer having a gorgeous male body warming my bed.”


It was no surprise to Martha; while Jack had been known to romance a few women, his main interest lay in seducing beautiful men into his bed. Sometimes, Martha felt sorry for Jack. She’d known him for a very long time, and she knew him better than most. Even though he hid if from everyone else, she could see that he was lonely man, despite the façade of being a love-‘em-and-leave-‘em kind of guy. Behind all the bravado was a warm, loving man who very much wanted to find that very special someone and share his life with them, forever.


“Who knows, maybe this Ianto Jones will turn out to be the one?” Martha mentally crossed her fingers and sent a prayer out into the Universe. She knew that like her, Jack longed desperately to find that one special person, the one made just for them.


A thoughtful look entered Jack eyes as an image of Ianto popped up in his mind and he leaned back into his chair. “One never knows, Martha, one never knows.”




To say Ianto’s family and friends didn’t take his new story assignment well was an understatement of the highest magnitude. He wasn’t surprised that his announcement set off a flurry of fireworks.


“Are you bloody out of your mind!?” Owen yelled at Ianto, and not even Katie’s gentle hand on his arm could calm the pissed-off doctor.


Ianto rolled his eyes at his childhood friend, knowing that beneath his snark Owen was truly worried about him. “I’ll be fine, Owen; all I need to do is take a few pictures and then get out of there.” He tried to smile reassuringly.


Tosh was chewing her lower lip and she gazed at her best friend with worry and fear in her eyes. “But, Ianto, this is Jack Harkness we’re talking about; he is one of the most dangerous men in the universe! We just don’t want you to get hurt. It’s a proven fact that getting on Harkness’ bad side is a sure-fire death sentence!” To Ianto’s horror, Tosh’s dark eyes suddenly filled with tears, and if there was one thing Ianto truly hated, it was the sight of a crying woman. The fact that it was his fault she was weeping just made it all the worse.


“Please, Tosh, don’t cry.” Ianto soothed his best friend as he engulfed her in a hug, noting out of the corner of his eye that Owen was doing the same with Katie. It touched Ianto greatly to know how much his friends care for him. “I know my job isn’t the safest and I know Jack Harkness is a very powerful and dangerous man, but I promise you, I will do everything in my power to come back safely.” Ianto vowed; he would do whatever it took to come home to his friends.


A snort escaped Owen’s lips. “That’s a nice speech, Ianto, because if you don’t come back, I’m gonna come to the other side and drag you back. So, what are you going to tell Donna and Rhiannon?” Owen was pleased with the visible shudder that went through Ianto’s body at the medic’s little reminder. Everyone knew that Ianto’s cousin, Donna Noble, and his sister, Rhiannon, were two of the scariest women in the Universe.


‘Crap!’ Ianto thought to himself. Okay, so I will admit that I haven’t truly thought of how I’m gonna tell Donna and Rhiannon about my new job assignment.Inspiration struck him; “Um, I actually didn’t plan on telling them until I needed to, like say, just before my article in the Torchwood Gazette,” he admitted in a soft voice.


“You’re forgetting one important thing; Donna is John’s Personal Assistant; there’s nothing you can do to keep her from finding out.” Katie reminded Ianto of one little fact he seemed to have overlooked. “When that happens…” her voice trailed off.


Owen couldn’t hold back his bark of laughter. “Oh, this is priceless! The man who claims to know everything forgot that important little detail.”


“Owen, be nice.” Katie slapped her husband on the arm.


Ianto shifted uncomfortable. “Actually, I didn’t forget, I just thought I would let John inform Donna. We all know that he can’t keep a secret. I figured I let him do the dirty work for me.”


His three friends could only stare at him in shock before Owen grinned and slapped Ianto hard on the back. “That’s evil, and I’m so proud of you!”


Ianto rolled his eyes as Katie once again smacked her husband on the arm. “Just what I always wanted, to make you proud of me. Now my life is complete.” Ianto told Owen in a completely deadpan voice.


Owen scowled at the other man. “Oi! You should be damn happy to have me as your friend; in fact everyone should have one friend as amazing as me in their life.” Owen boasted.


“I don’t think the Universe could handle more than one Owen Harper,” Katie muttered fondly under her breath.


Ianto and Tosh shared an amused laugh as the happily married couple bantered with one another. Tosh leaned into Ianto’s strong chest. “Just come back to us safely,” Tosh murmured in a soft whisper. “That’s all I ask.”


