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Fic: Melamin Chapter 1/12

Title: Melamin (My Love)
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Suzie/Tosh, Doctor/Martha, Owen/Rhiannon, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Andy, arranged Ianto/Martha
Story Summary: Lost in a world he’s only read about, Ianto’s only hope lies with Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood team. Together Jack and Ianto must figure out the roles they play in reuniting man and Elf once again.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who
Beta: The amazing royalladyemma
Artist: bookmrm89 see her amazing work here:

Chapter 1


‘Our story begins…’



In the beginning…


Thousands of years ago, during the early days of mankind, they were considered little more than children. To help them grow, they gained the guidance of a race almost as old as the Earth itself, the Elves. They held man’s hand, guiding them on their first steps along the road to greatness. Yet, it cannon be denied that humanity had a violent steak that sometimes ruled their hearts and minds, often overpowering their compassion for their fellow man and always with disastrous results.


It was this hunger for blood and war that drove the Elves away, because while there was true greatness in mankind’s future, the Elves also foresaw the bloody wars that would set country against country and brother against brother.


The Elves realised that there was no place for themselves in man’s future and so with deep sadness, they left the world of man, forever. No longer would the human world benefit from the guidance of the ancients; never again would men lay eyes on Elf kind again. Using their magic, the Elves created a world apart from man; they would remain hidden in the shadows, safe from mankind’s destructive behaviours.


As time went by, Elves became nothing but stories told to children, then legends passed down through time, and then finally, Elves were considered nothing more than creatures of myth and fantasy. But it is a well-known fact that all legends have some salt of truth to them, and there were always those few humans who believed that someday, Elves would return to walk beside humanity, to guide mankind forward once again.


It was a Katar Neenar, or, in the tongue of man, a spiritual father, foresaw a time when man and Elf would walk side-by-side as they had centuries before. A prophecy passed down through generation after generation of Katar Neenar told of a gift from time that would return life to the lifeless and an ordinary man would be reborn an immortal. From behind the ancient wall of magic, a young Elf would find himself inexorably drawn to the world of man.


Together, an immortal human and an adventurous Elf would find their way to one another, guided by events set forth in the very beginnings of time for they were Chev. As lifemates, they would find each other across time and space to become lovers, and together they would prepare the way for the day when men and Elf would once again walk the face of the Earth, together.



The world today…


Two thousand years have passed and the prophecy given to all Elf kind by the wisest of the Katar Neenar, Saeldur, is still recalled and retold. Many Elves lived their entire lives in the hopes that someday man would remember the lessons of peace and compassion their elders had been taught, and that they would learn to temper their violent nature. Elves longed to walk freely amongst men the way their ancestors had, but not everyone felt the same way.


There are those behind the magic wall who hated and despised the very idea of Elves walking with men once again. They clung to the old-fashioned view of two worlds, separatist and distinct, and they have vowed to make sure that Saeldur’s greatest prophecy would never come true, no matter the cost.


A headstrong Elf Prince and an immortal man, neither truly knowing the path laid out before them or the dangers they would have to face, are about to forge the destiny of a new world.




Our story begins…

A sigh of utter boredom escaped the lips of Prince Ianto as he gazed out his window at the rolling green hills stretched far out into the distance. The majestic waterfalls that bordered the castle filled the clean air with the scent of fresh water mixed with the sweet scent of the flowers that grew in the endless fields. The sounds of children’s laughter and the pleasant murmurs of the workers conversations reached Ianto’s ears through his open window. Despite the incredible beauty and harmonious peace of his homeland, he was miserable.


In his two thousand years of life he had explored all the realms of his world so many times that Ianto had no doubt that he could walk them with his eyes closed. He craved something new, something to fill the empty void within him. What he truly wanted was to see the world of man, to see the wonders he’s heard stories of from the royal advisers. Ianto longed to walk beside man again.


Another sigh escaped Ianto’s lips as he continued to gaze out at his Father’s kingdom. A soft knock on his chamber doors disturbed his musings. “Enter,” Ianto called turning to greet his guest. Ianto was not at all surprised when his royal bodyguard entered. “Hello, Andy.” Ianto greeted his guard and friend with a smile.


