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Fic: Taste the Fire Chapter 4/9

Title: Taste the Fire
Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Martha/Tosh, John/Andy, Owen/Katie, Harold Saxon/John Smith, Rhys/Donna, James Harkness/Tommy Brockless, Mickey/Jake, Suzie/Lisa, Gwen, Rose, Rory/Amy, Kathy/Sarah Jane, Johnny/Rhiannon
Summary: AU. When investigative photojournalist Ianto Jones discovers that his newest assignment is to cover mob boss Jack Harkness and look into his nefarious dealings, he finds himself tangled in a web of love, lust and power when Jack sets out to make Ianto his.
Rating: Overall R but one NC-17 scene
Warning: Dark!Jack, may be some mentions of past torture, disturbing behaviour, character deaths
Beta: royalladyemma
Word Count: 35,718

Chapter 4


Tosh managed to corner Jack that night and her body language screamed mother lioness protecting her cub. Jack was happy that his Yan had such a loyal friend watching his back, but it terrified him that she was directing those feelings at him.


Jack didn’t have Ianto around to help him through his encounter with Toshiko. His future lover had made it clear that unless Jack wanted UNIT tracking Ianto down, his little mouse was going to have to call his sister and cousin to let them know he was safe.


Tosh had waited until Ianto had left Jack’s side before she pounced on the mob boss. John, the traitor, had merely slapped him on the back and asked Tosh not to damage their leader to badly. Unfortunately, her ‘I make no promises,’ hadn’t left Jack with much hope but it had put a huge smirk on John’s face. In fact, John found the whole situation so amusing that he didn’t even try to hide his snort of laughter as he left the room.


Tosh crossed her arms as she glared at Jack. “I will only say this once. Ianto Jones is not a plaything. If you’re not serious about him, you end this now. I have seen him hurt one too many times by people who claimed to love and care about him only to use and discard him like an old napkin. I have watched him carry on with his head high despite how deeply and intensely the hurt ran. Ianto’s not as strong as he wants everyone to believe, not when it comes to his heart.”


Her expression softened. “He loves so deeply and so purely, and he gives the person he loves all his heart and soul. Anyone who’s ever lucky enough to gain his love is truly blessed. Yet not everyone sees what a gift they have been given.” In a heartbeat, Tosh reverted to her Little Dragon persona.


“So here’s the deal, Jack Harkness. If you make him shed one tear of sadness, if you hurt him in any way, I will hunt you down, rip off your balls with my bare hands, and feed them to you piece by little piece. I will make sure you never know your favourite feelings of pleasure ever again.”


Jack heard the words, he heard each and every syllable, and he believed her like he’d never believed another human being in his life. It was the deadly seriousness in her voice and the absolute promise in her blazing gaze that made Jack realise that this was no idle threat. If he hurt Ianto then Tosh would hurt him.


It made Jack furious to know someone would deliberately hurt such a beautiful soul like Ianto and he could not fault Tosh for being so protective of her friend.


“You have my word, Tosh. I will never hurt Ianto. There’s just something about him that makes me want to bundle him up and protect him from harm. He’s a bright spark in this dark world and I’m selfish enough to want to keep that light for myself. I am serious about being with Ianto,” a fond smile spread across Jack’s face as he admitted, “the moment I saw his face on the vid photos I was lost. I think I fell in love with him right then and there.”


Only a fool would not have believed that Jack Harkness was speaking from his heart and Toshiko Sato was no fool. She could see Jack’s emotions for her friend written in his eyes. “All right, I’m trusting you with Ianto’s heart, but just so you know? You will eventually have to pass Rhiannon’s and Donna’s tests and if you think I’m tough, I’ll seem like the gentle little kitten that Martha has taken to calling me.” Tosh warned Jack with a small laugh as she left the stunned leader alone.


A tiny whimper that he will forever deny making escaped Jack’s mouth. “I have to meet his sister and his cousin?”



Exhausted, Ianto fell back against the bed he would apparently be sharing with Jack for the duration of his stay at Jack’s mansion. To say that Rhiannon and Donna took his news badly would have been the understatement of the year. It had taken all of his pleading and begging for them not to send out UNIT to rescue him and Tosh.


“Aww, is my little mouse tired?” A voice purred against his ear. Ianto opened a eye and glared at Jack; somehow the man had managed to sneak in while he was lost in thought. Jack was currently lying on his side facing Ianto, a tender smile on his face.


Ianto glared at Jack for a moment before a tired smile came over his face. “And how did your talk with Tosh go? You look like you’re all in one piece.”


Jack actually shivered as he snuggled closer to Ianto. “She is one scary woman! Protect me from her?”


