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Writing plans

First off my Dean/Ryan will have three more one shots until the bigger chapter fic. They are the following
Title:To be with you
Pairings:Dean/Ryan with some Eric/Sam and onesided Eric/Ryan
Summary: Sam has never seen his brother happier and he will not let anyone ruin it. Which leads him to conforting Eric. While Dean get's word for Bobby of a new hunt, realizes he has to leave Ryan. Or does he? Dean ask Ryan to come with him will Ryan except? Half way done.

Title:Don't let me go
Pairing: Dean/Ryan
Summary: One year that is all Dean has. How will Ryan handle the news?

Title:One more day
Pairing: Dean/Ryan
Summary: Dean year is up and he and Ryan are forced to say good-bye

Title: Back in your arms
Pairings: Dean/Ryan, Eric/Sam, Jack/Ianto/Castiel and many others to be revlied along the way
Summary: This is the mulit chapter fic. Sequel to my Dean/Ryan oneshots. Dean is back from hell. But more importanly back with Ryan. What dose the new war have instore for them?

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Btvs/CSI Miami
Pairings: Eric/Ryan, Speed/Faith, Horatio/Xander, Spike/Valera, and Calleigh/Tara
Summary: Slighlty AU. 'Nailed'. There is a reason Ryan keeps his family to himself. But when he is injured by the nail to his eye, while his family comes to vist. Now Ryan has to keep Faith from killing Eric, and the rest of her friends aren't any help.

Title: Cuts so deep
Fandom: Torchwood 
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, and either Andy/Tosh or Owen/Tosh. Ianto/Tosh friendship 
Summary: A post 'Meat' fic. Ianto knows Jack promised him nothing. Yet that doesn't stop Ianto heart from breaking. Can Jack fix the mess he made? Or has he hurt Ianto for the last time? 

Title: Secret life of a Tea-Boy
Fandom's: Torchwood/Harry Potter
Pairings: Sirius/Remus, Jack/Ianto, Draco/Neville, Charlie/Harry, Blaise/Luna, Tonks/Tosh and Bill/Ianto.
Summary: Ianto is hiding more than just Lisa. He has kept a part of his life completly secret. Well that secret is about to become know. After the Cyber-Woman, Ianto returns home to heal. Sirius set's out to heal his broken son. But what happens when Ianto decides to return to Torchwood? What happens when Sirius meets Jack? 

Title: How little you know about me
Fandom's: Torchwood/Buffy/Angel
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Angel/Cordy, Spike/Faith, Wesely/Tosh, and Gunn/Fred
Summary: Spike cares about few things, those he does he protects with his life, so when his great, great, great grandson Ianto arrives in LA, broken Spike is out for blood. What happens when Torchwood more importantly Jack meets Ianto new guardian?

Title: Second chance
Fandom's: CSI Miami/Btvs/Doom/Harry Potter/Pitch Black/Torchwood
Pairings: Reaper/Ryan, Jack/Ianto, Riddick/Vaako/Xander, Spike/Neville, Angel/Harry, Sirius/Faith, Charlie/Cordy, Bill/Tosh, Luna/Tara
Summary: Lyra is the guardian of heroes. And she is tried of seeing some of her favorites break. So she decides to do something about it and gives them new lives.

Title: Memories that haunt
Fandom's: CSI Miami/CSI New York
Pairings: Eric/Ryan, Ryan/Lily(OFC), Flack/Adam, Mac/Danny
Summary: A serial killer brings to light somethings that haunt Ryan. Memories he would love to forget are brought fourth. Who is Lily? And just what is her connection to Ryan and Adam?

Title: One more day with you
Fandom's: Torchwood/CSI Miami
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Eric/Ryan, Owen/Tosh,
Summary: The saying you never know what you've got till it's gone. Well Eric and Jack are about to learn how true that saying is.One chance that is all she will given them, to make things right. One chance to change what has happen. Can Eric and Jack make things right? Or will history play out the same way?
Warnings: Gwen bashing. Protective and scary Tosh, Alexx and Valera. 

Title: Lost without you
Fandom:Torchwood/CSI Miami/Supernatural
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Sam/Tosh, Castiel/Ryan/Dean
Summary: In my Ryan is a prophet world. A vision that must be stop sends Dean, Ryan and Sam to Cadriff. Were the worlds of the supernatural and aliens collide. They have one mission save Ianto Jones. 

Title: Forgotten love
Fandom: CSI Miami
Pairings: Eric/Ryan, Horatio/Calleigh, and Speed/Valera
Summary: The summer before their senior year, Ryan and Eric had a summer romance. Something that grew to be something much deeper, but knowing they would never see each other again never relive their true feelings. Enter the newest CSI, Ryan Wolfe. Ryan has never forgotten that summer, but it would appear that Eric has. Is Ryan doomed to one sided love? Or will Eric relize who Ryan is?

Title: Barely breathing
Fandom's: CSI Series/Torchwood/Supernatural/Buffy
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Dean/Ryan, Flack/Adam, Castiel/Xander, Sam/Valera, Nick/Greg, Stella/Tara, Eric/Faith, Spike/Tosh
Summary: They are broken, damaged beyond repair. At least that's what they believe, can anyone make them see the truth before the bitter lonelyness consumse them? 

Title: Barely holding on
Fandom's: Torchwood/Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Ianto, Jack/Ianto, leading up to Dean/Ianto/Jack, and Sam/Tosh
Summary: A post 'Meat' fic. Tosh is not blind to how hurt and broken Ianto is after the lover's spat between Jack and Gwen. She plans to open up Jack eyes to how easy it would be for someone to steal Ianto away from him, and who better than Ianto first everything Dean. Will Tosh plan work and make Jack eyes open or will Dean easily steal Ianto away? 
Warnings: Major Gwen bashing and a little Jack bashing. 

Title: Healing Ianto
Fandom's: Mutant X/Torchwood
Pairings: Jesse/Ianto, Brennan/Ianto/Jesse, Brennan/Jesse, Jack/Ianto, Shalimar/Tosh/Adam, and Owen/Tosh
Summary: Before Torchwood, Ianto lived another life as a member of Mutant X. Broken after the events of Lisa, Ianto turns to the only family that understands him, his mutant family. What will happen when they arrive to care for Ianto?

I have already began most of these stories. But my main focus is my Dean/Ryan series and my Dean/Ryan/Castiel  and my 'Barely holding on' which is Dean/Ianto/Jack fics. 'Memories that haunt'' and my 'Untitled' Btvs/CSI Miami are most likely to be worked on after my Dean/Ryan and Dean/Ryan/Castiel

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