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Fic: Taste the Fire Chapter 2/9

Title: Taste the Fire
Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Martha/Tosh, John/Andy, Owen/Katie, Harold Saxon/John Smith, Rhys/Donna, James Harkness/Tommy Brockless, Mickey/Jake, Suzie/Lisa, Gwen, Rose, Rory/Amy, Kathy/Sarah Jane, Johnny/Rhiannon
Summary: AU. When investigative photojournalist Ianto Jones discovers that his newest assignment is to cover mob boss Jack Harkness and look into his nefarious dealings, he finds himself tangled in a web of love, lust and power when Jack sets out to make Ianto his.
Rating: Overall R but one NC-17 scene
Warning: Dark!Jack, may be some mentions of past torture, disturbing behaviour, character deaths
Beta: royalladyemma
Word Count: 35,718

Chapter 2


Twin sets of dark eyes watched the young man in jeans cross the street and enter the cafe. “I’ll say this; Jack truly does have very good taste.” Suzie literally purred as she dragged her eyes over the piece of walking eye-candy before them.


Lisa elbowed her girlfriend hard in the ribs. “Eyes off; he’s going to be a taken man soon and you are a very taken woman.” The dark skinned woman reminded her lover.


Enjoying her girlfriend’s rarely seen possessive side, Suzie claimed Lisa’s lips in a dominating kiss. “Oh, don’t worry, I know who I belong to and who belongs to me.” She purred against Lisa’s mouth as their kiss ended.


“Good and you will do well to remember that.” Lisa growled as she caught her breath. Suzie may have been one of the best weapons specialists on the planet, but Lisa was without a doubt one of the deadliest snipers on all of New Earth.


Suzie smirked as she began to head towards Ianto Jones. “Come on, let’s deliver Jack’s message and then I’m going to take you home and remind you that I am one hundred and ten per cent yours in the best way possible.”


Lisa grinned as she followed behind her girlfriend; her mind was already planning on how to make Suzie beg.


Ianto’s breath caught in his throat as two of New Earth’s most dangerous women approached him. Without being invited the two women slid into his booth, Suzie on the free side and Lisa right next to him. When he felt the sonic blaster that Lisa had on her pressed into his side, he knew that if he even breathed a hint of needing help he’d be dead before anyone even noticed, as would whomever came to his aid.


“Jones Ianto Jones, we have a message for you. Jack Harkness is very interested in your work and hopes you remember to always capture his good side.” The purred threat underline Suzie’s voice had Ianto shivering, an action that did not go unnoticed by either woman as they grinned dangerously at him.


Lisa quirked an eyebrow at her girlfriend. “He really is a pretty boy or, if John was here, he would say, a pretty piece of Eye-Candy. Do you think Jack would mind if we have a little fun with him first?” Of course, she was only half-way serious; she knew full well that Jack would not share Ianto once he got his first taste of the young man. She also knew that Jack would not hesitate to ruin anyone who dared to touch what belonged to him.


Catching onto Lisa’s game, Suzie rested her chin on her hands as she trailed her gaze over Ianto. “Oh, I think Jack would have a big problem if we played with his pretty new boy. And I rather like your hands attached to your body, lover; they are such talented hands.” She leered openly at Lisa and was rewarded by a flare of lust in Lisa’ dark brown eyes.


The flirty banter between the two women was lost on Ianto as he shivered with fear and another emotion that he refused to name. It was obvious that Jack knew about him and Ianto couldn’t stop the little frisson of excitement that tickled his gut. Forcing a polite smile on his face he addressed the two dangerous women; “Thank you for giving me the message and please tell Mr Harkness that I will keep that in mind. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work.” Ianto wanted to get as far away from these two women as quickly as he could.


A pout graced Lisa’s face as she turned her attention to her girlfriend. “Aww, I don’t think Eye-Candy wants to spend any more time with us.”


Suzie’s eyes shone with wickedness. “Oh, that is a shame, seeing as we are soon going to be spending a lot of time together. But we better not keep him; after all, his work is very important.” Suzie teased knowing that Jack had become very interested in Ianto Jones’ work. She almost –almost- felt sorry for the young man; he had no idea in the Universe what he’d gotten himself into.


