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Fic: Taste the Fire Chapter 5/9

Title: Taste the Fire
Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Martha/Tosh, John/Andy, Owen/Katie, Harold Saxon/John Smith, Rhys/Donna, James Harkness/Tommy Brockless, Mickey/Jake, Suzie/Lisa, Gwen, Rose, Rory/Amy, Kathy/Sarah Jane, Johnny/Rhiannon
Summary: AU. When investigative photojournalist Ianto Jones discovers that his newest assignment is to cover mob boss Jack Harkness and look into his nefarious dealings, he finds himself tangled in a web of love, lust and power when Jack sets out to make Ianto his.
Rating: Overall R but one NC-17 scene
Warning: Dark!Jack, may be some mentions of past torture, disturbing behaviour, character deaths
Beta: royalladyemma
Word Count: 35,718

Chapter 5

After Jack and Ianto’s heart-to-heart talk, Ianto was ready to take his relationship with Jack to the next stage; only Jack was still acting like the perfect gentleman. He needed to seduce Jack; the only trouble was, he’d never seduced anyone in his life, and he didn’t have a clue where to start. He was going to need help; he just wasn’t sure who to ask.


“I take it you’re gonna try seducing Jack?” Suzie’s voice came from the shadows and Ianto would forever deny that he jumped. Turning around Ianto found himself face to face with Suzie, Martha, Lisa and Tosh, and they were all grinning at him in a very knowing and unnerving way.


A giggle escaped Lisa’s lips as Ianto blushed ever so adorably. “Oh, he is! We have to help him.” She bounced on her feet excitedly and clapped her hands together gleefully.


Martha and Tosh exchanged identical looks of joy that Ianto knew spelt doom for him. “Just don’t go overboard, please?” He pleaded with them.


Martha grinned as she linked her arm through Ianto’s. “Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle.” The amusement in her voice did nothing to sooth Ianto’s jangled nerves at all.


Jack was bored and he was upset; he hadn’t seen his little mouse in hours, not since the women had dragged him off. ‘How am I supposed to seduce Ianto is he isn’t around?’ he whined silently.


John, Mickey and Jake were taking great amusement in watching their leader at his wits end. They found his theatrical moaning and flouncing around the office to be quite the floor show, and they didn’t hold back with their laughter and snarky comments to one another when Jack flung himself into his desk chair with a loud huff.


Andy, on the other hand, actually felt a good deal of empathy towards Jack. He knew what it felt like to love someone so much they almost became the very air you breathed. Of course, he’d been seven at the time and the object of his desire had been his rugby coach, but still, the feelings were the same. He sent Jack a small smile of understanding, making Jack like him all the more.


“So how’s the seduction of Eye-Candy coming along?” John asked as he flipped through the vid channels. The low growl that escaped Jack’s lips made it clear to everyone that it wasn’t going all that well.


Behind Jack sudden moment had John openly leering and a wolf whistle tore from his lips before John could censor himself. Knowing that he had more than likely just signed his death sentence, John shrugged. It was worth it just to see the walking sex doll that entered Jack’s office and John felt a small ray of hope for his continued survival. ‘Well, maybe Jack won’t remember how to think.’ Fingers crossed, John held his breath as Jack turned to see what caused such a reaction from his third in command.


The frown on his face, put there by John’s long and loud whistle, vanished the moment Jack finally saw what the others were already ogling. Frozen in place, Jack forgot how to even breathe as he took in Ianto’s appearance. The rest of the room disappeared and Jack’s jaw dropped in awe as he drank in the vision standing before him.


His little mouse, a man who wore a tailored three-piece suit like a suit of armour was now wearing a pair of fuck-me jeans that were so tight they might have well have been a second skin. Around his waist and slung low on his hips was a studded leather belt guaranteed to draw Jack’s gaze to regions lower. To top off Ianto’s outfit, he was wearing a dark red t-shirt that clung to his strong upper body, moulding itself to every muscular curve.


A tiny whimper escaped Jack’s lips and his mouth began to water when he realised that he could plainly see the outline of Ianto’s nipples, small and hard poking at the fabric. The shirt literally begged to be ripped off and tossed aside so that creamy flesh could be seen. Jack’s fingers twitched in anticipation and he could feel himself becoming aroused as Ianto turned around and Jack saw how impossibly perfect Ianto’s arse looked encased in denim.


As Ianto moved towards the front door, followed closely by the four women, Jack finally snapped out of his daze. ‘Oh hell no! No one but me is allowed to see my Ianto dressed like that!’ Jack growled as he shot to his feet. Crossing the office in three long strides, Jack reached out and grabbed Ianto before he could take another step. “And where do you think you’re going dressed like that, my little mouse?” Jack’s voice oozed with anger and lust.


