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Fic: Melamin Chapter 6/12

Title: Melamin (My Love)
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Suzie/Tosh, Doctor/Martha, Owen/Rhiannon, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Andy, arranged Ianto/Martha
Story Summary: Lost in a world he’s only read about, Ianto’s only hope lies with Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood team. Together Jack and Ianto must figure out the roles they play in reuniting man and Elf once again.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who
Beta: The amazing royalladyemma
Artist: bookmrm89 see her amazing work here:

Chapter 6

The sun rises behind the magical veil…

The inhabitants of the castle awoke several hours after sunrise with bright eyes and clear minds, and as they gathered for breakfast or tea or work, they all commented on the fact that not one of them could remember having such a peaceful sleep. Andy especially was surprised that he managed to sleep in to what he viewed as late; Prince Ianto was usually up when the first rays of sun hit their lands and Andy was always up with him. The fact that he’d slept in, coupled with the fact that Ianto hadn’t come to wake him, that had Andy very worried and the royal bodyguard was heading to his charge’s room as fast as he could.

“Prince Ianto! Are you awake?” Andy pounded loudly on Ianto’s chamber doors and he was growing all the more worried when Ianto didn’t answer. “My Prince, I hope you are decent because I coming in,” Andy warned as he opened Ianto’s doors.

The first thing Andy saw when he stepped in was the clothing thrown helter-skelter around the room. That alone was enough to set off warning bells in Andy’s head; Ianto hated any kind of mess and he always took good care of his possessions. He didn’t believe in using servants to clean up what he was perfectly capable of doing himself.

The second thing Andy noticed was that Ianto’s bed was unmade; Ianto’s Master of Chambers had the uncanny ability to know the instant Ianto got up and he’d have his Prince’s bed made before the sheets had begun to cool. Andy knew something was very wrong and his decision was immediate. “I need to see the Kings.”


“It’s too quiet; something is going on,” Nostalion murmured, his blue eyes kept darting about the dining room and his whole body was tense. He cast a glance at his husband. “Why hasn’t Ianto joined us yet?”

Calanon placed a comforting hand on his husband’s tense hand. “I feel it too, in the air, something has changed. Perhaps we should seek out Idhrenniel and Calathiel, they may have an idea as to what is going on,” the blond elf suggested with a reassuring squeeze of his hand.

A smile graced Nostalion’s face as he squeezed his husband hand in return. “That sounds like a wonderful idea. You always know how to cheer me up.” He lifted their joined hands and placed a kiss on Calanon’s hand.

“Prince Ianto is gone!” Andy announced in a panicked voice as he burst through open the doors of the dining room.

Nostalion and Calanon sat up straight in their chairs. “Are you sure? Have you checked everywhere? Have you asked Rhiannon?” Worry was clear in Calanon’s voice as he questioned Andy.

“Yes, my Kings, I have searched the whole castle and questioned all I have come across. No one has seen the Prince since last night after dinner.” Andy informed them; his own distress obvious in his voice.

Nostalion shot to his feet. “Alert the guards! Tell them to begin searching the nearby lands and villages; perhaps Ianto merely stepped out for something.” The High King issued his orders in a clam, clear tone.

“That won’t be necessary. You will not find the young prince anywhere in our world, King Nostalion, for he has gone beyond the barrier to complete his destiny.” Idhrenniel spoke quietly but firmly as she and Calathiel entered the dining room.

Calanon’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the twins. “Where is my son!?” He was close to near shouting and his unusual demeanour stunned all who saw it; the blond King was renowned for keeping his cool even in the face of great troubles. Ianto took after Calanon with his level headiness and ability to keep a cool head and think calmly and logically in times of crises. On the other hand, Rhiannon took after Nostalion and most of the time they both let their emotions rule them.

Idhrenniel smiled serenely at the two kings. “Ianto is now with his lifemate, and he is safe. If it would make my kings feel better, it is possible to send one other through the barrier to check on Prince Ianto.” She made her offer with a smile, but the twinkle in her eye had Andy on guard.