“Oh, and one more thing, Eye-Candy, Jack can be a very jealous man, so no more covering anyone else but him. He’d hate to have to rip the head off of everyone else you take a picture of,” Lisa informed Ianto as she climbed out of the booth. Once the other woman was back on her feet she caught Suzie’s hand in hers and planted a kiss on her cheek even as she stared at Ianto.


Ianto could only stare after the two women as they sauntered out of the cafe; he knew he should alert John and Harold to this new development. It was both frightening, and a little thrilling, to know that Jack Harkness was keeping an eye on him. ‘But if I tell them, then John will have Sarah Jane remove me from this assignment and something tells me that Jack might not like that. No, I’ll keep my mouth shut and be on my top guard; it’s for the best. I just need to cover this one shipment and UNIT will have the info they need to lock Jack away.’


Little did Ianto know that his decision not to tell anyone would forever change his life, forever.




Three Days Later


Jack moved through the many rooms of his luxurious mansion John and Martha right behind him. “John, it’s been three days and my boy hasn’t informed anyone of Suzie and Lisa’s little visit.” Jack’s voice was almost petulant. “Tell Andy to give him the information about the change in time and place; it’s time for me to reel in my pretty little mouse.” Jack ordered, and a leer on his face as he thought of finally beginning his seduction of a certain young Ianto Jones.


A grin spread across John’s face. “Finally! Everybody’s on edge; they all want to meet the man who captured your attention without even meeting him face to face. Well, almost everyone.” John admitted and his grin only grew at the groan that escaped Jack’s lips.


Everyone that knew Jack knew that Gwen Cooper fancied herself in love with the man, and she was thoroughly convinced that he was only playing hard to get. That fact alone made her try all the harder to catch his fancy; in her mind, she knew that if he’d just give her a try, Jack would discover that he couldn’t live without her.


She was currently sharing Jack’s brother Grey’s bed and Grey was the only reason Jack even let Gwen stay. Jack loved his little brother and would do anything to make sure he was happy. When Jack made his interest in Ianto clear, she upped her flirting game to a whole new level. More than once in the past three days Jack had found her naked in his bed, a bed he had quickly and almost forcefully thrown her out of.


“Why won’t Gwen get the hint that I am not interested in her?” Jack asked with a small groan.


Martha and John shared a mischievous look before telling him as one, “Because you’re Jack Harkness, that’s why, and no one can resist your charm.” They enjoyed using his own words against him. Jack’s head dropped and his shoulders drooped as his two friends laughed at his discomfort.


Struggling to contain his laughter, John clapped Jack hard on the back. “Don’t worry; soon you’ll have your sweet piece of eye candy in your bed, right where you keep saying he belongs,” he reminded his friend, and Jack perked up. John was pleased to see the sparkle returning to his old friend’s eyes, one that had been missing ever since he’d lost Estelle so cruelly.


Casting a glance at the beautiful woman next to him, John found himself hoping that Martha would find someone to heal her broken heart. John would never say it out loud, but he hated to see any of his friends suffer; they were his family and their pain was his pain. ‘I really hope this Ianto Jones is the key to Jack’s happiness.’




After his very unexpected visit from Suzie and Lisa, Ianto had been on guard and he kept wondering if he had made the right choice in not informing at least John of their visit. Just as he decided that he should give that thought much more thought, an arm grasped his arm and yanked him into the empty alley he was passing.


Ianto blinked as he found himself pinned face-first to the wall and then forcefully spun around. To his surprise, he found himself face to face with Andy Davidson, former police constable and current lover of the very dangerous John Hart.


Andy looked the man over with a critical eye; Ianto was even younger than himself, and he could easily see why Jack was so very interested in him. “The meeting between Jack and his new business partners has been moved.” He held up a data chip, “this has all the information you’ll need on it.”


Ianto stared at the man and then at the data chip and then back at Andy. “And just why would you be willing to give me this information?”


Andy let out a low chuckle. “Because Jack wants you to have this information; he’s looking forward to seeing your work.”


“He wants to be caught?” Ianto’s voice rose with incredulity. “Is he insane?” Ianto couldn’t remember any mob boss ever wanting their actions to be caught on film. It was a guaranteed way to end up in a UNIT prison cell.


Andy shook his head. “Jack’s sane, well as sane as any former Time Agent can be.” He grinned at his fellow Welshman, thinking that the confused expression on Ianto’s face made him look really adorable. “Nobody knows why Jack does; what he does, we’ve all learned it’s just easier and safer to go along with for the ride.”


