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Fic: Melamin Chapter 4/12

Title: Melamin (My Love)
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Suzie/Tosh, Doctor/Martha, Owen/Rhiannon, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Andy, arranged Ianto/Martha
Story Summary: Lost in a world he’s only read about, Ianto’s only hope lies with Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood team. Together Jack and Ianto must figure out the roles they play in reuniting man and Elf once again.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who
Beta: The amazing royalladyemma
Artist: bookmrm89 see her amazing work here:

Chapter 4


“Good morning, kids! It’s a gorgeous day today.” Jack happily greeted his team as he bounced down the stairs.


Suzie and Tosh shared a questioning look as Owen scowled at Jack and crossed his arms. “Alright, Harkness, this is the second day in a row that you’ve been so bloody cheerful! Just what kind of happy drugs are you taking?” the medic demanded.


Jack just grinned wildly at his baffled team. “No drugs, Owen. I’m just enjoying another wonderful day with my amazing team.”


Tosh really didn’t care; she was just glad to see her friend in such a good mood. She moved forward and wrapped her arms around Jack in a friendly hug. “I’m just glad that you’re happy, Jack; there’s always been a lingering sadness around you no matter how hard you try to hide it,” she whispered in his ear.


Jack smile grew bigger as he tightened his grip on Tosh; leave it to my beautiful genius to see behind my mask.’ It filled Jack with warmth to know that his happiness was important to at least one member of his team. Tosh was without a doubt Jack’s closet friend on the team and as such, she was the only one in whom he had confided his secret. Harsh experience had long ago taught him that it was once people learned of his immortality, everything changed.


Nearly one hundred years had passed since the last time he’d trusted someone enough to tell them he couldn’t die. Jack had fallen in love and he’d been so sure that the man loved him in return, but after spending hours lost in passionate lovemaking, the man had betrayed him in a most heinous way. He had literally plunged a knife into Jack’s heart and had then stood there with a curious look on his face, watching him die. Jack had gasped his way back to life only to find that he was suspended, his hands chained over his head, and his feet dangling in an empty bathtub. During the hours that followed, a crowd of strangers had killed him time and again, stabbing him over and over, and collecting his precious life’s blood as it flowed from his body and pooled at his feet.


But time had a way of healing all wounds, and the day finally came when the petite Japanese woman had been his saving grace. Jack had been at his lowest point both spiritually and emotionally, and it had been Tosh’s sweet kindness and much needed friendship that now constantly reminded Jack he was not alone. Jack knew he could trust her to keep his secret and true to her word, Tosh hadn’t told a soul, not even Suzie. Jack knew that he would never regret letting Tosh in on his secret; her sensitive and generous soul helped her to understand the pain Jack suffered through over the course of his long and lonely life.


A smirk graced Suzie’s face. “While I’m glad to see you’re in a much better mood, oh Captain, my Captain,” and she grinned, “that still doesn’t give you the right to paw my girlfriend.” Her growl was only halfway playful; Suzie could be more than a tiny bit possessive over Tosh. To Suzie, Tosh was the only good thing in her life and she would do everything in her power to keep it that way.


Jack mock pouted at his second as he hugged Tosh even closer to his body. “Aww, come on! She’s just so huggable.” And to Jack and Suzie’s instant delight a light blush suddenly appeared on Tosh’s cheeks at Jack’s comment. “And she looks so adorable when she blushes,” Jack added before he released the now bright red Tosh. ‘Ooh! I hope red is my mate’s colour. I can’t wait to make him blush.’  Jack thought and a leer crossed his face as he pictured the first thing he was going to do to bring a tempting rush of colour to his lover’s skin.


Taking one look at the lecherous leer on Jack’s face, Suzie quickly snatched Tosh back beyond Jack’s reach. “I’m the only one who can look at Tosh like that! Go find your own.” This time there was no mistaking the serious intent of her growl.


Jack grinned wildly at her again and his eyebrows waggled up and down suggestively. “Oh I intend to very soon,” and he winked at his team, thoroughly enjoying the shocked looks on their faces. As he turned to head to his office he began whistling a happy tune knowing full well that he would be annoying the absolute shite out of Owen.


“He’s whistling. That’s it! I’m testing him for drugs,” Owen declared as he watched as Jack bloody skipped into his office.


“Don’t you dare, Owen! Jack is finally happy so leave him alone!” Tosh glared at the medic before turning her glare onto Suzie and Gwen. “All of us deserve to be happy, so don’t you dare and try and ruin this for Jack.” Freeing herself from Suzie’s grip she stalked off to her desk.