“Who can you send?” Nostalion immediately demanded to know; of course, they were going to send someone after their son and the sooner the better.

The moment Idhrenniel turned her gaze onto him, Andy had to fight back the groan that threatened to escape his lips. It didn’t help that Nostalion and Calanon were both looking at him with hope shining in their eyes. With a deep sigh of resignation, Andy accepted his fate. “When do I leave?”

“Right after breakfast. Oh, and Andy?” The Royal guard glanced at Idhrenniel with a weary look in his eyes that got worse when he saw her smile had turned devious. “Try not to kill the nice man.” She warned cryptically before patting the Elf on the shoulder and taking her seat at the table.

Andy and the eyes of the two kings slid to Calathiel in hopes she could explain her sister’s odd comment. “Don’t look at me!” she exclaimed. “Just because she’s my sister doesn’t mean I understand how her mind works all the time.” Calathiel pointed out quickly, even a bit defensively. ‘Really! Just because we’re twins, it doesn’t mean I can read her mind.’ Calathiel was almost tempted to huff but instead chose to fold her arms and lean back in her seat.

Idhrenniel smiled as she felt the confused and wondering gazes on her; oh, she so enjoyed days like today.


Jack hadn’t been this happy in a long time as he watched the Doctor fawn all over Myfanwy but Myfanwy had clearly taken a shine to Ianto. The ancient bird barely let him out of her sight, much to the Doctor’s chagrin; she barely gave him a second glance. Her indifference didn’t stop him from trying to get her attention, though. The Time Lord begged a bar of chocolate from Jack and offered it to Myfanwy in hopes of currying favour with her, but to Jack’s great amusement, she gulped the treat down and then continued to ignore the Doctor.

But Jack knew his peace and quiet was not going to last; he knew that once his team arrived, there would be questions that required answers. Before Jack could come up with a plan of action, the Hub alarms went off and Jack steeled himself for what was to come.

“Jack! Who the hell are they?!” Gwen’s shrieks of demand echoed through the Hub, effectively breaking the spell of Jack’s enjoyment of watching Myfanwy bond with Ianto and torment the Doctor.

With a sigh, Jack tore his gaze off of Ianto and turned to face his newly arrived team. “Hey guys, mind keeping it down?” Jack asked, not wanting them to disturb their guests.

Suzie blinked in surprise at the sight of Myfanwy on the floor and was even more shocked when she realised that the pteradon was cooing at the strange man who was scratching her beak. “Who’s the cutie, Jack?” she asked teasingly. A strange, growl rumbled from deep within Jack’s chest and the unusual sound stopped her in her tracks. Curious, she glanced at her boss and was shocked to see the look of green-eyed possessiveness that shone in Jack’s blue eyes.

“Ianto is mine! He is off limits!” Jack’s testosterone-fuelled posturing was more primitive caveman than modern man.

Toshiko was standing off to the side, quietly observing the interaction between her team-mates and her Captain and when she saw Jack’s reaction to Suzie’s off-hand comment, her eyes widened in alarm. She knew some of the details of Jack’s past and of his family; Jack had told her just in case something brought out his animal side. She knew that his father had been a shifter; although he hadn’t told her what animal his father would become, given the grim look on his face as he was talking, Tosh suspected it wasn’t a fluffy bunny.

With a happy smile, Tosh realised that her friend and boss had finally found the missing half of his soul, and that made her heart soar with joy. But then her smile turned into a shiver that ran down her spine; Ianto was Jack’s mate, his unclaimed mate and Suzie’s comment, despite it’s innocent intent, had stirred within Jack’s animal side. Tosh quickly crossed over to Jack’s side and laid her hand on his arm.

“Suzie was just joking with you, Jack. She didn’t mean anything by her remark. We understand that Ianto is yours.” She spoke softly and calmly, soothing him with her voice even as she reached out and gently stroked Jack’s cheek. He had once told her that he saw her as a daughter and a member of his pack so Tosh trusted that Jack would not harm her.