Ianto still didn’t look convinced as he reached out and took the data chip from Andy hand. “This isn’t porn is it?” he asked, raising his eyebrow as he eyed the data chip warily.


A booming laugh escaped Andy; he had to admit that would be something Jack might do. “Sorry to inform you but no, there’s no porn on this, but I’ll make sure Jack knows how disappointed you were.” He made a mental note to inform Jack that he was right; Ianto was very tempting when blushing.


Ianto felt his cheeks heat up and his mouth opened in shock. “I do not want pornography starring Jack Harkness!” He was aghast at the notion. ‘Who are you trying to kid; you’d love to see Jack naked!’ Ianto couldn’t silence the naughty voice in the back of his mind.


Andy’s grin only grew bigger, as if he’d read Ianto’s mind. “Are you sure? Because I never said anything about Jack filming the porn; it seems to me you protest too much.” Ianto, much to Andy’s amusement, began blushing even darker. “I’ll make sure to tell Jack that little detail.” To Ianto’s horror the man winked at him before walking away, his chuckles filling the air.


Ianto could only stare after the man. ‘Great! Now Jack Harkness is going to think I fantasize about him.’ Still, his gaze found its way back to the data chip in his hand and he couldn’t help but wonder why Jack was so interested in him. It wasn’t like he was anything special. He bit his lower lip as he weighed the possibilities that it might be a trap or a trick. ‘But do I really have a choice? This might be my only chance of catching Jack in the act.’ Determination entered Ianto’s blue eyes. ‘It doesn’t matter if this does turn out to be a wild Weevil chase; for some reason Harkness wanted me to have this information and I will use it to bring him down.’ Ianto vowed silently.


Ianto became so lost in his thoughts that he failed to notice the man watching him from across the street. A knowing grin appeared on Mickey Smith’s face as he watched Ianto tuck the data chip away and stride off, determination pouring off of him. “Your boy took the bait,” Mickey informed the waiting Jack through his com.


Back at his office a pleased look settled itself on Jack’s face. “Perfect! Keep an eye on him, just to make sure he doesn’t tell UNIT or anyone else.” A grin stretched across his face as Mickey’s grumblings came over the com. “If it’ll make you feel better, I’ll send Jake out to keep you company. Just remember to keep your mind on the job and not on how to get Jake out of his clothes.” Jack reminded Mickey. Once he got the other man’s agreement that they would behave Jack gave the order for Jake to join his boyfriend on mission ‘Ianto watching’.


Happy now that his plans were in motion, Jack settled back into his chair, his eyes firmly locked on the smiling vid picture of Ianto. “Soon you’ll be in my grasp, my little mouse.” He reached down and palmed the growing bulge in his trousers. “Very soon indeed.”



Two days later


Ianto made sure he kept to the shadows as he moved carefully across the second floor to gain a better angle for his photos. He knew he should have alerted UNIT and Kathy Swanson to the fact that the meeting place had been moved, but he had serious doubts that they would believe him about how he’d gotten the information. Ianto snorted; he could just see their disbelief as he tells them; ‘Jack Harkness had one of his men give me the information; seems he’s looking forward to having me take his picture. No, I’m not high or on any drugs.’ They would never believe him and Jack would get away. Again.


‘If I get pictures of Jack in the act then it won’t really matter how I got the info,’ Ianto thought to himself as he continued to look for a good angle. Finally finding a good spot, he lifted his camera and zoomed in on the figures below, only to curse as the man making the deal came into view. It was not Jack Harkness in his view-finder but his third-in-command, John Hart. ‘Where the bloody hell is Jack?’ Ianto was worried; maybe it was a trap after all.


Slowly climbing to his feet Ianto moved to get a better shot, hoping to see if he could finally spot Jack, but he had barely moved when a hard body came out of nowhere and pinned him the wall.


All the air left Ianto’s lungs at once as he realised just whose body it was that pressed him against the dirty concrete. Jack Harkness’ blue eyes bore into his like lasers, and for a moment the world stopped.


“Well, well, what I have here? You’re such a little sweet mouse. Care to play a game, little mouse?” Jack purred as he memorized every inch of the young man’s face. To emphasise the point that he was in charge, Jack ground his hips into Ianto’s and he enjoyed watching his captive’s eyes widen and darken at the sensation.