The other three watched her go; Suzie was proud that her shy girlfriend found the courage to speak up and defend Jack. Owen couldn’t help but think Tosh looked really hot when she acted like that but common sense quickly killed the fantasy that was beginning to form in his horny mind. If Suzie found out that he was enjoying such naughty thoughts about Tosh, well, suffice it to say, she would happily remove his favourite body part with a very rusty knife.


Gwen was the only person in the room who truly wasn’t happy about the change in Jack. She was trying hard not to let the jealousy churning in her gut take root. She wanted to be the one that Jack hugged the way he did Tosh and she wanted to be the one who made Jack smile. It didn’t matter what she tried or what she said, Jack simply did not find her desirable; it was so frustrating! Even though Gwen knew that there was no future for her and Jack, she still refused to let go of the fantasy of being with Jack.



In the Elf kingdom…

“This is the happiest I’ve seen him in along time.” Calanon lifted his head to stare at Nostalion who was, in turn, staring out of their chamber window. It didn’t take the blond king long to figure out who his husband was talking about.


Calanon crossed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around Nostalion, leaning into his strong back. “It’s not hard to miss the change in Ianto; even the servants and guards are commenting. I overheard Rhiannon questioning Idhrenniel and Calathiel about whether or not they placed a happy spell on Ianto.”


A rumbling laugh filled the room and Calanon felt Nostalion’s body tremble with his laughter. “I wouldn’t put it past either of them to do something like that! Only I would be lucky enough to have two mischievous royal advisers.” The dark haired king sighed deeply. “And naturally, they would have to pass that mischievous nature on to our only son.”


Calanon smiled into Nostalion’s back and kissed the nape of his neck. “But you have to admit they do keep things interesting,” he murmured and Nostalion nodded; he had to agree with his husband’s point. Calanon shrugged. “It doesn’t matter why Ianto is happy, I’m just glad that he is.” He hated to see his husband or either of children sad or in any type of pain.


Nostalion turned in his husband’s arms and pressed a gentle loving kiss on Calanon’s lips. “It warms my heart to see Ianto so happy but I have this feeling of dread. I really think that Ianto is in grave danger.” Fear and worry were plain to see in his crystal blue eyes.


Calanon understood his mate’s fear perfectly. “We must have faith, my love;  I believe that Ianto’s destiny is a great one and I know that the spirits of our ancestors will keep him safe.” He tried to reassure his husband, even though the fear for his son’s safety was clear in his voice.


Nostalion clung to Calanon as he whispered, “I hope so. I certainly hope so.”




Night had fallen upon the castle and across the land everyone slept peacefully, all of them soothed by a mysteriously beautiful song that filled the night air. A golden mist shimmered through the halls of the castle, its sweet melody placing all those who heard into a gentle sleep; all that is but one.


Ianto’s eyes snapped wide open as the song he’d yearned so desperately to hear finally reached his ears. Shooting up in bed Ianto watched in amazement as an ethereal mist began to take on the form of a woman, her hand held out to him. “Are you the Song of Time?” Ianto asked, hope lacing his voice.


The figure nodded and smiled at him as a beautiful and endless song filled Ianto’s bedroom chambers. The young Elf listened, transfixed by what he was hearing; it was one of the most beautiful sounds Ianto had ever heard. Flinging off his covers Ianto grabbed the nearest set of clothes and quickly changed as the misty figure began to slowly recede from his room.


Once dressed Ianto grabbed the bag he had packed the very same night that Saeldur had come to him in his dream. He had decided as soon as he woke from his talk with the mythical prophet that he was going to be prepared for whatever came his way. Taking one last look around his room, Ianto took a deep breath before following the song that he knew would lead him to his lifemate.




Despite the hypnotic beauty of her music, not all living beings inside the castle had fallen under the song of the TARDIS. Two sets of malevolent eyes watched as Ianto slipped otherwise unnoticed out of the castle.


“We must inform General Suiauthon that Prince Ianto is on the move,” a female voice whispered from the shadows.


Her female companion nodded her head as she turned to face her. “Agreed.  Erdolliel, you will go and alert the General and Lord Ortherion. I will follow Prince Ianto.” She issued her orders briskly.


Erdolliel nodded her head in agreement as she reached out and touched her companion’s cheek. “Take care of yourself, Falathiel, and come back to me,” she pleaded as she brushed a kiss across her lifemate’s lips.