A long-suffering sigh escaped the redheaded guard’s lips. “My Prince, please call me by my true name and not that by that dreaded human one,” Andy grumbled. Ever since his prince had discovered a long-lost book full of human names, Ianto had taken to calling everyone but his parents by the human version of their name.


A mischievous smile graced Ianto’s face as his silver-blue eyes shone with wickedness.

“But I think Andy suits you so much better than Suiadan.” His nose wrinkled as he spoke his friend’s true name.


Andy rolled his eyes; he knew it was absolutely hopeless to try and get his prince to call him anything but Andy. ‘I honestly don’t know why I even bother.’ And he really didn’t; Ianto was stubborn, almost too stubborn at times. “Your father wishes to speak to you.” Andy thought it was best to just forget about the nickname for now and get back to business at hand.


A frown marred Ianto’s handsome face; he had a pretty good idea what his father wanted to talk to him about. It was a subject that Ianto tried to avoid, his arranged marriage to Princess Martha, an arrangement that he’s been trying his hardest to get out of. Martha was a lovely and charming woman and they have been friends since childhood; it was their friendship that convinced their parents that they were made for one another.


When they were but seven years old, a promise had been made between kingdoms that when they were old enough, marriage would unite the families. Even though Ianto’s known for years that they were to be married one day, he just can’t find it within his heart to love her the way one should love a lifemate. And Ianto knows for a fact that Martha did not have any type of feelings but those of friendship towards him.


They had both tried several times to convince their families that they were not meant for one another and they tried to get their parents to call off the wedding but no such luck, their parents were determined to unite the families. So Martha and Ianto did everything in their power to stall the ceremony, nursing the slim hope that in time reason would prevail.


Andy watched as different emotions flashed across his young charge’s face. Only those who knew Ianto on a very personal level could see past the mask he wore, and while Andy knew what was bothering his friend, he still he had a duty to perform. He crossed the distance between them and placed a comforting hand on Ianto’s arm. “I know what worries and bothers you, my friend. You need to talk to your fathers again. They are not unreasonable men and they want to see that you are happy; I know your happiness is all that matters to them.”


“I know.” Ianto’s voice was low, but Andy heard him clearly. Ianto knew that Andy was saying was true, his fathers had always tried to put his happiness first but his marriage to Martha was a politically good move that would ensure an alliance between his nation and Martha’s. It would guarantee that should war ever break out with a neighbouring country, both nations would have a strong ally ready to fight at their side at a moment’s notice.


“It’s just I wish I could marry for love, the way my fathers did, and not for duty.” Ianto whispered softly. Ianto had always been in awe in the pure love that existed between his two fathers, it was a shining example of a love that could only exist between true lifemates. It was the kind of love Ianto longed to find for himself.


Having known his prince since childhood, Andy knew how deeply Ianto wanted to find what all elves sought, their lifemate, the one being in all the world who completed their soul. Growing up with Ianto and Martha, Andy had always known that they were not lifemates and he knew that they were doomed to a loveless marriage. He was afraid that there was a strong chance it would only bring harm to them.


“All I can offer up in advice, my friend, is talk to your fathers again, tell him how truly unhappy you are with this arrangement. Martha is not your lifemate and it would do the kingdoms no good to force you and Martha into a loveless marriage when your true lifemate is out there somewhere waiting for you.” Andy wisely advised his friend.


Ianto had to admit that his friend had a sound point. “It couldn’t hurt to try again.” A determined look graced Ianto’s face as his silver eyes burned with fire; he was not going to marry Martha and it’s about time his fathers understood that.


As Ianto shrugged off Andy’s hand and marched out of his room Andy couldn’t help but groan. “I’ve created a monster,” the guard mumbled as he followed after his charge, crossing his fingers and hoping that the prince said nothing to get him in trouble.



Seated on his throne and deep in thought King Nostalion was broken out of his reverie by an amused female voice. “Prince Ianto is not happy with his arranged marriage.”


Crystal blue eyes, as clear as the oceans, glanced to the woman who spoke, her dark eyes twinkling. “I know, Idhrenniel, but there is little choice. Ianto’s marriage to Martha is a must for our people, no matter how unhappy it may make him.”


A sad sigh escaped Idhrenniel’s lips as she shook her head at the king she once had a hand in raising. ‘He just does not see that his son has a greater destiny, one that was written in time long before Ianto was even a gleam in his fathers’ eyes.’ There were days, like today, when she wanted to bash Nostalion over the head. ‘For such a wise High King, he sure is blinded when it comes to his children’s futures.’