Ianto stiffened in Jack’s hold as he tried to figure out how to get his mouth to work again. Unfortunately, it seemed as though all the blood in his brain was too busy rushing south to be of any help, and he felt his face begin to redden as his body began to respond to Jack’s embrace. ‘Oh, God, please don’t do this to me!’ he begged as his blush deepened.


An absolutely wolfish grin came over Jack’s face as he gazed at the stunned man in his arms. “Cat got your tongue, little mouse?” Jack’s voice was a sexy, silky purr to Ianto’s ears, yet there was still a hint of threat lingering in the air as he shifted his body fully into Ianto’s. Jack’s expression grew feral as he felt the full effect he was having on his intrepid young photographer.


Ianto stiffened even more as Jack’s strong body pressed into his, grinding against his own, and he wanted to curse as he felt his body respond to the other man’s. “I’m not a little mouse.” Ianto managed to spit out the words but they didn’t have as much conviction as he would have liked.


A delicious shiver coursed throughout Jack’s body as he heard those Welsh vowels for the first time and the tight blue jeans his little mouse was wearing didn’t help Jack’s rapidly diminishing self-control. “So the little welsh mouse can speak. What’s my little mouse’s name?” Jack leaned in, pressing his nose against Ianto’s neck and taking in a deep whiff of Ianto’s scent. There was no doubt in Jack’s mind that the tasty treat he was snuggled against was none other than Ianto Jones and he had to say he finally understood the security around this gorgeous creature.


‘Once he’s mine, I won’t let him out of my sight either!’ Jack silently declared. 


Despite the serious the situation, Ianto rolled his eyes at Jack’s blatant flirting. “Yes, because I always give strange men who have me pinned to the wall my name.”


Jack decided he liked his little mouse’s sarcasm and his adorable eye roll had Jack’s belly doing a similar roll. “Well then, little mouse, let me introduce myself, although I have a feeling you already know who I am. I am Jack Harkness and I am very pleased to finally meet you.” He shifted his body even closer and as he nuzzled into his mouse’s neck again, Jack darted out his tongue and took a long lick across his prisoner’s rapidly beating pulse point.


Ianto fought back the moan that wanted to leave his lips. He knew that Jack Harkness had a reputation for being a walking sex god, and if what Ianto could feel pressing into his thigh was any indication, it was a reputation based on fact. But to be the sole target of his charms? Well, Ianto had never experienced anything like it before, and he had absolutely no idea what to do. All he knew was he couldn’t - no he wouldn’t - give in to this dangerous man. As surely as he knew the sun would rise in the morning, Ianto knew that if he surrendered to Jack Harkness, then there would be no escaping from him, ever.


Too bad for Ianto his reactions did not go unnoticed by Jack’s eagle eyes, and the conman’s smirk only grew he witnessed the strength of his future lover’s willpower. ‘Bringing my little mouse to rein in is going to be quite the challenge.’ He licked Ianto’s neck again. ‘I do love a good challenge!’


“Give in to me, little mouse; we both know you want to. I can feel your body’s reaction to me, Ianto.” Jack whispered Ianto’s name in a smooth, velvety purr rich with lust and specifically intended to seduce.


Ianto gulped fearfully. It was all true, everything he’d heard about the man. Jack knew who he was, knew everything about him, and Ianto recognised that he was in real trouble. Jack grinned like the true predator he was as he caught sight of the hint of fear that flashed through his prey’s stunning blue eyes. The vid photos he had been given didn’t show the man’s true beauty and Jack had the feeling that Ianto’s inside beauty was even more stunning.


Jack was already picturing Ianto’s naked body spread out beneath him on his king-size bed, his pale Welsh skin glowing against the red silk sheets beneath him. ‘Oh God, yes! I have no doubt that Ianto will look divine in red.’ Jack felt himself grow even harder at the imagines his over-active, lust-filled mind continued to come up with.


Slowly, maddeningly slowly, Jack traced Ianto’s mouth with his thumb. The urge to kiss Ianto’s cupid-bow lips and lay claim to the gorgeous man in his arms was getting stronger every second Ianto was pressed against Jack’s body. Finally he could no longer deny himself what he had wanted since the first moment he laid eyes on Ianto Jones.