A laugh escaped Ianto’s lips at that. “Don’t tell me the big bad Jack Harkness is scared of gentle little Tosh?” He meant it to be teasing but something in Jack’s expression changed when he heard Ianto’s words.


Jack looked deeply into Ianto’s eyes. “It’s true that I can be a cruel and heartless bastard; I don’t want that to be the only side of me that you see. I want you to get to know the Jack Harkness that the world doesn’t know,’ he admitted softly, “the man beneath the mask.” He admitted.


Ianto shifted slightly so he could face Jack full on and he pressed a soft and tender against Jack’s lips. “I look forward to getting to know the real Jack, but I want you to know that I will accept all of you and that includes the unpleasant darker parts.”


Those words filled Jack with pure joy. Not even Estelle, with her big heart and her belief in all things mystical, could fully accept his darker side, although she had tried. Cupping Ianto’s face in his hands Jack poured all the emotions and words he couldn’t say into their kiss and he felt his heart soar as Ianto poured the same unsaid words and unseen emotions back into the kiss.


Slowly the kiss ended on its own, but no words were said by either of them as they simply enjoyed being with one another. With their bodies so tightly pressed against one another Jack could feel Ianto’s heart pounding in his chest and he was sure his was beating just as hard for Ianto.


Jack had been sexually active since he was fifteen. He knew all about sex; God, he’d used sex as a tool, a weapon, a reward and even a bribe for years. He just never knew it was possible to lie next to another person, especially someone he loved, and not have it become sexual. This was new territory for Jack, and he wasn’t sure he was all that comfortable with it.


Ianto’s eyes shone with mischief. “As nice as that kiss was, you’re still not getting me out of my pants, Jack,” he teased the other man and then lowered his voice seductively. “At least not just yet.”


Jack poked out his lower lip and pouted. “But why?” he whined. “It’s clear you want me as much as I want you.”


While Ianto could not deny that what Jack said was true, he was afraid that if he gave in and slept with the other man, then Jack would dump him after getting what he clearly wanted. Ianto reached out and stroked his finger across Jack’s sweetly pouting lip. “I just think we should wait and get to know each other as people, that’s all. I want us to be more than just a couple of guys who jumped into bed as soon as they meet.”


Jack wasn’t a fool; he could tell that Ianto was holding back and he was pretty damn sure he knew what his little mouse wasn’t telling him. Brushing his lips gently across Ianto’s he whispered, “Fine, we’ll get to know each other first,” all the while thinking, ‘I’ll find some way to prove to you, Ianto, that you are never going to be a just a fling. I will prove to you that what will be between us is real.’


Jack curled himself around Ianto and hugged the younger man closer to him. His mind was running at top speed; he would find a way to show his little mouse his growing feelings for the beautiful Ianto Jones were real, even if that meant wooing him and not taking him straight to his bed.




Ianto was sure he was starting to go insane; he and Tosh had been guests of Jack’s for three weeks now and for the entire time, the other man had kept to his word. As promised, Jack had toned down his seduction of Ianto. They had been on dates, out to the cinema, and on picnics. They had talked almost non-stop, getting to know one another. Ianto had loved every moment of the personal time and attention that Jack had lavished on him.


But Jack Harkness was pure seduction and total sin wrapped up in one gorgeous package, every man’s walking wet dream come true. It was taking all of Ianto’s willpower not to jump the other man every time they were together. Ianto finally found refuge in the rarely used library in Jack’s personal wing.


Gwen Cooper, eyes narrowed into hateful slits, snarled beneath her breath as she watched Ianto head for the library. She did not like Ianto Jones at all; something she made very clear to Grey on every occasion. She just couldn’t understand what it was that Jack saw in him. It irked her to no end that Jack would prefer to spend all of his free time with Ianto when he could have her. It was time this boy learnt his place.


“You do know that you’re nothing but a bed warmer, some thing that Jack’s amusing himself with while he heals from Estelle. Once he feels better, you’ll be out on your arse and I take my rightful place in Jack’s bed and his heart. You’ll never be able to take Estelle’s place, because I mean really, what on Earth would Jack ever want with a loser like you?” A laugh escaped her lips when she saw the pained look that flashed in Ianto’s eyes.


“That’s right, Jones. Jack’s just biding his time, waiting for the moment when you finally sleep with him, and then it’s out the door with you. You’ll be gone so fast your head will spin.” Gwen’s lips curled back in an ugly grin. “And you know what the best part will be? Listening to everyone laugh when Jack describes how much fun he had stringing you along like the chump you are. I cannot wait for that moment!”