Ianto blinked innocently at Jack. “I’m just going out with Tosh and the others. I think they said something about going dancing at some of the clubs. Sounded like fun, so I invited myself along.” He quirked an eyebrow at Jack; “Why, do you want to come with us?”


A primal growl escaped Jack’s lips. “Dressed like that the only place you’re going is our bedroom and right now!” And with that said he hoisted Ianto over his shoulder, ignoring his half-hearted protests. Jack turned his attention to his team, noting with satisfaction the looks of envy on their faces. “We’ll be busy for the next few days. Don’t come looking for us because I will shoot you. Martha you’re in charge.” With that said Jack spun on his heel and stalked off up the stairs and down the long hall towards their bedroom. He was going to teach his little mouse a lesson he’d never forget; it’s was not nice to tease Jack Harkness.


As Jack carried him out of the office, Ianto managed to tear his eyes from Jack’s drool-worthy rear end long enough to lift his head and send the others a quick wink. Then with a satisfied sigh, Jack’s sexy little mouse tucked his hand into Jack’s back pocket and squeeze his muscular butt cheek. His groping did not go unnoticed because Jack, in turn, landed a hard swat on Ianto’s own arse.


Waiting until they were sure Jack was far enough away that he couldn’t hear them, everyone in the room burst into laughter, clapping each other on the shoulder in mirth. Several times money changed hands as bets were won and lost. Suzie went over to Jack’s well-appointed bar and began serving celebratory drinks to the team. As John raised his glass towards the ceiling in salute a leer crossed his face. “Well, I’ll be damned! Who knew Eye-Candy had it in him?”


Martha grinned as she sank down into the empty couch, pulling Tosh down next to her. “Certainly not Jack, that’s for sure!”


As she watched Jack carry Ianto away, Gwen had the uneasy feeling that she had truly lost her chance to rule the underworld next to the handsome mob boss. She couldn’t stand to be anywhere near Jack’s place or his people. She just wanted to crawl off alone and drown her sorrows in peace. With everyone else was focused on discussing and speculating about the soon-to-be-consummated relationship, no one noticed as she slunk off into the night.



“You do know I can walk?” Ianto asked Jack’s arse as the older man continued his brisk pace down the halls, still carrying him like a sack of potatoes.


“Oh, I don’t think so, gorgeous; if I let you down now, I’m taking you right here in the hallway against the nearest wall. I want the first time we make love to be in our bed, where you belong.” Jack’s voice was rough with barely contained passion. “And don’t pretend you’re not enjoying the view,” he added as Ianto slide his hand down to grope this very tempting arse again.


A gasp escaped Ianto’s lips as Jack copied his bold move and squeezed Ianto’s butt tightly before slipping his fingers between Ianto’s legs and stroking his denim-clad thigh. Unable to stop himself, Ianto shifted slightly as he felt his hard erection, trapped inside his suddenly way-too- tight jeans, dig almost painfully into Jack’s shoulder. Jack obviously felt Ianto’s growing need because he hurried his pace into an almost run.


Jack reached their bedroom in record time, flinging the door open and then slamming it shut behind them. Somehow his sex-addled brain managed to remember to lock the door him before he began ravishing his young love. It only took him a few steps to reach the bed and Ianto let out a small oof as Jack tossed him into the center of their king-sized bed.


Ianto took one look at the light blazing from Jack’s lust-darkened eyes and he suddenly wondered if he pushed him too far. “Jack?” He hoped his lover wasn’t mad.


“The only sounds I want to hear from your gorgeous lips are your cries of pleasure. It’s time I claim you and make you mine forever.” Jack growled as he crawled onto the bed. He looked very much like a hunter stalking his prey.


Ianto knew that his own hunt had gone exactly as planned as he backed up slightly and smiled as he witnessed at the open hunger in Jack’s gaze. It was time.


“Take me now, Jack, I’m yours.” Ianto purred breathlessly.


Jack had being waiting to hear those words fall from Ianto’s lips since he first pinned his little mouse in the warehouse. They were the sweetest, most beautiful words he’d ever heard and Jack felt his body respond as if it were his very first time. He surged forward and claimed Ianto’s mouth in a dominating kiss, one that Ianto returned with just as much passion, if not more.


Their mouths fought for control as their passion deepened, and Jack broke their kiss just long enough to yank Ianto’s t-shirt off over his head and fling it away. Jack’s hands quickly began to make short work of the button and zipper that were keeping him from his much sought-after prize.