A small smile graced Falathiel’s face as she leaned into the touch. “I will.” She promised with her eyes, her touch and her voice before taking her leave.


Erdolliel stayed in her spot until Falathiel form faded from sight. “Safe travels, my love.” She whispered her prayer into the dark night before taking her leave.




It felt like hours to Ianto as he continued to follow the golden mist through the thick forest. He had travelled these woods many times in his life and yet this time he couldn’t help but notice that the area looked different than he remembered. His nose wrinkled as a strange smell began filling the air and off in the distance, Ianto was sure that he could hear the strangest noises, completely unlike anything he’d ever heard before.


His silvery-blue eyes widen to nearly impossible size as Ianto finally worked out where he was. “Era Katana!” Ianto breathed out quietly. He could hardly believe that without even noticing, he had just passed through the invisible and magical barrier that had kept his world and man’s earth separate for so many centuries.


“Yes, Ianto,” the golden form nodded. “He will come for you very soon; stay here and be safe, my young prince.” And with the lightest of kisses brushed across Ianto’s forehead the mist faded into nothing.


Ianto itched to go exploring this new world but the desire to meet his lifemate was that much stronger. Finding a fallen tree to lean against, Ianto made himself comfortable, praying that his lifemate would arrive soon. He could feel an ancient magic surrounding him in these woods and when he heard the faint fluttering of fairy wings hidden in the shadows, Ianto knew he would be okay. The fairies were friends of his people and the young Elf knew they would protect him until his lifemate come for him.




In the night time peace of the Hub…

It had been a quiet day and Jack sent the others home for the night, stating that he would watch the Rift. The truth of the matter was that Jack was hoping that tonight would be the night when the Rift might lead him to his mate. He trusted the TARDIS to keep her promise, he just wished something would hurry up and happen.


For two nights in a row, Jack had done nothing but watch the Rift monitor hoping that he would be lucky enough to stumble upon his bond mate while the rest of the team was away. Jack would be the first to admit that he was a selfish man but it was more than selfishness that made him send the others home. For some reason Jack couldn’t quite figure out, it was important to him that he find his mate on his own, alone, and without anyone’s help. Jack wanted to get to know his future lover before he introduced him to the rest of the team.


Lulled into a state of deep relaxation by the quiet ripples and splashes from the water tower and the steady beeping of Tosh’s computers, the sudden shriek of the Rift alert nearly had Jack falling out of his chair in shock. He rushed out of his office and down the stairs so quickly that he stumbled halfway down and nearly fell the rest of the way; only his tight grip on the railing kept him upright.


Arriving at Tosh’s desk, slightly out of breath and with his hands shaking, Jack clicked on the alert and then studied the monitor. What he found made him groan pathetically. “Well, of course it would be there!” Jack couldn’t stop the shudder that ran through his body as he saw that the small rift spike came from Roundstone Wood.


Fear gripped his heart as he remembered the last time he’d encountered the timeless inhabitants of the primordial forest. Despite his team’s best efforts to combat the mythical creatures, they had succeeded in taking another Chosen One into their timeless realm. Their victory and Torchwood’s defeat had cost two men their lives and had torn the heart from a mother already grieving the loss of her fiancé. The team’s backlash against Jack for allowing the fairies to take young Jasmine with them had been devastating to the immortal.


Gwen, especially, had refused to understand that he’d had no choice in the matter. As far as she was concerned, Jack has just given up and handed Jasmine over so he could go home early, and she didn’t hesitate to say so. Nothing Jack said could convince her that the fairies had the ability to completely destroy the planet on a whim and then go back through the ages to a time in which everything was living again. To Gwen, fairies were sweet, innocent darlings who danced in moonlit gardens and couldn’t harm a fly; to Jack they were vicious creatures from the primordial forests who’d kill anything that got in their way.


The very thought of the fairies harming what is his sent a great surge of urgency through Jack’s body. With a growl that started low in his chest, Jack grabbed his greatcoat and the keys to the SUV as he dashed out the door. Sprinting across the car park, he sent a prayer out in the Universe that his beloved lifemate would be safe for a few minutes. ‘Please,’ he begged, ‘please, I have to get there before the fairies notice him in their woods.’




Seated in the centre of the stone circle…

To pass the time, Ianto was watching the stars glittering and shining overhead; they were the same stars that he saw every night from his bedroom window, yet somehow they seemed different when viewed from the world of man. Despite the beauty in the skies, there was something in the air that just felt wrong to the Elf; he studied the woods around him, trying to put his finger on what he was feeling. He closed his eyes and absorbed the sounds and smells and it suddenly came to him.