Ianto refused to allow Gwen to see just how much the woman’s hateful words were hurting him. Despite how much he enjoyed being with Jack, and regardless of how often Jack told him how much he loved his little mouse, in the back of his mind there had always been a niggling little voice telling him the exact same thing.


Neither one of them noticed that there were two sets of eyes watching them from the shadows and overhearing every hurtful word falling from Gwen’s lips. Both of the watchers were fighting back the urge to go and protect the young man who had laid claim to their hearts, but they also knew that Ianto needed to win this battle on his own.


Ianto fought back the pain that Gwen’s words brought forth; he had tried to like the older woman but she reminded him too much of Rose. And while her words hurt they also made him angry; ‘what right does this woman have to claim Jack as hers?’ It was clear to everyone that Gwen fancied herself in love with Jack, but Ianto had seen how Jack acted around Gwen. Ianto knew that the man only tolerated having her around for Grey’s sake. Ianto finally snapped.


“Oh for pity’s sake grow up, Gwen! It’s clear to everyone but you that Jack does not want you. He will never want you. I’m in Jack’s bed because he wants me there. I’m the one who goes out on dates with him. I’m the one he talks to. Not you; it will never be you.” Ianto felt a quick surge of satisfaction when he saw Gwen’s jaw drop; she did a pretty good gapping fish imitation.


“Now it you don’t mind, I have somewhere else to be.” Ianto stalked away with his head held high, leaving Gwen to watch and wonder how she’d lost control of the situation. In a fit of anger, she grabbed a small vase from a nearby table and hurled it against the far wall before she threw herself down into a chair.


From the shadows, vivid blue eyes sparkled with pride. ‘Way to go, my little mouse! And now I cannot wait to taste that passion in my bed.’


Dark brown eyes shone with longing for Ianto and hatred towards the stunned woman. ‘I should have known you were only with me to get to my brother. But it doesn’t matter; I won’t let you hurt my Ianto. I will keep him safe from you and from Jack.’



Despite how much Jack wanted to go and find Ianto and finally have his wicked way with his beautiful little mouse, he knew he couldn’t. He’d giving Ianto his word that he would abide by Ianto’s wishes to go slowly, even though it was killing him not to be able to show Ianto exactly how much the young Welshman meant to him.


Ianto spent the rest of the day with Tosh and Martha; he was pleased to see their romance blooming wonderfully. Still, though, he missed Jack a lot but he didn’t want to push the other man into acting rashly and perhaps pushing him into something that Ianto himself wasn’t quite ready for. When they’d wandered off together for some time alone, Ianto had settled himself in a small parlour off the main hallway. He needed some quiet time of his own to think.


Despite having stood up to Gwen, Ianto couldn’t get her words out of his head. How could she possible know what that little voice in the back of his mind kept telling him was absolutely beyond him.


Jack Harkness had been a fixture in the underworld of New London for decades, and amongst other things, his reputation as a love-‘em-and-leave-‘em kind of guy was well documented. Even before Ianto had decided to make Jack his next assignment for the Torchwood Gazette, he’d been aware of Jack’s sexual exploits, and here he was, Mr Ianto Jones, about to become just another notch in Jack’s bedpost.


‘No!’ Ianto shook himself angrily. ‘I refuse to accept that! I cannot let that jealous old cow get into my head just because Jack doesn’t want her.’ He crossed over to the large mirror hanging over the mantel and looked himself over with a critical eye. ‘I’m just as good as… No, I’m better than Gwen Cooper, because I’m the one that he wants, not her.’ Looking himself straight in the eye, Ianto gave a sharp nod of satisfaction and repeated out loud, “I’m the one that Jack wants. I’m the one that Jack loves.”


After much searching for Jack, Ianto finally found him in their room, standing out on the balcony. Closing the door behind him, Ianto came to stand beside Jack, pressing his shoulder into the other man’s. They stood side by side in comfortable silence gazing out across at the crystal blue waters that stretched before them as far as the eye could see. As much as he was enjoying the silence though, it gave Ianto time to mull over a few of Gwen’s other words that were still echoing in his head. ‘You’ll never be able to take Estelle’s place, because I mean really, what on Earth would Jack ever want with a loser like you?’


In fact, he was so lost in his thoughts that Ianto never noticed when Jack’s gaze left the waters to stare at his beautiful boy. Jack was amazed that a man as inherently good as Ianto could possibly love him, and it brought a lump to his throat when he thought about how much could still go wrong. He let his eyes wander along the planes of Ianto’s neck and shoulders and he could see the signs of tension beginning to form. When he saw the lines furrowing Ianto’s brow he frowned himself. “What’s got you thinking so hard, gorgeous?” Jack asked nudged Ianto gently.