Nostalion’s eyes narrowed as he observed the woman who’d been a part of his family since he was a child. “You’re thinking of bashing me over the head, aren’t you? I can tell; you always get that look in your eyes.” He shivered; oh yes, he knew that look all too well.


Idhrenniel rolled her eyes, an eye roll Nostalion noted was very similar to Ianto’s, as she scolded him. “Well, if you would listen to me more often then you wouldn’t be so familiar with this look of mine,” she reminded the king.


Any retort Nostalion was going to make was lost as the throne room doors were thrown open and in stormed Ianto; his face was like lightning. As Ianto approached the throne and came to stand in front of his father, it was clear to Idhrenniel that Ianto was almost a spitting image of Nostalion, except for his eyes, which he got from his other father, Calanon.


Stopping at the edge of the steps that led up to the beautiful wooden thrones, Ianto straightened his shoulders and steeled his nerve as he met his father’s gaze head on. “Father, I have come to inform you that I will not be marrying Martha.” Ianto declared firmly.


A brief, happy smile appeared on Idhrenniel’s face before she quickly hid it under her mask of professionalism. While Nostalion’s blue eyes flashed with anger and sadness, in his heart he was rather proud of his son. “I’m sorry, son, but there’s no other choice; you must marry Martha to strengthen our kingdoms.” Nostalion wished his son would see reason.


Ianto’s eyes hardened as he glared at his father. “Why must it be me who makes this sacrifice my happiness? Why not Rhiannon? Is it too much to ask that I be able to marry for love? Why can’t you accept the fact that I want to find the love of my life just like you were lucky enough to find in dad? Why can’t you understand that?” Ianto was so frustrated; he wanted the chance to find true love and to not to be stuck in a loveless marriage.


Nostalion closed his eyes and his heart went out to his son; the love he shared with Calanon was everything to him and it was his deepest wish that one day, their children would all be as happy as he was. Taking a deep breath he released it and opened his eyes to meet his son’s gaze. “I am sorry, son, you must understand that I wish I could grant you the freedom you want but you are a prince; you are the future leader of our people and as such you have an obligation to them. You must think about what is in their best interests, not your own. Your marriage to Princess Martha will happen as planned and that is final. Is that understood?”


Ianto’s body stiffened as he spoke through clenched teeth; “Perfectly, Your Majesty,” each word falling like a shard of ice from his lips. Ianto bowed, quickly turned on his heel and walked out of the throne room, anger clearly radiating off of his body.  


Nostalion sighed and slumped into his throne as he watched his only son storm from the room. He’d known for some time that Ianto was not happy about the arranged married; in fact he and Calanon had been discussing it just last night. He turned to his advisor, Idhrenniel. “What am I to do?” He wanted his son to be happy and he knew the marriage was not something that Ianto or Martha truly wanted.


Idhrenniel smiled gently at her king. “You must understand that young Prince Ianto’s destiny does not lie here; it lies with the man made immortal by time’s gift of love,” she told him cryptically.


The elderly sorceress fought back the urge to smile at Nostalion as a pout graced his handsome face. “I hate it when you do that,” he whined, something he only did when they were alone. After all, it would not be good for his image as King to be seen pouting and sulking like a child, especially on his own throne.


Of course it was at that moment that Nostalion’s beloved lifemate and consort, Calanon, entered the throne room. The strikingly handsome blond-haired man took one look at his sulking lover and with his silver eyes twinkling with amusement, he promptly asked, “What are you pouting about now, my love?”


“I am not pouting.” Nostalion grumbled and his lower lip quivered in a way that caused Calanon and Idhrenniel to share knowing grins. Sulking, the high king pointed a finger at Idhrenniel. “She started it! She was picking on me by being all cryptic about Ianto’s future. You know how I hate that!” the King all but wailed.


Calanon shook his head fondly; his beloved truly did hate it when Idhrenniel gave cryptic answers about their son. “I take it she mentioned the man made immortal by time’s gift again?” He would have been surprised if she’d said anything else; they were the very words that Idhrenniel spoken the when Ianto was just seconds old and she’d held him for the first time.


