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Fic: Melamin Chapter 3/12

Title: Melamin (My Love)
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Suzie/Tosh, Doctor/Martha, Owen/Rhiannon, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Andy, arranged Ianto/Martha
Story Summary: Lost in a world he’s only read about, Ianto’s only hope lies with Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood team. Together Jack and Ianto must figure out the roles they play in reuniting man and Elf once again.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who
Beta: The amazing royalladyemma
Artist: bookmrm89 see her amazing work here:

Chapter 3


Behind the hidden wall…

Dejected, Ianto stared out his window with a heavy heart. He had so hoped that his father would have seen reason and released him from his arranged marriage with Martha. “Why can’t he just understand that I don’t want to marry Martha?” Ianto growled to himself and in utter frustration, he kicked the chair leg in front of him. It wasn’t that Martha wasn’t attractive, she was beautiful, but Ianto just couldn’t see her as anything but a dear friend.

Then there was something else, something only Idhrenniel knew; he had been having wonderful dreams of a handsome man with the most striking blue eyes. Ianto was sure that he was seeing his future and that the man was his lifemate, but in all his searching he had never found him.

Ianto’s gaze drifted up to the darkening night sky; evening was soon to be upon them and the stars were beginning to pop out. He focused on the brightest star as he asked the heavens, “Why can’t I find him? Why can’t I find my lifemate, the one special person meant just for me?”

Ianto was so lost in thoughts that he never noticed his father, Nostalion, watching him from just inside his chambers doors. Nostalion clearly heard his son’s choked plea about finding his lifemate and the pain in Ianto’s voice wrenched his heart. ‘I’m sorry, son, that I never noticed how unhappy you are. But I promise you I will do everything in my power to help you to find your lifemate. Perhaps Idhrenniel will have some ideas of what to do.’

With that thought firmly planted in his mind Nostalion slipped away, still unseen by Ianto. He and Calanon had a serious discussion ahead of them.


Now what Nostalion did not know was that Idhrenniel did indeed have a plan in mind to help the lifemates find their way to one another. There was a tale written in the old Elfish tongue that spoke of a rift in time and space. While the flotsam and jetsam of the Universe came through, it also allowed Elves passage into man’s world. Their ancient magic and their bond with the Earth Mother protected them from being harmed by the energy that gave the rift life. She knew that it worked because many years ago, her very own sister had passed through it unharmed.

From what Calathiel had told her, Ianto’s lifemate was the one who guarded the rift in man’s world. Armed with that knowledge, Idhrenniel was sure that if she could just get Ianto to the rift then everything would be in fate’s hands. “Now all I have to figure out where the rift is, how to get Ianto to said rift and last but not least, how on Earth I am going to explain it all to the kings.” Idhrenniel let out a joyous laugh. “This is going to be fun! It’s been getting too boring around here.”


Meanwhile, in another castle…

Gazing up at the stars, a sigh escaped Martha’s parted lips. Her fingers itched to reach out and touch the stars; for as long as she could remember, it had been her dream to travel amongst them and discover the mysteries they held. ‘Not that I’ll ever get the chance considering that the only thing I’m useful for is being married off,’ Martha thought bitterly. She knows her thoughts are unfair but she can’t help the way she feels. Martha longed for a chance to live her own life, one free of royal obligations and unfair duties. She didn’t want to marry Ianto anymore than she knew he wanted to marry her. ‘Poor Ianto,’ she thought sadly. ‘He’s just as trapped as I am.’

“My Lady, are you alright?” The worried voice of her guard and most trusted of friends broke through Martha’s brooding thoughts.

Forcing a smile on her face Martha turned to face her bodyguard. “I’m fine, Kathy.” She lied even as she fought to keep a smile from showing up; using the human name Ianto gave to Manwathiel always brought a true sparkle of happiness to her dark eyes.

Manwathiel rolled her dark eyes. “Really! That Prince Ianto is a bad influence on you, my Lady. I’m going to have to have words with Suiadan about keeping a better eye on his charge.”

Martha pouted at her guard. “Aww, but I think Ianto was right! That name suits you perfectly.”