Jack calmed at Tosh’s gentle touch and he sent a small sheepish yet grateful smile. “Sorry about that,” Jack apologised with a bashful smile on his face before his eyes turned serious and he warned them all, “Just keep in mind that Ianto is mine.” Once they had all given him a shaky nod Jack beamed brightly at them before bouncing off to gather Ianto and the Doctor for introductions.

Tosh sighed deeply as she watched Jack go. Despite his change in attitude, the fact remained that Jack and Ianto had unfinished business that couldn’t be put off for very much longer.

“I liked him better when he was Mr Happy Pants.” Owen muttered under his breath, wondering what other kind of attitude changes they were going to have to weather from Jack.

Suzie and Gwen nodded their agreement with Owen, while Tosh had a different reaction. “I think it’s sweet how Jack is acting; you can tell he really cares for Ianto.” Tosh almost had a dreamlike quality to her voice that caused her team-mates to look at her like she was crazy.

Ianto shifted nervously as the eyes of Jack’s newly arrived team seemed to all fall on him at once. It was something that did not escape the Doctor’s notice and he rested a comforting hand on Ianto’s arm. “Try to calm down; I’m sure none of Jack’s people bite and even if they do, I’m sure that Jack will make it clear that no one can bite you but him!” the Doctor informed Ianto cheerfully.

Ianto’s mouth dropped open and a blush tinged at his cheeks but before he could say anything Jack’s voice drifted into his ear. “Ooh, Ianto’s blushing! What did I miss?” A sweet smile spread across Ianto’s face as Jack appeared at his side and wrapped his arm around his Elf’s waist.

“I think Ianto’s worried that your team is going to bite him.” The Doctor couldn’t help but pipe up, an oh-so-innocent twinkle in his eyes.

Jack bristled slightly until he realised that the Doctor was joking with him and the immortal had to admit that it felt good to hear the Doctor teasing him again. “Well then, they’re out of luck, because only I am allowed to bite my Ianto.” Jack’s playful remark was rewarded with Ianto blushing even more. Pressing a kiss onto Ianto’s flaming red cheek Jack released his hold on Ianto’s waist only to grab Ianto’s hand and link their fingers together before reaching out and snagging the Doctor by the arm.

“Come on! I want you to meet everyone.” Jack was acting like a kid in a candy store and neither Ianto nor the Doctor could say no to him. Instead they just tried their best to remain on their feet as Jack dragged them along in his wake.

Myfanwy, seeing that her time with the two newcomers was over, let out a mighty screech of annoyance; she enjoyed being the centre of their attention. The young one was sweet and smelled of mystery and magic while the older one, well, there was something about him that made her skin tingle and tickle. She was having so much fun playing hard-to-get with him, but it was only a matter of time before she let him in and they became best friends. She screeched loudly again, just to make sure everyone was watching her, before using her powerful wings to return to her aerie. Once settled in her nest she poked her head over the edge and kept an eye on her new playmates.

Curiosity had gotten the better of the team and they met Jack and his two friends in the middle of the Hub. Gwen crossed her arms across her chest and glared belligerently at Ianto. She hadn’t missed the intimacy of Jack’s interaction with Ianto and it stirred jealousy deep within her gut. It was no secret that she had a thing, a big thing for Jack; in fact, Gwen was sure she was already more than half in love with Jack and those feelings were behind her reluctance to fix her broken relationship with Rhys. She’d lost Rhys for good, and even though she’d never actually had Jack, it was clear that he was lost too, unless, of course, she did something about it.

“And who are they?” The Welshwoman demanded to know. “Why are you bringing strangers into the Hub?” She ran a scathing glance across Ianto’s body. “What makes this guy so important, anyway?”