Idhrenniel smiled mischievously at the blond-hair king. “I only speak the truth, as I always have; Ianto has a great destiny before him, one that will be for the good of all.”


Calanon’s silver eyes narrowed. “I can see why Nostalion hates it when you do that. It’s very annoying.”


Idhrenniel didn’t seem insulted; in fact her smile just seemed to grow all the bigger. “Why, thank you! You have to admit that I do keep things interesting.” The adviser teased them and the kings had to admit that she did indeed. Idhrenniel suddenly turned serious; she knew that it was time for them to know the truth. “I know you seek this marriage to unite the two kingdoms, but you must understand that Ianto and Martha’s life paths do not link together.


“Their hearts are destined for two others; Ianto belongs with the man made immortal, and Martha’s path lies with the last Lord of Time. Their destinies are written in time itself and have been blessed by the Guardian herself.”  As Idhrenniel spoke an awe-inspiring sense of power filled the throne room and her voice seemed to be echoed by a thousand whispers.


Calanon and Nostalion felt the power roll over their skin and they shivered slightly; magic was a great part of their lives from birth to death, and there was no doubt that this was deep and ancient magic forged in the very mists of time.


Idhrenniel’s eyes glowed as she gazed calmly at the two kings. “The time is coming when Elf and Man shall once again walk together and it will be Ianto who will help lead the way.” It would forever be a sight she would never forget as both kings stared at her, their jaws hanging open, their eyes wide with shock and pure disbelief shining on their faces.


Calanon was the first to regain his wits. “Are you saying that our Ianto is the Elf in the prophecy?”  From the day they were born, every Elf in the kingdom were told of the prophecy. It spoke of the coming time when Elf and man would once again walk side-by-side.


Idhrenniel nodded, the wisdom of the ages in her eyes. “He is indeed, my king. Ianto’s destiny is a great one and it has already been set in motion. The wheels of fate began to turn at the moment of your son’s birth, and as foretold, he will soon find his way to his lifemate,” she predicted, adding, “It is not Princess Martha.”


Calanon glanced at his husband’s face and he recognised the conflicted look in Nostalion’s eyes; it was there every time they spoke of Ianto’s upcoming nuptials. He crossed the distance between them and gently cupped his husband’s face with his hands. “We always knew that Ianto was special and that he is meant for great things, we just had no idea how great he would be. If this is his destiny, beloved, then we have to let him go. You must find a way to release him from his arranged marriage to Martha; it is not fair to either one of them. And if Idhrenniel is correct, Martha also has a destiny to fulfill; we cannot stand in her way.”


Nostalion leaned into Calanon’s touch. “I know and you’re right; it’s not fair to force Ianto and Martha into a marriage when their lifemates are within their reach. I’m just afraid of how Francine is going to react when I tell her that Ianto and Martha’s wedding will not happen.” Nostalion shuddered at the thought of having to deal with the fierce warrior queen; she was truly a force to be reckoned with and only a fool would not fear Francine’s anger.


“You will survive, my King; it is Francine’s future son-in-law that your pity should be given to; he has a long road ahead of him to gain her favour.” Idhrenniel voice broke the tension that hung in the air.


Sharing a look that clearly said Nostalion and Calanon were already feeling sorry for Martha’s future lifemate; getting Francine’s approval would be a hard fought battle for any Elf. “At least things won’t be dull around here for a while,” Nostalion said with a small grin, still trying to wrap his head around the fact that his son was the Elf destined to reunite man and Elf once again. He became serious as he met Idhrenniel’s gaze. “Tell me just how my son is supposed to meet his lifemate when the worlds of Elf and man are kept separated. There is no way a man could ever find his way here and there is no record of an Elf ever finding their way to the world of man.”


Idhrenniel just smiled serenely at him. “My young king, there is still much you do not know. Just because you haven’t heard of an Elf going to the world of man doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.” A soft smile flitted across her face as Idhrenniel thought of her twin sister’s own journey into the land of man and into the arms of the handsome man she loved. “Magic will find a way for Ianto and his lifemate to meet, you just need to have faith.”


Lost in the thoughts of what this unexpected turn of events meant not only for their people but also the young prince, none of them noticed the shadow as it slipped out of the throne room, a dark gleam in its unholy red eyes.

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