Manwathiel glared at her younger charge. “Do not push your luck, Princess. You have training with me in the morning,” she reminded Martha with a wicked gleam in her dark eyes. Her gaze softened when she saw that Martha’s teasing ways couldn’t hide her true feelings; she’d known her charge wasn’t happy and hadn’t been for a while. As a child, Manwathiel had been envious of Martha’s royal status, but once they were grown and she understood just what being a royal entailed, she had quickly decided that she was perfectly happy with the role the Universe had assigned her.

“Have faith, my Lady; if you and Prince Ianto are not meant to be married then destiny will find away to keep you two apart. You have to believe that the Universe will lead you to your true lifemate.” The dark-skinned warrior crossed the room and placed a supportive hand on Martha’s arm.

Teary-eyed, Martha smiled weakly at her friend. “I hope so; neither Ianto or I want to be trapped in a loveless marriage. It just isn’t fair.”

Manwathiel could not argue with that, nor could she promise her princess anymore than she already had. She just hoped that someone out there in the cosmos was listening and would find away to stop the unwanted marriage.


Ianto was dreaming, he was sure of it. He was surrounded by unfamiliar settings made of metal and brick that were filled with all types of wonders he’d never seen before. Unable to help himself Ianto reached out to run his fingers across a strange-looking box and to his amazement, he found that he could touch it. “What are you?” he asked reverently as he bent down to peek inside. He was shocked to see someone looking back at him, and then he giggled nervously when he realised he was seeing his reflection in the black mirror.

“Humans call that a computer. Many of them sit in front of it for hours.” An amused voice chuckled from behind Ianto startling the young man.

Whipping around, the Elf prince felt his jaw drop open in shock as he came face-to-face with a smiling elderly Elf. His long silver hair shone brightly under the lights, his hazel eyes sparkled with mischief and as his smile grew wider, his wrinkles became even more pronounced on his ancient face. Despite never having met this Elf before, Ianto knew exactly who he was. “Saeldur?” he asked in utter shock.

The wise Spiritual Father smiled at Ianto. “That is who I was. It is nice to finally meet you, Ianto; I have been waiting for you for such a long time.” Saeldur couldn’t help but chuckle at the completely gob-smacked looked that momentarily appeared on the young Elf’s face.

Regaining his wits, Ianto managed to stutter, “M… me? You wa… wanted to meet me?”

Saeldur’s expression softened as he nodded at Ianto. “Yes, you, Prince Ianto. You do not yet know this but you have a great destiny laid out before you, one that was written in the stars before you were even a twinkle in your father’s eyes. You are meant for great things, as is your lifemate. He is out there waiting for you, Ianto, I promise.”

In his dream, Ianto gaped at the prophet Elf; how did he know about the man Ianto had visualized so many times? Could he actually trust his own mind in a dream state?

With a knowing smile, the elderly Elf continued his tale. “He is the immortal among men and his heart is fiercely guarded but you, young Elf, have the power to break past those barriers. Throughout his many decades of life, he has lost so many friends and lovers and he’s tired. He longs to love someone fully, to give them his whole heart. He is desperately lonely, and all he wants is to find that special someone who can walk his long path with him. You are that person, Ianto. You and he were created for one another and only together will you be whole.”

Ianto wanted to cry for the pain his lifemate had endured, he couldn’t imagine going through life watching everyone he loved wither away before his eyes. Knowing that he’d be helpless to prevent their deaths just made things worse, and his heart went out to this unknown man. He wanted to seek out his mate and reassure him that he will never be alone again. He wanted to comfort him, to love him like he so deserved to be loved. “Tell me, where is he? Where can I find my lifemate?” Ianto whispered desperately. “Please, you must tell me!” and his voice rose in volume.

It warmed Saeldur’s heart to see the concern written so clearly on Ianto for his lifemate’s well being. “Listen for the song of time, Prince Ianto, for she will lead you to him. But be warned, young prince, your journey will be hazardous. Your lifemate dwells in the land of man and many dangers will be awaiting you and your lifemate. But working together, you two will be able to overcome all. In the end it will make your relationship that much stronger.”

He smiled encouragingly. “Just remember you two are one, you are two halves of the same soul and you will always find each other, even in the darkest of moments. You must always remember that.” Saeldur wished he could warn Ianto and Jack of the danger that was to come but he knew he could not possible interfere. These were the challenges they would need to overcome together to create the unbreakable bond that would reunite man and Elf once more.