This world – man’s world – was tainted and it was slowly dying. Ianto couldn’t understand why or how man would let this happen; this world was a part of them. Ianto shook his head sadly; how could man not see that they were all part of an endless circle, they were all of the earth and the earth was of them. He shuddered to think that man was so blind to their home that they couldn’t see that destroying it would only lead to their own destruction. This was the very reason his kind walked separate from man.


From off in the distance came a sound that Ianto had never heard before reached his ears and they twitched as he heard something slam closed forcefully. Footsteps hurried and crashed through the underbrush; whoever had arrived was in a big rush and they were headed straight for him. Something new tinged the air around the young Elf, and after an experimental sniff, Ianto’s heart did a funny little jig in his chest and hope soared through him. He inhaled deeply and realised that he could actually taste the mixture of time and magic in the air.


‘The man made immortal by time’s gift.’ It took all of Ianto’s willpower not to jump to his feet and rush forward to greet the man tromping threw the woods. His gut was telling him that his future was almost within his grasp and it was a giddy feeling; he fought to keep the smile on his face from turning into an all out grin.


It seemed like hours to Ianto when it was really only minutes but finally a figure emerged into the clearing. A tiny whimper escaped Ianto’s lips as he laid eyes on the single most handsome man he had ever seen. Ianto had no doubt that this man could pass as an Elf, he would fit right in with his people. “Bein,” Ianto whispered softly. ‘Yes,’ Ianto decided, ‘beautiful fits him perfectly.’


While Ianto was admiring Jack, the immortal was getting his first look at the man before him, and he promptly forgot how to breathe. Never before had he laid eyes on such a beautiful man; everything about him was perfect. Something in Jack’s heart was screaming at him to wrap this gorgeous creature in his arms and never let him go. The dark brown trousers the young man wore hugged his muscular thighs and his tight dark red tunic gave a little taste of the muscles he had hidden. ‘Red is so his colour!’ Jack was going to make sure that the man before him wore nothing but red from that moment on.


It was the incessant beeping of the portable Rift scanner in his hands that finally pulled Jack away from his admiration of the beautiful creature before him. According to what the readings were saying, this was where the Rift spike came from and the gorgeous creature before him was covered in Rift energy.


Ianto had followed the man’s gaze and was curious to know what that thing was in the man’s hands. ‘I have so much to learn about man’s world.’ Ianto was filled with excitement; he couldn’t wait to learn all the things this new world was sure to offer him. Biting his lip Ianto wondered if his mate would be able to understand him. “Do you speak Elfish?” Ianto asked breaking the silence.


“Lle quena i’lambe tel’ Eldalie?” Jack nearly dropped the Rift scanner in shock. ‘Of course, he’s an Elf!’ Jack wasn’t at all that surprised this beautiful creature was in fact from the magical realm. “Yes, I do,” he smiled at the Elf as he answered. In a few hundred years, Elfish would become one of the main languages that humankind and the rest of the universe would speak.


Ianto beamed at the man; he was so glad to know that he could communicate with the only person he’d met so far. “I am Ianto; may I have the honour of knowing your name?”


Jack blinked as he wondered how the hell an Elf had a Welsh name. “Ianto, huh? It suits you.” To Jack’s delight he was rewarded with a delicious blush. “I’m Captain Jack Harkness. It’s an honour to meet you.” Jack crossed the distances between them and took Ianto’s hand in his. He raised it to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on it; he had to fight back a smirk as Ianto’s blush darkened and the young Elf shivered at the gentlemanly action.


The instant that Jack’s lips touched his skin, Ianto felt a wave of pure pleasure wash over his body, and a strong sense of belonging went straight to his soul. Shyness suddenly came over the Elf and he lowered his eyes to stare at the ground. As he mumbled, “It is very nice to meet you Captain Harkness,” and he felt mortified by his inability to form simple words.


The unexpected shyness that engulfed Ianto just made him all the more adorable in Jack’s eyes. “Please call me Jack. How about we carry on this conversation at my base? It’s not safe to talk here.” Jack’s eyes darted nervously to the trees; he could feel the fairies watching them.


Ianto tilted his head in curiosity; he couldn’t understand why it wasn’t safe to be in the woods with the fairies to watch their back. If anything, they were safer at that very moment than they would have been back in his fathers’ castle.