Jack didn’t miss the bitter tone in Gwen’s voice and knew he was going to have to have another talk with her but he didn’t take the bait. Instead he turned to the others and said, “Team, allow me to introduce you to a very handsome Elf, Ianto, and to the last of the Time Lords, the Doctor.” Jack grinned when he saw Ianto blush even harder at his introduction while the Doctor grinned merrily at them. “Ianto, Doc, this is my team. This is my lovely tech genius, Toshiko Sato; my second-in-command, Suzie Costello; our medical officer, Dr Owen Harper; and our police liaison, Gwen Cooper.”

The Doctor’s gaze had barely left Tosh’s face once Jack had introduced her and Suzie was beginning to get annoyed with the Time Lord’s endless staring at her girlfriend.

Suddenly the Doctor snapped his fingers. “I thought so! Miss Sato, we met once before during the Space Pig incident. You were brilliant!”

Tosh’s mouth dropped open in shock. “That was you? But you look so different! I kinda miss the leather coat you were wearing; it made you look hot.” She said much to the shock of her team-mates and to the amusement of Jack and the Doctor.

“I think you’ve been hanging around Jack far too long, but thank you for the compliment, and I have to say, Miss Sato you looked quite hot yourself in that lab coat of yours.” The Doctor sent Tosh a wink.

Normally, Suzie would have agreed with the Doctor, after all, she and Tosh had shared a few nights of role-playing involving said lab coat, but Suzie did not want anyone else having a similar fantasy about her girlfriend. Glaring at the Doctor, Suzie reached out and snagged Tosh’s hand. “We’re going to run out and get everyone breakfast.” Suzie announced curtly before dragging Tosh out of the Hub.

“Was it something I said?” the Doctor asked once they were gone; he looked around from person to person in bewilderment.

Everyone in the Hub just laughed as Jack clapped the confused Time Lord on his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, Doc! You just managed to piss off the most dangerous woman in all of Cardiff, is all.”


In the Fairies Woods…

Andy glared at the back of Idhrenniel’s head, not sure if he felt totally comfortable with the way the elder Elf was casually humming. Deep inside, he just knew that she was up to something and past experience had taught him anything where she was concerned, that usually spelt trouble for him.

“No time for dawdling Suiadan, keep up.” Idhrenniel called over her shoulder as she continued to trek through the forest. For once, Andy wished she’d use his human name, the way Prince Ianto did.

“Where are we going?” Andy asked for what felt like the hundredth time that morning.

“I told you!” Idhrenniel let out annoyed huff. “I’m taking you to Ianto. Now stop questioning me and keep up. You do not want to be left behind to the mercy of the fairies, now do you?”

Andy knew that there was no point in continuing to question Idhrenniel, she would tell him what she thought he needed to know when she deemed the time was right and not a moment before.

Idhrenniel hid a smile as she heard Andy sigh in acceptance. She knew that he would understand why she’d chosen him for the journey once he’d met his lifemate. ‘I’ll be expecting a big thank you when this is all over.’

They travelled on for a little longer until the sun was higher up in the sky and Idhrenniel finally came to a stop. Andy could taste something odd in the air, something that made his skin tingle. “Idhrenniel, where are we?” Andy asked as his eyes darted from bush to tree to rock; they were not alone, that much he knew, and his hand instinctively went to the hilt of his sword.

Idhrenniel turned to face him. “This place is known only to the High Kings and their royal advisers for this is the very spot that the Elves created the barrier that now separates our kind from mankind. Prince Ianto is on the other side, seeking his lifemate. His destiny lies there, as does yours, Suiadan.” Idhrenniel eyes seemed to glow with pure power, for she was, after all, the granddaughter of Saeldur and her powers ran deep.

“What do I need to do?” Andy asked; there was no way he was leaving his prince alone and unprotected even if he was with his lifemate.

“Only certain Elves are allowed through the barrier, those whose lifemate reside in man’s world. You can pass because your lifemate awaits you on the other side. Once you meet him, he will lead you to Prince Ianto.” Idhrenniel informed him with a kind but knowing look.

Letting out a deep breath Andy stepped towards the invisible barrier. He slowly and cautiously reached out his hand, wanting to see if he could touch what he could not see, only to yelp as something hard slammed into his middle back. The force of the blow pushed him forward through the barrier and he fell onto his knees.