For a moment all Ianto could do was stare in utter disbelief at the wisest of all Spiritual Fathers. His lifemate was in the land of man! ‘No wonder I couldn’t find him; he’s in the one place I could never look for him. But now that I know where my mate is, I will find a way into man’s world, no matter what it takes.’

Saeldur’s smile grew all the wider as he saw the fire of passion begin burning in Ianto’s silver-blue eyes. Yes, there was no doubt in his mind that Ianto would find his way into man’s world and into his lifemate. “Remember to listen for time’s song, my young Prince, for she will sing the song of your lifemate and she will lead you to him,” he reminded Ianto as he sensed his time growing short.

“Wait! Please don’t go! I want to know more about my mate!” Ianto pleaded, reaching out for Saeldur, only for his hands to go right through the wise man.

Now, Saeldur smile began to fade as his visage turned sad. “I am sorry, Ianto, but my time in this realm was brief. All I can say is that you will know him when you meet him. You are two halves of the same soul; you will recognise each other the moment you meet, so have faith, young one.” With one last smile at Ianto, Saeldur faded from sight.

Silver-blue eyes shot wide open as Ianto surged upright in bed. His heart was pounding in his chest and he wore a wide smile on his face; he knew where his lifemate was. Now he just had to find his way to the world of man. ‘And I will,’ he vowed. ‘I promise you, I will.’


In her chambers Idhrenniel smiled at her reflection in the mirror. “Thank you for your help, Saeldur.” Her whisper was fond and there was a tear in eye as she felt a gentle breeze brush against her cheek, almost like a caress.

The breeze carried with it a gentle, “You’re welcome,” and it took all of Idhrenniel’s strength not to weep when she heard the sound of her grandfather’s voice. He’d been gone for so long now, and she missed him so much.


Inside the Torchwood Hub…

While it was rare for Jack to actually sleep, that night his eyes felt so unbearably heavy and another jaw-cracking yawn escaped his lips. Despite his best efforts, his eyes fluttered closed more than once before he finally felt himself nodding off in his chair. Before he knew what happening Jack’s head landed on his desk as he drifted off into a deep sleep. The very last thing he was aware of was a very familiar singing sweetly in his office.

Jack blinked as he opened his eyes and he nearly toppled out of his chair as he stared at the glowing figure before him. “TARDIS?” He questioned softly hardly believing what he was seeing.   

“Hello, my captain.” An ethereal voice greeted Jack, filling him with a sense of peace he hadn’t felt in far too long. “It’s been a long time.”

“Yes, it has. Are you here to tell me why I am like this?” Jack asked, and he tried not to wince when he heard the hope that filled his voice.

Dressed in Victorian fashion, the ethereal figure shook her head. “I am sorry, my dear captain, but those answers can not come from me, but you must trust me, you will get them and soon.” She did not miss the look of sad desperation.

Putting a bright smile on her face, she tried to lift his spirits. “I am here for another reason. I have sensed your loneliness and I am here to tell you that soon your solitude and isolation will end. Your bond mate has already begun his journey to you, and in a short time, he will walk beside you and share your long path. You will never be alone again,” the TARDIS told him happily.

Jack wasn’t quite sure how to react but he did feel his heart leap for joy. “My bond mate?” he whispered in disbelief. ‘How could that be possible?’ he wondered. ‘There are no other immortals!’

The golden entity nodded her head as she witnessed the change in her beloved captain; it was wonderful what miracles of hope could bring. “Yes, you and he have a great destiny before you, one that was written in time long before either of us was born. He will bring joy and love to your life in ways you can’t possibly imagine yet.”

The TARDIS knew that she couldn’t tell Jack much about his future nor could she answer many of his questions, but she could give him this, “He was one of the reasons I granted Rose’s wish to bring you back. There was simply no way I could deny the Universe such a beautiful and loving relationship. I am sorry for the pain our gift caused you; you must believe that it was never our intention to hurt you. I know that the long life you and your bond mate have ahead of you will be filled with such love and joy that your pain will have been worth it.”