Before he could allow better judgement to change his mind, Jack leaned in and he kissed Ianto Jones, pouring lust and possession into every second. The kiss was one of claiming; it was a kiss of pure dominance. Jack was making it clear to the young Welshman that he belonged to him from this moment on. With a soft moan, Jack let his libido run wild and he began ravishing Ianto’s mouth with his own.


The moment Jack’s lips touched his, Ianto knew he was done for and he felt all rational thought flee his brain. He knew he should be fighting, trying to free himself from the oh-so-delicious clutches of this dangerous man, but all Ianto wanted to do was submit to Jack. Without realising what was happening, Ianto’s body betrayed him, and he leaned in against Jack, relishing the heat pouring off the man. Between the heat, Jack’s lips and the natural pheromones coming from Jack, it was a heady experience, and Ianto found himself wanting even more, a lot more.


Jack was in pure heaven. Ianto tasted even better than he ever imagined and he knew he was hooked. Ianto Jones was going to be his, and judging by the way Ianto was submitting he was feeling the pull too. Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Jack whispered against Ianto’s mouth, his voice husky with passion, “That’s it, gorgeous, give in to me, we both know you want to.”


Jack’s words broke Ianto out of the lust-filled haze that Jack’s kiss had induced. ‘What the hell am I doing? This is Jack bloody Harkness I’m kissing! I need to get away from him!’ Having a UNIT Commander as a Tad meant Ianto knew how to defend himself and without warning, Ianto put his training to good use.


Jack never saw the head butt coming until Ianto’s head connected with his own and dazed by the blow, Jack took a step back, shaking his head. That gave Ianto the opening he needed; he drew his arm back and let his fist fly and he managed to catch Jack in the jaw. His blow carried enough force to send the older man stumbling backwards and Jack landed on his arse on the floor. Ianto didn’t waste his chance; he grabbed his camera and he bolted from Jack as fast as he could move.


Rubbing his sore jaw Jack eyes were lit with amusement and lust. “Run all you want, my little Ianto-mouse, but you will be mine in the end,” Jack vowed as he climbed to his feet. “Who knew my little mouse was so feisty? I can’t wait to see what you’re like in my bed.” And Jack knew he would find out soon. “Ianto Jones, you can run, but you will never be able to hide from me.” He licked his lips, tasting Ianto on his tongue one more time.



Ianto ran until his body screamed in pain and he was forced to slow to a complete stop. “How could I have been so daft?” He chastised himself ferociously. “Of course this was a set up and I played right in Harkness’ hands.” He ran his hands through his hair in a frustrating gesture. “How could I be so stupid!” Ianto had never, ever been so angry with himself. “I behaved like a bloody hormonal teen-ager!”


This was bad, very bad. Jack knew his name, which meant he could easily track down those Ianto cared about, which put his family and friends in danger. ‘I need to disappear, just lie low until Jack forgets about me.’ Ianto nodded his head; that was a good plan. He’d disappear, maybe even go off-planet for a while. ‘But what if that doesn’t work? What if Jack targets Rhiannon or her kids?’ Ianto shuddered at that thought; the idea that Jack might target his beloved niece and nephew made him sick to his stomach. ‘No, this is my problem; I have to stay and I have to figure something out. I hope.’


Ianto knew he had no choice but to stay; he was not a quitter and he wasn’t going to let some arrogant con man turn him into one. He knew of Jack’s love-‘em-and-leave-‘em reputation, and convinced him that Jack would soon tire of chasing him the moment someone new caught his eye. Ianto knew he was no great prize, just as he knew that a man as gorgeous as Jack could have anyone he wanted; he would never settle for a plain and boring Welshman. In a way, Ianto thought that would make his life easier; the fact that he was more than a little disappointed about it made him scowl.




John was filled with pure amusement at the split lip Jack was proudly sporting. ‘It seems there’s more to Ianto Jones than just a pretty face.’ John could tell that Jack was up for the hunt; he knew that his boss liked it when his prey put up a fight. Jack always said that made the catch all the sweeter.


Arriving at home they went straight to Jack’s office where Martha was waiting for them. Martha took one look at Jack’s bruised face and burst into laughter. “So I take it you had fun?” she asked, shaking her head.