Idhrenniel lowered her staff and shook her head. “I didn’t have all day to wait for you to move. I’m an old lady after all,” she muttered under her breath as she turned on her heel and started the long trek back home.

Andy cursed as he clambered to his feet and then stumbled over a half-buried root. He could tell he was no longer in his own world because the air smelled wrong, like it was heavy and dirty. ‘I will get you for that, Idhrenniel,’ Andy vowed as he righted himself once more  and glanced around. He needed to find his way out of these woods and find his missing Prince. Andy tilted his head, listening as a strange sound reached his ears and it made him wonder if he was close to a man village. Hopefully Ianto was there, the Royal guard knew he couldn’t have gone far.


On the streets of Cardiff…

Since his split with Gwen, Rhys had been taking on a lot more of the company’s runs himself; he needed to keep focus on something other than his failed relationship. He still wasn’t sure what had gone… “Shit!” Rhys cursed as he slammed on his brakes, barely stopping in time from hitting the man who had literally come out of nowhere.

Climbing out of his truck Rhys moved to check on the man to make sure he was all right. “Are you al… ?” was all Rhys got out before he found himself pinned to the hood of his own truck by the man’s surprisingly strong body and with the point of very sharp sword at his neck.

Although Andy had been startled by the mechanical monster that nearly ran him over, his training stood him well, and as soon as the man appeared, Andy had pounced. Now, he took a good look at the man before him and he felt a strange fluttering in his stomach as he stared into his captive’s eyes. “Lle quena I’lambe tel’ Eldalie?” he asked in a soft voice.

Rhys stared into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen and he felt something that he hadn’t felt even with Gwen. As he listened to the lilting Welsh voice speak those unfamiliar words Rhys nearly melted, even as a Welshman, he’d always been a sucker for those delicious vowels. Suddenly he realised the man was waiting for an answer. “I’m sorry I don’t understand you.” Rhys informed him sadly.

“Mani?” Andy tilted his head, not understanding the man and then a light bulb went on in his head. ‘Of course I can’t understand him! Man must have long forgotten the Elf language just the same as the Elves have forgotten the language of man.’ Andy feared for his Prince’s safety as he released the man he had pinned to the strange carriage.

Rhys looked at the man and could see the sadness and worry in his eyes. “I’m sorry I can’t be more help of you. I know you probably don’t understand me but my name is Rhys.” Rhys pointed at himself as he said his name.

Andy blinked at him for a moment as he figured out that ‘Rhys’ was his name. Smiling, Andy pointed to himself, “Suiadan.”

“Suiadan?” Rhys tried out the name and thought it suited the other man. Now that he was free Rhys took his first good look at the man and his mouth dropped in shock as he finally noticed his pointy ears. “Bloody hell! Are you an Elf?” Rhys hadn’t been expecting an answer when he asked this so he was a little surprised when Andy nodded his head. Andy hadn’t understood anything the man had said except the word Elf.

In truth, Rhys wasn’t used to weird stuff like this happening to him but he knew that there was one person he could call. Taking a deep steadying breath, he pulled out his phone and under the curious gaze of the Elf he dialled a number that he would probably always know by heart. “Gwen? It’s Rhys, I need your help.”

Andy watched as Rhys spoke into the small box-shaped thing and with his Elf hearing, he could detect a voice talking back. While he had no clue what Rhys was doing or saying, something told Andy that Rhys would never do anything to harm him.

Gwen’s heart leapt at the sound of Rhys’ voice on the other end of the phone. ‘He wants me back!’ she silently shouted even as she kept her voice calm. “Of course, Rhys, just tell me what you need.”

Rhys let out an almost bitter chuckle at that. ‘Now she’s here for me.’ Rhys shook his head; he knew now was not the right time to be resentful. “This is going to sound crazy, but I think I found an Elf.”

Gwen could only stare blankly at her phone. “Could you repeat that? I’m sure you just said you have an Elf with you?” That drew the attention of the others.