Ianto pressed a kiss onto the top of her head, inhaling the scent of Tosh’s shampoo. “I promise I will come back to you all.”




Donna Noble and Rhiannon Bennett levelled twin glares at Ianto as he shifted guiltily in his seat. Rhys Williams and Johnny Davies stood behind their other halves, throwing Ianto looks of pity that only made the young Welshman even more nervous.


“Did you really think we wouldn’t find out?” Donna scowled down at her baby cousin. “John can’t keep a secret to save his life.”


Ianto knew instantly that that was code for, ‘I reminded John of just why I am one of the most feared women in the Universe.’ Ianto felt the tiniest bit sorry for his boss for throwing him to the wolves, or in this case, to his sister and cousin. “I’m sorry; I just didn’t want you to have to worry about me on top of everything else.” Ianto was, of course, hinting about his sister’s divorce and Donna’s wedding plans.


Rhiannon crossed her arms and glared down at her baby brother. “Oh don’t you dare try and pull that innocent act with me, Ianto Emrys Jones! My divorce from that cheating bastard, Lance is going wonderfully. Johnny has made sure he keeps in line.”


She shook her finger at him; “and stop trying to change the subject. I’m your big sister; it’s in my job description to worry about you, especially when you decide it would be a smart to cover a story about Jack bloody Harkness!” Rhiannon uncrossed her arms and pulled Ianto into a tight hug as she whispered, “Come back to us; don’t make David and Mica to go through life without their favourite uncle. You are the man in their lives and it would destroy them to lose you.”


Ianto could feel Rhiannon’s tears drip down onto his shoulder and he silently cursed himself for making his sister cry. “I promise, Rhiannon; I promise that I will come back. We both know that John will do everything in his power to keep his promise to Tad to watch over us and I have no doubt that he will have me covered.” And Ianto knew without a doubt that if the Doctor couldn’t, then his husband, Harold Saxon, would. Both men had had a hand in raising them after their tad’s death.


“Oi! Don’t you worry about that. I’ll make sure John brings you home safely to us.” Donna had a glint in her eyes that spelled certain doom for John if he failed in his task.


Curious as to what Donna had planned, Rhiannon couldn’t help but ask her feisty cousin, “Oh? And just how do you plan on doing that?”


Donna grinned wickedly. “I will make him do his own paperwork for the next year.”


Rhiannon and Ianto laughed; it was no secret that John was horrible at doing his paperwork. That was one of the reasons he had hired Donna in the first place. Being scary was only one of her many talents. She was also one of the best temps in New England, a fact that she was all too happy to remind John of on a daily basis.


Ianto looked at her with worry written in his blue eyes. “Just don’t do anything that could cost you your job, please?” he pleaded with Donna.


Naturally, the redhead merely waved her hand. “Oh, please; John would be lost without me. That man would forget his head if it wasn’t attached.” That gained another laugh from her cousins. Smiling, Donna linked her arm with Ianto’s while Rhiannon did the same with Ianto’s other arm. “It’s time to come up with a plan to make sure you come back to us,” she declared, and Ianto knew it was easier to just go along with the two women instead of trying to fight them. Truth be told, he was over-joyed to have them helping them.




Once again, Jack was impressed with his friend’s skills in tracking down information; he had only given John and Martha Mr Jones name the day before, and already they had struck gold. Their success only reinforced in Jack’s mind how lucky he was to have found two such loyal and resourceful friends.


Jack’s blue eyes drank in the images of Ianto Jones and he felt lust stir in his veins. This man is going to be mine.’ Jack could already picture those piercing blue eyes darkening with pleasure as he wrapped those long legs around Jack’s waist. In his mind, Jack watched as thrust himself over and over again into that undoubtedly tight arse. ‘Oh yes, soon Ianto Jones; soon you will be mine.’ Jack made the vow to himself as he shifted in his chair, trying to ease the sudden pressure in his groin.


He realised that he was going to have to excuse himself in order to take care of his not-so-little ‘problem’. I haven’t even had you yet Mr Jones, and you’re already turning me on. I can’t wait to make you mine and trust me when I say, I will.  Jack grin was pure wolf and his eyes were those of a predator who had found his prey. “Time to lay a trap for you, my little mouse.”

Tags: au, classic tw_big bang, fic: taste the fire, pairing: jack/ianto
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