Jack grinned wildly at her. “Oh, you have no idea, Nightingale. My little mouse is much more then he seems.” Taking an ice pack from little office fridge, he sat down in his chair and propped his feet up on his desk. Steel blue eyes greedily devoured the images of Ianto Jones spread about his desk. “Tell me all you know about Ianto Jones,” he ordered his two most trusted friends. He hadn’t really paid much attention to their last report; he had taken one look at Ianto’s beautiful face and he immediately began to plot how to get the man into his bed.


“He is a delicious piece of eye candy.” John Hart offered his thoughts as he leered at a picture of Ianto, only to shift uneasily in his chair when Jack’s furious gaze landed on him. John raised his hands up in mock surrender. “ Easy, big man; don’t give me that look. I know Eye-Candy’s all yours. Besides Andy would happily remove my balls if I even think of looking at another man.”


Martha sniggered behind her hand. John tried to be the big tough guy, but she knew better. Andy wore the trousers in that relationship, which made John a perfectly happy man.


“Remember that!” Jack snarled at his third in command before turning his gaze to Martha, his second in command. “What have you got for me, nightingale?”


Martha smiled at her boss and friend. “Well, I won’t bore you with the stuff you already know, like his birthday, age, height and weight. Ianto Jones is the younger of two children, and he’s very close to his cousin, Donna Noble, who is, as you know, the personal assistant to John Smith, owner and editor-in-chief of the Torchwood Gazette.” She did not miss the odd look that flashed through Jack’s eyes.


“John was also very good friends with the Jones’ sibling’s tad and has been looking after them since his death. Best friends are Toshiko Sato and Donna’s fiancé, Rhys Williams. He is quite the up and coming photojournalist. He has had both boyfriends and girlfriends.” She saved the most important bit for Jack to the last. “But right now he is completely single.”


A purely predatory smirk over came Jack’s face as he vowed, “He won’t be for long.” ‘Soon Ianto Jones will be right where he belongs, in my bed.’


Martha and John shared a look that clearly said that Jack was on the hunt and his prey didn’t stand a chance in hell. Martha felt a little sorry for Ianto but at the same time she had never seen Jack so focused on anyone the way he was focused on Ianto Jones. ‘I hope, my friend, that you find the love you’ve been looking for for so very long.’ Martha was one of the very few who knew that Jack longed to find his true love. He had come close, once with Estelle Cole but fate had cruelly ripped her away from him.


John cast a lazy glance at Jack. “So what’s your plan, boss man? It seems to me your little mouse might not be so easy to seduce,” and he pointed at Jack’s mouth; he couldn’t wait to hear how Jack planned on courting on Ianto Jones.


Jack smirked. “Trust me when I say that my little mouse made it very clear that he wants me; he’s just a bit scared, so he’s fighting what’s meant to be. I just need to ‘convince’ him of what his body already knows, which is that he’s mine.”


Martha rolled her eyes. “Yes, but how are you going to do this? And may I remind you that kidnapping is illegal.”


Jack’s eyes shone with delight. “True, but when has that ever stopped me? In a few days I’ll go and collect what’s mine.” To Jack’s mind it was like going deep-sea fishing; let the prey take the bait and then give them enough line to let them wear themselves out. In the end, reeling in the catch would be a piece of cake, a scrumptious piece of Welsh beefcake.


Martha once again shook her head. “Just don’t get arrested while trying to ‘reason’ with your little mouse, please? For me?”


“Aww, Martha, you really do care what happens to me.” Jack mocked her with a smile.


The dark skinned beauty just shook her head, a smile on her face. “No, I just don’t want get the order to bail your crazy arse out of jail for kidnapping.”


Jack let out a deep and satisfying belly laugh before turning sober. “Order Mickey and Jake to keep following Ianto; I want to know every move he makes until between now and the moment when I can collect my boy.”  



That night Ianto did not feel comfortable returning to his own home, but he didn’t want to burden Rhiannon, Donna or Owen either. Okay, in truth, he didn’t want to hear the lecture he would no doubt get the moment any of these people found out about his encounter with Jack. And Ianto could only imagine how John Smith would react; he would more than likely make Harold send all of UNIT out to hunt Jack Harkness down. For some reason Ianto didn’t care to examine, he did not want anything to happen to Jack. No, there was only one person he could turn to who would listen and not judge him.

Tags: au, classic tw_big bang, fic: taste the fire, pairing: jack/ianto
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