Rhys rolled his eyes. “Yes, Gwen, I did. Now, can you help or not?” Rhys asked.

“Hold on, let me ask Jack.” Gwen pulled the phone away and looked at Jack. “Rhys says he’s found an Elf, what should we do?”

“Suzie, take Owen and Gwen with you and bring in Rhys and his Elf.” Jack ordered. “And don’t forget the spare translator.”

“Rhys, we’re on our way; just stay where you are.” Gwen, as was her normal way with Rhys, issued her order in a stern voice and snapped the phone closed before Rhys could answer. With a glare in Ianto’s direction, she moved quickly to join Suzie and Owen at the cog door.

Jack made an adjustment to the second translator and then turned his attention to Ianto. “Any clue as to who could have come after you?” He asked his Elf, using his question to test the settings on the device.

Ianto, not realising what Jack was doing, simply shook his head. He had a feeling that they would have noticed he was gone by now, but he had no clue as to who would have come after him or why.


It didn’t take long to get word back from Suzie that they were coming in with Rhys and the unknown Elf. Ianto had been pacing the Hub floor racking his brain trying to who had been brave enough to cross through the barrier and come after him. After considering all the possibilities, so far the most likely choice he could come up with was Andy. He didn’t have long to wait as the Hub filled with the raucous blare of alarms and the cog door rolled back.

Burning jealousy ripped through Jack like wildfire when he saw the smile that lit up Ianto’s face the moment he laid eyes on the strange Elf. Suzie, Gwen and Owen followed right behind bringing in Rhys. A scowl quickly formed on his face as Ianto’s joyous shout of “Andy!” echoed through the Hub. Had anyone been paying attention, they would have heard a low rumbling from deep within Jack as the immortal watched Ianto rush across the Hub, fling his arms around the other man in a hug. The growling only grew louder as the Elf known as Andy returned the hug and kissed both of Ianto’s cheeks.

“Oi! I thought you said your name was Suiadan?” Rhys’ words commanded everyone’s attention and effectively broke the embrace between the Elves.

Andy pulled away from his Prince and turned to face the man who he had become convinced was his lifemate. “Suiadan is my given Elf name but Andy is the human translation of it. My Prince refuses to call me anything but Andy.” He gave Rhys a sweet, shy smile. “You may as well, if you’d like to.”

Gwen felt something in her heart clench sharply when she saw the welcoming smile Rhys gave the Elf in return.

Jack’s glare grew darker as he stalked across the Hub and pulled Ianto into his arms, placing his body between his mate and his possible rival. “Mine!” he snarled at Andy and his smile was all teeth.

Andy raised an eyebrow but did not seem at all intimated by Jack’s angry posturing. “Be that as it may, I am Prince Ianto’s royal bodyguard, so you’ll just have to get used to me being around.” Andy snarled back; nothing and nobody was going to stand between him and his sworn duties.

“Please don’t fight! I know you two just can get along if you’ll just try.” Ianto pleaded with Jack and Andy.

Jack didn’t like the tone in Ianto’s voice; it was not the type of begging he wanted to hear from his young mate. “I’m sorry, Ianto, it’s just in my nature to be protective of you and until I have you, until I make you mine, I will have problem with other people touching you.” Jack turned to face Ianto as he tried to explain his possessive behaviour.

Andy was pleased to see that the lifemate’s bond was already forming between Ianto and Jack. Having seen the progression of his own brother’s romance, Andy knew that there was nothing left for them to do but claim each other physically and their bond would be unbreakable. “I promise not to get in the way of your courtship as long as Jack understands that I am your protector and I must keep to my duties.”

Gracefully accepting the inevitability of the situation, Jack nodded his head. “That’s fine. Just don’t forget I’ll be protecting Ianto as well; he is my bond mate, after all.” Jack reminded the other Elf.

Ianto pouted; just what he needed, two overprotective guardians. Still, as he gazed into Jack’s blue eyes, he doubted that he was going to mind having Jack watch over him.

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