“He does not trust us, young prince, and he has good reason not to. Go with him; he will keep you safe.” The gentle breeze carried the whispers of the fairies and the sound brought a warm smile to his face.


Ianto didn’t know what had happened between the fairies and Jack, but if Jack was uncomfortable here then Ianto would go where he wanted to go. “I look forward to seeing your base. I have no doubt it is very different from anything Elves have,” Ianto whispered, still too shy to look Jack in the eye again.


Wanting to see Ianto’s beautiful eyes again, Jack reached out and cupped his chin with his free hand, lifting Ianto’s head to look him in the eyes. “You can trust me, Ianto. I will never harm you.” Jack promised and he knew that he would keep that promise until the very end of time. Ianto’s very presence stirred something deep within him and he knew without a doubt that it was the need to protect his mate and keep Ianto safe. ‘And I will!’ Jack vowed to himself.


Ianto smiled at Jack and reached up to take Jack’s hand in his. “I know it sounds crazy but I trust you completely, Jack.”


A surge of pure happiness went through Jack at Ianto words. He could see the trust in Ianto’s eyes. ‘And I will do everything in my power not to abuse or lose his trust.’ Again, Jack’s vow was silent and to himself. Taking their joined hands Jack linked their fingers together. “I’m so glad to hear that, Ianto, and it’s not crazy at all, not when I feel the same way.” He admitted softly, and he was rewarded with a squeeze of Ianto’s hand.


Ianto flushed with pleasure at the feeling of Jack’s hand linked with his. “Will you show me your world? I want to know all about it.” Excitement lit up Ianto’s eyes.


“I’ll show you whatever you want to see.” Jack barely, and he meant barely, was able to keep the leer out of his voice and off his face. He knew Ianto wasn’t ready to see that side of him, not yet anyway. Jack’s mind filled with several things he would love to teach Ianto about, and all of them involved different forms of nudity.


Of course, Ianto’s next set of innocent words, “I look forward learning all you have to teach me,” made behaving properly all the harder for Jack, and he could hardly hold back the groan that wanted to escape his lips.


‘This Elf is going to be the death of me, but what a way to go!’ Jack thought with a happy grin, one that had Ianto blinking and wondering what had gotten Jack so happy. 


“Jack? Are you all right?” Ianto’s soft voice broke through Jack’s growing haze of lust.


Shaken his head and sending his fantasies off to the side, to be studied lately, Jack graced Ianto with a fond smile. “I’m fine. Are you ready to go?”


“Yes.” Ianto answered and moved to grab his bag only for Jack to beat him to it and swung it onto his shoulder. Ianto’s stomach did a flip-flop as Jack winked at him and led him out of the woods, never once releasing their joined fingers.


As their figures faded off into the night, three fairies shot out of the trees. They knew the Elf prince was safe with his immortal mate. A devious look crossed their faces; someone was trespassing on their land and that simply would not do. With a mischievous giggle they shot off in search of their new plaything.



Falathiel moved stealthily through the woods with her guard up; the moment she stepped into these woods, she knew exactly who owned these ancient lands.


“You are not welcome here, dark Elf. Leave now or become our playmate forever.” The wind carried the hissed warnings to her.


Fear gripped her; only a fool did not fear the fairies and she was on their land uninvited. “I do not mean to trespass on your land, but I am looking for someone. Would you please allow me passage to go find him?” Falathiel asked with a fake yet polite smile on her face. It took all of her training to dodge as a fairy shot out of the trees and swiped at her only to hit the air; her face suddenly stung as a single claw managed to leave a scratch on her cheek. Falathiel’s eyes narrowed menacingly as she glared at the fairy hovering before her.


The fairy hissed at dark Elf. “We know who you seek and you are not welcome here. We are friends of the one who seeks Prince Ianto’s protection and we will honour that request. You are not welcome here,” it repeated. “Leave now!” the fairy’s eyes glowed as it hissed the warning. “Leave and never come back!”


Falathiel could hear the rustling of those who remained hidden and she knew that she was out-numbered. “Know that this is not over!” she growled and her dark eyes flashed with venomous hate as she backed out of the forest.


“Follow her! Make sure she leaves, and kill her if she strays.” the fairy out in the open ordered. There was a huge rustle of wings as the trees came to life and the majority of fairies took to the air, following the wicked Elf. When the air had died back down, it issued a second order; “Inform Calathiel that Ianto is with the man of time.”

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