Ianto had to blink at how quickly Jack had them both undressed. “Are you sure you don’t have a defabricator on you?”


Jack grinned wickedly. “Not right now, but keep your eyes open; you never know when I may use one.” He purred before focusing on the task before him, marking the gloriously pale white skin of Ianto’s chest, leaving pink, red and purple marks everywhere his mouth went.


Ianto’s breathless moans filled the air as Jack continued to ravish his sensitive skin. Jack was taking great joy in marking ever inch of skin he could, and Ianto knew that he was going to be wearing Jack’s marks from now on.


Jack chuckled as he began to move his mouth down Ianto’s body, taking his time to worship every inch of skin he came across and taking extra time to lavish attention on Ianto’s nipples. He licked and kissed and suckled, hardening them into tight little peaks. From the grip Ianto had on his hair, Jack knew that Ianto was enjoying the attention and he suddenly wondered what it would feel like the first time Ianto did the same thing to him. The very thought sent a wave of heady passion straight to Jack’s groin.


Slowly Jack continued his journey downward until he felt Ianto’s erection brush against his cheek and then Jack decided to prolong the moment by nuzzling Ianto’s inner thigh. “Tell me what you want, my little mouse,” he ordered in a lust-roughened voice.


Ianto blushed darkly and Jack was delighted to see that the blush almost covered his whole body. Ianto had never before had any of his lovers, not that there were all that many, ask him what he wanted. “I want to feel your mouth on me,” Ianto whispered shyly as he glanced down at Jack through his long eyelashes.


Jack grinned wickedly against Ianto’s leg; that was just what he wanted to hear. Keeping his eyes locked with Ianto’s, Jack licked the pre-cum from Ianto’s tip and savoured the tangy taste of his young lover. As he moved his tongue along his slit Jack loved the breathy sounds that were escaping the Welshman’s lips. Jack grinned deviously before he engulfed Ianto’s cock whole.


“Oh, God!” Ianto cried as his head dropped onto the pillow and his eyes rolled back. He wanted to arch his body, to go deeper, but the strong grip Jack had on his hip made it clear that he was to stay still until Jack said it was okay to move.


Pleased to see his unspoken orders were being followed, Jack hummed around Ianto’s cock as he began using his teeth and tongue, adding to the torment. He wanted to see Ianto’s face flush with desire as he came, screaming Jack’s name to the heavens.


Ianto was on the very edge of his endurance; never before had anyone made him feel so loved, so desirable, or so wanted. Jack could feel the love pouring off Ianto, and wanting to see his beloved boy come, he hollowed his cheeks to take Ianto in deeper and then he increased his sucking.


“Going to come, Jack!” Ianto gasped out. He could no longer hold back and his hips took on a life of their own, bucking upwards and forcing himself in deeper into Jack’s mouth. Grinning madly, Jack increased his humming as he reached out blindly for the lube he was sure he tossed on the bed; his grin grew as his fingers brushed against it. Without breaking his gaze away from the sight of Ianto lost in the throes of passion, Jack easily opened the tube and coated his fingers.


A moan born of pure unadulterated pleasure tore itself from Ianto as Jack slide a finger into his arse. “Jack! Oh God!” he shouted; he’d never felt so alive before. Ianto didn’t know how much longer he was going to last and the very moment Jack brushed against his prostate, Ianto let out a scream of pleasure as he was overcome by a wave of ecstasy that rolled over him again and again.


The moment Ianto’s taste hit his tongue Jack knew he would never tire of this beautiful boy and his heart swelled with love. Wanting to prolong Ianto’s experience Jack slipped a second finger in with the first as he milked Ianto through his orgasm.


Ianto was an exhausted, boneless mess; even breathing seemed like too much work, although he continued to suck in breath after breath of sex-scented air. Never before had someone made him feel so much pure sensual pleasure. It was a wonder his heart didn’t explode it was beating so hard in his chest.


Jack released the now soft cock from his mouth as he turned his attention to the rest of Ianto. “God, little mouse, you taste divine,” Jack growled as he crawled up Ianto’s body and when their lips met in a kiss, Ianto groaned at the taste of himself on Jack’s tongue.


Breaking the kiss Jack rested his forehead against Ianto’s as he slipped a third finger inside Ianto, working gently to carefully stretch his beautiful boy; he would not take the risk of accidentally hurting Ianto. “Just a little bit more and then I’ll show you pleasure you’ve never experienced before.” Jack promised.


Ianto graced Jack with a smile of pure bliss. “I already have, Jack; no one has ever made love to me like this before.”