Unexpectedly, Jack felt the vice grip of fear loosen from around his heart. For decades he’d suffer the horror and loss of out-living everyone he loved. As he heard the TARDIS’ promise of a bond mate, that he would find the other half of his soul who would live as long as him, Jack felt his body begin to tremble. He wasn’t going to be alone, not anymore. Tears of happiness stung his eyes and he tried to find the words that would properly express his gratitude, but they all seemed to fall short of what he was feeling.

A joyful melody filled the air as the TARDIS felt Jack’s happiness burst upon them. “The rift of time and space holds more secrets than have yet made been made known. There is a world of myth and magic on the other side of it and that is where your mate is and soon he will find his way to you. Just have patience, my dear Jack.” She couldn’t help but chuckle at the child-like pout that crossed Jack’s face.

“But I have none and you know that.” Jack whined as he crossed his arms and pouted at the TARDIS. As she gazed upon his handsome face, she longed to tug on his lower lip as it began to protrude and tremble slightly.

The TARDIS’ musical laughter filled the air. “I’m sorry, Jack, but you are going to have to wait. You two will find your way to each other, but you must remember to keep him close to you. I’m sorry but there are those out there who seek to keep you apart at all costs. They want to take what is yours and yours alone for themselves.” The gravity of her warning sent a chill down Jack’s spine.

A low protective growl rumbled deep in Jack’s chest at the thought of anyone touching the most precious thing in his world. ‘I will never let anyone or anything hurt my beloved!’ he vowed to himself.

To the beautiful TARDIS, he declared, “I will keep my bond mate safe, even if it should cost me my life a thousands times over to do so. That is my promise to you and him.”

“I hope it does not come to that. My time with you grows short but we will meet again very soon.” She glanced over her shoulder at something only she could see. “Oh, and if my dear Doctor acts like a idiot please do not be afraid to punch him. I love him but he does speak first before thinking and that often leads to hurt feelings.”

She shook her head fondly. “I know that he does not mean to upset others, but as much as my daft lonely one has gotten in touch with his humanity he still does not understand that people can be hurt by his unthinking words and actions.” The TARDIS dearly loved her Doctor but she was not blind to his faults. She knew that he could be very insensitive when it came to the feelings of others. ‘I can only hope his mate can keep him in line.’ She did not share her last thought with Jack. It was intended for another.

Jack couldn’t help but laugh. “I take it the Doc hasn’t changed all that much. Don’t worry; I can handle whatever he throws at me.”

Reaching out the TARDIS gently stroked Jack’s cheek and the immortal leaned into her touch. “Take care, my captain, and remember that soon he will be with you.” The TARDIS placed a lingering kiss on Jack’s forehead as she began to fade.

Jack’s eyes flew open and he took a deep breath to calm his rapidly pounding heart. His fingers drifted upwards; he could still feel the TARDIS’ lips tingling on his forehead. “It wasn’t a dream!” Jack wanted to cry tears of joy; he was going to find the other half of his soul. “I’m going to find my bond mate. I won’t be alone forever.”


It had been two days since his dream and Ianto was slowly going insane waiting to hear the song of time that would lead him to his lifemate. And to top it all off, his fathers were starting to act very odd, well odder than normal, and not once during that time had they brought up his marriage to Martha. Yes, Ianto was convinced that he was going to go insane.

Ianto spent hours wondering about his lifemate. Were his eyes really as blue as they’d been in his dreams? What colour was his hair and was it soft? Ianto couldn’t wait to run his fingers through his lifemate’s hair. What were his hobbies? What did he do for a living? Ianto was dying to know all about his mate. The wait was killing him!

Andy carefully watched Ianto out of the corner of his eye; it had not escaped his notice that his prince seemed to be lost in thought more than usual. If Andy wasn’t mistaken and he was sure he wasn’t, Ianto seemed happier these past two days. For some reason that had Andy on edge. There was a peculiar tension in the air, as if everyone was holding their breath, just waiting for something important to happen. Andy’s gut was telling him that Ianto was about to play a big role in what was to come.

Ianto was so lost in his thoughts and daydreams of his lifemate that he did not feel Andy’s watchful gaze on him. ‘I wonder what my mate is doing right now,’ Ianto mused as he stared out the window. ‘I wonder if he’s thinking about me.’

Both men were so lost in their own thoughts that neither the prince nor his royal bodyguard noticed the beady eyes of the raven locked firmly on Ianto.

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