Jack’s words interrupted his internal monologue, and caught by surprise all Ianto could do was blink at Jack, opening and closing his mouth a few times. As much as he wanted to, Ianto knew it was not his place to ask Jack about Estelle. He had to accept that if Jack wanted to tell him about his old lover, he would. On the other hand, the need to ask why a man like Jack was even remotely interested in someone like him was burning a hole in his brain.


“Is this about what that loud-mouth tart, Gwen, said to you earlier?” Jack demanded in a low voice and Ianto stared in him at shock. How could Jack possibly know about Gwen’s nasty words? And how could he know that that was what was on Ianto’s mind? Was he that obvious?


Jack had his answer and it distressed him. He looped his arms around Ianto’s waist and pressed a soft and loving kiss against the Welshman’s mouth. Once the kiss was finished Jack looked Ianto straight in the eye. The time for secrets was over. He took a deep breath and smiled in gratitude as Ianto stroked a gentle hand across his cheek.


“Yes, Estelle was special, and yes, I truly did love her, but what I feel for you is a wild all-consuming fire compared to her as a mere candle. My heart is yours, every single bit of it, and it will be yours until my final breath. Please don’t listen to Gwen; she’s jealous because I have never, ever shown her any interest in her at all. Never have and never will.”


“Really? So you won’t be replacing me with Gwen when you’re done with me?” Ianto knew that Jack would more than likely tire of him and quickly replace him with another but he just hoped it was with someone other than Gwen bloody Cooper.


“Now you listen to me, little mouse. You are the one I want in my life, in my heart and in my bed. You and no one else! I will not tire of you and I will never replace you with anyone. You are mine and will be until the day I die.” Jack growled his words. He was fighting hard against the urge to hunt Gwen down and give her to Martha and the other women. They liked Ianto and despised Gwen and each of them would gladly teach her to keep her mouth shut about Ianto.


Seeing the spark of hope in Ianto’s eyes, Jack took Ianto’s hand and placed it over his heart. “This beats for you and you alone. Not for Gwen and or anyone else.”


A soft smile spread across Ianto’s face as he relaxed into Jack’s hold; he believed his lover and knew that Jack meant every word he’d said. “What was Estelle like?” he asked, wanting to know more about the woman who had once been loved by this wonderful man.


A soft, yet sad smile drifted onto Jack’s face. “Estelle was as kind as she was stubborn. We had our fair share of disagreements but she was one of the most lovely souls I had ever known. She, like you, saw past the mask I wear as leader and she loved me, faults and all. But, I knew I would hurt her one day and I did.”


“Even if she’d lived; I would have broken her heart the very moment I met you.” Jack confessed the truth to his little mouse and saw the look of pure surprise that flashed across Ianto’s face.


“But what’s so special about me? I’m nobody.” Ianto admitted in a soft voice.


A low growl escaped Jack’s lips as he tightened his grip on Ianto. “You are not a nobody, Ianto Jones! You are a wonderful, loving man with a heart so big that you can see me, the real me. In truth my darkness scared Estelle at times, yet you don’t seem to care. You love me the way I am.” For just a moment, Ianto saw tears forming in Jack’s eyes and he glanced away; he looked back, Jack was blinking rapidly and looking out across the waters again.


“I would have broken Estelle’s heart, Ianto, because the very moment I laid eyes on you, I knew that you were meant to be mine. I haven’t taken anyone out on a date since Estelle. I haven’t had anyone stay here with me since her. If all I wanted was a quick and meaningless shag, then I would have taken Gwen up on her offer a long time ago. No, I want something real and I want that something real with you.”


Ianto felt his heart sore. ‘How could I have ever doubted this man?’ He glanced shyly at Jack. “I want that too,” he whispered in a soft voice. “I want you.”


Jack grinned happily as he snuggled against his little mouse; finally, Ianto believed him and he’d never felt happier.



Resting against his chair, Adam Smith let his gaze flicker over his girlfriend’s naked form. “Are you sure this information is correct?”


A cunning smirk spread across Mary’s face. “Very sure. Jack Harkness has a new love interest and he seems to care about and love this one even more than that poor fool, Estelle.” She purred as she crawled onto his lap.


A wicked smile appeared on Adam’s face. “Well, if what our little spy says is true, then we may have finally found a way to truly break Jack Harkness. Tell our friend to keep an eye on Miss Cooper; she may become of use to me.”

Tags: au, classic tw_big bang, fic: taste the fire, pairing: jack/ianto
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