Pleasure filled Jack at that admittance and he had to blink back a sudden rush of tears. “And no one ever will. You are mine, Ianto Jones, from this moment on just as I am yours.” Jack growled softly into Ianto’s ear before giving to his own bodily demands. He could no longer hold back the urge to bury himself in Ianto’s warmth and finally lay claim to his beautiful soul.


Jack kissed Ianto deeply once more as he removed his fingers from Ianto and he swallowed the sound of disappointment Ianto made at the action. He then grinned broadly against Ianto’s lips as he heard the young man moan in pleasure as Jack slid himself fully into Ianto. At that moment Jack was grateful that all sexually transmitted diseases had been wiped out centuries ago; it meant that there was absolutely nothing that could stop him from feeling all of Ianto around him.


Breaking their kiss Jack rested on his elbows for a moment to allow Ianto to adjust to having Jack inside of him. Judging by how deliciously tight his little mouse was around him, Ianto hadn’t been with a man for quite sometime and that pleased Jack greatly. “So good,” he murmured. “Do you feel it, Yan? I can tell from the way we fit together so perfectly that we were made for each other.” Jack whispered his words against Ianto’s skin as he peppered his young lover’s face with soft kisses.


Ianto had to admit that Jack was more than right, they really did fit perfectly together. “Claim me, Jack, please!” Ianto pleaded as he began bucking his hips in hopes that Jack would start to move.


A purely primal sound escaped Jack as he began to do just that. “I am going to make you come so hard that you forget everything but my name.” Jack vowed as he began to set a face pace. He would make slow and tender love to Ianto next round; right now he was too far gone to hold back.


Within moments the only sounds filling the air were moans of passion, harsh breathing, and the sounds of flesh on flesh. Jack’s blue eyes darkened completely to black as he drank in the image of Ianto’s flushed skin. Ianto tossed his head back as he moaned and pleaded with unintelligible words. He had no way of knowing that under Jack, he looked like a fallen angel completely lost in his passion. It was a sight Jack would never get tired of.


Ianto was lost in a sea of bliss and his passion only heightened as one of Jack’s hands wrapped around his aching cock. Jack joined his free hand with Ianto’s and used their powerful forearms to gain more leverage. Ianto bucked and groaned as Jack managed to hit his prostate with each thrust. “So…clo… close!” The Welshman knew he was near the edge.


Jack grunted as he continued his thrusts. “Come for me, baby, come for me now!” he ordered. Jack was barely holding on; he wanted to empty himself in Ianto, but he held back through sheer strength of will. He wanted, no, he needed, Ianto to come first.


Ianto clawed at Jack’s back as his lover’s thrusts became erratic, and he dug his fingers into Jack’s arse. Jack’s hips snapping with the motions as he began to pound in and out of Ianto’s willing body. Ianto then bared his neck to Jack, the ultimate sign of submission to his mate.


“Mine!” Jack snarled as he bit down hard on the exposed flesh, his teeth sinking in deep enough to leave a permanent mark on Ianto’s throat, and that was fine with Jack. He wanted the whole universe to know that Ianto Jones was his till death tore them apart.


It was the combination of pleasure and pain that sent Ianto over the edge. “Jack!” His lover name tore from his lips in a guttural scream as he covered both their bellies and Jack’s hand with his release.


Jack groaned with satisfied pleasure as he soothed the bite mark with his tongue. Ianto’s muscles tightened around his aching cock but he held back his own release, wanting to prolong Ianto’s pleasure. Tiny whimpers escaped Ianto mouth as Jack continued to hit his sensitive prostate. Ianto found himself reaching up grab the headboard as Jack finally lost control and thought of only his own enjoyment. Through heavily glazed eyes Ianto drank in the sight of Jack, his head thrown back, lost in pleasure.


“Come for me, Jack, make me yours.” Ianto whispered and that was all it took for Jack to come completely undone.


“Ianto!” Jack roared as he felt himself empting into Ianto in long squirts that seemed to go on forever. He let out a shuddering breath as he collapsed on Ianto, careful to make sure he didn’t crush his beautiful Welshman under his weight. Spent, Jack nuzzled his cheek against Ianto’s. “Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you?” he asked quietly, hoping he hadn’t harmed his lover with his passionate love-making.


Ianto shook his head and smiled fondly at Jack. “Nope; wore me out but didn’t hurt me.”


Jack chuckled as he kissed Ianto gentle as he pulled out of his lover. “We’ll clean up, have a little rest, and then I’ll give you a repeat performance.”


Ianto smiled tiredly. “That sounds wonderful.” He was asleep before Jack returned from the ensuite with a soft, warm flannel to rub over his body.

Tags: au, classic tw_big bang, fic: taste the fire, pairing: jack/ianto
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